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     Health Improvement Library Leaflet & Poster Catalogue

    Health Improvement Library, Law House, Airdie Road, Carluke, ML8 5ER
                    Tel: 01698 377600 Fax: 01698 377726


Please allow up to 10 working days from date of receipt for completion of orders.

   You can post, fax or email the single order to the library. The addresses and
    numbers are at the top of this page.

   This list will be updated monthly. Please ensure you have a copy of the most
    recent copy before ordering.

   The list is also available on FirstPort Intranet, NHS Lanarkshire Libraries

   Please note orders cannot be processed unless leaflet codes and titles are
    quoted on order form.

   Orders not covered by internal mail that cost more than £2 postage must be
    collected from the Health Promotion store.

   A maximum of 50 of any one leaflet may be ordered in any one month.
    (However, we reserve the right to adjust orders according to stock level.)

   Orders should be collected within 1 month, otherwise they will be returned to

   Leaflet and posters to be used only within the Lanarkshire area.


      Alcohol                                                           page 3
      Cancer                                                            page 4
      Child health & immunisations                                      page 5
      Child Protection                                                  page 6
      Drugs                                                             page 7
      Exercise                                                          page 7
      Family planning                                                   page 7
      General health                                                    page 9
      Heart disease                                                     page 9
      Learning disabilities                                             page 10
      Mens health                                                       page 10
      Mental health                                                     page 10
      Nutrition                                                         page 11
      Oral health                                                       page 12
      Pregnancy & parenting                                             page 12
      Public protection                                                 page 13
      Sexual health & BBVs                                              page 14
      Smoking                                                           page 15
      Violence & aggression                                             page 15
      Women’s health                                                    page 16
      Order form                                                        page 17

The catalogue has recently been updated and items that were no longer deemed
appropriate have been removed. Please ensure your item is still available before
Leaflets under the Hall 4 project (birth-5) are sent to appropriate personnel in
bulk once year. Single copies of these leaflets may still be ordered while stock
lasts. Bulk copies of these leaflets will not be provided outside the yearly delivery
without prior arrangement with the Librarian/Library Services Manager. If
wish to order any HALL 4 items please contact your SDM.
Type Codes: -
      C = Core leaflet: Permanent Stock
      N-C = Non-Core leaflet: Temporary until stock runs out
      P = Poster

Titles                                                    Type   Codes
Alcohol: what every parent should know                    C      ALC 01/L
Drug and alcohol problems, help for families              C      ALC 02/L
So you want to cut down your drinking                     C      ALC 03/L
Unit calculator                                           C      ALC 04/L
Your guide to drinking sensibly                           C      ALC 05/L
Alcofacts                                                 C      ALC 06/L
Alcohol and healthy living                                N-C    ALC 07/L
Alcohol & stress                                          N-C    ALC 08/L
Pocket diary – so you want to cut down                    N-C    ALC 10/L
Recognising problem drinking                              N-C    ALC 11/L
Sensible drinking                                         N-C    ALC 12/L
The pink handbag guide to keeping safe (aimed at women)   N-C    ALC 13/L
Amazing beer goggles                                      C      ALC 14/L
What’s in a drink                                         N-C    ALC 15/L
Woman & alcohol                                           N-C    ALC 16/L
Get more out of your day                                  N-C    ALC 17/L
Made redundant?                                           N-C    ALC 30/L
Bill paid for a casual encounter                          P      ALC 18/P
Coming home                                               P      ALC 19/P
Drinking too much                                         P      ALC 20/P
His mate bought the last round A4                         P      ALC 21/P
His mate bought the last round A3                         P      ALC 22/P
Looking after a mate A4                                   P      ALC 23/P
Looking after a mate A3                                   P      ALC 24/P
She thought turning down a drink A4                       P      ALC 25/P
She thought turning down a drink A3                       P      ALC 26/P
Who decides when you’ve had enough A4                     P      ALC 27/P
Who decides when you’ve had enough A3                     P      ALC 28/P
You can’t calculate your alcohol limit                    P      ALC 29/P
You your child and alcohol                                L      ALC 31/L

Titles                                                      Type   Codes
Preventing cancer                                           C      CAN 01/L
You would wouldn’t you                                      C      CAN 02/L
Bowel screening – Know the facts                            N-C    CAN 04/L
Bowel Screening – we’ve done the test                       N-C    CAN 05/L
Cool kids go under cover                                    N-C    CAN 06/L
Don’t get burned by tanning                                 N-C    CAN 07/L
Just so you know                                            N-C    CAN 09/L
Look behind you symptoms booklet                            N-C    CAN 10/L
Lookout for the early signs of bowel cancer                 N-C    CAN 11/L
Detecting mouth cancer                                      N-C    CAN 12/L
Oral cancer – prevention & detection (Single copies only)   N-C    CAN 13/L
Sun safe protection tips                                    N-C    CAN 14/L
Detecting prostrate cancer – spot the symptoms early        N-C    CAN 16/L
Sunburn fades – sun damage lasts                            N-C    CAN 17/L
What is mouth cancer                                        N-C    CAN 18/L
Get sun wise posters                                        P      CAN 19/P
Mouth cancer (kissing) poster                               P      CAN 20/P
Mouth cancer (lipstick) poster                              P      CAN 21/P
Mouth cancer (spaghetti) poster                             P      CAN 22/P
10/10 for life poster                                       P      CAN 23/P
Sunsmart                                                    P      CAN 24/P
Sun safe – protection tips                                  P      CAN 25/P
Bowel screening – I’ve done the test have you?              P      CAN 26/P
We’ve done the test – have you? 2                           P      CAN 27/P
We’ve done the test – have you? 3                           P      CAN 28/P
Open up to mouth cancer                                     N-C    Can 29/L
Preventing bowel cancer-and spotting the symptoms early     N-C    CAN 30/L
Detecting lung cancer-spot the symptoms early               N-C    CAN 31/L
WARNING-sunburn can double your risk of skin cancer         N-c    CAN 32/L

Child health & immunisations
Titles                                                      Type   Codes
A guide to immunisation for babies up to 13 months of age   C      CHI 01/L
A guide to pre-school immunisations for 3 to 5 year olds    C      CHI 02/L
Aged 20-24? Get immunised with Men C                        C      CHI 03/L
HIB, new booster for children under 4                       C      CHI 04/L
HPV vaccine – cards                                         C      CHI 05/L
HPV vaccine – information for girls aged 12-13              C      CHI 06/L
HPV vaccine – information for girls aged 16-17              C      CHI 07/L
HPV vaccine – questions and answers- information for        C      CHI 08/L
parents and carers
If you’re a health care worker protect against flu          C      CHI 09/L
Measles, mumps, rubella immunisation                        C      CHI 10/L
Meningitis baby watch holder                                C      CHI 11/L
Meningitis baby watch postcard                              C      CHI 12/L
Meningitis symptoms wallet card                             C      CHI 13/L
MMR Discussion pack – professionals                         C      CHI 14/L
MMR It’s never too late                                     C      CHI 15/L
MMR Your questions answered                                 C      CHI 16/L
Play it safe                                                C      CHI 17/L
Pneumococcal vaccine                                        C      CHI 18/L
Protecting children at increased risk of flu                C      CHI 20/L
Teenage immunisations ages 13 to 18 – your questions        C      CHI 21/L
Understanding parenting/understanding children              C      CHI 22/L
Child health programme                                      C      CHI 24/L
Meningococcal, meningitis & septicaemia: am I at risk?      C      CHI 25/L
Meningitis vaccine                                          C      CHI 26/L
Meningitis vaccine – consent form                           C      CHI 27/L
Fact sheet diphtheria, tetanus and whole – cell pertussis   N-C    CHI 28/L
A guide to immunisations from 13-18                         N-C    CHI 30/L
HIB-Does your child need a Hib booster                      N-C    CHI 31/L
Immunisation against infectious disease                     N-C    CHI 33/L
Immunisation against infectious disease (thick book)        N-C    CHI 34/L
Men C – aged 16 or 17                                       N-C    CHI 35/L
Men C vaccine – information for professionals               N-C    CHI 36/L
Together we can fight cervical cancer DVD                   N-C    CHI 37/L
Reduce your risk of cervical cancer: under 19s (HPV)        N-C    CHI 38/L
Meningitis – can happen to anyone                           N-C    CHI 39/L
BCG and your baby                                           N-C    CHI 54/L
Accident prevention posters – under 5’s                     P      CHI 40/P
Children’s traffic club                                     P      CHI 41/P
A guide to immunisation at 12 and13 months                  N-C    CHI 55/L
Cot death                                                   P      CHI 42/P
Doesn’t immunisation sound better than whooping cough       P      CHI 43/P
Height chart – how tall am I?                               P      CHI 44/P
HIB poster                                                  P      CHI 45/P

Immunisation timetable                                        P     CHI 46/P
Measles, mumps, rubella – 3 in 1 protection Lanarkshire       P     CHI 47/P
Health Board
Meningitis baby watch                                         P     CHI 48/P
Protect your child – HIB vaccination                          P     CHI 49/P
HPV vaccine – appointment poster                              P     CHI 50/P
HPV vaccine – reduce your risk of cervical cancer             P     CHI 51/P
HPV vaccine – all you need to know girls born on or after     L     CHI 52/L
sept 1990
Meningitis – can happen to anyone                             P     CHI 53/P

Child Protection

Titles                                                        Type Codes
                                   North Lanarkshire
If concerned-Info for members of the public worried about     C     CHP 03/P
possible child abuse-poster
Info pack for families and carers                             C     CHP 06/L
Info for members of the public worried about possible child   C     CHP 07/L
Information for children and young people-Z card              C     CHP 04/C
Info for service providers-leaflet                            C     CHP 05/C
Information for families involved in the child protection     C     CHP 14/L
Protecting children-zip card                                  C     CHP 15/Z
Think before you click-mobile phone and internet security     C     CHP 17/Z
How to contact us-zip card                                    C     CHP 21/ Z
Child abuse is!!!!!                                           C     CHP 24/P
                                   South Lanarkshire
Working together to keep our children safe-Book-mark          C     CHP 21/B
Info for people worried about child abuse or neglect          C     CHP 13/L
If you don’t feel safe-for children-credit card               C     CHP 16/ L
Protecting children-credit card                               C     CHP 10/C
Working together to keep our children safe- poster            C     CHP 18/P
If you don’t feel safe-for children-poster                    C     CHP 19/P
Protecting children-info for service providers-leaflet        C     CHP 20L
Inspection of-services to protect children                    N-C   CHP 22/B
                             North and South Lanarkshire
Protecting children; framework for standards-Scottish gov     C     CHP 01/L
Child protection committee vision statement-poster            C     CHP 02/P
Child protection shared vision-card                           C     CHP 08/C
Chat safe                                                     C     CHP 09/L
Mobile and internet safety                                    C     CHP 11/L


Titles                                            Type   Codes
It’s a fine line                                  C      DRU 01/L
Suggestions for a project on drugs                C      DRU 02/L
Cannabis and you                                  C      DRU 03/L
Claire and Jose- get off their cake               N-C    DRU 04/L
Cannabis smoking and health                       N-C    DRU 05/L
Drugs, know the facts                             N-C    DRU 07/L
Drugs-what every parent should know               C      DRU 08/L
Drugs alcohol and parenting                       N-C    DRU 10/L
The hard facts about drugs                        N-C    DRU 12/L
E by gum – a guide to the safer use of ecstasy    N-C    DRU 18/L
Prevention overdose-leaflet                       N-C    DRU 19/L
Prevention overdose-booklet                       N-C    DRU 20/B
Safer dancing bookmarks: poppers                  N-C    DRU 25/L
Who wants iz?                                     N-C    DRU 26/L
Safer dancing bookmarks: club entry               N-C    DRU 27/L
Safer dancing bookmarks: drugs                    N-C    DRU 28/L
Safer dancing bookmarks: getting lifts            N-C    DRU 29/L
Safer dancing bookmarks: sex                      N-C    DRU 30/L
Going over-DVD of four real stories of overdose   N-C    DRU 31/D
Drug prevention-tear off card                     N-C    DRU 32/C
Overdose-detox and you-card                       N-C    DRU 33/C
Overdose-tear off cards                           N-C    DRU 34/C


Titles                                            Type   Codes
Energising lives                                  C      EXE 01/L
Get active                                        C      EXE 03/L
Getting fitter needn’t be a marathon              C      EXE 04/L
Get you and your family moving                    C      EXE 05/L
Hassle free exercise                              C      EXE 06/L
Your guide to getting active                      C      EXE 07/L
Keeping active – dance                            P      EXE 08/P
Keeping active – gardening                        P      EXE 09/P
Lets get physical                                 P      EXE 10/P
Quick push                                        P      EXE 11/P
Simple steps (elderly)                            P      EXE 12/P
Breaking the cycle                                C      EXE 13/L

Family planning

Titles                                            Type Codes
After you’ve had your baby                        C    FPL 01/L
Emergency contraception                           C    FPL 02/L

Is everybody doing it?                                          C      FPL 03/L
Planning a pregnancy                                            C      FPL 04/L
Your guide to contraception                                     C      FPL 05/L
It’s here – contraception that lasts for years                  C      FPL 06/L
Sexual health information – family planning                     C      FPL 07/L
Doin’ it in Lanarkshire                                         C      FPL 08/L
It’s arrived – contraception that takes care of itself          P      FPL 09/P

General health

Titles                                                          Type   Codes
Children with diabetes at school                                C      GEN 01/L
Eating well with diabetes                                       C      GEN 02/L
Head lice (can order more than 30 of this leaflet)              C      GEN 03/L
Health advice for travellers                                    C      GEN 04/L
Osteoporosis: prevention and advice                             C      GEN 06/L
Take life on one step at a time                                 C      GEN 07/L
Understanding diabetes                                          C      GEN 08/L
What diabetes care to expect                                    C      GEN 09/L
Donor card and leaflet                                          C      GEN 10/L
Play it safe                                                    N-C    GEN 11/L
Ageless – taking positive steps to avoid trips and falls DVD    N-C    GEN 12/L
(Single copies only of the above DVD)
Are you at risk                                                 N-C    GEN 13/L
The NHS minor ailment service-at your community pharmacy        N-C    GEN 14/L
Remember to wash your hands                                     N-c    GEN 15/S
Fight the freeze                                                N-C    GEN 16/L
Flu jab leaflets – beating flu                                  N-C    GEN 17/L
Guide to health websites                                        N-C    GEN 18/L
If you have back pain                                           N-C    GEN 19/L
Don’t let flu turn on you                                       N-C    GEN 20/L
Coping with dying                                               N-C    GEN 21/L
Not all bugs –parents guide                                     N-c    GEN 22/L
Osteoporosis                                                    N-C    GEN 23/L
Pneumowhatal? Don’t let the pneumococcal bug bite!              N-C    GEN 24/L
The NHS and you                                                 N-C    GEN 25/L
Tuberculosis – TB – the disease, its treatment and prevention   N-C    GEN 27/L
Using disposable sharps safely                                  N-C    GEN 28/L
Race against time                                               N-C    GEN 29/L
Be water wise                                                   N-C    GEN 30/L
Health events 2011 poster                                       N-C    GEN 21/P
You matter                                                      N-C    GEN 31/L
The mix                                                         N-C    GEN 32/L
Cool dads                                                       N-C    GEN 33/L
Tips for teachers leading school visits to farms card           N-C    GEN 34/L
HC1 form – claim for health costs                               N-C    GEN 35/L
Confidentiality your rights – under 16                          N-C    GEN 38/L
Confidentiality-its your right                                  N-C    GEN 39/L

Can you walk the talk – booklet                                   N-C    GEN 40/L
We keep it zipped – card                                          N-C    GEN 41/L
Walk the talk DVD                                                 N-C    GEN 42/L
Not all bugs need drugs-A guide to antibiotics                    N-C    GEN 43/L
Consent: it’s your decision                                       N-C    GEN 51/L
Consent: your rights                                              N-C    GEN 52/L
Accident prevention posters – elderly                             P      GEN 44/P
Be aware, your back needs care                                    P      GEN 45/P
Don’t let flu bowl you over                                       P      GEN 46/P
Healthy living Poster                                             P      GEN 47/P
Meningitis: manage the minutes                                    P      GEN 48/P
Meningitis and septicaemia – can kill                             P      GEN 49/P
Not all bugs need drugs – use antibiotics wisely                  P      GEN 50/P
How to use the health service in Scotland                         DVD    GEN 53/D
Tips for teachers-outing to farms                                 N-C    GEN 54/L
Donor cards                                                       C      GEN 55/C
Donor card holder                                                 C      GEN 56/L
Looking good feeling good-personal hygiene                        N-C    GEN 60/L
What is asthma                                                    N-C    GEN 57/P
What is asthma                                                    N-C    GEN 58/L
What to do in a asthma attack-pocket guide                        N-C    GEN 59/L
Looking after information-staff awareness                         N-C    GEN 62/L
You don’t need to look in different places for health info        N-C    GEN 63/L
You don’t need to look in different places for health info-card   N-C    GEN 64/C
Finding the care that is right for you                            N-C    GEN 61/L

Heart disease

Titles                                                            Type   Codes
Cut the saturated fat from your diet                              C      HEA 1/L
Don’t lose heart – for carers                                     C      HEA 2/L
Don’t lose heart – for patients                                   C      HEA 3/L
How to reduce your risk of a stroke                               C      HEA 4/L
Physical activity & your heart                                    C      HEA 5/L
Smoking and your heart                                            C      HEA 6/L
So you want to lose weight for good                               C      HEA 7/L
Reducing your blood cholesterol                                   C      HEA 8/L
Active Living – help yourself to reduce the risk of H.B.          N-C    HEA 12/L
No fear that’s me in an emergency…                                N-C    HEA 13/L
Active living – help yourself to lose weight                      N-C    HEA 14/L
Know your heart poster                                            P      HEA 16/P
Heart disease-improving services for patients                     N-C    HEA 09/L

Learning disabilities

Titles                                                            Type Codes
A guide to examining your testicles: for people with learning     N-C LED 01/L

A guide to examining your breasts                             N-C    LED 02/L
A guide to giving up smoking                                  N-C    LED 03/L
A guide to a healthy mouth – for people with learning         N-C    LED 04/L
A women’s guide to keeping clean                              N-C    LED 05/L
A mans guide to keeping clean                                 N-C    LED 06/L
A guide to having a smear test                                N-C    LED 07/L
A guide to having a period                                    N-C    LED 08/L
How to have a wet/dry shave –tip cards                        N-C    LED 09/L
Disability tip card                                           N-C    LED 10/L
What is cancer (living with cancer)                           N-C    LED 11/L
What is dementia                                              N-C    LED 12/L
A guide to a healthy heart                                    N-C    LED 13/L
You are in charge                                             N-C    LED 14/L
Being in charge                                               N-C    LED 15/L
Sexual abuse and learning disabilities                        N-C    LED 16/L
Do I need a smear test                                        N-C    LED 17/L
Understanding learning disabilities                           N-C    LED 18/L

Men’s health

Titles                                                        Type   Codes
Hebs TSE shower card                                          C      MEN 1/L
Detecting testicular cancer                                   C      MEN 2/L
21st Century health manual                                    N-C    MEN 5/L
21st Century manual fold out card                             N-C    MEN 6/L
Waterworks poster                                             P      MEN 7/P

Mental health

Titles                                                        Type   Codes
Are you worried about your memory                             C      MEH 1/L
Cool heads                                                    C      MEH 2/L
Coping with dementia “Carers handbook only” (single copies)   C      MEH 3/L
Facing dementia                                               C      MEH 4/L
Keeping safe                                                  C      MEH 5/L
Talking about anxiety                                         C      MEH 6/L
Talking about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder        C      MEH 7/L
Talking about bereavement                                     C      MEH 8/L
Talking about Bipolar Affective Disorders                     C      MEH 9/L
Talking about depression                                      C      MEH 10/L
Talking about eating disorders                                C      MEH 11/L
Talking about personality disorders                           C      MEH 12/L
Talking about phobias                                         C      MEH 13/L
Talking about postnatal depression                            C      MEH 14/L
Talking about schizophrenia                                   C      MEH 15/L
Talking about self harm                                       C      MEH 16/L

Talking about stress                                            C      MEH 17/L
Understanding dementia, a guide for young carers                C      MEH 18/L
Steps to deal with stress                                       C      MEH 19/L
Talking about panic attacks                                     C      MEH 20/L
Don’t make the journey alone – a message from fellow            N-C    MEH 21/L
Thinking about suicide                                          N-C    MEH 22/L
Family break ups                                                N-C    MEH 23/L
Good for you – good for the brain                               N-C    MEH 24/L
Mind to listen                                                  N-C    MEH 25/ CD
Coping with dementia DVD                                        DVD    MEH
Help us stop stigma – schizophrenic                             N-C    MEH 27/L
R U friends                                                     N-C    MEH 28/L
R U sad                                                         N-C    MEH 29/L
R U worried                                                     N-C    MEH 30/L
Steps to deal with stress DVD                                   N-C    MEH
When someone dies                                               N-C    MEH 34/L
Don’t hide it, talk about it                                    N-C    MEH 35/L
The art of conversation                                         N-C    MEH 37/L
Progressive muscle relaxation CD-1 copy only if more required   N-C    MEH 53/L
contact library
Visualisation CD-1 copy only if more required contact library   N-C    MEH 54/L
Express your needs                                              P      MEH 38/P
Head kit                                                        P      MEH 39/P
Relationships                                                   P      MEH 40/P
Stressed out – relax A2 size                                    P      MEH 41/P
Stressed out – relax A3 size                                    P      MEH 42/P
The depressive (no job too small)                               P      MEH 44/P
The depressive nurse                                            P      MEH 45/P
The manic depressive data analyst                               P      MEH 46/P
The schizophrenic store man                                     P      MEH 47/P
Young girls posters (see me)                                    P      MEH 49/P
Young boys posters (see me)                                     P      MEH 50/P
Don’t hide it                                                   P      MEH 55/P


Titles                                                          Type   Codes
A guide to between meal snacks                                  C      NUT 1/L
Eatwell plate                                                   C      NUT 2/L
Vitamin D-who is at risk                                        C      NUT 3/L
Enjoy fruit and vegetables                                      C      NUT 4/L
Following a vegetarian diet – advice for 5-16 year olds         C      NUT 5/L
Food for the growing years 1-5 year olds                        C      NUT 6/L
Food for the school years 5-16 year olds                        C      NUT 7/L
Food standards agency traffic lights                            C      NUT 8/L

Fun first foods                                                 C      NUT 9/L
Guide to food labelling                                         C      NUT 10/L
Hassle free food                                                C      NUT 11/L
The little book of salt                                         C      NUT 12/L
Little book of white lies                                       C      NUT 13/L
Small changes, big benefits (leaflet/poster)                    C      NUT 14/L
Sugar exposed                                                   C      NUT 15/L
The food hygiene handbook for Scotland                          C      NUT 16/L
Help, my child won’t eat (professionals only – 5 copies max.)   C      NUT 17/L
Your guide to eating healthy                                    C      NUT 18/L
Your guide to the Eatwell plate                                 N-C    NUT 19/L
Eatwell card                                                    N-C    NUT 27/C
Eatwell guide                                                   N-C    NUT 25/L
Food allergy. What you need to know                             N-C    NUT 24/L
Eating for health                                               P      NUT 20/P
Eatwell                                                         P      NUT 21/P
Little book of white lies poster                                P      NUT 22/P
Watch out they taste curvy: BANANA                              P      NUT 23/P
You know when you’ve been mango’d                               P      NUT 26/P
Boys BMI chart                                                  PAD    NUT 26/PD
Girls BMI chart                                                 PAD    NUT 27/PD

Oral health

Titles                                                          Type   Codes
Give teeth a chance                                             C      ORL 1/L
Teeth need gums                                                 C      ORL 3/L
How to protect your child’s teeth – oral health DVD             C      ORL 5/L
Dental & oral health postcard “toothpaste warrior”              C      ORL 6/L
It’s never too early to think about your baby’s teeth           C      ORL 7/L
SHINE – A young person’s guide to healthy teeth and gums        C      ORL 8/L
Contented maybe for now                                         N-C    ORL 11/L
Fissure sealants                                                N-C    ORL 13/L
Tell me about dental care for mother and baby                   N-C    ORL 14/L
Tell me about dental care for older people                      N-C    ORL 15/L
Tell me about dental care for people with special needs         N-C    ORL 16/L
Tell me about teens teeth                                       N-C    ORL 17/L
Unwell                                                          N-C    ORL 18/L
Healthy teeth for life                                          N-C    ORL 19/L
Child smile                                                     N-C    ORL 20/L
It’s never too early to think about your baby’s teeth           P      ORL 21/P
Tips for healthy teeth                                          N-C    ORL 22/L

Pregnancy & parenting

Titles                                                          Type Codes
Abortion – just so you know                                     C    PRP 1/L
Breastfeeding and returning to work                             C    PRP 2/L

Folic acid                                                         C     PRP 3/L
Folic acid – card                                                  C     PRP 4/L
Protect your baby’s natural head shape                             C     PRP 5/L
Off to a good start – breastfeeding                                C     PRP 6/L
Bump to breastfeeding                                              C     PRP 7/DVD
Reducing the risk of cot death                                     C     PRP 8/L
NHS Lanarkshire joint hospital and community breastfeeding         C     PRP 9/B
A parent’s guide to newborn screening for Phenylketonuria          C     PRP 10/L
A parent’s guide to routine blood tests offered during             C     PRP 11/L
A parent’s guide to the screening test for Spina Bifida and        C     PRP 12/L
Down’s Syndrome
Active living – keeping active during and after pregnancy          N-C   PRP 13/L
Breastfeeding friendly campaign                                    N-C   PRP 14/L
Breastfeeding – helpful hints                                      N-C   PRP 15/L
Breastfeeding – helpful hints holders                              N-C   PRP 16/L
Breastfeeding mothers and work                                     N-C   PRP 17/L
Healthy eating and pregnancy                                       N-C   PRP 18/L
Pregnancy – a young person’s guide                                 N-C   PRP 19/L
Fresh start                                                        N-C   PRP 20/L
What every woman should know – German measles                      N-C   PRP 21/L
You can’t get fitter than a breastfed nipper – car sticker         N-C   PRP 22/L
To reduce the risk of cot death – turn over                        N-C   PRP 23/L
Breastfeeding diary cover                                          N-C   PRP 37/C
Breastfeeding: had lunch                                           P     PRP 24/P
Breastfeeding: sang happy birthday                                 P     PRP 25/P
Breastfeeding: went for a walk                                     P     PRP 26/P
Folic acid before and during pregnancy                             P     PRP 27/P
For a night off breastfeeding use the express                      P     PRP 28/P
Life after birth                                                   P     PRP 29/P
Lunchtime and not a breast in sight                                P     PRP 30/P
Mothers guide to the NHS Lanarkshire breastfeeding policy          P     PRP 31/P
Pregnant – think folic acid                                        P     PRP 32/P
To reduce the risk of cot death – poster                           P     PRP 33/P
Who breastfeeds nowadays?                                          P     PRP 34/P
You are welcome to breastfeed here (for non NHS premises)          P     PRP 35/P
You are welcome to breastfeed here NHS Lanarkshire)                P     PRP 36/P
Toilet training-when is the best time to toilet train your child   N-C   PRP 38/L
 Messages from children                                            N-C   PRP 39/L
Weight convertion table                                            N-C   PRP 40
Breastfeeding initiative bag                                       N-C   PRP 41/B
Play@home- baby book                                               C     PRP 42/B
Play@home-toddler book                                             N-C   PRP 43/B
Pregnancy-what next                                                N-C   PRP 44/L
Play@home information leaflet                                      N-C   PRP 45/L
Play@home-pre-school book                                          N-C   PRP 46/B
Pregnancy calculator                                               N-C   PRP 47/C

I feel good about breastfeeding                                                 N-C    PRP 48/P
Breastfeeding was a great decision                                              N-C    PRP 49/P
I made the choice to breastfeed                                                 N-C    PRP 50/P
The good egg guide                                                              N-C    PRP 51/L
Your guide to newborn screening                                                 N-C    PRP 52/L
Your guide to screening tests during pregnancy                                  N-C    PRP 53/L

Public Protection

If you don’t do something who will?                                             N-C    PP 1/L
If you don’t do something who will? DVD                                         N-C    PP 2/DVD
If you don’t do something who will? – Poster                                    N-C    PP 3/P

Sexual health & Blood Borne Viruses

Titles                                                                          Type   Codes
Hep C                                                                           C      SHB 03/L
Talking with your child about relationships and sexual health                   N-C    SHB 04/L
Sexual Health Information – cystitis                                            N-C    SHB 05/L
Sexual Health Information – gonorrhoea                                          N-C    SHB 06/L
Sexual Health Information – genital warts                                       N-C    SHB 07/L
Sexual and reproductive health services                                         N-C    SHB 08/L
Sexual Health Information – herpes                                              N-C    SHB 09/L
Sexual Health Information – HIV and AIDS                                        N-C    SHB 10/L
Sexual Health Information – Pelvic Inflammatory Disease                         N-C    SHB 11/L
Sexual Health Information – pubic lice                                          N-C    SHB 12/L
Sexual Health Information – scabies                                             N-C    SHB 13/L
Sexual Health Information – syphilis                                            N-C    SHB 14/L
Sexual Health Information – thrush                                              N-C    SHB 15/L
The following leaflet contains sexually explicit material and should only be    N-C    SHB 16/L
used with gay men and not for general distribution. To obtain a supply please
contact the BBV and SEXUAL HEALTH TEAM (01698 377650) –
Sexual health information – safer sex (for men who have sex
with men)
What you need to know about chlamydia                                           C      SHB 17/L
Sexual health information-Chlamydia                                             N-C    SHB 18/L
4 boys                                                                          C      SHB 43/L
4 girls                                                                         C      SHB 19/L
4 you                                                                           C      SHB 20/L
Love stings                                                                     C      SHB 21/L
Blood-borne viruses – what you need to know                                     N-C    SHB 22/L
Hepatitis A                                                                     N-C    SHB 23/L
Hepatitis B                                                                     N-C    SHB 24/L
Hepatitis C                                                                     N-C    SHB 25/L
Hepatitis C – what you need to know                                             N-C    SHB 26/L
Hepatitis C – your questions answered                                           N-C    SHB 27/L
Hepatitis A B C                                                                 N-C    SHB 28/L
Information for travellers on HIV & sexual health                               N-C    SHB 29/L

What do you know about genital herpes                     C      SHB 31/L
What do you know about genital warts                      C      SHB 32/L
What do you know about vaginal discharge                  C      SHB 33/L
What do you know about gonorrhoea                         C      SHB 35/L
Hepatitis C – essential information for professionals     C      SHB 36/L
Careful he might give you more than his number            P      SHB 37/P
Safer sex – use a condom                                  P      SHB 38/P
Stay HIV negative                                         P      SHB 39/P
Exploring the changes                                     C      SHB/40 L
Your guide to Chlamydia/NSU                               C      SHB 41/L
Talking with your teenager                                C      SHB 42 L
Careful she might give you more than his number           P      SHB 44/P
What do you know about-vaginal health                     C      SHB/45/L
Your choice-a fresh look at contraception-tear out pad    N-C    SHB 46L
Your choice-a fresh look at contraception                 N-C    SHB 47/L
Your choice-a fresh look at contraception-card            N-C    SHB 48/C


Titles                                                    Type   Codes
Aspire magazine (aspire to stop smoking)                  C      SMK 1/L
How to stop smoking & stay stopped                        C      SMK 2/L
International no smoking zone                             C      SMK 3/L
Smoking and pregnancy                                     C      SMK 4/L
Stopping smoking made easier                              C      SMK 5/L
Your guide to giving up smoking                           C      SMK 6/L
It works                                                  C      SMK 7/L
Encouraging smokers to stop – what you can do             N-C    SMK 8/L
Encouraging smokers to stop – what you can do flowchart   N-C    SMK 9/L
Pot pourri of puffing poisons                             N-C    SMK 10/B
Being me and tobacco free                                 N-C    SMK 11/L
Smoking in pregnancy – DVD                                N-C    SMK 15/L
Passive smoking: unclouding the issue                     N-C    SMK 19/L
We can help you stop smoking DVD                          N-C    SMK 20/L
Aspire – man with cigarette                               P      SMK 21/P
Aspire – woman with cigarette                             P      SMK 22/P
Aspire – woman with patch                                 P      SMK 23/P
Coughmans                                                 P      SMK 27/P
I’ll quit when I get pregnant                             P      SMK 28/P
Miserable nights                                          P      SMK 29/P
Perfume won’t hide it – Medusa                            P      SMK 30/P
Smoking harms kids                                        P      SMK 31/P
Superskints                                               P      SMK 32/P
Passive smoking kills-poster                              P      SMK 33/P
Passive smoking and health-poster                         P      SMK 34/P

Violence & aggression

Titles                                                        Type   Codes
Domestic abuse there is no excuse                             C      VLA 01/L
Doorway – card in Cantonese                                   C      VLA 2/L
Doorway – card in Hindu                                       C      VLA 3/L
Doorway – card in Polish                                      C      VLA 4/L
Doorway – card in Urdu                                        C      VLA 6/L
Doorway – domestic abuse and older women                      C      VLA 7/L
Doorway – domestic abuse. How can you help? Guidelines        C      VLA 8/L
for workers
Doorway – how to get help                                     C      VLA 9/L
Doorway – leaflet in Cantonese                                C      VLA 10/L
Doorway – leaflet in Hindu                                    C      VLA 11/L
Doorway – leaflet in Punjabi                                  C      VLA 13/L
Doorway – leaflet in Urdu                                     C      VLA 14/L
Doorway – sticker with tear off contact numbers               C      VLA 15/L
Teenage relationship abuse                                    N-C    VLA 16/L
Doorway – women with disabilities and domestic abuse          C      VLA 17/L
Older women and domestic violence in Scotland:                C      VLA 18/L
“…and for 39 years I got on with it”
Domestic abuse card nd leaflet-North Lanarkshire                     VLA 31/L
He never let me do my own thing                               P      VLA 19/P
Doorway – my boyfriend would never let me go out on my        P      VLA 20/P
Doorway – no one knows I am afraid to go home                 P      VLA 21/P
Doorway – the kicking started as soon as I fell pregnant      P      VLA 22/P
I was the only one who could see what he was really saying    P      VLA 23/P
Justice for women                                             P      VLA 24/P
My boyfriend would never let me go out like this              P      VLA 25/P
No one could see that life for us stopped every day at 5 pm   P      VLA 26/P
No one knew I was afraid to go home                           P      VLA 27/P
The kicking started as soon as I became pregnant              P      VLA 28/P
Zero Tolerance – from flashing to rape                        P      VLA 29/P
Press cutting                                                 P      VLA 30/P
Rape and sexual assault                                       N-C    VLA 32/L
Childhood sexual abuse                                        N-C    VLA 33/L
Harmful traditional practices                                 N-C    VLA 34/L
Domestic abuse                                                N-C    VLA 35/L

Women’s health

Titles                                                        Type   Codes
Be breast aware shower cards                                  C      WOM 1/L
Breast screening explained                                    C      WOM 3/L
Cervical smear test – explained                               C      WOM 4/L
Cystitis – a self help guide                                  C      WOM 5/L
Being breast aware DVD                                        C      WOM 07/D
Period pains-a self help guide                                N-C    WOM 08/L
Periods what you need to know                                 C      WOM 09/L

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) – a self help guide                      C       WOM 10/L
The time of your life-menopause                                      C       WOM 11/L
The time of the month                                                C       WOM 12/L
Thrush – a self help guide                                           C       WOM 13/L
Well women                                                           C       WOM 14/L
Your breast screening appointment explained                          C       WOM 15/L
Detecting breast cancer                                              C       WOM 16/L
Preventing cervical cancer                                           C       WOM 17/L
The cervical screening test-put it on your list                      N-C     WOM/18/L
The cervical screening test-your first test                          N-C     WOM 19/L
The cervical screening test-info for lesbian&bisexual women          N-C     WOM 20/L
Your breasts, your health. Throughout your life                      N-C     WOM 25/L
Having a smear – women talking                                       N-C     WOM 22/L
Detecting breast cancer                                              C       WOM 23/L


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