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1st 6 Weeks School Newsletter -


									                 NEWS FROM                                NORTH RIDGE
 October 2010                                                                       April Chiarelli, Principal
 Volume 1, Issue 1                                                       Deborah Coulson, Assistant Principal

                                                Principal’s Corner

                              Dear North Ridge Families,

                              Welcome back to the 2010-2011 school year! I am proud to tell you that North
                              Ridge is once again a T.E.A. Exemplary campus due to our student performance
                              on the TAKS test. We continue to have high expectations for our students, and
                              we know that true success can only be achieved when the families, school, and
                              community work together.

                              This year we are excited about our first annual Longhorn Stampede fundraiser on
                              October 15th. Last year, your participation in our fundraisers allowed us to
 Contents                     purchase document cameras for every classroom, eight SMART Technology
                              slates, and supplemental instructional materials for the classroom. This year we
 Principal’s Corner       1   need your help as we look to raise $20,000 for our campus. Please remember to
                              ask your friends and family to help sponsor our students as they walk/run to help
 Upcoming Events          1
                              the school.
 Kindergarten News        2
                              We are very lucky to have a terrific PTA here at North Ridge Elementary. Our
 First Grade News         2   Fall Festival serves as our PTA Fundraiser, and this year the PTA has already
 Second Grade News        3   given the school back $6,000. This money is being spent to provide webcams for
                              every classroom, to update the courtyards with new flowerbeds and umbrellas,
 Third Grade News         3   and on signage for our fence line. In addition to this, the PTA has donated money
                              so that we can begin to hang up student artwork around the campus. We are so
 Fourth Grade News        4
                              proud of our student artists and we are excited about the opportunity to showcase
 Fifth Grade News         4   their talent. PTA is one of our campus's biggest supporters, please remember that
                              our goal this year is to have 100% PTA participation, if you haven't signed up,
 Mrs. Muirheid            5
                              there is still time. Every class that reaches 100% will receive an ice cream in the
 Nurse Ross               6   lunchroom.
 Coach Sampson            6   As you know, one of our top priorities at North Ridge is always the safety of our
 PTA News             7-11    campus. Please help with our drop off and dismissal procedures by dropping off
                              your child in the lane that is closest to the curb only. We always welcome you to
     Upcoming                 park and walk your child into school or pick them up, but recently we have had a
                              few instances where a second lane has been created. This is an unsafe situation
      Events                  for students as they have to run in between cars in order to get to the school or to
                              their car. Please also remember to pull all the way up when you are loading or
10/8    Student Holiday       unloading by the curb. WE will send your student to you, and pulling all the way
10/11   Student Holiday       up will allow us to move the line through more quickly. Also, please remember
10/12   Picture Day           not to leave your car unattended in the pick-up and drop off lane. Please stay in
10/15   Longhorn              your car and your child will be brought to you. If your child is walking to the middle
        Stampede              school after school gets out, please make sure you have a plan for what to do
10/18-23 – Book Fair          when they get over there. We want to ensure that our students are waiting in an
11/6    Fall Festival         appropriate place as they wait for their older siblings or family members.
        1-4 p.m.
11/12 End of 2nd Six          As always, we appreciate your help and support!
11/19 – Spirit Day/           April Chiarelli
        Report Card Day
                                 Grade Level News
                              Grade Level News

                            Kindergarten News

                            We have been off to a great learning start in Kindergarten! It
                            seems that the first six weeks has flown by, and we are so proud
                            of everything that our Kindergarteners are learning. This six
                            weeks we have been learning all the alphabet letters through
                            our Letter Experts Homework. Thank you to all of the parents
                            who have helped their children with this important homework
                            assignment. If your child has not been an expert yet, don’t
                            worry their time is coming soon! We have also been working on
                            concepts of print and what to do with a book. Thanks to all of
                            our parents for making our Love Me, Read to Me program so
                            successful. Please continue to read these books each night and
                            write the title on the book log in the blue folder. In Language
                            Arts, we have had week long studies over the letters Mm and
                            Aa. Each week we will focus on a new letter in depth. In Math,
                            we have been working on Classroom Routines, like calendar
                            and taking attendance. We have also started our study of
                            numbers and counting. Our units of study that we have
                            completed this six weeks were, School Community and School
                            Rules, All About Me and My Name, The Five Senses, and
                            Apples/Johnny Appleseed.

                            Thanks so much for your continued help and support!

First Grade is Fast and Furious!

Welcome to first grade! We’re busy you see
Working, learning, and growing we’ll be!
We studied about colors, community, and our school
Our five senses were O so cool!
Don’t forget bears, we had a parade
And even a picnic in the shade.
We are now on to pancakes and all about matter
Later this week we are going to mix batter!
Solids, Liquids and Gas we learn to sort,
Flipping pancakes can be a new sport.
Next week map skills and even a hike
Camping is a week we all really like!
The teachers are tired, but have had lots of fun
The kids keep us busy so we can learn a ton.
                                            Second Grade News
Dear Parents,

In the PTA newsletter, our team likes to include suggestions for enhancing our curriculum at home. We hope you enjoy

To promote writing, have your child write a short note to a faraway friend or relative on the back of his/her schoolwork.
This will reinforce skills used at school and enable your child to be proud of his/her work. Or, your child could create a
book about his/her life. Have them make pictures of important events and write a sentence about each.

Reading aloud is one of the best ways to create a love for reading in your children. Children love to listen to stories.
Reading aloud expands a child’s vocabulary and is a wonderful way to share the joy of reading. Here are a few
suggestions for making the most of your reading aloud time.

           Just for fun, read a page or paragraph together.
           Part way through the story, ask your child to predict what will happen next.
           After reading the story, ask your child to think of a different way the story could end.

Children who develop a love for reading gain a lifelong desire to read and learn.

Math activities at home are endless. Have your child help you prepare a recipe. Let your child measure the
ingredients. To reinforce addition and subtraction facts, roll a pair of dice and add or subtract the numbers shown. You
may also try using 3 or 4 for addition! Counting coins and telling time is crucial. We will continue to add links to our
websites to reinforce concepts.

Our campus is making great strides in all areas. Thank you for all of your support and dedication to your child. If you
ever have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We have one common goal: your child.

The Second Grade Team

                                              Third Grade News
We are off to a good start in third grade. Hopefully you and your child are acclimated to the third grade routine. The
following skills/objectives will be taught and/or reviewed the second six weeks (Oct. 4-Nov. 12)

Reading - use strategies to identify words, read for different purposes, analyze various types of texts, generate
questions and conduct research

Writing - compose meaningful texts for a variety of audiences and purposes

Math - determine value of collection of coins and bills, select addition or subtraction and use the operation to solve
problems, estimate sums and difference, be able to count money, know correct change and what bills/coins will be
needed for that change, measure to solve problems, interpret graphs

Science - Force/Motion

Social Studies - history of government, functions of a local government, and elections/voting

Virtue - empathy

Please remember to check your child’s planner for additional reminders from individual teachers. For the safety of
our children, please remember the building does not open until 7:30. Students are allowed in the classrooms at 7:50
and are tardy at 8:00. The time between 7:50 and 8:45 is crucial for students to have a more successful day.

Reminders: October 8 and 11 are student holidays
        Fourth Grade News                                Fifth Grade News

4th grade is busy, busy! We hope that you      Our Fabulous Fifth Graders have been hard
and the children are in the swing of things!   at work this first six weeks of school. We've
This last six weeks we have been reviewing     been learning about the scientific method and
place value, rounding, and addition            safety in the lab so that we can practice using
strategies in math. We have been working       that knowledge while performing our
on Daily 5 routines and looking at different   experiments with matter. Who knew that
text types. In writing the children have       mass, phase change, and density could be
been focusing on different purposes and        so much fun? The students also learned
audiences for writing, as well as learning     about the geography of the United States and
how to use plans to write. We should now       were able to put that knowledge to good use
know the four regions of Texas and facts       while creating their own continents. From
related to them. In science, it’s all about    there we began our study of the Native
matter!                                        Americans and their cultural regions, learning
                                               that they were very wise with the use of their
This next six weeks we will be busy            natural resources. We have explored the
focusing on some geometry and set a            New World with the explorers and are now
foundation for understanding multiplication    beginning to settle into our lessons about the
in math. We will continue with our Daily 5     first colonies. Students have become great
routines as our focus on nonfiction texts      mathematicians by conquering place value to
and cultural history. We will be writing for   the hundred billions, comparing and ordering
the purpose to inform. In social studies we    whole numbers and decimals, rounding,
will be taking a look at the earliest Texans   estimating, and perfecting addition and
and those who followed behind them. In         subtraction of whole numbers and decimals.
science we will be studying force, motion,     Parents beware; we are now entering the
and energy. Sounds like we will be busy!       world of multiplication. You will want to make
                                               sure your child is consistently quick with
Parents, thank you for helping us with the     those multiplication facts. Have them check
registration part of our field trip. You       out our class websites for links to fun
helped the process go smoothly. Please be      multiplication games. Each class has been
sure to pay attention to the next due dates    reading up a storm as well. Please ask your
of field trip payments.                        child to enlighten you with fun facts about
                                               their novels. The fifth grade teachers
As always, we appreciate the help and          appreciate all of the support you give to the
support given to us and to your children!      kids and to us. We are excited about
                                               entering the 2nd six weeks of school and look
4th grade teachers                             forward to all that it may bring.
                               News Around the Building

Notes from Nurse Ross
I am in need of gently used girls and boys clothes, underwear
size 6-8 (prefer new) for girls and boys and small socks as
well. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

       News from the Gym – Coach Sampson and Coach Lebsock
    The NRE PE Department has just finished our annual Punt, Pass and Kick
    competition. The winners from each category listed below will advance to represent
    our school on October 27th at Southlake Stadium. We are very proud of not only
    these students but all the students who entered our contest. Way to go Longhorns!

    8-9 girls
    1. Annika Gorman 124’6
    2. Faith Husbenet 110’10
    3. Emily Quiros 95’7

    8-9 boys
    1. Dalton Bryant 134’6
    2. Vincent Lantroop 126’10
    3. Ethan Heinrich 117’4

    10-11 girls
    1. Jenna Jones 162’4
    2. Lindsey Holland 123’2
    3. Shea Wentz 109’11

    10-11 boys
    1. Andy Murray 215’3
    2. Bryce Chappell 200’5
    3. Noah Wheeless 197’8
                        From the Library – Mrs. Muirheid

Greetings from the Library!

Wow! We’ve been busy in book-world.

Kindergarten Longhorns have been enjoying some great books in the Longhorn Library.
We’ve learned about taking care of library books and most exciting…we are beginning to
check out off the shelves like the big kids! Ask your kindergartener about shelf markers.

First graders have been busy making movies in the library. Look for our class films with
tips to care for your library books coming soon to Mrs. Muirheid’s web page.

Second graders began the year learning how to pick a book that fits them for reading
practice. Now we are doing reader’s theater, which is a fun way to improve reading

Third, fourth and fifth graders began the year choosing good fit books. These are
books that they can use for reading practice in the classroom and at home. Plus they
have heard about the ongoing library programs: Bluebonnet Books and the BISD Battle of
the Books. You can see more information about these programs on Mrs. Muirheid’s web
page. Also, we celebrated National Talk Like a Pirate Day – AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!

     ************************************ Book Fair News! ************************************

Our Fall Book Fair is the week of October 18-23. Please consider volunteering to help set
up, run and take down the fair. This is such an exciting time for the kids and it’s fun to
celebrate the joy of a new book! All BISD approved volunteers are welcome. There will
be a sign-up sheet posted outside the library two weeks prior to the fair where you can see
when your Longhorn will be attending.

Thank you so much for your support of our Longhorn Library!

Happy Reading!
                                   PTA News

Glenda Clift – President

Welcome to what is sure to be another outstanding year at North Ridge
Elementary! Our PTA is dedicated to serving the students, families, and staff of
North Ridge. PTA sponsors many events and activities for the students and
families of NRE.

We hope that each and every one of you will join PTA this year. PTA keeps you
informed and allows you to partner with teachers, administrators and other
parents in one of the most important parts of our children’s lives...their education.
Our PTA works hard to provide improvements that our school needs. At our
recent Association Meeting, many items were approved for purchase. We will be
purchasing web cams for each classroom, umbrellas and benches for the
courtyards, frames for student artwork, a custom longhorn sign for the fence, and
other things throughout the year. Please show support by becoming a member of
your North Ridge Elementary PTA today.

Preparations are underway for our annual fall festival scheduled for Saturday,
November 6th. We need many volunteers to make this event a huge success, so
I encourage you to share your talents, your time, and your ideas with the
community at North Ridge. If you’re interested in helping, please contact Keri
Murrell at The students, staff, and volunteers
would love to see you!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me or any of the PTA Board Members if you have
any questions or concerns throughout the year. Please visit our PTA homepage
located on the NRE website for more contact and event information. I know that
the partnership between the NRE PTA, staff and families will make this school
year an amazing one for our NRE Longhorns.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your PTA President!
Keri Murrell – 2nd VP – Budget and Finance

Welcome to an exciting new year at NRE! My name is Keri Murrell and I am serving as
Budget and Finance this year for PTA. I will be overseeing our Spirit Days, Fall Festival,
and school supply orders. I look forward to working with you throughout the year.

Our first Spirit Day is Thursday, October 7th. We will continue to provide popcorn, pickles,
and sour strings for purchase. Forms will go home with your child to have filled out and
bring back for the sale. We will fill the orders during the day and deliver them to your
child’s room. Due to price increases in supplies, we have had to increase our prices to
$.75 per item this year. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Fall Festival will be held on Saturday, November 6th from 1:00-4:00 p.m. Our theme this
year is a County Fair. We will have lots of new games, prizes, food, and fun for all. Fliers
will be coming home soon with information on ticket sales, contests, silent auction
baskets, and volunteer opportunities. Mark the date on your calendar! We look forward
to seeing you at the fair.

                                    Fall Festival
                             Saturday, November 6, 2010
                                   1:00- 4:00 PM
      Games… Hayrides…Food…Contests…Prizes…Silent Auction…Teacher Auction…
Beth Martini – 3rd VP – Membership

Hello! My name is Beth Martini and I am the Membership Chair for the North Ridge
Elementary PTA Board this year. Our goal for PTA membership is 100% which is one
member per student enrolled at North Ridge. We currently have 325 members for the
2010/11 school year. Anyone can join to become a PTA member at our school; parents,
grandparents, aunts and uncles! As incentive, we are rewarding each class that
achieves 100% membership with an ice cream party. We have had two classes reach
100% membership so far. Congratulations to Mrs. Luppy and Mrs. Jackson for reaching
this goal! If you have not joined North Ridge Elementary PTA, there is still time. Please
send $6.00 in an envelope with your name, child’s name, child’s teacher, phone
number, and email address written on the front. The deadline for joining is Friday,
October 15 so don’t delay. If our school reaches 100% membership as a whole, Mrs.
Chiarelli and Mrs. Coulson have agreed to reward the students with something very fun
and very entertaining which will be announced at a later date. Thank you to all of you
who have joined so far!

     Elizabeth Dollarhide – 5th VP – Volunteers

     If you are interested in volunteering for North Ridge, please visit the BISD
     website ( and complete the volunteer application.
     Look under Quick Links on the left side of the page, click on Volunteer
     Application/Hours, and click on Volunteer Application. Enter the information
     requested on the form and hit the submit button. When the application has
     been approved an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address listed on the
     application. We are required to renew our volunteer application each year.
     So if you haven’t renewed for this year, please take the time to do this, it
     only takes a few seconds.

     Fall Festival will be November 6 from 1-4 p.m. We would not be able to
     have this FUN festival without the help of our wonderful volunteers. Notes
     should be coming home soon asking for volunteers in each of the classes.
     If you would like to help, get in touch with your child’s room parent.
Brandi Merritt – Arts in Education

Dear parents and students,

Each year the PTA has a Reflections Art contest which is open to all students. For
more information go to This year’s
Reflections theme is Together We Can!

We would love to have lots of children participate. The deadline for submissions is
Thursday, November 4th.

Any student who turns in a submission will be entered into a drawing to win movie
tickets and gift cards.

You may pick up an entry form in the school office

        Andrew Hudson – Exceptional Child/Box Tops

        The current Box Tops contest will end on October 15. The class in
        each grade level with the highest amount of box tops collected will be
        rewarded with a recess day at Adventure World Park across from the
        school. The winning classes will be announced around the first of
        November during the morning announcements.

        Good luck!

         Yearbooks go on sale October 4th thru October 29th.
                        The cost is $16.50.

This year the book will be a soft cover and pages will be in full color.

                         * IMPORTANT *

     We will not be ordering extra copies
                  this year!
                 Order forms have been sent home.

                North Ridge Middle School
                        Craft Fair
               Saturday, October 23, 2010
                 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
         Vendors are needed for this event. Please contact
             Nanette Kent at or
 if you would like
                        more information.

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