The Adventure

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					    The Adventure

By: Seth Eveland, Cole Dilley,
         Derek Lins
• Once there was a boy named Jason Bohannon.
  He had no family. He works for the Wisconsin
  Badgers as there mascot. He was having a fun
  time when he met this kid from Florida and he
  move to Wisconsin because he wanted snow
  and to try to deer hunt and he wanted to play
  hockey and have a fun time but he had to wait
  for his friend Jason to make up his mind and he
  Decided to either wait a week.
• Do you wait a week and bring a different
• Or go Camping?
• You go by yourself and when your
  driving you see a 10 point buck you try
  to swerve out of the way but you hit it
  instead it comes flying through the
  windshield of your car and the horn
  hits you in the skull and you get
  knocked out and when you wake up in
  the ambulance and you have to end
  your trip.
     He brought a friend with him. His name was
    Darren Shan and he love to write books and
    read. He also liked to fish and swim. He also
    was a friend of Seth because he had a lot of
    money. As he was 17 and he was a good
    fisherman and he had a friend. Who’s name was
    Cole Dilley. He was 18 and the best hunter ever.
    He had his own business called Gander
    Mountain. He was a millionaire. Well one day he
    invited Jason, Darren and Seth to go camping.
    So they went to Houston Texas. Lake Fort and
    Lake Line.
• Go straight to Texas.
• Or go to Seth's pro shop?
• When your going down to Texas a cop
  pulled you over and said that you were
  speeding and gave you a ticket and found
  out that you had a unpaid fine. So you go
  to jail and stay there for a year.
• You bought a whole bunch of gear from Seth's
  Pro shop like, tackle, bait and fishing poles.
  They went out to the woods. They took matches
  hatchet, tent, flaying knife, and a skinning knife
  and a gun.
• So they can flay and skin the deer so they can
  eat out in the woods. By the time they drove out
  there and it was getting dark so they set up
  camp and they went to bed and tried to figure
  out what time to get up. You and your two
  friends got up in the morning and you couldn’t
  figure out if you want to go fishing or hunting.
• We went fishing at Lake Lime. There was a nice
  easy breeze out. The sun was rising and it was
  going be a beautiful morning. We went out
  fishing on a bass tracker we unloaded the boat
  out at the dock and drove out to a looked like to
  be good spot. We casted out some Gulp worm
  bait and Cole caught a snapping turtle and it bite
  his thumb and it was bleeding severely so he
  kicked the snapping turtle in the water.
• Do you stay out there and keep fishing.
  Or go to the hospital.
• You stay out there fishing at it looks like it
  is getting infected but Cole wanted to stay
  out there but the time we got back you
  made the decision to go to the hospital
  and get his finger cut off.
• We took Cole to the hospital and got his
  finger surgery. Then we watched as an old
  man was getting a toe removed. We also
  watched a kid lose and arm and an ear.
  Then he got his finger wrapped up with a
  cloth and than a cast. We watched several
  more people lose arms legs fingers and
  some eyes.
• You decide to go to your tent and sleep for
  the night and go fishing in the afternoon
  and have another shot at bluegill fishing.
• so they asked one another do you want to
  watch this or get in the truck and go to the
  tent and crab are guns and go out Boar
  hunting or stay out at the hospital and
  watch more people get pieces of them

• Go hunting.
• Go to stay at the hospital.
• You chose to go hunting and you and your
  two friends went to ask the guy if you
  could use his box stand and he said yes
  so me and my two friends so we drove out
  there to the stand. We then loaded the
  guns and then got up into the stand and
  waited several hours by the watering hole.
  Then when it was getting to be lunch time
  a huge boar came along.
• You could let one of your friends shoot it.
• Or you could shoot it for yourself.
• You shoot it and It runs about 5 yards and
  then you go and tag it and you and your
  friends drag it back.
• Your friend shoots it and it runs a 100
  yards. And you go and help them retrieve
• You decide to stay at the guy’s house
  since you were tired from skinning the
  deer. You also thought that you didn’t feel
  like sleeping in a tent.
After that night you guys decided to
  headhome and relax for a little bit.