Breast Cancer Awareness

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					Breast Cancer Awareness

    Sponsored by Y-ME

       Breast Cancer Awareness   1
Workshop Goals
Reduce fear
Separate fact from fiction
Learn things you can do

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Workshop Topics

  What is Y-ME?
  Some Statistics
  What Causes Breast Cancer?
  What is Early Detection?
  Some Facts

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What is Y-ME?

 Provides support for
  persons concerned or
  diagnosed with breast
 Educates the general public
  about breast cancer

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Some Statistics: The Bad News
1 in 8 women who reach 85 will develop
 breast cancer
192,000 new cases in 2001 (1% in men)
Every 3 minutes a woman is diagnosed
 with breast cancer; every 13 minutes a
 woman dies
Second leading cancer killer of women
Overall leading killer of women 40 -- 55

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Some Statistics: The Good
 80% of breast lumps are benign
 90% of early stage breast cancers
  are curable, often with breast
  conserving treatments
 Less than 5% of breast cancer
  occurs in women <40
 Over 2 million breast cancer

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Breast Cancer Risk Factors
  Personal history
  Family history
  Hormonal history
Possibly Avoidable
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How Breast Cancer Progresses
 (in situ)                             Lobules

Early invasive
 (local)                   Nipple

Node involvement
Metatastic                                      .
 (systemic)               Ducts

                           Can Be Picked Up
                            By Mammogram

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What You Can (and should) Do

   Clinical exam by health

   Breast self exam

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Breast Self Exam

    Video Tape
    Practice makes perfect

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Treatment Options

 Radiation Therapy
 Systemic Treatment
   Hormonal Therapy

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 Knowledge is power      Only if it’s based in sound
   Confidence in your    You should seek second
    doctor is important    opinions
   Everyone’s experience It helps to talk with some-
    is unique              one who’s been there
   Guidelines should be  They’re likely to change
                        
    Ignorance may be bliss Not in the long term
    in the short term

                 Breast Cancer Awareness            12
Dealing With The
Medical Establishment

Take responsibility for your own health
Be assertive about what you need—e.g.,
  Time & respect
  Balanced information
  Holistic approach—whole body & mind
Bring someone with you
Bring written questions

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Information &
Information Overload
Only you know what you’re ready to
Lots of news in papers & magazines
Great peer counseling resource
  National Y-ME Hotline: 800 221-2141
Great paperback resource:
  Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book
Lots of Internet resources

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Things to Remember
Cancer is not a death sentence
80% of breast lumps are benign (non-
90% of early stage breast cancer is
 curable, often with breast conserving
We do not know how to prevent breast
Our only weapon is early detection

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Things to Remember
  There are three things you can do
   to detect breast cancer early and
   improve the prognosis
    Have regular mammograms
    Have regular clinical breast exams
    Practice breast self exams
  There is support and help when

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