KENTUCKY LACROSSE ASSOCIATION
                              2011 High School Boys League Operating Procedure

1.0 Player Eligibility
1.1     A player is eligible to play if:
        1.1.1 Player is enrolled in a Division I, II, or III high school in the state of Kentucky and will be a
        member of the team of the school he attends.
        1.1.2 Player is home-schooled and is a member of a regionally designated Division II or III team.
        The regionally designated Division II/III teams are limited to the following: Lexington Lafayette–
        Lexington area, Northern Kentucky Warriors-Northern Kentucky area, Glasgow–Glasgow area,
        Greenwood–Bowling Green area.
        1.1.3 Player is enrolled in a high school that does not currently have a team and is a member of a
        regionally designated Division III team.
        1.1.4 Player is considered academically eligible to play sports under their school’s requirements.
        1.1.5 Player has not graduated from high school before the start of the lacrosse season’s first game.
        (This rules out the possibility for post-graduate players, unless player’s school has held graduation
        before state tournament).
        1.1.6 Middle school players may not play up on high school Varsity or JV teams, regardless if the
        middle school player is a part of the same school.

1.2     No senior may play on a JV team.

1.3     Any player that turns 19 prior to August 1st is not eligible to play.

1.4     Players that are cut or released are allowed to play only for a regional club team (boy’s only) on a space
available basis with pre-approval of the KLA league liaison, provided they are not cut or released for academic
or disciplinary issues.

1.5    Students will have four consecutive years or eight semesters of eligibility from their initial promotion
from the 8th grade regardless if that student does not play lacrosse during any of those years.

1.6    All Players must be members of U.S. Lacrosse through July 1 of the current year and their US
Lacrosse membership number must be provided to their team coach as well as the Boys League liaison of the

1.7     All players must have a KHSAA physical and the KLA waiver form.

1.8     KLA follows US Lacrosse guidelines to determine requirements on player participation by gender.

2.0 Team Conduct
2.1     Ejections
       2.1.1 Any player or team personnel ejected from a contest will be suspended for the next KLA
       league game that is played immediately following the occurrence. All ejections carry over to include
       seasonal playoff games. If the ejection occurs during the last game of the season, the suspension is
       carried over to the first game of the next year.
       2.1.2 All incidents of ejection must be reported by head game official to the Head of Officials and
       League Liaison within 24 hours of incident.
       2.1.3 Any player or team personnel ejected from a contest must immediately leave the field of play
       or general playing area.

2.2     Any player engaged in post-game retaliation towards another player, team or official will be suspended
for the next game.

2.3    Any player caught playing during the suspension period will result in the additional suspension of 2
games for both the player and the head coach.

2.4    Any player or coach receiving two such penalties will be suspended for the remainder of the season.

2.5     Un-sportsmanlike conduct by anyone connected with a program is the responsibility of the head
coach and extends to assistants, fans and other team personnel. The KLA Executive Committee may penalize
such conduct by players, coaches or team personnel by imposing sanctions that include, but are not limited to,
forfeiture or suspensions.

3.0 Coach Conduct
3.1     Each team must have an adult over the age of 21 and a member of U.S. Lacrosse, as the non- playing,
non-roster coach or an adult, non-playing, non-roster designated replacement (member of U.S. Lacrosse) on
the sideline for each game.

3.2      If the coach is ejected or must leave the contest for any reason, he/she must appoint another qualified
person (member of US Lacrosse) to assume the role of coach. In the absence of this condition, the team shall
forfeit the contest.

3.3    Coaches ejected from a game are subjected to the penalties specified in rule 2.

3.4     A copy of the KLA Coaching Responsibility Form must be signed by all team coaches (including
assistant coaches) and submitted to KLA league liaison before the first league game accompanied by a
properly completed team Membership Roster (which also must be posted on As necessary,
rosters may be updated during the season.

3.5      Every coaching staff must have at least one CPR certified coach or trainer on the premises during all
games and practices. All head coaches must be CPR certified and provide a copy of said certification to the
league liaison.

3.6     All coaches are encouraged to complete the comments and evaluations form no later than 24 hours
following each league game and to return to the head official.
3.7     The    home     coach    must       report game scores to the KLA HS                   Boys    Liaison    at   within 24 hours, for posting on the league website.

3.8    All coaches are responsible for having properly completed KLA documents for each player and must
have KLA documents for all players at every game. All documentation should be turned into the KLA
League Liaison by March 1st or by the first game to be refereed by BLOA officials.

3.9     Coaches will agree to follow the Code of Ethics as written in the US Lacrosse Official Rules guide.

3.10 All coaches and any team personnel working in a coaching capacity with the team must be a member
of U.S. Lacrosse.

3.11 The Head Coach must arrange to have a team representative attend a mandatory rules clinic presented
by BLOA.

3.12 Failure to submit the Coaching Responsibility Form and the Membership Roster to the webmaster
within the specified deadlines could result in disciplinary action up to and including forfeiture of games
and/or disqualifying the team for post-season play.

3.13 Failure to submit game scores to the webmaster or to post team rosters on the KLA website within
the specified deadlines could result in disciplinary action.

4.0 Decisions by Officials
4.1     The application and interpretation of the game rules shall be the sole responsibility of the officials.

4.2    Game ejections are not subject to appeal during the game. All such violations are to be reported by
head game official to the Head of Officials and League Liasion within 24 hours. These violations will be
reported to the school's athletic director or club team’s representative.

4.3      All league games must be officiated by one official with no less than one year’s experience except as
set out in A ten minute delay should occur before starting a game to allow for game additional game
officials to arrive.

4.4     All games will be officiated following the National Federation of High Schools 2011 Rule Book.
        4.4.1 Exception: Division II varsity teams and JV teams are not required to have matching helmet
        shell colors.
        4.4.2. Exception: Uniforms do not have to abide by the guidelines for trim in the NFHS rule book.

5.0 Team responsibilities
5.1     Team must be in good standing with the Kentucky Lacrosse Association with respect to any KLA
dues, assignor & officials' fees and paper work. Failure to meet these requirements will result in suspension of
game schedule until such compliance is met.

5.2     Team must attend all scheduled games and playoff games.
5.3.   Team must have a representative for the fall scheduling meeting and Mandatory Rules Interpretation

5.4    Rescheduled Games:
       5.4.1 Must notify opponent, Assignor of Officials and the League Coordinator 48 hours in advance
       of a possible cancellation or change in start times.
       5.4.2 All KLA league games must be rescheduled and played before the KLA playoffs begin.
       5.4.3 Rescheduled games must be set by the home team within 7 days from the originally scheduled
       date. If not, they shall be deemed forfeited by the home team.

5.5    Must have equipment that meets US Lacrosse requirements. Exceptions, see 4.4.

5.6    Both teams must submit a complete team roster to the official scorer before start of each KLA game.

5.7    The roster must be approved/signed by the coach to ensure that all players are eligible.

5.8    The home team is responsible for:
       5.8.1 Providing a playing field of regulation specifications and obtaining duly qualified official(s).
       This must take place through the head official assignor. Exceptions are:
     In the absence of these conditions the visiting team can cancel the game and request it
              be rescheduled at a mutually acceptable date. If no agreement can be reached the home team
              shall forfeit the game.
     If unforeseen circumstances cause there to be no officials for the game both coaches
              may agree to appoint another U.S. Lacrosse certified official to officiate the game. If      the
              coaches can not agree, defer to rule
     It must be recognized that the Association games may require considerable travel time
              to reach the game site. Reasonable consideration shall be given to a visiting team who is late
              because of travel complications.
       5.8.2 A scorer's table, chairs, official scorebook, 2 timing devices, workable horn, extra balls,
       medical kit, an official timekeeper & scorekeeper and appropriate personnel at each home game.
       5.8.3 Security at the games, as necessary.
       5.8.4 Providing the visiting team with a copy of the official score card following the game.
       5.8.5 Pay travel fees for officials as follows: $60 travel of 100 miles or more each way, $30 travel of
       50-99 miles each way.

6.0 Scheduling
6.1     KLA schedules must be completed and submitted to the Referee assignor no later than February 1st
of each season.

6.2    An official schedule will include:
       6.2.1 Date and Time
       6.2.2 Designation of home team
       6.2.3 Opponent
       6.2.4 Location (can change)
6.3      Home team coaches are to confirm game date, time and location with the visiting coaches and officials
at least 48 hours in advance of the game.

6.4     The BLOA Referee Assigning policy should be followed.

7.0 Game suspensions
7.1     Up until the scheduled start time, the home team administrator/coach shall determine if a game
should be suspended. Once the scheduled start time is reached, the game official is responsible for this

7.2      Once the officials have assumed control of the game, the following will apply if in their opinion there
are dangerous weather or field conditions:
         7.2.1 A 30-minute suspension of play. Flash or Bang rule
         7.2.2 Two suspensions are to occur before a game is to be canceled or postponed. Consideration for a third suspension is given if the visiting team has had extensive travel.

7.3    In the event a game is suspended for weather or darkness prior to the completion of the 3rd quarter, it
resumes at the exact point in the game unless both head coaches agree that the game is over. Suspended
games begin at the exact point in the game (needs to be noted in home team scorebook) as to time,
possession, score, etc. If 3rd quarter is completed, then the game is official. NOTE - officials are paid a full
game fee regardless of the amount of game that is completed. New game fees would be applicable for a
postponed game.

7.4     If the game cannot be rescheduled for any reason and the game has gone beyond the half, the team in
the lead shall be declared the winner. If the game is tied, the game will be considered a tie. If a regulation
game ends in a tie, coaches should make every effort to continue until tie is broken.

7.5      If the game cannot be rescheduled for any reason and the game has NOT gone beyond half, the game
will be listed as a Did Not Finish (DNF).

7.6     Any team personnel that did not participate due to ejection or unsportsmanlike rule (Rule 2), are not
to participate in the rescheduled game or the completion of the DNF game.

7.7    Any Playoff Game suspended for any reason will be a DNF game and will be restarted at point of
suspension when rescheduled.

8.0 Forfeiture
8.1     In the case of a team failing to appear for an officially scheduled game or failing to make contact
within 15 minutes of scheduled face off, the team failing to appear or make contact shall forfeit the contest.

8.2    Each team must have at least 10 able, properly equipped, roster players to play a game. Failing to have
this number will result in a forfeit, unless otherwise agreed to by both coaches.

8.3     Any game that is played with ineligible players will be forfeited, even if the violation is discovered after
the fact.
8.4    Games that cannot be played due to lack of officials will not be forfeited, but will be rescheduled. In
the event that the game can not be rescheduled, the game will be listed as Did Not Finish (DNF).

8.5   Should a team cancel its’ season, all of the games, whether played or not, shall be classified as

9.0 Appeals/ Grievances

9.1     All teams have a right to appeal any suspension within twenty-four hours of the incident to a member
of the KLA Executive Committee or the league liaison. Contact info is available at

9.2    Appeals or grievances regarding the League Operating Procedure or other administrative type issues
should be taken to a member of the KLA Executive Committee or the league liaison. Contact info is available

9.3    Appeals or grievances regarding the rules, officials, or the like should be taken up with the BLOA
grievance contacts (Wayne Coffey at for the Louisville area and Greg Schuler at for the Lexington area).

10.0 League play and Playoffs
10.1 All KLA league teams must play at least one game against all KLA league teams in their division. All
KLA teams may play each other as many times as they wish during the regular season; however, the games
played & assigned by the KLA will be the official league game and used to seed the KLA State Playoffs.
Qualifying games must be completed by Wednesday, May 11, 2011.

10.2 Should a team cease operation, then that team’s games will be considered as non-conference
games by their opponents.

10.3 For KLA State Playoffs seeding purposes, all teams qualify for their divisional playoffs if they
have played each team in their division at least once. Tied records will be broken as follows:
                    Head to head record.
                    Goals against average in the KLA league games.
                    Goals for average in the KLA league games.

10.3 The KLA Managing Board is responsible for the date, time and location of the State
Championship for each division.

10.4 Other than the State Championship games, all playoff games will be played at the highest seed,
with the hosting team responsible for any fees, but may collect a gate to offset. In the event of
inclement weather, the quarterfinals and semifinals may be played a day later.
       Division I
       Teams: Trinity, St. X, Collegiate, CAL, KCD
       Playoffs: The top 4 teams make the playoffs and are seeded according to their divisional records.
       Higher seeded team will host lower seeded team (1vs 4, 2 vs 3) between 5/16-5/18. The
       Championship game will be played on 5/20.

       Division II
       West Teams: Male, Ballard, South Oldham, Eastern, Manual, Northern KY, North Oldham
       East Teams: Lex Cath, Dunbar, Sayre, Henry Clay, Covington Catholic, Tates Creek
       Playoffs: The top six teams in each region make the playoffs. Each region is seeded according to
       their regional records during the season. Seeds 1 and 2 have a quarterfinal bye. Seed 3 will host
       seed 6, and seed 4 will host seed 5 on 5/14. The higher seeds will host the semifinals with 1
       playing the winner of 4/5 and 2 playing the winner of 3/6 on 5/16. The higher seed will host the
       regional semifinals on 5/18. The winner of the East Region playoff will play against the winner of
       the West Region playoff in the championship game on 5/20.

       Division III
       Teams: Greenwood, Lafayette, Oldham County, Glasgow, Dixie Heights, Woodford County,
       Playoffs: All teams make the playoffs. Teams will be seeded according to their divisional
       records. In the quarterfinals, the top 2 seeds will receive a bye. Seed 3 will host seed 6, and seed 4
       will host seed 5 on 5/14. The higher seeds will host the semifinals with 1 playing the winner of 4/5
       and 2 playing the winner of 3/6 on 5/17. Championship will be played on 5/21.

11.0 Kentucky Seasonal Awards
11.1   Each Division will have their own rules and guidelines for selecting players to be recognized.
             11.1.1 The Division I All-State team will consist of 3attack, 3 midfielders, 3 defenseman, 1
             long-stick midfielder, 1 goalie, and 1 faceoff specialist.

               11.1.2 Division II will consist of two all-regional teams: East and West. Each regional
               team will consist of 4 attack, 9 midfielders, 5 defensemen and 2 goalies. Only coaches
               from their respective region may vote for each regional team. These regional
               teams will meet in an all-star game at a site to be determined on 6/4. The head coach of
               each regional playoff winner will coach the respective teams. If a player is unable to play
               in the all-star game, the head coach may chose a replacement from that region.

               11.1.3 The Division III All-Divison team will consist of 3attack, 3 midfielders, 3
               defenseman, 1 long-stick midfielder, 1 goalie, and 1 faceoff specialist.

11.2 All coaches must submit divisional/regional game stats online for players to be considered for
recognition. Only divisional/regional game stats will be used for evaluation purposes.

11.3 All nominations for recognition must be received by the High School Boys liaison by May 11 th. Each
coach will be allowed to nominate an entire team. At this time, all nominations will be compiled and a ballot
will be distributed within twenty-four hours.
11.4 Each coach will vote for a respective roster. Coaches are not allowed to vote for their own player. The
voting period will end promptly at 11:59 pm on May 16th. In case of a tie vote, the players that have tied will
be sent to the coaches to break the tie. If there is still a tie, both players will be honored.
11.5 Coaches should be notified by Tuesday, May 17th of the results. Players will be recognized at the end of
each respective division’s championship game.

12.0 Association Awards
12.1 Most Valuable Player. At the conclusion of each state championship game, the head coaches of the
teams in the state championship game will select the Most Valuable Player of the Game.

13.0 All-Americans and Academic All-Americans
13.1 All-Americans and Academic All-Americans will be selected in accordance with the applicable US
Lacrosse procedures.

       WNC – 2/2/11

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