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									The                                                                             July 2010
The Towers of Jacksonville, 1400 Le Baron Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32207, 904-398-3406

            July                                                        July at The
           Picnic Month

  Recreation & Parks Month
                                        I‟ve got to “hand” it to you…June was an
       Anti-Boredom Month               interesting month! We played croquet, we
                                        had a rummage sale, we enjoyed a
                                        fantastic concert by the Spivey Hall
      Color Your World Month
                                        Children‟s Choir! We continued to enjoy
                                        little Shirley Temple every Monday morning.
           Canada Day                   We enjoyed a new Publix. We updated our
             July 1                     voter‟s registration cards.
                                        Sam is working on his FIFTH 300 in Wii
      U.S.: Independence Day            Bowling, we are organizing a team to join a
                July 4                  nationwide league where we will win, of
        Hop-a-Park Day &                We did NOT enjoy the fish kill. But we will
          Clerihew Day                  fish one day! And work on our cane poles
             July 10                    and tie flies!
                                        We are looking forward to a watermelon
       France: Bastille Day             party on the 8th. Thanks to Joyce Cooper,
             July 14                    we will get to experience the wonderful
                                        series “Life”, narrated by Oprah Winfrey.
      Cow Appreciation Day              We will play the series all day, so come in
            July 17                     out of the heat and enjoy the day!

          Ugly Truck Day                Other dates to look forward to include:
              July 20                   7/1: Praise a Postal Worker Day
                                        7/5: Birthday of the Bikini
          Hammock Day                   7/6: Someday I‟ll ….Day: Do it today!
                                        7/9: Fashion Show Friday
             July 22                    7/14: Measure It Day
                                        7/16: Violet and Pink Day
         Cheesecake Day                 7/20: Man on the Moon Day
             July 30                    7/23: Gorgeous Grandma Day
                                        7/27: Hula Hoop Day
                                        7/30: Father In Law Day

June Birthdays 6/16/10                          Croquet on the Lawn 6/2/10

                   Spivey Hall Children’s Choir 6/15/10
Voter’s Registration with the Office of      Rummage Sale
          Elections 6/15/10

 Ladies in

                                          Coach Sam and his Trophy!
         Dolphins off our Deck

July Birthdays                                                                Pack Your
If you were born from June 22-July 22, you are
                                                                              Picnic Basket
a Cancer, the crab. If you were born from July                                 July is Picnic Month,
23-August 22, you are a Leo, the lion. A                                       and there is no better
Cancer can be highly emotional, caring,                                        month for packing your
generous, and intuitive. Leos are creative,          basket full of goodies, laying a blanket over the
enthusiastic, charismatic, and highly ambitious.     soft, green grass, and enjoying food,
Dan Aykroyd (actor)               July 1, 1952       friendship, and fresh air.
Geraldo Rivera (host)             July 4, 1943
Ann Landers (advice columnist)    July 4, 1918       The first picnics were not held outdoors at all.
P.T. Barnum (circus showman)      July 5, 1810       The first usage of the word was in 1692, in a
Doc Severinsen (band leader)      July 7, 1927       French dictionary, where the word “pique-
Giorgio Armani (fashion mogul)    July 11, 1934      nique” was used to describe a group of people
Phyllis Diller (comedienne)       July 17, 51917     who brought their own wine into a restaurant.
“Red” Skelton (clown)             July 18, 1913      It was not until the mid-1700s that the word
Natalie Wood (actress)            July 20, 1938      picnic referred to a fun meal eaten outdoors.
Don Drysdale (pitcher)            July 23, 1936      Still, no one knows where the French got the
Dorothy Hamill (ice skater)       July 26, 1956      rhyming term “pick-nick,” although many
Paul Anka (singer/songwriter)     July 30, 1941      rumors of its origin exist.
Milton Friedman (Economist)       July 31, 1912
                                                     In the early 1800s, a group of Londoners
                                                     formed an official “Picnic Society,” where each
Awards and Honors                                    member agreed to bring a different dish, as in
                                                     a potluck. More recently, in the year 2000, the
The Medal of Honor is the highest military
                                                     French formed a 600-mile-long picnic to
honor awarded in the United States. It is
                                                     celebrate the first Bastille Day of the new
awarded for “gallantry and intrepidity at the risk
                                                     millennium.      Towns from coast-to-coast
of his life above and beyond the call of duty
                                                     participated, using over 400 miles of red-
while engaged in an action against an enemy
                                                     checkered tablecloth.
of the United States." This distinguished medal
was established on July 12, 1862, by President
                                                     July 10 is the Teddy Bears‟ Picnic Day, a day
Abraham Lincoln, and it was originally intended
                                                     honoring both picnics and the classic tune by
to be awarded only to those fighting in the Civil
                                                     John Walter Bratton and Jimmy Kennedy. This
                                                     marks the perfect day for children to gather
The first recipient of the Medal of Honor was        their teddy bears, lay down a blanket, and eat
General Winfield Scott, a 75-year-old Civil War      some snacks with their stuffed friends. They
general who was so overweight he could not           can even sing the song that made that day
even mount a horse. Scott, who some people           famous. Here‟s the first verse:
thought was senile, devised the plan that would
                                                              If you go out in the woods today,
eventually help to defeat the Confederacy.                       You're sure of a big surprise.
When the Medal of Honor was first proposed,                   If you go out in the woods today,
General Scott did not like it. He opposed the                     You'd better go in disguise.
European idea of receiving awards for heroism,
yet thanks to his plan the Union was                        For every bear that ever there was
preserved.                                                Will gather there for certain, because
                                                     Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic.

From the Administrative                               Dates to Remember:
Assistant:                                            Every Monday, Shirley Temple at 10 am and
                                                      Brown Bag Lunches in the Summer House.
June was a lot of fun! July will be even better!
Who doesn‟t like watermelon? We will be               Just about every afternoon, we have activities
having plenty on July 8th, in the back parking        (crafts, etc., but always fun) and Wii bowling or
lot at 11:00 a.m.                                     some other game. These can be found in the
                                                      Summer House and the Lounge.
We have added a new Publix to our trip and I
have had great reviews from everyone. Please          7/6: Movie
keep me posted if that is one that you would          7/7: WalMart
like to continue to visit.                            7/8: Watermelon Party
                                                      7/9: Winn Dixie
The Resident Council has organized a trip to          7/14: Birthday Party
the Mall on 7/5. (Please note, that is a holiday      7/16: Publix
for the staff.)                                       7/21: Apex Presentation at 2:00 pm
                                                      7/22: Movie
The Office of Elections will be happy to come         7/23: Winn Dixie
to The Towers to deliver and pick up absentee         7/28: “Life” the series, beginning at 10
ballots. Please let me know if you would like to      7/28: The Price is Right at 2:00 pm
participate or have questions about this              7/30: Publix
service. Sign up in the Lobby.
                                                           See you next time! Carol
Dorris has arranged for two presentations:
“Stroke Signs and Symptoms” on 7/21 and
“The Price is Right” presented by DME at 2:00
on 7/28. Please mark your calendars!                                           Featured Resident of
                                                                                    the Month:
We will also be viewing the spectacular series                                       Pat Erwin
“Life”, narrated by Oprah Winfrey. For those of
you not familiar with this series, you are in for a                          Pat moved to The Towers
treat. There are a total of 8 hours in this series,                          July 1st to be closer to her
so we will be breaking them up and watching                                  daughter after losing her
them on 7/28. We have two other movies to             husband of 36 years.
watch, in addition to the Shirley Temple series
(which have been a joy to view). So come in           She has 2 children, 5 stepchildren, 3
and stay cool!                                        grandchildren, 10 stepgrandchildren, 1 great
                                                      grand and another expected in December.
Speaking of cool, you MUST check out the
Summer House! It is sheer joy to be in there          She retired as a secretary. She loves to sing,
with the new air conditioner and the new              enjoys music, people, church and activities, as
curtains. Nice and cool, no glare on the TV!          well as walks by the river at sunset. She is
This is a direct invitation to all of you that I      hoping to meet all of you so, please stop by
simply cannot drag out of the dark lounge on          and say hello!
these lovely summer afternoons…yes, you
know who I am talking to!

   FROM YOUR SERVICE COORDINATOR                        3. It‟s addicting because once you start gossiping
                                                        you‟ll find that it‟s hard to stop. Stop! Think! What
“This nation will remain the land of the free           if this was you or your business the group was
   only so long as it is the home of the                gossiping about today? How would YOU feel?
           brave.” ~Elmer Davis
                                                        UPDATE: Onto smoking in the building. I‟m certain
                                                        everyone has heard that The Towers will be going
        Happy Independence Day!                         smoke-free. I have tried to locate an organization
 May every one of you have a wonderful, safe,           that would come to our building to help those that
              and blessed day!                          need to stop smoking in their apartments and within
                                                        50 feet of doors to the building. I have not found
For those residents who have not returned their         anyone who would come to us so, I have
“DISASTER and HURRICANE INFORMATION”                    information that I will post for off-site organizations
paperwork…PLEASE DO SO NOW! IF you do not               to help you all.
have your copy, please ask for another copy at the
front desk!!! It is MOST IMPORTANT for me to get        REMINDER in the REMINDER: There are plenty
this paperwork from you. I will use it to be certain    of websites that explain exactly what scams entail
you are safe when we get the “all clear” to come        however, you all should be aware…NEVER GIVE
back into the building.                                 YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION to those you
I have some updates on topics from last month for       do not know over the phone or the Internet. Please
you.                                                    be mindful of “cons”; if you are not sure if it is a
                                                        scam or con please do not hesitate to call the
    July 6 - Dr. Langlois, Foot Doctor here            Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-438-4338 or
     starting at 10am.                                  contact the local sheriffs‟ office department at 630-
    July 21 – 2:00pm in our Lounge, Marilee            0500 or you may call the Federal Bureau of
     from Apex presents “Stroke: Signs and              Intelligence (FBI) at 248-7000.
    July 28 – 2:00pm in our Lounge, Fuller             Until next month, take care of yourselves and stay
     Mobility will be here for some FUN! The            safe. Don‟t forget to drink your WATER!!! Keep
     Price is Right… Come On Down and                   HYDRATED!!!
     play!!! “You’re the next contestant!
     Prizes Galore!
                                                                                                 Many Hugs,
                                                                                                   Dorris 
I am starting again this month with GOSSIPING. I
have received quite a few responses from residents
                                                        “You have to love a nation that celebrates its
who have been the “target” of gossip within the
                                                        independence every July 4, not with a parade of
building and some who have not been a target.
                                                        guns, tanks, and soldiers who file by the White
And they‟re hoping they don‟t become one.
                                                        House in a show of strength and muscle, but
GOSSIP is one of the most hurtful and sometimes
                                                        with family picnics where kids throw Frisbees,
unforgiveable chats to ever have a life. And, that is
                                                        the potato salad gets iffy, and the flies die from
what it does…gossip takes on its own life! Would
                                                        happiness. You may think you have overeaten,
you want people to talk wrongly about you and hurt
                                                        but it is patriotism.” ~Erma Bombeck
your feelings or pride? Do you want people to
know your business or the gossip ABOUT your
business incorrectly?

Here are some facts about gossiping:

1.You hurt others by gossiping about them.

2. No one can trust you with a secret because they
are afraid you will blab it out to the “whole world”.

From the Maintenance Crew:                      Take care of those responsibilities and
                                                prevent future “issues”. None of us need
Hello Everyone,                                 this happening at our home. Thank you.

I hope everyone has a wonderful                 Let‟s talk about “critters” & feeding them
Independence Day & that you take the            outside. We are starting to see “food” on
opportunity to celebrate the freedom that       the grounds again, especially by the
day represents in The United States of          Summer House, to feed the birds. Please
America!                                        do not put bread or any other foods outside
                                                to feed the “critters”. This is an invitation for
This month is our regular scheduled HVAC        the river rats to set up house & ants just
filter change. We will be visiting each         love it! They will go wherever the food is.
apartment to replace the filter, clean the      We do not want them here. Again, help us
registers and kitchen vent fan grills. If you   keep The Towers a clean, safe place to be
are not home when we do this work, a note       and do not put food out for the animals.
will be left so you know it was completed.
                                                Terminix Pest Control is scheduled to do
We continue to find amazing things that         these floors in July:
have been flushed in some of our
commodes. I have said it here many, many                       5th Floor – July 6th
times before; please do not, do not, do not                   6th Floor – July 13th
dispose of items in any commode that is
                                                          7 Floor – July 20th; and
not designed to be flushed. Put trash in a                the 8th Floor – July 27th,
trashcan, not in the commode.
                                                plus all work orders received. If you have
The next item is about your apartment           seen any pests, submit a work order for
windows. When the wind is blowing hard          treatment as soon as possible.
enough to move your window, it needs to
be closed and latched. If it is left open and   Again, please help us. We want to keep
the wind is blowing hard enough, it will        The Towers looking good & in good
damage the window. That usually means           operating condition. Submit all work orders,
that it will be hard, or impossible, to close   potential problems, and suggestions to the
or latch later on. When you leave the           Receptionist‟s desk, ext. 104.
building, especially when you will be gone
overnight, please make sure your window         Thank you.
is closed properly.                                 See you „round the building,
                                                      Rod - extension 105
We are having some pet issues “on” our             Tanya, Leon, Alberto, James
carpeting in hallways and lobby, as well as
in our elevators & the front sidewalk area.
Each of you who has a dog knows the
rules, you signed the pet policy agreement
when you moved your dog in. Taking care
of your neighbors, our facility and some
common basic sense is a requirement.

From the Administrator:
All apartment inspections for the year are        KW/hour Consumption/Sq.Ft.
now over and the dreaded “10-day notices          Apt Type    Jun. 2010 Jun. 2009
to cure” have been given out. No one is           Studio     486.36     412.74
happier than the staff to have this over. We      1-Bedroom  779.42     661.45
want to keep this building clean and safe
for you now and for future residents as well.     These numbers are largely driven by the
                                                  3.8% increase in the average daily
Since last November our vacancy has been          temperature. The temperature caused a
higher than at any time in the last five          28.2% increase in cost. These are big
years. Nationally, apartment vacancy rates        numbers that will require a conservative
have been in the 10% range. We did not            spirit for the next 12 months. Please help
reach that point, most likely because of our      by doing your part to sacrifice
greatest assets, each of you and the river.
When we ask applicants how they found             We are going to need this conservative
out about The Towers, we see a lot of             energy spirit to continue during the next
“word of mouth” responses. The Towers             fiscal year.
remains the “preferred” address for
affordable housing in Jacksonville. Cathy is      May the Creator of us all keep you safe.
now leasing the empty units as fast as Rod
can restore them. HUD only gives us 10-                          Michael McClernon
days to “turn-over” an apartment.

As always, energy cost is an important
topic. The JEA announced that they are
planning for a 9.25% increase in fees. Our                      Your moment of Zen:
total cost for electricity for the period of          It’s always Father’s Day at The Towers!
June 1, 2009 to May 31, 2010 was
$172,550. Think about it, this increase in
rates could mean an additional cost of
$15,961 annually. The dollars will have to
be cut out in other areas of operations.

Here are the June statistics:

Apt Type        Jun. 2010      Jun. 2009
Studio          $48.09      $37.50
1-Bedroom       $77.06      $60.09
          1       o
Avg. Temp       81 F.       78oF.
 (1Jacksonville Naval Air Station as of billing

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