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                                        Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce
                                          One World Trade Center, Suite 370
                                             Long Beach, California 90831

                                                   Thursday, July 12, 2007

                          Presiding: Lori Lofstrom, Vice Chair of Public Policy
                                     Partner, Holmes and Lofstrom, LLP





Approval of the Consent Agenda
  1. June 2007 GAC Minutes
  2. 2007-8 Legislative Report #3

Reports from Policy Committees

Committee on Resources: Chair — Michele Grubbs
  3. Receive July Resources Recommendations, Action
  4. Infrastructure Environmental Container Fee, Information

Committee on Healthcare: Chair — Chuck Pine
  5. Update on July Healthcare Recommendations, Information

Committee on Homelessness: Chair — Mike Murray
  6. Receive information on planned July 13, 2007, 9:00am meeting at Bethune School


     7. Review of GAC Procedure for Appointment to City Commissions (Larry Rice)
     8. Briefing on the Amendment to an existing ordinance city which would increase Park &
        Recreation Facilities Fees
     9. Review of Council Operating Procedures — CLOSED EXECUTIVE SESSION



                                      Morning refreshments graciously provided by,
                            Matt Kinley, Managing Partner, Tredway, Lumsdaine and Doyle, LLP
Log on to for more information. Please contact Brandon Kline, Vice President for Public Policy at 562-983-1241
             or via email at if you have any questions regarding the agenda or the meeting time and location.

Elected Officials:

At the beginning of the Governmental Affairs Council (GAC) meeting, prior to the Council
taking up the orders of the day, the GAC Chair will designate time to hear from
governmental representatives and elected officials. No prior invitation or written notice is

Members of the Public Addressing the Council:

Members of the public have an opportunity to address the Governmental Affairs Council on
agenda items, in accord with Chamber Policy, before or during discussion or consideration of
the item, at the discretion of the GAC Chair. Individuals wishing to appear before the
Council to address an agenda item, or make public comment, must provide written notice to
the GAC Chair prior to the meeting, stating the subject and reason for the appearance.

The GAC Chair determines and announces any reasonable restrictions upon such presentations,
including the total amount of time allocated for public comment on particular issues, and/or for each
speaker. The GAC Chair decides whether to recognize individuals wishing to appear before GAC who
have not submitted advance notice prior to the meeting as required by this section and announces
that decision. Spokespersons for elected officials and governmental representatives are not subject to
this rule.

Note Well: Anyone wishing to address the Council who needs any special accommodation should
contact the Vice President for Public Policy at least 48 hours in advance of the GAC meeting so
appropriate arrangements can be made.

Government Affairs Council
Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce
One World Trade Center, Suite 206
Phone: 562-983-1241
Fax: 562-436-7099


                                                                          CHAIR’S REPORT
                                                                      Government Affairs Council
                                                                             As of July 5, 2007


  1.    LORI LOFSTROM                             12.     RONALD C. MATEAS
        2006-2007 GAC CHAIR                               Paramount Petrolium Corporation
        Holmes & Lofstrom, LLP                  
                                                  13.     MIKE MURRAY
  2.    NANCY AHLSWEDE                                    (FORMER CHAIR OF THE
        Apartment Association of California               BOARD)
        Southern Cities                                    Verizon                  

  3.    BECKY BLAIR                               14.     DAVE NEARY, PAC CHAIR †
        Blair Commercial of Long Beach                    (FORMER CHAIR OF THE                        BOARD)
                                                           WestLand Construction
  4.    BLAKE CHRISTIAN †                        
        Holthouse Carlin & Van Trigt                           15.   JACKIE NUTTING
                                                        SoCal Associated Builders &
  5.    DIANA CESEÑAS                               Contractors
        Construction Consultant Services      
                                                  16.     NANCY PFEFFER
  6.    JOHN CROCHET                                      Network Public Affairs, LLC
        BNSF Railway                              17.     CHUCK PINE                        CA Pine Insurance Services
        Pacific Merchant Shipping                 18.     LARRY RICE                              Seaside Printing Co., Inc
         Chick-Fil-A                              19.     DAN ROSENFELD †                      Long Beach Transit
        THE BOARD)                                20.     CONSTANCE TURNER
        Tredway, Lumsdaine & Doyle, LLP                   Southern California Edison                      

  11.   MARTY KURNER                              21.     ROBERT WEBB
        Office Furniture Group, Inc.                      Laserfiche                      

                                                        † = Denotes Ex-Officio/Non-Voting Member

Upon recommendation of GAC Chair Lori Lofstrom, the following
appointments are to be made to the Standing Policy Committees of the
Council for the 2007/2008 year:

Michele Grubbs, Committee Chair
Lori Lofstrom, GAC Chair
Blake Christian, Chairman-elect of the Board
LaDonna DiCamillo
Marty Kurner
Nancy Pfeffer
Larry Rice

Chuck Pine, Committee Chair
Lori Lofstrom, GAC Chair
Matt Kinley, Chairman of the Board
Byron Schweigert, Immediate-Past Chairman of the Board
Peter Mackler
Jay Davis

Mike Murray, Committee Chair
Lori Lofstrom, GAC Chair
Matt Kinley, Chairman of the Board
Becky Blair
John Howard
Marty Kurner
Larry Rice

Jackie Nutting, Chair
Lori Lofstrom, GAC Chair
Matt Kinley, Chairman of the Board
Dave Neary, PAC Chairman
Diana Cesenas

To be announced

                                    OF THE
                         One World Trade Center, Suite 206
                           Long Beach, California 90831

                                  Thursday, June 14, 2007
                    Presiding: Lori Lofstrom, Vice Chair of Public Policy
                             Partner, Holmes and Lofstrom, LLP

The Committee was called to order and roll call took place at 7:45am.

Roll was called, and quorum was established.

GAC VOTING MEMBERS PRESENT:                 Lori Lofstrom, Chair, Nancy Ahlswede,
                                            Becky Blair, Diana Cesenas, John Crochet,
                                            Charles Gale, Michele Grubbs, John Howard,
                                            Marty Kurner, Dave Neary, Nancy Pfeffer,
                                            Larry Rice, Constance Turner

CHAMBER STAFF PRESENT:                      Randy Gordon, President and CEO
                                            Brandon Kline, Vice President for Public Policy


Office of Councilmember Val Lerch                   Jerry Caligurri
Office of the City Manager                          Tom Modica

Office of Supervisor Don Knabe                      Connie Sziebl
Office of Senator Alan Lowenthal                    Cine Ivery
Office of Senator Jenny Oropeza                     Sharon Weissman
Office of Assemblywoman Laura Richardson            Henry Rogers

Chairs Report
June Chair Report Attached below.

President’s Report
June President Report Attached below.

Reports from the Offices of Elected Officials

Sharon Weissman reported on bills that Senator Oropeza is supporting, including a bill that she
authored which deals with the resale of automobiles that have been damaged by salt-water, as a
result of the hurricanes on the East coast.


Cine Ivery reported that Senator Lowenthal will be hosting a “Young Woman’s Conference” in
October for 11-12th grade adults. The Senator would appreciate businesses support. Cine also
mentioned that Senator Lowenthal had not issued a statement in support or opposition to AB
1634, as the legislation had not yet undergone Senate analysis. More than likely, Senator
Lowenthal would not comment on the bill until it makes it our of the Senate committee that it
will be assigned to.

Henry Rodgers reported on AB 1079, which pertains to crime labs; AB 1400, which pertains to
the California Higher Education community; as well as other bills that Assemblywoman
Richardson is proposing.

Connie Sziebl reported on activities from the office of Supervisor Knabe, including the
misadventures of Paris Hilton, as well as other topics that the County Board of Supervisors is
grappling with. One such issue is storm water drainage.

Tom Modica reported on legislative issues that the City Manager’s Office is tracking, including
funds for the courthouse, and Proposition 42 funds. Mr. Modica also reported that the city had
taken a position of support on AB 57, Senator Feinstein’s “Gang Bill.”

AB 1634

Mr. Gordon asked Mr. Modica if the city had taken a position on AB 1634, Mr. Modica
indicated that nearly every city in California had taken a position supporting the legislation;
however, Long Beach had not taken a position on the bill, in light of the impact on Long Beach

Jerry Caligurri reported on activities occurring in the 9th District, including pending business
developments. The Councilman has recently learned that there will be a Target, and Starbucks
established in the district soon. Mr. Caligurri also mentioned that on June 18th at 7:00pm, the
district would be screening “Happy Feet.” Mr. Caligurri closed by introducing a representative
from Paramount Petroleum.

Consent Items

Approval of April 2007 GAC Minutes
Approval of Legislative Report #2

The Minutes from the April 2007 GAC meeting were approved. The 2007-08 Legislative Report
#2 was approved with minor changes occurring in the Federal package. Ms. Pfeffer asked that
the second paragraph of the federal resolution be amended for stylistic concerns. The Resolution
was amended to reflect that the Council does not unilaterally oppose all container fees
(Gale/Kurner). Mr. Rice asked that SB 974 be pulled from the consent agenda, for the benefit of
full council discussion. Legislative Report #2 was adopted (Pfeffer/Rice).


Policy Committee Reports

Resources Committee
Resources Committee Chair Michele Grubbs reported on the Committee conference call. Cine
Ivery from Senator Lowenthal’s office stayed for the benefit of the Council deliberation on SB
974. Ms. Grubbs briefed the Council on the Committee deliberation on SB 974.

The Council took up debate on SB 974, now under consideration in the Assembly. Ms. Ivery
indicated that there were no constitutionality issues at play, in light of the fact that the container
fee is not a tax. Ms. Ivery indicated that California was the “guinea pig” for the nation, and that
other states were watching this process unfold very closely. Ms. Grubbs indicated that only the
Congress had the ability to undertake such an action. Ms. Grubbs also indicated that there were
other issues at play, such as the impact on agriculture. Ms. Ivery also indicated that the POLB
couldn’t collect CAAP funds until they cleaned up the air. She went onto say that the POLB was
now supportive of the bill, and had recently offered to testify on the bill as apart of the
deliberations underway in the Assembly. Ms. Ivery posed the question to the Council of what
the impact of the container fee would be on Long Beach business. GAC Chair Lofstrom replied
that the goods movement in Long Beach was a significant concern for the Council. The Council
decided to continue deliberations on SB 974 to the July 2007 meeting.

Committee on Healthcare
GAC Chair Lofstrom gave a brief update on the Healthcare Committee’s meeting.

Committee on Employment Legislation
No report was given to the Council.

Committee on Homelessness
No report was given to the Council.

Bill Grisolia announced that the Congressional debates were taking place this evening.

Chair Lofstrom adjourned the meeting at 9:19AM

                                     Remarks by Lori Lofstrom
                                 Government Affairs Council Chair
                         Government Affairs Council Meeting — Chair’s Report
                                            June 14, 2007

I’m pleased to announce that this meeting marks the end of another successful year of advocacy at
the Chamber, and the beginning of Matt Kinley’s year as chairman of the Board of Directors,
beginning in July. Matt would you like to say a few words? Thanks Matt, I’m looking forward to
continuing as GAC Chair and working with you in your new capacity next year.

Call for Nominations
For some of you, this may be your last GAC meeting. While we appreciate the contributions that
you have all made to our successes this year, we understand that in the age of “time poverty,” GAC
membership takes up valuable time. We definitely invite everyone to re-apply for membership on
the Government Affairs Council for 2007-08.

Agenda Change—Consent Agenda
One of the things that we focused on at our Board of directors Retreat was the need to focus our
dialogue on issues that have a local impact. Accordingly, we thought the best way to accomplish this
was to place the Legislative Reports on the consent agenda. From now on, members of the Council
will now be able to view the consent calendar prior to the meeting, and pull items off of consent that
they might need clarification on. This format will save valuable time that can be used in dealing with
issues that affect the city of Long Beach. In the future, the consent agenda will be attached
separately for your convenience.

Master 2007-2008 Advocacy Calendars
As you can see from agenda item #7, next year will be an active year for advocacy and a lucrative
year for election consultants everywhere! We will be having five elections over the next 12 months;
starting with a special election to fill the House Seat left open by LB Representative Millender-
McDonald. Also, although we’re still negotiating our meeting location next year, most of our
meetings are still going to be on the 2nd Thursday of the month; however, a few meetings here and
there are not exactly the 2nd Thursday because of the calendar (i.e.—our October meeting).

Policy Committees
I continue to be impressed with the work that is done on the committee level. This month we had the
Resources and Healthcare Committee meet to discuss important issues pending in the legislature.
The minutes are provided for your approval following the regular GAC minutes, and a copy of each
Committee’s agenda is also provided to you for your information in the attachments section of your
agenda packets. You will also hear an update from each committee chair later in the agenda (not
from Chuck, as he is in Mexico). I’m also pleased to report that the Committee on Homelessness
plans to meet in July at the Bethune School for children, which fills a crucial need in the community,
by providing education and other services to the children of the homeless. I look forward to the
Chamber doing our part to assist this group fill such an important gap in our community.

Acknowledging Representatives from the Offices of Elected Officials
In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the representatives from the offices
of elected officials for continuing to engage the business community through participating in GAC
meetings. We are greatly encouraged by your presence here—especially at this hour. I’m pleased to
have seen representation from the offices of elected officials increase over the last year. I’m also
happy to hear that the Chamber has increased our role in advocating on behalf of issues that directly
affect the Long Beach economy, such as the Enterprise Zone legislation, as well as other issues like
assembly bill 1634, which has resulted in the Chamber partnering with stakeholders such as the
Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. That concludes my report and I will ask Brandon Kline to expand
on AB 1634 before Randy delivers his report.
                                       Remarks by Randy Gordon
                         President & CEO, Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce
                         Government Affairs Council Meeting — President’s Report
                                              June 14, 2007

Thank you, Lori.

First I want to take a second to draw your attention to three things:
     The Inaugural Gala set for next week, Thursday, June 21, 2007;
     The results of the May 1st City-wide Special Municipal Election; and
     I want to share with you the results of the CalChamber legislative summit late last month.

Before I begin, I want to echo what Brandon said about the importance of AB 1634 to the Long
Beach economy. The economic impact from the exhibitor/owners alone, based on dollars spent on
hotels, restaurants and transportation is $92 million for 2006 (does not include money spent on
renting venues, i.e., San Francisco Cow Palace, Long Beach Convention Center, or expenditures on
concessions, attractions and miscellaneous expenses. Also does not include money spent by many
thousands of spectators who attend these 1,395 shows)

This year, we have decided to “go green” for our inaugural gala, and we will recognize two
organizations that have shown an extraordinary commitment to good corporate citizenship. Please
save the date, next week—Thursday, June 21st.
Also, like Chair Lofstrom, I want to recognize our new incoming-chairman Matt Kinley. He and I
have worked together in one of his many previous lives as GAC Chair, and I look forward to his year
as chair. He has solid advocacy credentials. He will be a real asset to the Chamber and to the
Government Affairs Council. Building off of the successes of Byron Schweigert will be tough.
Byron was one of the most active chairs we’ve ever had.
Next, I know we haven’t met for some time. I want to make sure that you’re all aware of the results of the May 1 st
City-wide Special Municipal Election; Last month, the Chamber completed our campaign for the Special Election;
although Ahmed Saafir wasn’t successful, we were successful in keeping Al Austin from getting elected—thus
making the Chamber a competitive force in keeping LB from being take over by labor. Also, some of you might not
have heard, Al Austin has decided to drop the lawsuit that he was pursuing, and Dee has since been sworn in. The
Chamber has since congratulated Dee Andrews in winning the Council Seat, and we have extended
an olive branch there;

The Chamber-endorsed Charter Reform measures brought mixed-results:
-Proposition A (Stronger Mayor)—Passes
-Propositions B & C (Commission Decided Pay Raise, Eased Term Limits)—Fail
-Proposition D -- Election Requirements—Passes
-Proposition E -- Parks in Perpetuity—Passes
-Proposition F -- Revised Duties of City Prosecutor—Passes
-Proposition G -- Deletion of Obsolete Sections—Passes
-Proposition H (Increased Oil Producer Fee For Public Safety)—Passes

Finally, the CalChamber legislative summit was held late last month…
(Be sure to highlight Matt Kinley being a finalist for the US Chamber award, and Blake being
honored as Small Business Advocate of the Year by CalChamber).

Finally, I want to remind you all about the Candidate Academy coming up - July/August. If you’re
interested, or know someone who might be, please contact Brandon. Chair Lofstrom that concludes
my report.

                                                                               Action Item
                                                                           Agenda Item #3
                                                                   Government Affairs Council
                                                                               July 12, 2007

Briefing on Resources Committee Recommendations

Presentation by

Brandon A. Kline
Vice President for Public Policy

Michele Grubbs, Chair
Resource Economics Committee
Government Affairs Council

This item contains a briefing and appropriate recommendations from the July 2007
Resources Committee.

                                                                       Information Item
                                                                          Agenda Item #4
                                                                 Government Affairs Council
                                                                             July 12, 2007

Briefing on the Infrastructure Environmental Container Fee

Presentation by

Brandon A. Kline
Vice President for Public Policy

Michele Grubbs, Chair
Resource Economics Committee
Government Affairs Council

This item contains a briefing on a potential fee assessment at the Port of Long Beach. The
so-called “Infrastructure Environmental Container Fee” is a local fee that would be assessed
by the Commissioners of the Port of Long Beach, rather than a state-mandated fee.

                                                                    Information Item
                                                                       Agenda Item #5
                                                              Government Affairs Council
                                                                          July 12, 2007

Update on Actions of the Committee on Healthcare

Presentation by

Brandon A. Kline
Vice President for Public Policy

Chuck Pine
Healthcare Reform Committee
Government Affairs Council

This item contains an update on the Healthcare Committee’s July meeting. At the July
meeting, Committee members decided to survey the membership on what sort of plan the
Chamber might support. This agenda item will clarify survey questions, timeline, and
methodology. The Council will also receive a staff update on the status of the proposed
Governor’s Townhall.

                                                                        Information Item
                                                                           Agenda Item #6
                                                                  Government Affairs Council
                                                                              July 12, 2007

Notice of Proposed Meeting of the Homelessness Committee

Presentation by

Brandon A. Kline
Vice President for Public Policy

Mike Murray
Committee to end Homelessness
Government Affairs Council

The Council will receive a briefing of the actions of the City of Long Beach’s 10-year Plan to
end Homelessness. Moreover, all members of the Council will be urged to attend the
meeting of the Chamber’s Homelessness Committee at the Bethune School of Friday, July
13, 2007 at 9:00am. This meeting will focus on the Chamber’s role in helping to address
the effects of homelessness on children. Members will meet at the Chamber’s Office at One
World Trade Center at 9:00am prior to heading to Bethune School.

                                                                Information Item
                                                                   Agenda Item #7
                                                          Government Affairs Council
                                                                      July 12, 2007

Review of GAC Procedure for Appointment to City Commissions

Presentation by

Brandon A. Kline
Vice President for Public Policy

Lori Lofstrom
Vice Chair for Public Policy
& Government Affairs Council Chair

Larry Rice
Seaside Printing

Rob Webb

This item contains a briefing

This has been an ongoing process for the last 2 months.

                                                                             Action Item
                                                                         Agenda Item #8
                                                                 Government Affairs Council
                                                                             July 12, 2007

Briefing on the Amendment to an existing ordinance city which would increase
Park & Recreation Facilities Fees.

Presentation by

Brandon A. Kline
Vice President for Public Policy


This item contains an update on the City of Long Beach proposed Park Impact Fees.


A study of the fee burden on development of all existing and proposed City fees, including
these park impact fees, was conducted by MuniFinancial in January 2007. The study
indicated that the total fees on residential development, including this increase, will not
discourage new development. This study was presented to City Council on March 20, 2007,
with the Public Safety Impact Fee, and is included here (Attachment B).

This study also compared Long Beach to Anaheim, Irvine, Los Angeles, Huntington Beach,
San Diego, and San Jose. The proposed fees only slightly change the relative position of
Long Beach to the other six cities, as being in the middle of the range when indexed to the
value of the construction. At all residential price and unit sizes in the study, Long Beach
fees are currently the third highest of the six cities surveyed.

A public outreach meeting was held on March 29, 2007, in which development impact fees,
including police and fire facilities impact fees and park impact fees, were discussed. Notice
of the recommended changes were posted and mailed to all persons of interest identified by
the City Clerk and the Planning and Building Department.

      Type of Development             Current             Proposed          Percentage
                                    Assessment           Assessment          Increase
                                     (per unit)           (per unit)
   Single family residential           $2,680               $4,221             +37%
   Multi-family residential            $2,070               $3,260             +37%
   Mobile or manufactured              $1,522               $2,397             +37%
   Loft/studio or accessory            $1,015               $1,630             +38%
   residential unit
   (such as an artist studio or
   caretaker’s unit)

                                                      Information Item
                                                         Agenda Item #9
                                                Government Affairs Council
                                                            July 12, 2007



Brandon A. Kline
Vice President for Public Policy

Lori Lofstrom
Vice Chair for Public Policy
& Government Affairs Council Chair

Staff Recommended Position

Closed Session – Munitz Conference Room

       Review of Council Operating Procedures

Open Session – Munitz Conference Room