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					                       Book Review
Reviewer’s Name: Emily

Title of Book: Scribbler of Dreams

Author’s Name: Mary E. Pearson

              The book I read was Scribbler of Dreams by Mary E. Pearson. I believe this book is well
    written and I highly recommend it. If you like books that are very exciting and suspenseful, then this
    is the perfect book for you. This book is about the thin line between love and hatred. Seventeen-year-
    old Kaitlen Malone was born to hate the Crutchfields. Her father was in jail because of them. When
    she started her senior year in a new high school full of strangers, she found herself writing in her
    journal a lot about her feelings. This was the most comforting thing to her, until she met Bram. Bram
    is a lot like Kaitlen; he likes to express his feelings by drawing while she does it by writing. Just as
    they find themselves falling in love with each other, Kaitlen learns that his full name is Bram
    Crutchfield. Kaitlen tries to stop herself from loving him because he is a Crutchfield, but she can’t
    stop her feelings for him. She finds herself telling lie after lie in order to keep her identity a secret, but
    Kaitlen knows she will eventually have to tell Bram that she is a Malone. She is afraid that once she
    reveals her true identity he won’t love her anymore. Among the many problems in her life, Kaitlen is
    swept up into a web of lies, deceit, love, and hatred.
              This book is very successful within its plot. From the very beginning it keeps you on your
    tippy-toes with suspense. The author makes the rising action very clear and exciting. She makes it so
    that you want to keep reading the book and you can’t tell what is coming next. The most successful
    part of the plot, however, is the climax. Another thing that makes this book successful is the theme. I
    love how the author categorizes the theme as both love and hatred. She makes them opposite, but they
    connect in this book. This makes the book very catchy. One last thing that makes the book successful
    are the characters. The author describes them so well that you can almost picture them in your mind.
    There are many qualities in this book that make it very successful and highly recommended.
              My reaction to this book was a surprised one. One thing that surprised me about the book was
    that the only boy that Kaitlen Malone liked was a Crutchfield. Another thing that surprised me was
    that even though Kaitlen felt like she was deceiving her family she still went to see Bram, One last
    thing that surprised me about the book was that Kaitlen kept her identity a secret. I would think that
    she would want to tell him who she really was right away. That way he wouldn’t be as mad as he was
    when he found out she had been lying to him the whole time.
              I really liked this book because I thought it was really successful. It is very exciting and if
    you like those kinds of books, then this is perfect for you.