; Members of the Shared Governance Council Academic Senate--Diana
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Members of the Shared Governance Council Academic Senate--Diana


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									                    SHARED GOVERNANCE COUNCIL MEETING
                   February 26, 2003, 1:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m., Board Room
Members Present: Academic Senate – Barbara Pavão; ASSC – Terri Martin-McCaffrey and Terri Cox;
CCA/CTA – Esther Pryor; CSEA – Jo Ann Smith; Local 39 – Tom Carpenter; Management – Shirley Lewis,
J.D.; Minority Coalition – Jocelyn Mouton; Resource Persons – Willard Wright, Ed.D., Jim Bracy, Sandi Dillon,
and Dyana Fuller.

Members Absent: Superintendent-President – Paulette J. Perfumo, Ph.D.; ASSC – Joy Cadiz; Management –
Judi Bruns; Minority Coalition – Sal Alcalá; Resources Persons – Kathryn Campbell, Ed.D.

1.   Call to Order
           In the absence of President Perfumo, Jim Bracy called the meeting to order at 1:35 p.m.

     Approval of Minutes for the February 12, 2003, Meeting
         Terri Martin-McCaffrey made a motion to approve the minutes for the February 12, 2003, Shared
             Governance Council Meeting. Barbara Pavão seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

     Approval of Agenda
         Terri Martin-McCaffrey made a motion to approve the agenda. Barbara Pavão seconded the
             motion. The motion passed unanimously.

2.   Review of Board Agenda – Jim Bracy
         Jim Bracy reported that the Governing Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 5, 2003, and
            reviewed the agenda as follows:
     Consent Agenda – Action Items
         Employment – 2002-03; Gratuitous Service, Renewal of Faculty Contracts
         Warrant Listings
         Authorization to Increase General Fund Budget, Resolution No. 02/03-38
     Non-Consent Agenda Items – Action Items
         Resolution in Appreciation of Armond Phillips’ Service to the Solano Community College District,
            Resolution No. 02/03-37 – This item was pulled from the last Governing Board meeting, as Armond
            could not be present. At the March 5, 2003, meeting, Resolution No. 02/03-37 seeks approval and will
            be presented to Armond.
         Solano Community College District Advisory Committees – Jim reported that various programs in the
            vocational areas have advisory committees. The advisory committees will seek involvement from the
            Governing Board to serve on the committees. Barbara Pavão asked about the structure of the advisory
            committees. Jim indicated that the intent of the advisory committee was to have input from business
            and industry related to making sure that Solano’s vocational programs are in-line with business and
            industry expectations.
         Proposed Solano Community College Board Policy #4000 – Employment of District Personnel – Sandi
            reported that Board Policy #4000 was reviewed at Shared Governance. Policy and Procedures 4000
            went to the Governing Board at the February 14, 2003, meeting for information and is on the March 5, 2003,
            agenda for approval.
         Solano Community College Workability III Program Fiscal Year 2003-04 – The Workability Grant
            was reviewed and approved by FABPAC (Financial and Budget Planning Advisory Council) and now
            seeks approval from the Governing Board.
     Information Items – No Action Required
         Learning Communities – Diane White, of the Learning Communities, will make a presentation.
         Proposed Resolution in Support of Government Code Section 20904, Designated Period for Two Years
            Additional Service Credit for PERS Members Eligible to Retire – Sandi reported that this item requires
            information at this Board meeting. Subsequent to action at the March 19, 2003, Board meeting, the
            resolution will then be forwarded to the County Superintendent of Schools for action.
Shared Governance Council Minutes
February 26, 2003
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           Proposed Resolution of the Governing Board of the Solano County Community College District,
            Solano County and Yolo County, California, Authorizing the Issuance of Solano County Community
            College District, Solano County and Yolo County, California General Obligations Bonds, Election of
            2002, Series 2003A – Jim reported that David Cashocha, bond attorney, will make a presentation to the
            Governing Board on Measure G. Willard reported that this resolution is standard procedure when a
            bond passes.
     Closed Session
         Conference with Labor Negotiator, Agency Negotiator: Sandra Dillon, CCA/CTA/NEA, CSEA,
            Operating Engineers, Stationary Engineers, Local 39
         Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release

3.   College Area Reports:

     --Superintendent-President - Jim Bracy for Paulette J. Perfumo, Ph.D.
         Jim Bracy reported that President Perfumo has been working with the Executive Council to come up
             with recommendations, ideas, and solutions for the budget crisis. President Perfumo will be scheduling
             forums to share information and discuss budget cuts for 2003/04.

     --ASSC – Terri Martin-McCaffrey/Terri Cox/Joy Cadiz
          Terri Martin-McCaffrey reported that the spring funding calendar will take place next Tuesday (March
           4, 2003). The deadline to submit funding requests is noon on February 27, 2003. So far, ASSC has
           received $26,000 in requests, from an $11,000 budget. Examples of requests include clubs requesting
           payment to attend national tournaments, state conferences, AmeriCorps students requesting battle of the
           books program, Swing Dance Club, Disabled Students Program, etc.
          The Capitol Improvements funding requests total about $6,800.
          Funding for transportation to the state capitol for the March 17, 2003, student march was discussed.
           The fee is $5.00 per person to ride the bus. Students, as well as faculty and staff, will be allowed on the
           bus. Space is limited, so early signups are encouraged. It is hoped to obtain at least six full-size buses
           and a smaller bus to accommodate the disabled. So far, about 179 Solano Community College students
           have signed up for the march. ASSC is working closely with Assemblywoman Wolk and
           Assemblywoman Wiggins for use of a podium and microphone during the march. A sign-making
           session, for signs to be used during the march, will take place on Thursday, March 6, 2003. According
           to the pledge sheet on the CalSACC (California Student Association of Community Colleges) Web site,
           all 108 community colleges will attend the March 17, 2003, march. Jim asked if an assembly point at
           the state capitol has been arranged for Solano Community College. Esther asked if the students have a
           Solano Community College banner. Kris March will loan the Solano College banner to ASSC for the
           march. Terri reported that details of the march, i.e. transportation questions, assembly points, etc. will
           be sent to the campus community via a “$all e-mail” message from Shirley Lewis.
          The Mardi Gras event will take place on Friday, March 7, 2003.
          Nominations for the unsung heroes ceremony are still being accepted.

     --Academic Affairs – Kathryn Campbell
         Excused.
     --CCA/CTA – Esther Pryor
         Esther reported that a faculty meeting would take place on March 4, 2002, regarding CTA’s viewpoint
           of the budget. This may be open to other areas of the campus pending approval.
         Esther spoke of a national program initiated by Kinko’s copying service that would give a 20%
           personal discount to educators. Willard Wright will check into the program and report back.

--CSEA – Jo Ann Smith
        Jo Ann Smith reported that the CSEA membership is very concerned about the budget cuts. It was
            suggested for CSEA members to forward all cost saving ideas to Willard Wright.

--Local 39 – Tom Carpenter
          Tom Carpenter reported that Wanda Kinney, Local 39 Business Agent, is still out on medical leave.
             The negotiation team has met with a representative from the San Francisco Office.
Shared Governance Council Minutes
February 26, 2003
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--Management – Judi Bruns/Shirley Lewis
        Shirley Lewis reported that the Educational Administrators met on February 13, 2003, focusing on the
           budget crisis, review of the Enrollment Management Group and grants. The Title 5 grant for Hispanic
           serving institutions is due on Monday, March 3, 2003. The Title III grant is due o n
           Wednesday, March 5, 2003. Notifications for the grants should take place in the summer. Jo Ann
           Smith asked how many positions are in the grants. Shirley responded that she has not worked directly
           with the grant and did not have that information. Mr. Bracy asked about the positions that will be
           funded by the workability grant. Sandi reported that the workability grant would fund two classified

     --Minority Coalition – Sal Alcalá /Jocelyn Mouton
         Jocelyn Mouton reported that the Minority Coalition has submitted information to Dr. Perfumo for a
            resolution in support of César Chávez Day.

     --Student Services – Jim Bracy
          Jim Bracy reported that the Chief of Police, Steve Dawson, conducted a Student Services In-Service
            training on how to deal with difficult people. This was part two of a three-part series. The first training
            session dealt with violence in the workplace. Mr. Bracy highly praised Chief Dawson for his
            presentation. The student services in-service calendar is established at the beginning of each year. A
            master calendar concept was discussed. It was noted that problems occurred in that past with keeping
            the calendar current.

     --Human Resources – Sandi Dillon
         Sandi Dillon reported that letters were sent out with information on two years of service credit given
           for early retirees. The declaration of interest to retire is due by March 7, 2003.

     --Academic Senate – Barbara Pavão
         Barbara Pavão reported that the Academic Senate has not met since the last Shared Governance

     --Administrative and Business Services/FABPAC – Willard Wright
         Willard Wright explained the structure of the bond. The County of Solano sells the bonds, not Solano
            Community College. After the sale of the bond, the money is put into a fund for Solano Community
            College. The county then collects property tax at $18.00 per $100,000 (as per adopted by the bond)
            and pays off the bonds. Once the money is set up in a fund, Solano Community College makes
            contracts with builders for projects outlined in the Facilities Master Plan. Invoices for payment of the
            contracts are sent to Solano County for payment. Eighty-five percent (85%) of the bond money needs
            to be spent within three years of the first bond sale. We have an option to invest the bond money once
            the bond account is established. Solano County has to follow strict guidelines when investing bond
         Jo Ann Smith asked about the purchase of the property in Vallejo. Willard responded that an appraisal
            of the property was received. A team consisting of Dr. Perfumo, an attorney and Willard are in the
            process of setting up a date to discuss the purchase of the property.
         Willard Wright distributed copies of a handout entitled, “A Comparative Analysis of Funding for K-12,
            UC, CSU and CCC’s Using Figures from The Governor’s Budget for 2003-04”. Willard explained that
            this handout is a good source when writing letters to legislators addressing the 2003/04 budget crisis.

4.   Commitment to Activities, Tasks, and Timeframes of the Task Force on Equity and Diversity – Sandi Dillon
      Sandi reported that a copy of this item was distributed before the winter break. Upon contact with the
        Chancellor’s Office, the February 28, 2003, deadline was acknowledged stating that Solano Community
        College is committed to fostering a climate of equal opportunity, educational excellence and success for all
        students, fostering a workforce that is diverse through equal employment opportunity for all, and assisting
        California in building a strong society and enabling it to become a successful multicultural democracy.
        The commitment also stated that the Staff Diversity Advisory Council would work with the Shared
        Governance Council and other organizations and constituencies in developing activities, tasks and
Shared Governance Council Minutes
February 26, 2003
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          timelines as outlined in the report. Sandi informed the Chancellor’s Office that the Title 5 regulations for
          selection procedures were revised and that Solano College will respond in a timely manner to the plans
          based upon receiving the model plan from the Chancellor’s Office. Sandi distributed copies of a response
          that Sonoma County Junior College District submitted to the Chancellor’s Office. The Staff Diversity
          Advisory Council can look at all the required tasks and make recommendations back to the Shared
          Governance Council for input. This was in agreement with the Shared Governance Council.

5.    Other – All
       No Report.

6.    “Good for the College” - All
       Terri Martin-McCaffrey reported that the budget crisis has resulted in students coming together and getting
         involved in a positive manner.
       ASSC is looking into selling SCRIP on campus. Willard Wright will check into the concepts of the
       Jo Ann Smith asked when employees are to be notified that are to be laid off. Sandi explained that after
         she receives the retiree declarations (March 7, 2003 is the deadline), then a date may be set.
       Sandi Dillon reported the issue of classified employees voluntarily reducing their workload is a collective
         bargaining item that needs to be addressed with the union.

7.    Adjournment – Jim Bracy
       The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m.


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