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Tablet PC Student and Parent Orientation


									Tablet PC Student and Parent

       Viborg High School
            Fall 2007
     What we’re going to cover
   Rationale
   Introduction to Tablet Machine
   General Care
   Software
   Guidelines for Use
   Consequences for Misuse
   Computer protection options
   Tech Help Room Resources
   Forms and Agreements
   Closing

   We believe, like the State Department
    of Education, that the Tablet PC
    Computers will help students develop
    skills that are critical in our 21st century
    working world.
   These 21st century skills include:
       Critical and creative thinking
       Problem solving skills
       Information and computer skills
       Interpersonal and self-direction skills
       Technology literacy
   Benefits to students
       Increased access to Technology
       Increased Achievement Opportunities
       Ability to transfer knowledge across
       More student-directed learning
       Greater reliance on active learning
           Tablet vs. Laptop
   Main difference is the screen
   Writing surface
   Stylus
   Software
                 General Care
   General Precautions
       No food or drink near machine
       Always have the screen latched
       Keep free of writing, drawing, stickers, or
       Don’t leave in a car! In South Dakota it
        will either be too hot or too cold.
       Arrive at school with charged battery every
                 General Care
   Carrying the Tablet
       Always use the protective case
       You may put more in your case as it is
        designed but do not overload it
       Screen latched “in” when put away
       Tablet “off” or in “standby” mode before
        putting it in case
       Stylus put away before storing Tablet
                 General Care
   Screen Care
       Do not lean on the top of the Tablet when
        it is closed.
       Do not write on the screen with anything
        other than the stylus pen that is provided.
       Do not place anything near the Tablet that
        could put pressure on the screen.
       Do not place anything in the carrying case
        that will press against the cover.
More Screen Care
    Do not place anything on the keyboard
     before closing the lid (e.g. pens, pencils, or
    Clean the screen with the cloth that is
     provided in the bag.
    Do not wear jewelry on the wrist or hand
     while using the Tablet, as these items may
     scratch the screen.
        What’s With Your Tablet
   Tablet ID & Bags
       All parts of the machine—Tablet, stylus,
        battery, and charging pack—have a unique
        serial number and have been recorded
       All computers are placed in protective bags
        and will remain with the same tablet
        throughout your use in high school.
   Flash Drives are available from Mrs.
    Nyhaug for $15.
                  Your Tablet
   In General, Take care of the Tablet
       It will be yours for your stay at VHS
       Turn them in at the end of the Spring
       Tablets will be cleaned and re-imaged over
        the summer
       You will receive the same Tablet in the fall
   Machine level of control
       Students will not be allowed to install applications
       They will be able to save to their computer and
        the network
       Classroom Management Software will be loaded
        by the Technology Coordinator as needed
   State email accounts
       Communicate with teachers and other students
       State Email has a strict censored and filtered
        system. The student email should not be
        considered private.
              Guidelines for Use
   Primary use is as an educational tool
       Students will be expected to arrive at school every
        day with their Tablet and a fully charged battery
   Much like their textbooks and notebooks,
    students will need their Tablet for everyday
       Students leaving their tablet at home will need to
        phone a parent to bring their Tablet to school
           Misuse of the Tablet
   Tablets Left in Unsupervised Areas
       Students will be expected to have their
        Tablets with them in their carrying case or
        in their lockers at all times.
       Tablets left unsupervised are an easy
        target for theft. Unsupervised tablets will
        be confiscated by staff and taken to the
        Technology Coordinator.
                     Other Misuses
   Tablet Use Violation
       This is generally defined as using the Tablet for non-
        educational purposes, such as:
            Accessing or sending offensive or threatening material
            Accessing forbidden internet sites by attempting to defeat
             network security
            Promoting or soliciting for illegal activities
            Violating plagiarism rules or copyright laws
            Using the school network for commercial or financial gain
            Bullying or harassing another individual
            Sending or subscribing to mass email servers, or
             generating “spam”
      Consequences for Misuse
    Consequences will range from 1-5 depending on
      the violation and the number of violations
Number of Tablet   Consequence (these will be posted on the DDN Campus
     Offense                       website under discipline)

       1           Verbal warning
       2           5 days suspended tablet use and meeting with parent
       3           10 days suspended tablet use and meeting with parent
                   Tablet use suspended for the remainder of the semester
                       and meeting with parent
                   Tablet use suspended for the remainder of the year and
                       meeting with parent
        Serious Misuses of Tablet
       Network Violations

         These are things that compromise the integrity of
          the network for all users, such as:
             Attempting to log on to the Internet or network as a
              system administrator
             Sending, accessing, uploading, downloading, or
              distributing pornographic or sexually explicit
             Installing, enabling, launching, or creating programs
              that interfere with the performance of the network,
              internet, or hardware technology resources
             Creating, uploading, or transmitting computer viruses
             Attempting to defeat computer or network security
      Consequences for Misuse
   Network Violation

Network Violation                         Consequence

       1            Suspension of Tablet Privileges for 10 days
       2            Suspension of Tablet Privileges for remainder of school

•Depending on the violation, students may also be referred to law
enforcement authorities, and may also be subject to possible long
term suspension or recommended expulsion from school.
    Computer Protection Options
   The Viborg School District recognizes that
    with the implementation of the Tablet
    initiative there is a need to protect the
    investment by both the District and the
    Student/Parent. There are three areas of
       Warranty
       Accidental damage protection
       Insurance
    Computer Protection Options
   Warranty
       Gateway warrants the Tablets from defects in
        materials and workmanship.
       This limited warranty covers normal use,
        mechanical breakdown or faulty construction and
        will provide replacement parts necessary to repair
        the Tablet or Tablet replacement.
       The Gateway warranty does not warrant against
        damage caused by misuse, abuse, accidents or
        computer viruses.
    Computer Protection Options
   Accidental Damage Protection

       Viborg School District has purchased through
        Gateway coverage to protect the Tablets against
        accidental damage

            Things such as liquid spills, accidental drops, and power
            Gateway will assess the Tablet damage and repair or
             replace the machine at no cost if the damage is
             determined to be accidental, infrequent, and within the
             protection guidelines
    Computer Protection Options
   Accidental Damage Protection
       This coverage does not provide for damage
        caused by fire, theft, loss, misuse, intentional or
        frequent damage or cosmetic damage
       Incidences of damage after the 3rd occurrence will
        be deemed as carelessness. The student will be
        charged a fee based on the schedule described in
        the Use of Technology Resources Policy
    Computer Protection Options
   Insurance
       Tablets that are stolen, lost or damaged by
        fire are not covered by the Gateway
        Warranty or the Accidental Damage
       There are three options that are available
        for these types of losses, and the
        Student/Parent/Guardian must commit to
    Computer Protection Options
   Insurance

       Option 1: No Insurance

       You agree to pay the replacement cost of
        the Tablet at a cost not to exceed $1300
        should the Tablet be stolen, lost, or
        damaged by fire.
    Computer Protection Options
   Insurance

       Option 2: Personal Insurance

            You will cover the Tablet under your own
             insurance policy, and in the case of a theft, loss or
             damage by fire, you agree to pay the District the
             amount received from your insurance company
             plus any additional amount needed to cover the
             Tablet replacement, not to exceed $1,300.00.
    Computer Protection Options
   Insurance

       Option 3: School District Protection

            You choose to pay the school district an annual
             protection payment for coverage of theft, loss or
             damage by fire to the Tablet.
            $25.00/student or $50.00 for family coverage,
             when there are two or more children in high
             school using Tablet computers.
             The $25.00 payment is non-refundable.
    Computer Protection Options
   Insurance

       Option 3: School District Protection

            This protection coverage has a $200.00 additional
             charge per occurrence.
            This annual coverage begins upon receipt of the
             payment and ends at the conclusion of each school
            In cases of theft, vandalism and other criminal acts, a
             police report, or in the case of fire, a fire report MUST
             be filed by the student or parent for the protection
             coverage to take place. A copy of the police/fire
             report must be provided to the principal’s office.
    Computer Protection Options
   Insurance

       Before the student can be issued a Tablet,
        one of these insurance options must be
        checked on the Tablet Computer Protection
   Students and teachers will have access
    to many technology sources at all
    times, ie after hour study sessions.
   Students will not be administrators on
    their machines. They will not be able to
    load software or download programs to
    their tablets.
    Tech Help Room Resources
   The Technology Coordinator will be available during
    the school day to assist students with a variety of
       Hardware maintenance and repairs
       Password identification
       User account support
       Operating system or software configuration support
       Application information
       Re-imaging hard drives
       Updates and software installations
       Coordination of warranty repairs
       Distribution of loaner Tablets and batteries
What to expect from the
   All teachers are working towards
    integrating the Tablets into their lessons
   Teachers will also help assist students with
    their tablets in the classroom
   These tablets are education tools and will
    enhance your child’s education
                 And Finally…
   We have 3 documents that parents and
    students need to read and sign before
    you will receive your Tablet:

       Use of Technology Resources Policy
       Tablet Computer Protection Agreement
       Student Responsibilities for Tablet Use

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