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					                                 École Westlock Elementary School

                       Issue #1                 September, 2010

             Principal’s Message                          Our Recess Before Lunch project has already started
                                                          after the successful pilot last year.        We are
                                                          experimenting with start times for each Division in an
        Welcome back everyone !! It is SO great to
                                                          effort to reduce Den congestion but so far it was
once again have our smiling students back and ready
                                                          worked out quite well!
to apply their gifts to learning for another year!
                                                                  The staff are all looking forward so much to
Judging from all the parents reactions it seems like
                                                          working with you and sharing in the enthusiasm of
they are equally happy to have another year begin.
                                                          our children‟s learning !! May we all have another
Our pursuit of ongoing improvements and striving for
                                                          safe, productive, and enjoyable year!
excellence is well underway.
        We look forward to seeing many of you at
„Meet the Creature‟ evening and at School Advisory           MEET THE CREATURE NIGHT
Council. Each one of you contributes to the success
of our school and by working together we will                     Last year‟s informal format was well
continue to find success. The positive and productive     received so will continue with the same this year. We
relationships that we enjoy with our parents is           will meet in the gym on Thursday Sept. 9 at 6:45 PM
certainly the foundation from which we grow.              to introduce all staff and then we can break out so
        Over the summer some exciting things              you can introduce yourself to your children‟s
happened at WES. The construction of Phase 1 of           classroom staff members!
our new Playground is certainly the highlight. This
has taken an incredible amount of work and diligence
for which we are truly grateful. Special thanks to the                 GRANDMA’S DEN
leadership and perseverance of Stacy Howse for
making this happen. On behalf of all the volunteers                We would like to welcome Mrs. Sharon
special thanks to Kerri and Dean Wiegand who              Cairns back to the Den this year. It will continue to be
supplied the equipment<Bobcat> and labour, without        open every day of the week! Passes will be available
which the project would not of been completed!            starting tomorrow <Thursday> for purchase. Milk
        Another highlight was all the technological       passes are $10 and Den passes are $20.
upgrades to our school! In addition to having every
classroom SMART Board equipped and the class
workstations upgraded last year we now have our
computer lab completely replaced as well as a                    Hasn’t Fox and Rocks Park
number of classroom computers. As well our school
is totally wireless which bodes well for all the                turned out just beautiful!!
advances coming in the future with learning               Obviously the summer rain has
opportunities. Please don‟t forget to use our school
website @ “”. to keep
                                                          helped promote excellent growth!!!
abreast as well!
        We are also pleased to announce that our                  COUNSELLING TEAM
VIRTUES program will continue to provide the
necessary base for all of us to appreciate each other
and be better citizens as a result. Our first virtue to           We are so pleased to announce that Mme.
work on is RESPECT and an attachment will help            Claire Vincent will be serving as our FCSS <Family
you follow along at home.                                 and Community Support Services> worker this year
                                                          in addition to her duties working on our teaching
staff. She will be joining Ms. Tanya Kemp, our                     Also – fees include basic insurance and the
School Based Counsellor, in providing all the             school agenda! We think that everyone is going to
necessary services to help students & parents have a      really like this year‟s production!
productive experience while at school. Having both                 Fees can be paid through Mrs. Kallal at our
staff members also on staff here is an added bonus for    school office. They can also be paid on an
sure! Our enrollment has necessitated some juggling       installment plan and we now accept Visa.
with staffing assignments so once times are finalized
we will forward both ladies schedules to you.                     Red Cross Ice Cream Sales
               SCHOOL ACCESS
                                                                    Mr. McDonald‟s Grade 6 Red Cross Club
                                                          sells a variety of ice cream treats every Friday. Sales
                           As with last year, during
                                                          start this Friday, September 3, 2010. Ice Cream treats
                   the day it will be possible to
                                                          can be purchased for a loonie.
                   access the school only through the
main entrance.      All other doors are operated
electronically. We are asking that all visitors to the      IN SCHOOL MENTORING PROGRAM
school during the day check-in with the front desk so
that we have knowledge of who is in the building.                  The In School Mentoring Program is, once
Our new video surveillance system is also helping out     again, looking for adult volunteers who care about
immensely in ensuring that our children / building are    children. Each child within the program is matched
well cared for.                                           with a caring adult. The pair spend one hour per
        The outside bell is starting at 8:52 AM with      week together participating in an activity of their
students in their classrooms by 8:57. Our AM              choice. If you, or anyone you know, has one hour per
announcements and O‟Canada are at that time.              week to spare, please consider spending it with a
        We REALLY appreciate the „drop area‟ in           child whose life would be enriched by having an
front of the school (yellow curb) being used just for     adult friend. Please contact Claire Vincent at 349-
that purpose <ie: not leaving unattended vehicles         3385.
there during the morning/after-school rush periods>.
Please park in the designated visitor areas or on the            BREAKFAST PROGRAM
street if you need to spend time inside the building
during peak times.                                                This very successful program will be running
                                                          again EACH morning from 8:30-8:55 AM. All food
                 School Council                           items are prepared in advance – we just need
                                                          volunteers to help serve at the two entrances. Please
        Our first school council meeting of the year      contact the school <Deb Dubrule> at 349-3385 if you
will be held Tuesday, September 28 at 7:00 p.m. in        can help out.
the W.E.S. library. A healthy school council relates
to a healthy school. Staff appreciate tremendously the           ROOTS OF EMPATHY BABY’S
parents who come to these meetings and work
together for the benefit or our children. Our school
council is definitely one of the major strengths of our            Our Roots of Empathy Program is
school!                                                   once again looking for Baby‟s to enjoy their
        In addition to expanding our Volunteer Data       first year of development with a class of Gr.
Base we will be working on Phase 2 of the                 1‟ers. The time commitment of the Mom and/or Dad
Playground Project as well as adding to Fox & Rocks       as well as the Baby is only one period <30 minutes>
Park.. Ongoing beneficial efforts will be added of        per month. The appropriate age is for the Baby to be
course!                                                   between 2 & 4 months old in October. Please contact
                                                          our FCSS coordinator, Claire Vincent @349-3385 for
             School Fees/Agendas                
      Instructional Fees – Kindergarten - $50.00
      Instructional Fees – Gr. 1-6 - $65.00
      Classroom Supply Fees – Gr. 1-3 - $25.00
        TRACKING INFORMATION                                     COMMUNICATIONS
         We really appreciate everyone‟s efforts to           Working together we can accomplish just
let their children‟s homeroom teacher know in          about anything. It is so important that our
the morning when schedules/pickup/bussing              children see the significant adults in their lives
issues are going to change that day. The use of        working together and having positive relations.
student agendas to communicate to teachers             We strongly encourage all adults <parents, staff,
plans for changes in the students schedule             & bus drivers> to make a conscious effort to treat
REALLY helps alleviate constraints in the office.      each other respectfully and maintain productive
When that is not possible and information HAS          communication channels.
to be passed along to children please please                 As a staff we commit to working
please let Diane know before 3:00 PM so that we
have a chance to get all the messages passed           together in a professional, supportive
along before dismissal. Our student numbers            and unified manner to promote a
have increased slightly once again so we have a        nurturing learning environment.
lot of „beautiful souls‟ to be responsible for!
         Ensuring student safety is, of course, of             STAFFING CHANGES
paramount concern to us. We have to know
when students are not where they are supposed to
be. A call to the school is much appreciated                   In addition to Claire Vincent assuming
should an absence not be known in advance <ie:         the FCSS duties it is our distinct pleasure to
included in the student‟s agenda>. Should a            announce that Mrs. Paddy Zadunayski is joining
student be late for school they must check in at       us as a Gr. 3 homeroom instructor and that
the office to pick up a late slip. This also ensures   Cheryl Hunter will be re-joining the SPICE team.
that our tracking system will work properly.           While Mrs. Z is new to our school she certainly
         The school office officially opens at 8       isn‟t new to teaching! She has a wealth of
AM in the morning. While many of us are here           experience with Numeracy <First Steps in Math
much earlier than that please use the available        trained> and with Balanced Literacy. She is also
voice-mail if no one picks up. Supervision starts      a trained Assessment facilitator in our division.
at 8:30AM. While we can help out with a few            Mrs. Z, her husband Conrad and family live over
kids in the foyer before then it is difficult for us   in the Hazel Bluff area.
and the kids when the „early crew‟ starts getting               We will also be able to shortly announce
too large. Thanks in advance for not sending           another addition to Division 1 Teaching Support.
your kids to school early when it is not               Needless to say you already know her and will be
necessary!                                             as happy as we are to have her back!

           SUMMER PROGRAM                                READING MOMMAS & PAPAS

       Thanks to all of you who participated in                Some of our volunteers have
the Summer Reading/Math Support Program!               „retired‟ so we are a recruitment drive
We also are so thankful to have had Mrs.Sarah          for new members!          This involves
Workman <nee-Sterling> and Arianna Sterling            listening to children read one morning per week
leading this most successful endeavour! A              for six weeks. You can chose which 6 week
record number <50+> of students were able to           block works for you with the first running Nov. –
have their learning levels maintained over the         Dec. Training will be provided. Please contact
summer in an enjoyable environment!                    Mrs. Joan Latimer @ 349-3385 or 349-5286
                                                       <home> if you are interested. Please note that a
                                                       Criminal Record Check is the only requirement
                                                       for working with the students!
            CASINO WORKERS                                       AWANA PROGRAM

        We were finally able to secure a casino            Awana Program begins next week:
license to fund the Music Therapy program and
to help upgrade the SNOZELEN room. This will                Wed – Sparks – K-Gr. 2
be the weekend of Dec. 11/12 in St. Albert. Mrs.            Thurs – Truth-in-Training – Gr. 3-6
Craig would LOVE to hear from you if                Call 780-349-4555 for more information or to
volunteering is a possibility! The number at        register.
school is 780 349-3385.
                                                           ONGOING FUNDRAISING
                                                            Please note that we are still collecting
        Westlock Playschool is still accepting      Campbell‟s soup/juice labels and Boston Pizza
registrations for the Fall 2010 session. Students   receipts <stamped by BP with their school stamp.
must be 3 by March 31, 2010 and potty trained.      These can be turned in to your homeroom
For more information please phone Jenny at 780-     teacher who will forward them to our
307-9990 or Megan at 780-349-5017.                  coordinator, Mrs. Erin Chapotelle.