Affidavit of Secretary of Corporation


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									This affidavit is used to provide written proof that the secretary or other officer of a
corporation mailed a notice of a shareholders' meeting to the necessary shareholders.
It is a sworn statement that must be notarized. A copy of the notice should be attached
to the affidavit and it should state the reason for sending the notice. Though drafted
specifically for shareholders' meeting notices, this document can be modified to verify
the mailing of other documents as well.
     Affidavit of Secretary of Corporation Verifying Mailing of Notice of
                            Stockholders' Meeting
STATE OF ____________________

COUNTY OF _______________________

PERSONALLY appeared before me, the undersigned authority in and for said
county and state, (Name of Affiant), who, having been being first duly sworn by the
undersigned Notary Public, deposes and says:
1.     That he is the Secretary of the Corporation.
2.    That, while acting as Secretary of the Corporation, he caused a written
notice of (an annual or a special) shareholders' meeting of the Corporation to be
addressed and mailed, postage prepaid, on (date), to each of the Corporation's
shareholders of record entitled to vote, to the last known address appearing on the
books of the Corporation for each shareholder.
3.   That a true and correct copy of the notice is attached to and by reference
made part of this Affidavit.
4.    That the notice was given pursuant to a call by (specify, such as the Board of

(Signature of Affiant)

(Printed Name of Affiant)

SWORN to and subscribed before me, this the ____ day of ___________, 20____.


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