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  $treet $marts
   by Brad Emerson
                                             Shepard Fairey Obeys capitalism
   In 1989, a South Carolinian by the name of             went by the name of GIANT with Andre’ being the
Shepard Fairey created a sticker at the Rhode Island      symbol behind it all. He dropped the name and
School of Design, RISD, which is now a global             became OBEY, but kept Andre’. As is common with
symbol. It was a black and white sticker of Andre’        most graffiti writers and street artists, Shepard has
the Giant with the words saying “Andre’ the Giant         somewhat abandoned his street project and has
has a posse” and minor physical facts such as his         become a designer and gallery artist. He has done
weight and height. Fairey is famous around the            many things such as the cover of the recent Led
world for crafting intricate works depicting              Zeppelin compilation album, Mothership, artwork in
governmental figures admiring the idea of nuclear         Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Guitar Hero games,
war, totalitarianism, Big Brother from George             ads for Pepsi, Netscape, and Hasbro. He has even
Orwell’s 1984, and other anti-governmental                crafted posters advocating the Presidential
propaganda.                                               nominee, Barack Obama.
   His works have intensified and have become                 He has also recently started his OBEY clothing
very detailed with highly controversial images.           line that, sadly, runs in the malls and uppity-scaled
They are placed around the cities in the form of          stores such as Nordstrom. Honestly, it upsets me a
stickers and posters. They are posted in a variety of     bit to see that Shepard now plays a role in what he
places in hopes to get the viewer to think on a           originally opposed. I liked his whole idea of going
larger scale than their own box-life. Many people         against the government, but now I see that at the
argue whether or not this street artist is just another   end of the day everybody ‘obeys’ the dollar. I
part of the vandalizing graffiti problem, or              understand that everyone has to make a living, but
something more. In my opinion, he is a street artist      seeing an idol become a hypocrite is quite
and a graffiti writer, but one of a different kind due    disappointing.                                                                    Photo courtesy of
to the fact that he does not use spray or bucket              I have seen a lot of kids around school wearing        The iconic symbol of Shepard Fairey’s work is displayed
paint, markers, mops, rollers, etc., but posters and      his clothing and I’m quite sure they have no idea         via wheat pasting, one of the numerous forms he uses to
stickers in their place. It kind of reminds me of all     who or what OBEY originally meant. It can be quite        display his artwork. He typically repeats the graphic,
the billboards, movie posters, and commercials that       irritating. That doesn’t mean there are not kids out      mimicking the commercialistic advertisements he stands
are pumped into our minds everyday                        there that know about it and wear it. I almost relate     against.
subconsciously. His works stand out against it.           OBEY now to Alberto Korda’s image of the mass-
They promote free-thinking. Then again, I may be          produced Che Guevara t-shirt fad that college             something like Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, etc.
getting ahead of myself, or he is.                        students globally wear, which contradicts it all.         What do football players know about graffiti? In the
   His nom de plume, or alias, is OBEY, however              I guess you could say I am quite stingy with my        end, I love his work and message, but hate the way
that was not always the case. In his initial years he     interests or at least I do not want OBEY to become        he goes about it today.

You try to ignore them, but they reproduce like vermin, Crocs are everywhere.
                                                                           BY JORDAN JAMES

    We have all tolerated the shoulder pads,              actually appealing. She replied, “I wear them for
overalls, toe socks, paint splattered jeans, and leg      comfort, I never wear them much outside of work.”
warmers. They are all fashion trends that are just        Some doctors are recommending them to patients
asking to be ridiculed at some time or another.           with foot problems. “These shoes are especially
Then along comes Crocs. Born in 2002, the shoe was        light,” says Harold Glickman,DPM, former
initially intended as                                                           president of the American
footwear for boating, with                                                      Podiatric Medical Association
its nonslip tread and             “I remember when                              (APMA). “They have huge
waterproof tendencies. At
first I could not really decide
                                  Crocs first came out, I                       room in the toe that affords the
                                                                                front part of the foot lots of
if I liked them, but I            decided when I first                          room, especially for people with
definitely made my decision.
    They are repulsive, and I
                                  saw them I would                              bone deformities like bunions
                                                                                and hammer toe.” Still, I say the
am not the only one who           never wear them.”                             only people who should wear
thinks so. Senior, McKenzie
Smith said, “I remember
                                       -Senior                                  Crocs in public are toddlers.
                                                                                     Hospitals on at least two                                              Sarah Mosier Photo
when Crocs first came out, I           Mckenzie Smith                           continents banned their staff       Ever since Crocs came out in 2002 they have been
decided when I first saw                                                        from wearing the shoes.             repulsive. Somehow these foamy-rubber slip-ons went
them I would never wear                                                         Administrators worried that         from footwear that should have been restricted to the
them.” They may seem comfortable, and just an             dropped needles might poke through the holes.             garden or beach into something that became office and
easy shoe to slip on, but in my opinion there is not      Crocs later on came out with a hole-free model, but       social outgoing appropriate.
one thing attractive about them. The not-exactly-         still other hospitals feared Crocs may generate
plastic footwear is probably great for around the         static electricity that would interfere with life-        hate to say it but maybe the shoe-wearing masses
house, or gardening, but for everyday footwear,           saving medical equipment. That is not Croc’s only         are voting with their feet and what’s comfortable.
they are big and bulky.                                   dilemma, the company’s stock price per share has          With that in mind, go ahead and let your revolting
    Setting aside my hatred for Crocs, it’s not just      been sliding since last fall.                             bright colored comic shoes fill the streets of
about style for some. My mom is a hairstylist and is          Is this the end of the public’s affair with Crocs?    anywhere and everywhere.
on her feet up to 10 hours a day. She owns about          Will the Crocs high heel be able to keep the joker-          You’ll be in good, even great company when you
three pairs of Crocs. I asked her if she just wore        shoe trend alive? Possibly we can dab a little Croc       see all the celebs wearing them. Come on people,
them for comfort or if she believed they were             disappearing potion on it all and make it better. I       just give them up.

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