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					Safe and effective for:
 • Smooth muscle spasms     • Dysmenorrhea
 • Striated muscle spasms   • Renal & biliary colic
 • Spastic colitis          • Bronchial spasms
Sp as c u p re e l

Pharmacological aspects                                                                 Pharmacological description
Spasmodic conditions are commonly experienced by many patients. A spasm                 Spascupreel calms smooth muscle spasms including those of the stomach,
is a protective mechanism of the body in response to an injury, infection or            intestines, gall bladder, uterus, urinary tract and bronchioles
obstruction. A patient with spasms often presents to the practitioner in an acute       Spascupreel calms skeletal/striated muscle spasms including myogelosis
condition or as part of another ‘disease picture’. The injectable solution is of        Spascupreel is effective at easing pain from fibromyalgia when injected into
particular help in such clinical conditions due to its fast onset of action and the     tender points
possibility of injecting into reflex zones and acupuncture points.                      Spascupreel is effective at reducing vascular spasms associated with migraines
Spascupreel is a combination homeopathic drug that contains botanical and               and angiospasm
mineral ingredients. The main mechanism of action of the preparation is relaxation      Spascupreel is indicated for hollow organ colic
of the smooth and striated musculature, especially in spasmodic conditions.             Spascupreel is indicated for respiratory tract spasms including bronchial
                                                                                        asthma, spasmodic bronchitis and pertussis
Although the combination of ingredients is based on homeopathic efficacy, recent
                                                                                        Spascupreel is compatible with allopathic medication
in-vitro and clinical studies confirm the efficacy and low side effect profile of
Spascupreel and allude to its mechanism of action.5                                     Spascupreel is without any known side effects or known drug interactions and
                                                                                        can be used for chronic diseases

Other Heel drugs to be used in combination with Spascupreel
Condition                                         Medication                                                    Proposed Action
Biliary colic                                     Chelidonium-Homaccord and Chol-Heel                           Drainage of biliary system; Liver and gall bladder colic
Diarrhea & dysentery                              Veratrum-Homaccord                                            Regulation of intestinal osmosis
                                                                           ®                       ®
Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Gastroenteritis      Nux vomica-Homaccord , Veratrum-Homaccord and                 Bloating, additional antispasmodic, motility
Asthma                                            Engystol (Rx) **                                              Adrenergic
                                                  Traumeel (Rx) **                                              Anti-inflammatory
Spasmodic bronchitis                              Bronchalis-Heel and appropriate acute cough remedy            Antitussive
Renal colic                                       Solidago compositum, Reneel (Rx) and Berberis-Homaccord       Support of the urinary organs
Arthritis                                         Traumeel                                                      Anti-inflammatory
Arthrosis                                         Zeel                                                          Cox 1 and 2 regulation
Chronic muscle pain                               Lymphomyosot                                                  Anti-edematous
                                                  Thalamus compositum (Rx)                                      Resetting of the central pain mechanisms
                                                  Coenzyme compositum                                           Cellular energy
Dysmenorrhea                                      Gynäcoheel and Hormeel                                        Hormone regulation
Migraine                                          Psorinoheel (Rx) and Spigelon                                 Support of cerebral circulation
Vascular spasm – Reflex spasm in vertebral        Traumeel                                                      Anti-inflammatory and analgesic
syndromes, arthrosis and fibromyalgia
** Mixed and injected twice weekly for 6-10 weeks, then rest and reassess. Intravenous injections of Spascupreel may be tried with mild to moderate attacks as an
adjunct to standard medical treatment. Galium-Heel & Ignatia-Homaccord may also be administered orally.

Spascupreel as an injectable in smooth muscle spasm (Rx)
Various treatment possibilities present themselves with Spascupreel injection:
• Intravenous
    • For rapid relief from conditions such as biliary colic, abdominal colic, dysmenorrhea and migraine
    • For these conditions the effect can be augmented if a small amount is also injected into the reflex
        zones or acupuncture points on the back
• Intramuscular
• Subcutaneous
• Intradermal with the technique of biopuncture
• Injection directly into reflex zones (neural therapy)
• Acupuncture point injections (homeosiniatry)
In the last three instances it is often mixed with 1% or 2% lidocaine or procaine for a complementary effect.
Caution: Lidocaine is only mixed AFTER the intravenous bolus has been given.
Clin i c ally Tested
  Study #1 Inhibitory effect on muscarinic receptors                                    Spascupreel injection solution (Rx) is a combination formula of seven botanical
  In a recent in-vitro study done in Switzerland, the effects of Spascupreel on         substances and four mineral substances. Spascupreel injection solution is
  the M3 muscarinic receptors were studied. First results indicate an inhibitory        officially classified as a homeopathic combination remedy.1
  effect. This gives hints on how to explain the efficacy of Spascupreel in
  spasms originating from hollow organs of the gut, the bile duct, and the               Ingredient                 Pharmacological application
  ureters as well as in cases of dysmenorrhea.3                                          Aconitum napellus          Abdominal colic, sensitive to pressure; inflammation; numbness
                                                                                         Colocynthis                Cramp-like pain; muscular contractions; sharp pain in abdomen
  Study #2 Spascupreel as effective as acetylcholine antagonists
                                                                                         Gelsemium sempervirens Cramp in muscles of forearm; trembling and weakness of all
  Several clinical cohort studies compared Spascupreel with a classic
  acetylcholine antagonist. These are typically derivates of the alkaloid
  atropine (also in dilution as an ingredient of Spascupreel). These antagonists,        Veratrum album             Cramps in calves; sore, tender joints
  such as scopolamine and atropine (which are extracts from the deadly                   Ammonium bromatum          Spasmodic cough
  nightshade plant, Atropa belladonna) are of the oldest known toxins. They
                                                                                         Atropinum sulphuricum      Spasm of smooth musculature; pertussis
  are antimuscarinic tertiary or quaternary amines, which block the action
  of acetylcholine on the receptor. They are classically used to control the             Magnesia phosphorica       Muscular cramps with radiating pain; hand and arm weakness;
  secretion of saliva and gastric acid, slow gut motility and prevent vomiting.                                     fingertips numb
  They also act as powerful antispasmodics.7                                             Cuprum sulphuricum         Cramp of smooth and striated musculature; pertussis; bronchial
  Study #3 Spascupreel as effective as antimuscarinic pharmaceutical
                                                                                         Passiflora incarnata       Anti-spasmodic; restlessness
  A recent reference-controlled cohort study of 493 patients studied the effect
  of Spascupreel tablets compared to butylscopolamine bromide, a classic                 Chamomilla                 Flatulent colic; dry, tickling cough
  antimuscarinic agent, on the symptoms of pain, cramps, severity of spasms              Agaricus muscarius         Spasmodic cough
  and flatulence. Spascupreel proved to be equal in efficacy to the medical
  control product and it had a very low side effect profile.4

  Study #4 Efficacy & tolerability of Spascupreel
  In a slightly older study, Spascupreel tablets were evaluated for efficacy
  and tolerability in various spasmodic conditions in 698 patients. The overall
  therapeutic outcome was rated ‘good’ or ‘very good’ in 79% of the cases.5

  Study #5 Spascupreel as effective as antimuscarinic pharmaceuticals
  Two studies were done in children under twelve years with tablets
  and suppositories alike, comparing them to conventional antimuscarinic
  treatments, with equally good results.6, 7

  Antimuscarinics are also used to block the M3 receptor in conditions like
  bronchial asthma. Ipratropium is an example of such an agent.

            Over 40 years of therapeutic
             use and sold in more than
                   60 countries
1. Valentine BA. Muscle Structure and Function. VM 2005; 718 (Winter):1-13.
2. King MW. On the Biochemistry of Neurotransmitters.
3. Manuscript in preparation.
4. Manuscript in preparation.
5. Weiser M, Reuss V. Treating spasmodic conditions with Spascupreel. Biological Therapy 2000; 29 (1) 14-17.
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S p a s cupree l

                                                                                          Ta b l e t s • O r a l v i a l s • I n j e c t i o n s o l u t i o n ( R x )

Tablets: Each 300 mg tablet contains as active ingredients: Aconitum napellus 6X 60        Colic of the GI Organs:
mg; Ammonium bromatum 4X, Colocynthis 4X, Atropinum sulphuricum 6X, Gelsemium                              ®
                                                                                             Spascupreel in acute dosages
sempervirens 6X, Magnesia phosphorica 6X, Veratrum album 6X, 30 mg each;                                                            ®                   ®
                                                                                                Add Chelidonium-Homaccord and Chol-Heel for liver & gall bladder
Passiflora incarnata 2X, Chamomilla 3X, Agaricus muscarius 4X, Cuprum sulphuricum
6X, 15 mg each in a lactose base.                                                               Add Nux vomica-Homaccord for stomach and small intestine
                                                                                                Add Veratrum-Homaccord for intestines, diarrhea
Oral vials: Each 100 ml contains: Aconitum napellus 6X 0.2 ml; Ammonium bro-
                                                                                             Irritable	Bowel	Syndrome		
matum 4X, Colocynthis 4X, Atropinum sulphuricum 6X, Gelsemium sempervirens 6X,                                 ®                                    ®
Magnesia phosphorica 6X, Veratrum album 6X 0.1 ml each; Passiflora incarnata 2X,                Spascupreel with Nux vomica-Homaccord , Veratrum-Homaccord and
Chamomilla 3X, Agaricus muscarius 4X, Cuprum sulphuricum 6X 0.05 ml each in an                  Hepeel
isotonic sodium chloride base.                                                               Renal	Colic
                                                                                                Spascupreel in acute dosages
Injection solution (Rx): Each 1.1 ml ampule contains: Aconitum napellus 6X 2.2 μl;                                                         ®                              ®

Ammonium bromatum 4X, Colocynthis 4X, Atropinum sulphuricum 6X, Gelsemium
                                                                                                Add Solidago compositum, Reneel (Rx) and Berberis-Homaccord
sempervirens 6X, Magnesia phosphorica 6X, Veratrum album 6X 1.1 μl each; Passiflora          Dysmenorrhea
incarnata 2X, Chamomilla 3X, Agaricus muscarius 4X, Cuprum sulphuricum 6X 0.55 μl               Add Gynäcoheel and Hormeel
each in a sterile isotonic sodium chloride solution.                                                                   ®
                                                                                                Gelsemium-Homaccord may be added for rigidity of os
For the temporary relief of muscle spasms anywhere in the body including abdominal         Respiratory tract:
cramps, menstrual crampls, spasmodic cough, intestinal colic and smooth muscula-             Bronchial	asthma
ture spasms.                                                                                    (Should only be attempted by physicians with experience in the treatment
                                                                                                of asthma and as an adjunct to standard medical treatment.)
Side effects:                                                                                                  ®            ®                   ®
None known.                                                                                     Spascupreel with Engystol & Traumeel − mixed and injected.
                                                                                                Injected twice weekly for 6-10 weeks, then rest and reassess
Contraindicatons:                                                                               Intravenous injection of Spascupreel may be tried with mild to moderate
None known.                                                                                     attacks, and as adjunctive to standard medical treatment
                                                                                                                                ®                              ®
                                                                                                Oral remedies – Galium-Heel and Ignatia-Homaccord may also be
How supplied:
                                                                                                added as well.
Spascupreel Tablets: Bottle containing 100 tablets
Spascupreel Oral vials: Pack containing 10 vials of 1.1 ml.
Spascupreel Injection solution (Rx): Pack containing 10 ampules of 1.1 ml.                   Cerebral Spasm:
                                                                                                With Psorinoheel (Rx) and Spigelon
                                                                                             Peripheral	spasm:
  Why you should use/recommend Spascupreel :

                                                                                                (Reflex spasm in vertebral syndromes, arthrosis and fibromyalgia)
  •	   An	effective	antispasmodic                                                               with Traumeel
  •	   For	abdominal	cramps,	menstrual	cramps,	spasmodic	cough,		
  	    intestinal	colic	and	spasms	of	the	smooth	musculature	
  •	   No	known	side	effects	or	adverse	drug	interactions
  •	   Well	tolerated	by	patients                                                                                                                                         Heel Inc.
  •	   Compatible	with	other	pharmaceutical	spasmolytics                                                                                                         Albuquerque, NM
  •	   Safe	alternative	to	conventional	antimuscarinic	agents                                                                           Tel: 1.800.621.7644 • Fax: 1.800.217.6934

Dos a g e a n d A d ministration
The dosage schedules listed below can be used as a general guide for the administration of Spascupreel . The dosage for each patient should be
individualized according to the patient’s response to therapy. See package insert for complete dosage information.
S p a s c u p re e l Ta b l e t s :
Adults and children above 12 years: 1 tablet sublingually or dissolved completely in mouth 3 times daily or as directed by
a physician. Acute dosage: 1 tablet every 15 minutes, up to 8 doses
S p a s c u p re e l O r a l v i a l s :
Adults and children above 12 years: In general 1 vial 1-3 times daily. Unused portion of open vials should be
discarded. Not for injection.
S p a s c u p re e l I n j e c t i o n s o l u t i o n ( Rx ) :
Adults and children above 12 years: One ampule daily in acute disorders, otherwise 1 to 2 ampules 1-3 times weekly. Acute
dosage: 1 ampule daily


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