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									The perfect New Year – gotta wear shades

I was at the doctor this week. He says, “Joe, you should really try and be the perfect
weight.” So I looked behind him on the chart, and it turns out, I'm still within the
parameters of being the perfect weight. Apparently, I'm the wrong height.

As Christians we are within reach of the perfect new life, but some of us are just
facing the wrong direction. I remember once asking for an item in a store and the
clerk told me, “If you turn 360 degrees, it’s right in front of you.”

A short message service on line gives this terse note:
Each moment in a Day has its own Value.
Morning brings Hope.
Afternoon brings Faith.
Evening brings Love.
Night brings Rest.
I Wish You find them All Today.

What a wonderful wish for the New Year! We do not have enough hope in our lives.
What prevents us from having a New Year filled with joy? From having a positive
outlook and direction? From finding fulfilment beyond our wildest dreams?

Let me use an example. In 2009 Taylor Swift received Teen Choice Awards for
Female Artist and Music Album of the Year. Next Country Music Awards gave her
Album of the Year, Music Video of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year and
Entertainer of the Year.

“Everything that I’ve ever wanted has just happened to me,” Swift responded. New
York Times said Swift is “…one of Pop’s best song writers…more in touch with her
inner life than most adults.”

That’s where true joy lies: being in touch and at peace with the inner self, the soul.
Taylor Swift said that she never dwells on the negative things for more than five
minutes a day. “There are so many exciting things happening.” That’s an example of
living hope.

We are forever poised on the verge of becoming what God has gifted us to be. This is
truer now than it has ever been. Christ came to bring us new life! This new life is a
constant for the Christian.

Emily Dickens said, “Life is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.” The
new life of Christ offered to us can help us become blameless and pure, children of
God, shining like stars in the universe (Philippians 2:15).

May you spend the New Year in the light. Spiritually, may you be the perfect weight
and the perfect height. Put on your shades. Don’t give hopelessness even five minutes
a day, but turn 360 degrees and the positive lies before you.

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