OREGON CHAPTER 31 IAAI Board Meeting Minutes March 3 2011 Salem by wuxiangyu


									                             OREGON CHAPTER 31 - IAAI
                               Board Meeting Minutes
                                   March 3, 2011
                                    Salem, OR


    Meeting called to order by President Austin at 10:11 A.M.


     Mo Austin – President - Present
    Ed Bonollo - 1st Vice President - Present
    Jim Christiansen - 2nd Vice President - Present
    GR Castillo – Acting Secretary/Treasurer - Present
    Janice Madden – Director - Excused
    Monty Neal - Director - Present
    Ray Downey - Director - Present
    Andy Lauersdorf - Director - Present
    Jerry Flowerdew - Director - Present
    Kristina Deschaine - Director - Present
    Jeff Mack - Director - Present
    Dan Thenell - Director - Present
    Laura LaFrance – Director - Present


    Charles Douglass, Lane County SO, Chair Lane District
    Russ Jones, Oregon State Police, Chair Mid-Willamette District
    Ann Lewis, Past President


    Hugh Holden requested time to discuss Rogue Valley District issues: President Austin
    reported that he had a conversation with Hugh where he was able to answer all of his
    questions and concerns to his satisfaction. Hugh withdrew his request to meet with the
    board. The financial report that was to be put before the board today was not available.

    Oregon Fire Marshal’s Association is asking the Rogue District to consider combining
    their winter seminar with the OFMA seminar in Salishan. OSFM was invited to make a
    proposal to the board, but it is unlikely that this will happen.
    Website Jim Christiansen: Jim received some quotes for the redesign of the website.
    One was for $1,400 and the other was up to $400. The second quote was from a
    person who will design a simplified website and teach Jim how to use it.

       It was moved, seconded and approved that Jim be allowed to expend up to $400 to
        pay for the redesign of the website.
       There was further discussion regarding having the website address change.
        Because the domain name is paid for for a few more years it was decided that the
        name will remain or-iaai.net.
       Dan Thenell offered to use a company credit card to pay the costs to the web
        designer to be reimbursed by the Chapter.
       Jim went through the links and some additional suggestions were made.
       It was agreed that the President’s picture should be on the first page of the website
        as the “face” of the Oregon Chapter.

    Mo announced he has a new email address: bigfoot6685@gmail.com. He also
    requested that the board members send him their contact #’s.


    Checking Account: $19,227.66
    Del Williams Scholarship: $1,112.00
    Seminar Account: $12,861.61
    CDs: $39,650.51
    OCAA: $2,706.43

           Taxes have been sent in for fiscal year 2009-2010.

           Rebates have been sent to the Districts.

           There was discussion about finding a CPA to do the taxes. In the interim Thenell
            will have someone at his firm take it over.

           A meeting will be coordinated as soon as the minutes are completed for the
            transfer of the Treasurer’s duties to Colene. Dan asked to be included so that he
            can get the past tax information. Ed Bonollo will be included to conduct the audit.

           Andy had requested a copy of the Liability Insurance policy. The document he
            was given wasn’t what he needed. GR will be faxing him the policy.

           Dan is going to check into a statute on Insurance and Liabilities regarding tax
            filings for 501 (c) 6’s.

           Colene has indicated that she knows a CPA who might be willing to do our taxes
            at a reasonable price.

    It was moved, seconded and approved that the minutes from the last meeting be
    accepted as posted to the website.


          Membership - GR Castillo

                  Members: 299
                  New Members: 21

                 Talked a bit about the fact that a couple of people have sent in their
                  money but with the wrong form and we are waiting for the correct forms to
                  be faxed in. These potential members are not included in the 299.

                 It was suggested that everyone go to their district meetings and remind
                  attendees that new members must fill out a new member application form.

          History - Andy Lauersdorf

          Nothing to Report

          CFI - Ryan Fields /Gene Whitaker

          Two classes for Expert Witness scheduled for October. Bend Fire has
          committed to providing a location and courtroom. No one objected to having the
          class in Bend. It is unknown at this time how many seats are still available.

          It was also suggested that people who had the time and interest could come to
          observe that the information and process of the class was valuable.

          Website – Jim Christiansen

          See Above

          Awards, Nominations – Jim Christiansen/Kristina Deschaine/Mo Austin

             Deadline for nominations is August 19
             No nominations have been received yet
             Have contacted the 5 individuals who indicated they had an interest in being
              on the board next year but none of them have responded to calls or emails
             Everyone was reminded to mention to at their district meetings
             Board members also need to be thinking about who to nominate
             Bill Ellis is a contact for information for the East Region. He doesn’t want to
              be on the board but he does want to help.
             Jim has written up guidelines for the ordering of plaques. The guidelines are
              for the committee members
   It was asked if we wanted music again this year. It was moved, seconded
    and approved that the DJ be hired again. Andy Lauersdorf agreed to have
    his firm sponsor the music again this year.
   The 6:00 P.M. start time seemed to work well last year and we will be going
    with that same time again this year.
   Facebook is working as a communication tool for the organization. Can be
    used even more such as announcing new members.
   Jim previewed for comments a video and slide show that he put together for
    GR’s sendoff.

Legislative - Andy Lauersdorf & Dan Thenell

Dan mentioned a troubling bill that has been introduced this year that could affect
liability of fire investigators. It is being opposed by almost everyone. It is a badly
written bill. Dan will make copies of the bill available at the June meeting.

Budget/Finance – Ed Bonollo

Will coordinate with GR and Colene on the audit.

OCAA - Ann Lewis & Dan Thenell

There is a new contact with NW Insurance Council. His name is Karl Newman.
The council has also at least temporarily downsized the amount of the award
fund from $5K to $3K. It will be ok to continue to use the posters that say $5K for

There is one application being reviewed. Was contacted regarding another
possible nomination but nothing has been received yet.

Training/Education – Ed Bonollo/Ray Downey/Jerry Flowerdew

All the speakers have been booked and contracts are in the mail/email to them.

        9/19 – John Comery – 4 hours NFPA
        9/20 – Steve Carman – 8 hours Fire Dynamics
        9/21 – Case Forensics – Hybrid Auto system fires
        9/22 – Lynn Davis/Andy Lauersdorf/ Fire Zone Computer Diagramming

       There was discussion regarding raising the cost of the seminar. A motion
        was made to charge $275 for Oregon District members and $300 for non-
        members. It was seconded and approved.

       The committee was asked to provide a budget at the June meeting so the
        board could get a good idea of how the costs were going to break out.

       There was discussion about having one of the full 8 hour days available
        for one day registration to support some of the departments that have
        financial concerns and can’t attend the entire seminar. It was moved,
       seconded and approved that both 8 hour classes be made available for
       single day registration at a cost of $175 for members and $225 for non
       members, per class.

      President Austin requested a draft of the brochure in the next 30 days.

      There was discussion about paying a late registration fee. This isn’t
       something that we have ever done before. It was moved, seconded and
       approved that a $50 late registration fee be charged to anyone who
       doesn’t register by September 1.

Seminar Site Committee – Janice Madden/Laura La France/Monty Neal

Seminar site committee indicated everything is good to go. Laura commented
that this would be a good year to try the single day registrations as the
convention center is probably more flexible than the Hood River Inn will be next

Constitution/By-Laws/ Ethics/Grievances/Sergeant of Arms – Monty Neal

Andy handed out copies of the constitution with the changes for everyone to

Still needs work on the expansion of the committee descriptions.

      There are four standing committees in the constitution. Andy gave a brief
       overview of what was to be combined into which description.

Board asked to review for comment.

Needs to be sent to the International for approval.

Goal is to have ready to post or send to members for review and comment so
that attendees at the Annual Conference can vote on it.

Suggested that copies of the revisions be in the participant’s notebook and as
part of housekeeping ask them to review.

Any serious concerns from the membership could delay the vote but it is not
anticipated that there will be much in the way of disagreement.

Newsletter - Jeff Mack

Jeff said he may put out a special newsletter to members to have them review
the changes to the constitution and with information regarding the Fall Seminar.

     Portland: 13 members attending. Elections were held and no changes in leadership.
     Still looking for a permanent place to have the meetings – no longer at Buster’s.

     Mid-Willamette: No meeting. Mat La Crosse has stepped down from the Chair position
     due to his change in responsibilities at Marion County SO. Russ Jones is now the

     Lane: No Report.

     Rogue: Changing the location from Shari’s but don’t have a place yet. Good turnout.

     Central: No report – turnout has been small.

     Eastern:   No Report


     Committee Descriptions.   Tabled until constitution is voted on.

     Insurance Fraud Bill. This is dead and is to be removed from the agenda.

     OCAA Board of Directors – Who should they be?

           Andy was going to check with Darrin Christiansen.
              Will follow up.

           OCAA CT-12 Report is due. GR gave the form and last year’s report to
           President Austin. He will make sure the filing is done by May 15th.

     International Membership for Current Board Members.

           Tabled until the June meeting.

     Rogue Valley Financial Summary Report:

           Information was not received. Mo will follow up with them.
    President Austin announced the appointment of new Secretary/Treasurer

    New IAAI Address: Oregon Chapter IAAI
                      1201 NE Lloyd Blvd, Suite 700
                      Portland OR 97232

                         Colene Domenech
                         Assisted by:
                         Kathy Maier Phone: 503-331-7871
                         Fax: 503-331-7811
                         Main: 503-331-7810

       For the minutes it was moved, seconded and approved that:

              That the Board accepts GR Castillo’s resignation as the Secretary/Treasurer .

              GR Castillo be removed as signatory for Oregon Chapter 31 IAAI banking

              That Colene Domenech be added as signatory for Oregon Chapter 31 IAAI
               banking accounts as Secretary/Treasurer.

              That the mailing address for the Chapter be changed to:

                  Oregon Chapter IAAI
                  1201 NE Lloyd Blvd., Suite 700
                  Portland OR 97232


    How we vote on new members needs to be discussed.

          A discussion was held regarding the recent approval of applicant for membership
           who received negative votes.

          The constitution was reviewed and it was determined that probationary
           membership is given to everyone who applies. Final approval to be determined
           at the board meetings.

          Discussion regarding applicant resulted in his approval as there was not enough
           information to reject him.

          It was recommended that in the future that membership cards do not go out to
           new members under consideration until the Board meets.

    This year’s brochure: A lot needs to be done to it to reflect the changes in break down
    of classes, new tuition costs and late fees.
     Account at FedEx Kinko’s: GR announced that a charge account has been opened at
     Fed Ex Kinko’s for printing. The Account Card was given to Ray Downey to give to
     Kathy Maier. This account will allow anyone to have printing done at Kinko’s and have
     the bill sent to Kathy. GR also gave Ray an Office Depot rewards card that has $15 on
     it to spend.


     Discussion regarding increasing the yearly dues. It was moved, seconded and
     approved that the dues be increased to $32 a year starting October 1, 2011. The
     Districts will continue to receive $5 per each of their members.


     Meeting will be in Bend on June 2nd at 10:00 A.M. – location to be determined.


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