US HISTORY – MS. HAFFLEY
                                  CH. 19 TEST REVIEW

Identify the following people/terms/places…
John Foster Dulles         Fidel Castro               Mao Zedong           Douglas MacArthur
George C. Marshall         Josip Broz (Tito)          Winston Churchill    HUAC
Joseph McCarthy            George Patton              Pat McCarran         Fulgencio Batista
NATO                       Marshall Plan              arms race            satellite nation
brinkmanship               iron curtain               Cold War             blacklist
Truman Doctrine            containment                domino theory
Berlin Airlift             Jiang Jieshi               Harry Truman

Define/discuss/know/explain the following:
   1.  Describe a satellite nation.
   2.  Know what Truman promised in the Truman Doctrine.
   3.  Know how the Soviet Union reacted to the Truman Doctrine
   4.  Know the impact McCarthy had on American society.
   5.  Know the immediate result of the Truman Doctrine.
   6.  The Berlin Airlift – when it began and Truman’s response to it.
   7.  Know what principle NATO was based on.
   8.  The outcome of the Korean War – both for Korea and for the US.
   9.  Know the common goal of Truman’s Federal Employee Loyalty Program and McCarthy’s
       senate hearings.
   10. Know what the major goal of U.S. policy was in terms of Latin America.
   11. Know what the Soviet Union took quick control of after WWII.
   12. Know what characterized the Cold War.
   13. Know why Truman issued the Truman Doctrine.
   14. Know why the Soviet Union tried to force the Allies abandon West Berlin.
   15. Know when and why nations joined NATO.
   16. Describe Truman’s response to the Soviet Union’s deployment of an atomic bomb.
   17. Know what Congress called for after China fell to Mao Zedong.
   18. Know the results of the federal government’s hunt for Communists.
   19. Know the events that led up to the Korean War.
   20. Know which country controlled Korea for much of the first half of the 20th century.
   21. Know how the United Nations felt in terms of protecting South Korea.
   22. Know the final resolution of the Korean War.
   23. Know when Senator Joe McCarthy’s power began to fade.
   24. Know what Eisenhower did once Fidel Castro seized American property in Cuba.

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