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AIBO lad os lege


									AIBO : lets play!
Sidsel Jensen

The talk can be found at
What’s your favorite robot?
 R2D2 & C3PO
 Kubricks HAL2000
 Replicants from Blade Runner
 Terminator
 Robocop
 Teddy from AI

   See more at:
The term robot ?
    The word 'robot' was coined by the
     Czech playwright Karel Capek
     (pronounced "chop'ek") from the Czech
     word for forced labor or serf. The use of
     the word Robot was introduced into his
     play R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal
     Robots) which opened in Prague in
     January 1921.
Laws of Robotics
      Law Zero: A robot may not injure humanity, or,
       through inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.
      Law One: A robot may not injure a human being, or,
       through inaction, allow a human being to come to
       harm, unless this would violate a higher order law.
      Law Two: A robot must obey orders given it by
       human beings, except where such orders would
       conflict with a higher order law.
      Law Three: A robot must protect its own existence
       as long as such protection does not conflict with a
       higher order law.

   - Asimov
AI Categories
   Expert and Knowledge Systems
   Natural Language Processings
   Sensory Capabilities and Digital Processing
   Robotics
   Artificial Neural Networks
   Data Mining
   Machine Learning in General

See for more info
   1992       : Apertos / Aperios (SONYs Real-Time OS born)
   ca. 1993   : SONYs Digital Creatures Laboratory start working
                 on commercial entertainment robot
   Jun 1998   : Announcement of entertainment robot architecture
   May 1999   : 1.generation AIBO (18 DOF)           : ERS-110
   Nov 1999   : relaunch of 1.generation AIBO        : ERS-111
   Oct 2000   : 2. generation AIBO (20 DOF)          : ERS-210
   Nov 2000   : Small Biped Entertainment Robot (24 DOF)

   Sep 2001   : 3. generation AIBO (15 DOF)         : ERS-311 /
                 ERS-312 LATTE & MACARON
   Nov 2001   : 4. Generation AIBO (16 DOF)         : ERS-220
   Mar 2002   : Prototype of Biped Robot (28 DOF)   : SDR-4X
AIBO family
AIBO Explorer - ERS-320
SONY Dream Robot - SDR
SDR-4X Prototype
What is AIBO ?
AIBO stands for "Artificial Intelligence RObot”
- it also means friend in Japanese

AIBO's (generation 1) exterior is designed
  by the Japanese artist Sorayama Hagime
  (also known from Playboy magazine)

AIBO was the first of its kind –
                    at least commercially
AIBO before design !
The style of Sorayama Hagime
What is AIBO ? (continued)
   AIBO is designed to interact with humans.

   ”After the Gold Rush of Internet and cyberspace, people
    will eagerly seek real objects to play with and touch. Robot
    Entertainment provides tangible physical agents and an
    undoubted sense of reality.”

   ”Robot Entertainment requires that motions and behaviors
    of a robot must be complex and unexpected so that people
    keep an interest in watching or taking care.” (1997)
    Masahiro Fujita & Koji Kageyama
AIBOs hardware
   64-bit RISC processor
   16Mb main memory & 8Mb program memory
   Aperios operating system
   Open-R architecture with learning and growth capabilities
   250 programmed movements
   180,000-pixel colour CCD camera
   stereo microphone (both ears)
   heat sensor
   infra-red range finder & spatial acceleration finder
   touch sensors (head and each leg)
   dimensions 156x266x274mm (not including tail), weight
   powered by two Lithium-ion batteries, giving a maximum
    waking time of three hours
What does AIBO ?
   AIBO goes through 5 development levels :

   -   newborn
   -   baby
   -   child 2 variants   : lazy or rumble
   -   young 3 variants   : lazy, bad or good
   -   adult 4 variants   : lazy/rumble cat or
                             lazy/rumble dog

   These levels are affected by interaction with
    AIBO and ”quality time”.
AIBOs sense of color
   AIBO can detect 5 different color intervals, and is able to
    respond in 3 different ways.

The 5 colors are :

   ORANGE      AIBO hate this color
   PINK        color of the ball – will try to kick pink stuff
   YELLOW      act the same way as pink
   BLUE        AIBOs favorite color
   GREEN       isn’t used - neutral
- propably because the football field of RoboCup is green!

   The 3 reactions are : "BALL", "FAV" og "UNFAV".
AIBOs sense of color (cont.)
AIBOs feelings
Instincts:       Emotions:

   Exercise        Joy (Happiness)
   Affection       Sadness
   Appetite        Anger
   Curiosity       Surprise
                    Disgust    /
                    Fear
Raising AIBO
   AIBOs character is affected by
    positive and negative feedback

   – it works through a reinforcement

 You can pat AIBO or
 You can punish AIBO
About RoboCup
   The Robot World Cup Initiative
    Initiative started in 1994 by Hiroaki Kitano (from
    SONY Corp) and others.

   Vision : ”By the year 2050, to develop a team of
    fully autonomous humanoid robots that can win
    against the human world soccer champions.”

   2002 is the first year with a humanoid league!
The future ?
   Introduction video of SDR-3X at

   SDR-3X has speech syntheses and
    can walk 15 meters per second! It
    has a built-in real-time balance

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