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									                                                         Co Worker Relationships
                                                                           That Work

Co-Worker Relationships That Work

Unless you're living in a cave, you'll probably work with other people at some point in your
life. Workplace interactions can be interesting and enjoyable. Or they can be disappointing
and frustrating. Your experience of them is entirely up to you.

Practicing particular behaviors and applying certain techniques in the
workplace will help you manage work relationships successfully. Read on to
discover the tenets of colleague relationships that work.

  1. Strive to love your work. Make a conscious decision every morning to love what
     you do. Whether you're a customer service representative, IT technician or a small
     business owner, learn to love your work. Your associates will notice you have a true
     passion for what you do, and they'll develop great respect for you.

  2. Vow to be optimistic when discussing work situations with your colleagues.
     You've probably worked with a negative co-worker in the past and seen the impact of
     such attitudes. Rather than allow yourself to be pulled down into negativity, keep your
     positivity high. If you're consistently optimistic, your colleagues will follow suit.

  3. Set a motivating example for your co-workers. Show interest in work projects.
     Ask questions. Demonstrate a strong work ethic.

  4. Be proactive in addressing any difficult issues with your associates. Work in
     conjunction with them to solve any troublesome situations early in their

  5. Step up to meet work challenges. Show confidence that your colleagues will do the
     same. It never hurts to have a "we're all in this together" attitude at work.


  6. Negotiate work differences cheerfully and honestly. Speak from your genuine
     feelings and use tact in your communication. Those you work with will see your
     honesty, recognize your integrity, and strive to interact with you the same way.

  7. Keep it "short and sweet." If you're succinct and clear in your questions and
     responses, your co-workers will appreciate your efficiency.

  8. Listen intently when someone is talking to you. Training yourself to be a good
     listener is integral to effective relationships, whether at home or work. Avoid
     interrupting others at all costs. Recognizing your co-workers' feelings is an
     important step to strengthening your relationships.

  9. Although you may be extremely motivated, allow other co-workers to shine,
     too. Give credit where credit is due. Compliment your colleagues openly within
     earshot of others. Remind yourself that praising them doesn't threaten your work
     persona in any way. In fact, positivity about others only enhances how people see you.

  10. Avoid joining in with co-workers who show negativity. There's no benefit to
      anyone if you engage in negative comments or give credibility to such discussions.
      Spend your precious time elsewhere!

  11. Learn to let go of past hurts and struggles with your associates. No real
      accomplishments can be achieved through holding onto old baggage. Letting go will
      bring you great relief. Plus, your relationships with those individuals will be on the
      road to recovery when you decide to let go.

  12. Be supportive of others. Demonstrate true interest and involvement in what they're
      doing. Keep in mind that everyone thirsts for recognition. Being supportive shows
      you care about your co-workers and enhances your relationships.

Having work relationships that actually work is within your reach. Apply the above
strategies to establish and maintain positive relationships with your fellow workers.
Developing effective co-worker relationships leads you down the path to true personal and
professional growth.



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