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Killer Content Software Producing Unlimited Unique High Quality Web Content


The Killer Content Marketing System by Socrates Socratous is an amazing breakthrough program within the marketing world. This highly acclaimed marketing system has been designed to fulfill the desires of the search engines in order to bring unparalleled organic search engine rankings. The accompanying Killer Content software enables a marketer to easily moodify, spin and even schedule auto posting to blogs. Each of the 150000 plus articles are of high quality content and cover over 980 niches. This caliber and mass amount of content ensures that the marketer is not only able to create unlimited unique high quality content but can meet the standards which the search engines define as being first page rank worthy. Best of all, Killer Content is a marketing system that will endure and not become outdated or ineffective as with other marketing programs which rely on temporary loopholes or blackhat tactics.

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									The Killer Content Marketing System by Socrates Socratous has arrived within the
marketing world and is responsible for creating a marketing stampede of epic
proportions. This awesome internet marketing system not only provides over
150000 articles which address 980 different niches but it also incorporates the
Killer Content software which enables an individual to easily modify, spin and
auto post an unlimited amount of content to the web. This newly emerged
marketing system and accompanying software has been designed to cater to
the preferences of the search engines by providing mass high quality content
that is unique and niche oriented.


The beauty of the Killer Content internet marketing system is that it not only
simplifies and streamlines the tedious task of
content generation but it does so with high
quality content. In so doing, one is able to
meet the expectations programmed into the
search engine algorithms and be sure that
each article is packed with synonyms and
niche related terminology. You see, in order
to filter out spam and low quality content,
the search engines institute a search for related words and synonyms when
defining the content niche. This process is known by marketers as "latent
semantic indexing". So, for example, if one writes an article on dog training the
search engines would automatically compile a list of related words and
terminology which they would expect to see in a piece of high quality content-
such as dog breeds, training
techniques, pet care, etc. If the
search engines are able to see
many of the expected phrases
and words then the content is
deemed authoritative and given
prominence over other material
and sources. Each of the 150000
articles contained within the Killer Content are written with this fact in mind and
ensure that all the created content will be highly favored by the search engines.
Favoritism is an awesome thing when you are on the receiving end- especially
when the difference between a first page listing and second page listing is
thousands of dollars per month.

Another awesome feature of the Killer Content software is that one is able to fulfill
another desire of the search engines by not only creating massive amounts of
content but having the ability to schedule automatic posting of the content to the
web. In so doing, one can create a steady stream of new, high quality content
that is continually updated and
active. This characteristic is highly
important for achieving top rankings
with the search engines because
this level of activity testify to the
value of the web property. This
should be no surprise, as Google already incorporates social media into their
algorithm in order to help determine web property activity(bookmarking, twitter,
facebook, etc). The sole focus of Google and other competing search engines is
the ability to provide immediate answers to their users with the first served
result. If Google finds a website that hosts continually updated high quality
content that is super targeted towards a specific searched niche then it will give
that website ranking preference for all niche related terminology in an effort to
satisfy search engine users.

That is not all! Socrates Socratous integrated an amazing feature within Killer
Content that allows a user to instantly create a pdf e-book from the newly
created content. In so doing, an individual is able to obtain another form of their
content that can be submitted to document sharing sites and e-book directories.
Any person who has been within the marketing circles for some time understand
the power of link diversity. The ability to have backlinks to your web property
from multiple media venues dramatically increases the importance of your site
within the eyes of Google, Yahoo and MSN. It is this well known understanding
that has made Traffic Geyser and other such programs a highly sought resource
within the arsenal of the marketing elite.


                                    Unlike other marketing programs, Killer
                                    Content is not filled with hype and empty
                                    promises. It is a marketing system that
                                    enables anyone to generate an unlimited
                                    amount of unique high quality content from a
                                    massive foundational database of top caliber
                                    articles. Since content is the whole premise
                                    behind the existence of search engines one
can be sure that when they buy the Killer Content marketing system they are
acquiring an enduring answer for achieving top search positions without
excessive expense and investment of time. With Killer Content, there is no risk
of being subjected to outdated internet marketing tactics that fail to provide
results because this internet marketing system shares the same priority as the
search engines- CONTENT.


Thanks to the
imagination and
genius of Socrates
Socratous anyone
can successfully
enter the internet
marketing world
without the risk of
being sandboxed or
penalized by the
search engines. His marketing system caters to the desires of the search
engines and delivers unparalleled results without depending upon blackhat
tactics that jeopardize ranking and profitability. Why rely on short term
tactics and tricks when one can establish a continual flood of residual income
from every campaign they create? Streamline content creation and dramatically
slash the time spent on each campaign with the Killer Content Marketing System
by Socrates Socratous.


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