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					                        Lab 5: Spatial Models & ArcGIS Extensions

This lab introduces spatial modeling using Model Builder and one of three ArcGIS extensions: 3D
Analyst, Spatial Analyst and Network Analyst.

Read Chapter 10 (pgs. 379-405) of GIS Concepts and ArcGIS Methods and answer questions in
Part I. Continue with the tutorial exercises in Parts II & III. You should copy any data you
download from the course website onto your flash drive.

As you read through Chapter 10, you should follow along in ArcMap and ArcCatalog. You will
be expected to use the text as reference for Parts II & III – it will emphasize the application of
tools introduced in the text.

Answer the following questions. All labs should be typed, well organized, and follow the ‘How
To’ guidelines for submission.

PART I: Spatial Modeling & Geoprocessing

   1.   What are some reasons for building & using a model?
   2.   What are the three stages of Modeling?
   3.   What are the main differences between a Boolean and Arithmetic Model?
   4.   Why would you need to conduct a sensitivity analysis for a model?
   5.   How is documentation of your analysis related to modeling & flowcharts?
   6.   Explain the four steps in using Model Builder.
   7.   How do you add tools to Model Builder?
   8.   In Theobald’s example (Modeling Accessibility), why does he use the Conditional
        statement rather than the reclassify tool?

Pages 405 -432 covers programming scripts using Python. This is very helpful section to read
through. You can use Python to create spatial models and other geoprocessing tasks. In order
to do so, basic Python programming skills are necessary – and for this reason we will not go
over this in this course. Theobald offers some great references, which are definitely worth
looking into.

PART II: Building a Spatial Model using Model Builder

In Part III of your midterm exam, you looked at salmon populations on the Olympic Peninsula.
You will use this part of your midterm to create a spatial model.
ESRI has two Model Builder Tutorials in their Resource Center website. I recommend that you
run through the tutorials to get an understanding of how to use the basic tools in Model

Tutorial: Executing Tools in Model Builder
Tutorial: Creating Tools with Model Builder

   1. Create a model using Model Builder for all steps in Part III of your Midterm.
   2. Save the model and insert a screenshot or image of your model into your lab
   3. Run the model – do you get the same results?

Part III: ArcGIS Extensions

In this section, you have the choice to explore one of three extensions in greater detail – 3D
Analyst, Network Analyst or Spatial Analyst.

The links to the tutorials can be found on the course website under ‘Additional Resources’ below
the Course Outline. (

The tutorial data is available either on the classroom computers: (C:\arcgis\ArcTutor) or on your
home computer (if you downloaded the Tutorial Data from the student evaluation disk).

   1. Complete the ESRI Tutorial of your choice (3D, Spatial or Network Analyst).
   2. Turn in all outputs from the tutorial (insert any maps as .jpg’s into your lab document).

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