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           Statewide Services Directorate                            BreastScreen SA

                                               POSITION DESCRIPTION


Position Title:          Mobile Unit Mammography Specialist        Classification:           PO3

Position No: BSM103/BMS203/BSM301                                  Reports To:               Screening Clinic Manager

Type of Appointment: Full time or Part time, Ongoing               Initial Location:         BreastScreen SA

Date Prepared:           June 2008                                 Position Review Date: June 2009


BreastScreen SA (BSSA) is part of the Statewide Services Directorate (SSD) in Adelaide Health Service (AHS) and is
the South Australian component of the national breast cancer screening program, BreastScreen Australia. BSSA
aims to reduce the mortality and morbidity attributed to breast cancer in women primarily aged 50 to 69.

Responsible for the efficient operation of a BSSA mobile mammographic screening service to rural/remote women
that includes the attainment of high standards of mammographic quality and client support, as well as care and
maintenance of the semi-trailer vehicle and on-board equipment. Operating under general policy direction and with
high level of professional independence, the incumbent undertakes the management and coordination of the Mobile
Unit while in the field, including supervision of other supporting staff with minimal professional direction.

   Comply with SA Public Sector Code of Ethics and Code of Fair Information Practice within the workplace and in
    the public domain.
   Behave consistently in accordance with AHS guiding principles workplace values and directions.
   Participate in any performance management system.
   Adhere to the provisions of relevant legislation, policies, procedures, instructions and guidelines.
   Comply with all Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare (OHS&W) provisions policies and strategies which
    result in a healthy and safe work environment.
   Ensure learning and development relevant to this role remains current.
   Maintain strict confidentiality regarding any information regarding client/patient, personal staff information, human
    resource and financial information and information of strategic importance to AHS and its health units.

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Explains why this position exists and adds value to AHS and its clients/patients.

Outcomes                                   Strategies
Create vision and create ownership         Contribute to the development of an inspiring, relevant vision for the
                                           SSD and influence others to share ownership of these goals in order to
                                           create an effective work environment.
                                           Provide input to strategic policy development and service improvement
Plan strategically                         Support the planning process and improves the strategic performance
                                           to ensure BSSA and the SSD moves towards their vision.
Develop people                             Develop people through empowering effective communication,
                                           motivating and creating a work environment that promotes life long
                                           learning, diversity, mutual trust and respect.
Efficient use of resources                 Ensure that resources are effectively deployed to meet organisational
                                           and client needs and maintain high quality service delivery.
Promote and achieve quality client         Develop a quality-focused SSD environment through promoting,
outcomes                                   delivery and evaluation of high quality client service, client products
                                           and service standards.
                                           Motivate and inspire team members to achieve excellence in service
                                           Ensure the maintenance of client’s rights and responsibilities including
                                           client, family, carer participation in decision making when appropriate.
Manage relationships                       Establish and maintain positive working relationships with clients,
                                           families, carers, other staff and other key stakeholders within the
                                           public and private sectors and wider community through the use of
                                           effective communication strategies.
Increase self awareness and self           Increase self awareness of own strengths and development needs and
management                                 act to improve one’s performance based on this knowledge and
                                           through life long learning.
                                           Acts with integrity by being aware of own behaviour and managing it to
                                           have the best possible impact on the behaviour of others.
Innovation                                 Foster a creative and innovative work environment across BSSA.
                                           Promote a positive and supportive training environment for
                                           radiographer staff to achieve desired outcomes.
                                           Create and maintain a diverse learning environment to enhance
                                           knowledge and skills.
Reconciliation and cultural diversity      Contributes to the improvement in health, well-being and positive
                                           participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

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Positions directly led                       Nil
Positions technically led                    Nil
Total Numbers of employees under             Nil
span of control
Approved operating Budget (current           Nil
financial year)


Lists ongoing challenges not adhoc problems
Understanding the need to remain up to date with new technologies in breast screening.
Understanding the requirements of this position in meeting AHS service objectives and broader health outcomes.
Understanding and respecting diversity in culture, gender, social backgrounds and race within the workplace and in
the broader community.
Managing remote and isolated working and living conditions.
Understanding and respecting the needs of other staff in a small team situation in rural and remote communities.

                       PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVE                              KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATOR

AHS Strategic             Ensure the implementation and application         Consistent      and     quantifiable
Priorities                 of best practice radiographic operations           radiographic imaging processes are
                           which support the strategic objectives of          applied across BSSA.
                           AHS and the health reform agenda.
Relationship               Build and maintain supportive relationships      Effective work as a member of the
management                  and work collaboratively with all staff.          multi disciplinary team and maintain
                                                                              sound relationships with all staff.

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                     PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVE                              KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATOR

Delivery of a           Operating under general policy direction          Efficient and effective contribution to a
specialised breast       and with high level of professional                high quality mobile mammography
screening service        independence, undertakes the effective and         screening service.
for rural/remote         efficient management and coordination of          Effective and efficient management of
women.                   the Mobile Unit and equipment while in the         the Mobile Unit and associated
                         field, including the supervision of support        equipment.
                         staff with minimal professional direction.
                                                                           Relevant policy and procedures
                        Provides very high practitioner standards in       developed.
                         mobile screening mammography.
                                                                           Effective interpretation of legislation,
                        Using a high level of initiative undertakes        regulations and NAS.
                         professional duties often involving complex
                         and novel situations requiring a unique and       Efficient and effective direction and
                         innovative solution.                               training of other Mobile Unit staff.
                        With professional independence, assesses,         Provision of professional advice and
                         plans and implements procedures, subject           liaison with outside agencies.
                         to established professional standards that        Meets the radiography requirements
                         may be crucial in achieving operational and        of the NAS.
                         clinical outcomes.
                        Ensures operational standards, priorities
                         and strategies meet BSA National
                         Accreditation Standards (NAS) and thereby
                         fulfilling BSSA’s objectives.
                        Contributes and participates in research as
                        Effective participation in continuous
                         professional development activities.
                        Performs or oversees quality assurance
                         procedures according to NAS.
                        Exercises professional direction over other
                         Professional Officers demanding
                         professional judgment.
                        Accepts personal responsibility for
                         complying with established ethics and
                         standards and ensures compliance when
                         adopting novel and innovative approaches
                         to assist with diagnosis.
                        Reports regularly to management about any
                         professional or technical issues that may
                         influence operational or clinical outcomes.
                        Provides professional advice and effective
                         liaison with Radiation Protection Branch,
                         service companies and local communities
                         including utilities trades’ people.

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                          PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVE                              KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATOR

Effective                    Contribute to the effective maintenance of        Participating in relevant training and
maintenance of                workplace relations within BSSA.                   development activities.
workplace relations          Participating in relevant training and            Effective participation in continuous
                               development activities.                           professional development activities.
                             Participating in relevant decision making         Participating in relevant decision
                              processes, especially with regard to the           making processes, especially with
                              radiography support services, policies and         regard to the radiography support
                              procedures.                                        services, policies and procedures.
                                                                                Participating in the attainment and
                                                                                 maintenance of a work ethos that
                                                                                 focuses on the achievement of
                                                                                 identified program outcomes.
Provide innovative           Contributes to the provision of innovative        Undertaking relevant continuous
and efficient service         and efficient approaches to BSSA service           quality improvement activities.
delivery                      development and delivery.                         Meets the requirements of the BSA
                                                                                Maintaining effective links and
                                                                                 relationships with Department of
                                                                                 Health, Central Northern Adelaide
                                                                                 health Service, other health units and
                                                                                 external organisations, as required.
The well-being of            Contributes to the well-being of people in        Participation in Counter Disaster
people in South               South Australia.                                   activities including attendance, as
Australia is being                                                               required, at training programs and
addressed                                                                        exercises to develop the necessary
                                                                                 skills required to participate in
                                                                                 responses in the event of a disaster
                                                                                 and/or major incident.
Promotion and                 Contributes to the promotion and                 Appropriate human resource systems
implementation of              implementation of the general public sector       and practices utilised.
the human                      management aims as they relate to health.        Adherence to relevant legislation.
resources aims of             Promotion and implementation of the
the Department of              general public sector management aims,
Health                         personnel management standards and
                               employee conduct standards and in
                               particular Equal Opportunity and OHS&W
                               by adhering to the provisions of relevant
                               legislative requirements.

   Accountable to the Manager Radiographic Services through the Screening Clinic Manager.
   Works closely with members of the radiography and multidisciplinary team.
   Liaise with all other staff, clients and service providers.
   Establish working relations and interact with health units within the SSD, AHS, the Department of Health and
    other government and non-government stakeholders.

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Employees responsibility under OHS&W Act
  As an employee of this organisation, the incumbent is required to follow defined OHS&W policies and
   procedures related to the work being undertaken in order to ensure own safety and that of others in the work
  Follow workplace OHS policies and procedures when performing tasks.
  Report all hazards, incidents, injuries and unsafe work practices in the workplace to the OHS&W representative
   or line manager.

Explains what matters can be acted on without referring to others

The occupant of this position is authorised within delegated authority to:
  Use prudent management to implement local and regional plans within delegated authority.
Manage the unit’s human resource, financial resources and assets.

Describes the personal attributes to successfully perform this position

Attributes                                                   Description

Adaptability                                                 Maintains effectiveness when experiencing changes in
                                                             work tasks or the work environment: adjusts effectively to
                                                             work within work structures, processes, requirements, or
Appropriate person                                           Has and maintains a personal record free of inappropriate
                                                             or criminal activity.

Energy                                                       Consistently maintains high levels of activity or
                                                             productivity, operating with vigour, effectiveness and
                                                             determination over extended periods of time.
Stress tolerance                                             Maintains stable performance handling work place
                                                             pressure in a manner which is acceptable to others and
                                                             the organization.
Fitness for work                                             Maintains a level of physical and psychological fitness
                                                             appropriate to this role.

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 Some out-of-hours work will be required.
 A current unencumbered driver's licence is essential.
 Extensive intrastate travel is required by government vehicle, small aircraft, bus, ferry or train.
 The incumbent will be required to reside in local accommodation whilst on location in rural, remote or metropolitan
 areas of South Australia. This may include, but is not limited to hotel, motel, caravan, cabin or bed and breakfast
 Local operations will require that employees need to take most of their recreation leave during the mid year mobile
 service break in June and July and the Christmas service break in December and January.
 The incumbent will be required to enter into an annual performance agreement for the achievement of BSSA
 The incumbent will participate in special projects as required.
 The incumbent may be required to work in any of the fixed, mobile or assessment services associated with BSSA.
 The incumbent will be employed through BSSA on behalf of AHS and may be required to work at any site across the
 A willingness to undertake training relevant to the position.
 A willingness to support the transition to digital mammography and work in a digital environment.
 Must be eligible to hold a current licence under the SA Radiation Protection and Control Act, 1982 to operate ionizing
 radiation apparatus.

This section outlines the performance criteria (behavioural and professional/technical) that enables the successful
performance of the duties of this position and reflects a commitment to AHS core values and capabilities.

 These capabilities and associated behavioural characteristics are essential in fulfilling the requirements
 of this position.
 Capabilities                Behavioural Characteristics
 Results focus               Has clear goals and expectations in accordance with organisational directions and
                             achieves performance objectives.
                             Reviews performance, maintains alignment with organisational priorities.
                             Problem solves effectively by gathering and analysing appropriate information and
                             assisting in achieving satisfactory solutions.
 Professional                An effective role model, demonstrating integrity, ethical standards, and work
 accountability              performance that is consistently of the highest standard.
                             Accepts professional and personal accountability for own actions and behaviour, and
                             how this impacts on others.
                             Actions and decisions are transparent and consistent.
                             Uses organisational resources effectively and efficiently.
                             Aware of impact of self on others, manages own emotions and assists others to do
                             the same, especially in times of change.
                             Displays personal energy and enthusiasm and maintains a positive outlook even
                             when faced with difficult situations or environments.
                             Consistently demonstrates a ‘can-do’ attitude.

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Communication and      Presents information both verbally and in writing in a clear and professional manner.
interpersonal          Persuades others and sells the benefits of ideas and projects by effectively
relationship           overcoming objections and influencing at the appropriate level.
                       Understand different roles and perspectives within the organisation.
                       Respects people, understanding cultural difference, is sensitive and values
                       differences and builds a positive relationship with all stakeholders.
                       Resolves interpersonal differences constructively and professionally to ensure no
                       adverse consequences to the quality of internal and external client service or the
                       working relationship.
                       Builds effective relationships with other employees.
Client service focus   Utilises effective questioning skills and a consultative approach to accurately
                       interpret the needs of clients (internal and external to the organisation) and
                       demonstrates effective problem solving skills to provide a flexible service that meets
                       these needs.
                       Understanding client requirements and delivers services at a high standard in a
                       responsive and timely manner.
                       Demonstrates empathy and understanding of clients from diverse cultural, ethnic and
                       social backgrounds and those with special needs.
Team focus             Becomes part of, and promotes a team environment by showing respect, and
                       acknowledging and validating other team members.
                       Enhances team’s effectiveness by taking ownership of team issues and goals.
                       Actively builds trust, rapport and motivates team members to achieve goals.
                       Contributes and shares knowledge and skills with others.
Continuous             Consistently demonstrates best practice and a commitment to quality standards,
improvement            proactively identifying needs for improvement and showing initiative in meeting these
                       improvement needs.
                       Defines standards and values and embeds continuous improvement into areas of
                       Seeks feedback and acts on opportunities for continuous personal and professional

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PROFESSIONAL/TECHNICAL CAPABILITIES Qualifications, Experience, Skills and Knowledge required to fulfil the
requirements of this position
Essential Qualifications:
A Statement of Accreditation in Diagnostic Radiography from the Australian Institute of Radiography (AIR), or its
recognised equivalent.
Desirable Qualifications:
Eligibility for Certificate of Clinical Proficiency in Mammography from the AIR.
Post graduate qualification in Medical Radiation.

 Highly developed interpersonal and oral communication skills.
 Proven ability to be sympathetic yet decisive, with sensitivity to the special requirements/issues in screening
    programs and in the diagnosis and management of benign and malignant breast conditions.
 Proven ability to manage and organise workloads and priorities, and to meet agreed deadlines.
 Proven ability to troubleshoot complex technical or operational problems.
 Demonstrated ability to exercise tact and consistency in dealing with issues of a sensitive and confidential nature.
 Ability to interact and work in a multi-disciplinary team.
 Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
 Ability to be flexible in attaining high standards, both personally and professionally.
 Demonstrated ability to resolve, mediate and manage conflict situations.
 Demonstrated leadership skills.

 At least two years experience in mammography including mammography work-up views.
 Experience in quality assurance procedures for mammography.
 Experience in the routine operation and maintenance of mammography and image processing equipment.

 Knowledge of breast anatomy, pathology and positioning techniques.
 Knowledge of infection control procedures.
 Knowledge of Privacy and Confidentiality requirements.
 Knowledge of a breast cancer screening program.

  Experience working in a mobile breast screening unit.
  Supervisory experience in a human or health care environment.
  Knowledge of BSA NAS.
  Knowledge of new and emerging breast imaging technologies.
Approved by
General Manager               Lou Williamson                                                  3 June 2008

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Agreed by
Position Incumbent

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