Scale for skid-steer and mini loaders by qingyunliuliu


                                               • In-motion weighing
                                               • Accuracy of 0 to ± 1%
                                               • Real-time bucket tip off
                                               • Product listing
                                               • Product production recording
                                               • Load ID listing with targets
                                               • One loader calibration
                                               • Blending
                                                                                       High speed
                                               • 4000kg/8.800lb maximum capacity     thermal printer
                                               • Two calibrations now available
                                               • High speed thermal printer
                                               • ipot Lite Payload Management
Scale for skid-steer                            Software with DLogger memory stick

and mini loaders                               • Wireless communication using

 helper mini is the ideal solution for
 compact loaders and skid-steers.
 The most simple and cost-effective
 solution combined with VEI weighing
 technology makes it the ideal tool
 for primary weighing requirements.
 An    unrivalled  start  with   hi-tech
 instrumentation   providing   a    fully-
 updated situation whenever you want.

 One size fits all                                                                   Ticket sample
 helper mini is designed to offer weight
 control during loading in order to prevent
 overloads and receive basic loading
 information. It is the ideal working tool
 for material depot and construction
 With its small size helper mini can be
 fitted in the most convenient spot in
 the cab allowing full visibility especially
 on skid-steers and its easiness of
 use makes it user friendly in all the
 The plug & play connection with the
 printer makes it an even more attractive
 proposition in the simplest type of
 loading transactions where a weight
 ticket has to be issued.
 Despite its simplicity, helper mini has
 a data logger unit that can download
 all daily weighing transactions to your

                                                                                                                        helper mini 04 eng edition 03.11.2008
helper mini communication tools                                              Options available

                                                                             High speed thermal printer
                                                                             Thermal        high-speed   printing;
                                                                             indestructible when compared to the
                                                                             needle printer.

                                                                             Truck load
                                                                             Grand total

                                                                             Printed information includes:
                                                                             Company name, product name, load
                                                                             ID, ticket no., date-time, weight.

                                                                             Easy data transfer
                    DLogger                                                  The DLogger memory stick allows
           memory stick and USB Reader                                       loading data to be stored into it and
                                                                             then uploaded into the ipot Lite PC
                                                                             software. An easy option in your pocket
                                                                             that keeps your business always up to

                                                                             ipot Lite
                                                                             Software that make the analysis of
                                                                             weighings data.
                                                                             From ipot Lite, data can be exported
                                                                             to the invoicing software and different
                                                                             reports can
                                                                             be generated. ipot Lite can also
                                                                             integrates data from other products like
                                                                             helper7 and Millennium.

                                                                             21RFlink (not sold in North america)
                                                                             Ideal for short distance loader scale
                                                                             monitoring. It works from a line of site
                                                                             distance of up to 2.5 miles. No storing
                                                                             memory inside.
      ipot Lite payload management software            21RFlink
                                              Short Range, radio frequency
                                                 wireless transmission

                                                   Applicable on:

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