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					                                                                                                            SKID-STEER LOADERS
                                                                                                                & ATTACHMENTS

                                                                        The Caterpillar 216B, 226B, 236B, 246B and 248B skid-steer load-
                                                                        ers feature increased engine power and breakout force as well as
                                                                                                                      improvements in op-
                                                                                                                      erator comfort and
                                                                                                                      machine reliability
McLaughlin Mfg.                                                                                                       and serviceability. The
McLaughlin Boring Systems announced the ability to mix and                                                            248B uses the new Cat
match attachments between mini and full size skid-steer loaders                                                       XPS hydraulic system,
by means of a series of adapter plates specifically designed for those                                                 a load sensing pres-
units. McLaughlin manufactures five underground attachments                                                            sure compensating
for mini and full-size skid-steer loaders: Horizontal Earth Drill,                                                    system that can de-
Backfill Attachment, Power Rake, and two styles of Vertical Augers                                                     liver maximum power
(high speed and high torque). Plates are available for conversion                                                     regardless of engine
between mini, full-size, Bobcat, and AVS skid-steer loaders. Now                                                      speed. For customers
the contractor can use their existing attachments on different size                                                   requiring a smaller
units. Using McLaughlin adapter plates enables the use of older                                                       machine to operate
attachments on new or different size skid steers. Ph: 800.435.9340      hydraulically powered work tools, a high-flow option is now avail-
Circle no. 106                                                          able on the 226B. Four of the five B-Series radial lift machines have
                                                                        new Cat engines, and all five have engine power increases ranging
                                                                        from 2 percent to more than 18 percent. All models are EPA Tier
Bobcat                                                                  2 compliant. The 248B is the most versatile of the radial lift ma-
With a trencher attachment, the Bobcat S300 skid-steer loader           chines with a rated operating capacity of 2,000 pounds and net en-
digs through the soil for a new utility line. Bobcat manufactures       gine power of 76 horsepower. A variable displacement piston pump
                                              four trenching at-        on the 248B provides hydraulic flow and pressure up to 33 gpm
                                              tachments for its         and 4,060 psi. The 246B offers a rated operating capacity of 2,000
                                              compact equipment,        pounds and net engine power of 78 horsepower, but without high
                                              capable of working in     flow hydraulics. The 236B has a rated operating capacity of 1,750
                                              the toughest ground       pounds and net engine power of 70 horsepower. Both loaders can
                                              conditions. Bobcat        deliver 22 gpm hydraulic flow and maximum pressure of 3,335 psi.
                                              trenching     attach-     The 248B, 246B and 236B are powered by the Cat 3044C DIT die-
                                              ments are designed        sel engine. It features 3.3 liters displacement, direct injection and
                                              and built specifically     turbocharging for responsive and fuel-efficient operation. Each of
                                              for Bobcat compact        the three new models also offers a two-speed option. The 226B now
                                              equipment; and with       employs a turbocharged 3024C T engine, which boosts net power
                                              the Bob-Tach mount-       more than 5 percent to 57 horsepower. Rated operating capacity
                                              ing system, changing      is 1,500 pounds. The high flow option boosts hydraulic capabili-
from a different attachment to a trencher is quick and easy. For        ties to 26 gpm and maximum pressure of 3,335 psi and enables the
4- to 5-feet digging projects, the high-production LT405 trencher       machine to handle high demands from work tools. The 216B pro-
is suited for use on Bobcat loaders with the optional high-flow          duces 49 net horsepower. Rated operating capacity is 1,400 pounds.
capacity. Ph: 701.241.8700 Circle no. 107                               Ph: 309.675.4693 Circle no. 109

Ditch Witch                                                             Takeuchi
The Ditch Witch SK300 is a versatile mini skid steer designed to        Takeuchi’s TL140 Rubber Track Loader has an 81-horsepower turbo
perform a wide range of landscaping, utility, fencing and construc-     charged diesel engine, 18-inch rubber tracks, planetary final drives
                                                     tion      tasks.   and pilot-operated joystick controls. The TL140 includes a ROPS/
                                                     Featuring a                                                          FOPS tilt-back
                                                     variety of at-                                                       operator’s com-
                                                     tachments,                                                           partment      for
                                                     the SK300 can                                                        easy serviceabil-
                                                     easily trans-                                                        ity and a uni-
                                                     form from a                                                          versal quick-at-
                                                     trencher to a                                                        tach mounting
                                                     loader, a pal-                                                       bracket making
                                                     let lifter, or                                                       attachment
                                                     an augering                                                          changes fast and
                                                     machine. The                                                         easy. The TL140
                                                     SK300 offers a                                                       has a 7,403-
13-horsepower Honda engine, 300-pound rated operating capacity                                                            pound bucket
(measured at 35 percent of tip capacity), and independent dual hy-                                                        breakout force,
drostatic ground drives to provide a zero turning radius - a feature    a 5,952-pound tipping load and a 9,590-pound operating weight.
that is especially attractive to customers who work in tight spaces.    Ph: 770.831.0661 Circle no. 110
Ph: 800.654.6481 Circle no. 108

10                                                                      Underground Construction August 2005
                                                                                                             SKID-STEER LOADERS
                                                                                                                 & ATTACHMENTS

Vermeer                                                                                                      John Deere
Vermeer’s S600 compact skid steer is designed for rental centers,                                            The 300 Series’ stability is deliv-
landscape professionals and small contractors. The S600 is a ride-                                           ered by a low center of gravity
on machine with excellent operator visibility. An Operator Pres-                                             due to heavy components being
                                          ence feature stops all                                             mounted lower in the frame; a
                                          functions when the oper-                                           long wheelbase that provides
                                          ator leaves the platform.                                          smoother ride with less fore-
                                          Two engine options are                                             to-aft rocking; optimal balance
                                          available to power the                                             due to 60/40 weight distribution
                                          new compact skid steer                                             on the front and rear axles; and
                                          including a 25-horse-                                              larger tires. A patented verti-
                                          power Kohler Command                                               cal-lift boom unique to Deere
                                          Pro gas engine or a 24.8-     skid steers provides a vertical lift pattern, ensuring the machine
                                          horsepower Kubota D905        remains stable when lifting heavy loads from flat beds. The boom
                                          diesel engine. A univer-      allows maximum reach to be achieved at full lift height. A 35-de-
                                          sal attachment mount-         gree rollback translates into a level bucket at carry position, result-
                                          ing plate combined with       ing in more material carried with less spillage. A 45-degree dump
high hydraulic flow to its various attachments – 12 gpm – allows         angle allows quick and clean shedding of material from the bucket.
the S600 to carry out a number of duties with power and efficien-        Ph: 913.901.2150 Circle no. 115
cy. Simple, multi-functional controls allow the operator to operate
the machine and attachment with both hands still holding onto
the handlebars. Ph: 888.837.6337 Circle no. 112                                                            General Equipment
                                                                                                          For greater job site versatility,
                                      Case                                                                General Equipment’s expanded
                                      Case introduces its new 400                                         DIG-R-TACH line allows for use
                                      Series skid steers, which                                           with both small and large hydrau-
                                      come in five radial and three                                        lic systems. Ideal for use with skid-
                                      vertical-lift models that range                                     steer loaders, small excavators,
                                      from 49 to 82 net horsepower,                                       knuckleboom cranes and small
                                      with maximum rated operat-                                          backhoes, the 671 DIG-R-TACH
                                      ing loads from 1,500 to 3,000                                       Series 16 earth drilling attachment
                                      pounds. These new models                                            is intended for smaller hydraulic
                                      feature an extra-heavy-duty                                         systems, whereas the Series 24
design, Tier 2-certified engines, improved reliability and efficien-                                        is designed for larger hydraulic
cy, and ease of service. The new large-displacement, high-torque,       systems. Featuring a two-speed chain/sprocket drive and a five to
long-life Case Family III engines on the 430, 440, 445, 450 and 465     20 gpm hydraulic flow range, the Series 16 balances smaller flow
provide quiet, smooth power for productive operation. A new grid        volumes in proportion to auger diameters. The result is a cleaner
heater option is also available for cold-weather starting. Radial-      hole with less loose soil and debris. For higher capacity drilling, the
piston drive motors offer greater traction, improved reliability and    Series 24 operates in a 15 to 25 gpm hydraulic flow range and deliv-
efficiency. Ph: 309.675.4757 Circle no. 113                              ers a maximum drilling torque of 2,018 foot-pounds at 2,500 psi.
                                                                        General’s 671 DIG-R-TACH series utilizes a drilling industry stan-
                                                                        dard two-inch hexagon auger drive system. This design eliminates
Mustang Mfg.                                                            excessive auger driveshaft wear. Ph: 800.533.0524 Circle no. 116
Mustang Mfg. has introduced three new skid-steer loader models
- the 2066, 2076 and 2086 models offer SAE rated operating loads        Toro Dingo
                                                of 2,000, 2,200 and     Featuring increased horsepower, enhanced ground to track con-
                                                2,600 pounds, re-       tact for maximum ground engaging power and low ground pres-
                                                spectively. Each of     sure, the Toro Dingo TX 425 Wide Track compact utility loader is
                                                the new Mustang                                                    designed to handle a
                                                skid-steer loaders                                                 variety of landscapes
                                                offer a spacious,                                                  and difficult-to-navi-
                                                totally redesigned                                                 gate terrain. Powered
                                                operator’s     com-                                                by a 25-horsepower,
                                                partment provid-                                                   air-cooled Kohler Com-
                                                ing fixed top and                                                   mand Pro Series en-
                                                rear windows; side-                                                gine, the Dingo TX 425
mounted instrument panels; suspension seat; adjustable restraint                                                   Wide Track offers more
bar with armrests; acoustical headliner; and tilt-back operator cab.                                               than 35 quick-change
The 2066 comes standard with a 60-horsepower engine and more                                                       attachments. A four-
than 6,600 pounds of bucket breakout force. The 2076 80-horse-                                                     pump,       independent
power turbocharged model, with 2,200 pounds rated capacity.             hydraulic system allows the operator to direct power where and
The 2086 turbo model gives the operator the ability to work with        when it is needed. A dedicated auxiliary hydraulic circuit provides
loads up to 2,600 pounds, and provides excellent dump height and        11.2 gpm of flow at 3,000 psi of hydraulic power. Ph: 800.344.8676
reach. Ph: 507.451.8209 Circle no. 114                                  Circle no. 389

12                                                                      Underground Construction August 2005