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					IDAS – ITS Deployment Analysis

February 2004
What is IDAS?
 ITS Deployment Analysis System (IDAS)

 FHWA sponsored software program released in May 2000

 A sketch-planning tool to estimate ITS benefit and cost
  impacts, for over 60 types of ITS investments

 Assists public agencies with integrating the deployment of
  ITS into the transportation planning process

 Relies on traditional MPO travel demand model outputs to
  construct data inputs

 Runs on Windows 2000, NT, and XP operating systems
What IDAS is NOT
 Design Tool
   • IDAS is designed primarily as a planning tool

 Replacement to the Travel Demand Model
   • IDAS is intended to operate as a post-processor to the travel
     demand model

 Black Box
   • IDAS was developed in an open format that allows users to
     view and edit most all of the model defaults
   • IDAS is accompanied by an extensive User’s Manual
IDAS is a Postprocessor and Extender to the
Travel Demand Model (TDM)
                                         - Network
       - Network                         - Data
       - Data                            - Technology

                      - Mode Choice
         TDM          - Assignment      IDAS

      - Capacity Analysis       - Capacity Analysis
                                - ITS Evaluation
                                - B/C Analysis
Why was IDAS developed?
 Provide a sketch-planning analysis capability for analyzing
  alternative ITS deployment scenarios and for testing tradeoffs
  of traditional highway and transit infrastructure options

 Design a system which is consistent with the functional,
  technical, and resource requirements of state, regional, and
  local agencies

 Develop a tool which assists agencies in integrating ITS into the
  planning process

 Make IDAS compatible with current transportation planning
  models and outputs
Incorporating ITS in the Planning Process

                  ITS Strategies

 Identification   Alternatives

            Transportation Plan and TIP
IDAS Capabilities
 Comparison and screening of ITS deployment alternatives, in
  isolation or in combination with other improvements

 Estimation of impacts and traveler responses to ITS

 Estimation of life-cycle costs

 Inventory of ITS equipment, and identification of cost-sharing

 ITS deployment and operations/maintenance scheduling

 Documentation for transition into design and implementation
How IDAS Works
 Allows the user to import data from the travel demand model to
  recreate the model network within the IDAS software

 Provides the opportunity to build different alternatives by
  choosing from a menu of various types of ITS components and
  deploying them on the network

 Maintains a database of system impacts and costs related to
  each type of deployment based on national evaluations

 Performs internal network assignment and analysis to estimate
  impacts of ITS

 Reports outputs in terms of the incremental change in
  performance measures and the annual benefit/costs
IDAS Overall Structure
                               Travel Demand Model

                               Input/Output Interface

                              Alternatives Generator

             Benefits Module
                • Assignment
                • Mode choice                          Cost Module
              Speed and Volumes                    • Equipment inventory
                                                   • Capital and operations
            Performance Measures                     and maintenance
                                                     (O & M) costs
            • Travel time/mobility
            • Emissions/fuel                       • Life-cycle costs
            • Accidents
            • Travel time reliability

                       Alternatives Comparison Module
                           • Benefit/cost analysis
                           • Incremental performance impacts
                           • Sensitivity/risk analysis
Projects, Alternatives, ITS Options

Project                                                                   Project #1

                                                                   2010 Medium Growth

Alternative                             Alternative A                    Alternative B                    Alternative C

                                          No-Build                      New HOV Lane                 New Transit Line

Control        Alt. A                                    Alt. B                           Alt. C
              No ITS                                     No ITS                           No ITS

ITS           Option A-1   Option A-2       Option A-3      Option B-1       Option B-2      Option C-1       Option C-2
Options                                      Ramp
               Ramp         Incident                          Ramp          Incident           Ramp           Electronic
              Metering     Management      Metering          Metering      Management         Metering           Fare
                                               +                                                              Payment
Types of ITS Components in IDAS
     Regional            Advanced
     Multimodal          Public
     Traveler            Transportation
     Information         Systems

     Freeway             Electronic            Emergency
     Management          Toll                  Management

     Arterial            Electronic            Railroad
     Management          Fare                  Grade
                         Payment               Crossings

     Commercial    Advanced Vehicle       Supporting
     Vehicle       Control and Safety     and Generic
     Operations    Systems                Deployments
IDAS Input Data
 Analysis Network – Output from travel demand model
   • Node coordinates
   • Link characteristics
   • Turn prohibitor (optional)
   • Origin-destination (O-D) number of trips
   • Zone-to-zone travel times (optional for in-vehicle auto trips)

 Default Parameters, Impacts, and Costs – User may adjust
   • Speed-flow curves
   • Rates (emissions, fuel, safety)
   • Impacts of ITS options
   • Dollar value of benefits
   • Unit cost of equipment
Example ITS Deployment Screen
IDAS Benefits Module Outputs
 Systemwide performance measures including
   • Mobility
   • Travel time
   • Travel time reliability
   • Accidents (fatality, injury, property damage)
   • Emissions (HC, CO, NOx, PM10)
   • Fuel use
   • Agency efficiency

 Viewed by
   • Market sector (mode)
   • Facility type
   • District (user defined)
IDAS Cost Module Outputs
 Inventory of ITS equipment on the transportation network

 Opportunities for equipment and cost sharing

 IDAS default cost estimates based upon National ITS

 Costs by year - expenditure stream
   • Public and private sector costs
   • Capital and operating and maintenance (O&M) costs

 Estimate of average annual cost
Benefit/Cost Summary
IDAS ITS Library
 IDAS uses look-up
  tables for the impacts
  of each ITS component

 Data sources
   • Literature
   • Past deployments
   • Simulations
Where IDAS Has Been Used
Sample IDAS Applications
 ITS alternatives analysis for Long Range Plans: Tucson, AZ;
  and Hampton Roads, VA

 ITS Pre-deployment study: Detroit, Ann Arbor, Flint and
  Lansing, MI

 Optimal combination of ITS for corridor studies:
  Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

 Evaluation of existing ITS components: ARTIMIS in Cincinnati,
  OH region and AZTech in Phoenix, AZ

 ITS cost information for statewide ITS strategic deployment
  plans: Kansas and Missouri

 Benefits of full operational deployments: Tucson, AZ; Seattle,
  WA; and Cincinnati, OH
Sample IDAS Applications
 Major Investment Study (MIS): I-70 Corridor in Missouri and
  I-710 in Long Beach, CA

 Freight/Goods Movement Study: Seattle, WA
 Evaluation of HOV Operations: Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
 Evaluation of Ramp Meters on I-95: Dade County, FL
 Analysis tool for a Congestion Management System: Kansas
  City, MO

 Evaluation of a Temporary ITS: Reconstruction of I-496 in
  Lansing, MI

 Supporting Documentation for AQ Funding Application:
  Hampton Roads, VA
IDAS Case Studies
 Case Study 1: Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of
  Governments’ (Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region) Evaluation
  of ARTIMIS and ITS Program Plan

 Case Study 2: Michigan Department of Transportation
  Evaluation of the Temporary ITS for the Reconstruction of
  I-496 in Lansing, Michigan

 Case Study 3: Evaluation of Emissions Impacts of an Incident
  Management System in Hampton Roads, Virginia

 Case Study 4: Mid-America Regional Council’s (Kansas City)
  Enhanced Congestion Management System
Information on IDAS
 IDAS web site at
   • About IDAS
   • What’s New
   • FAQs/User Tips
   • Documentation
   • Case Studies
   • Contacts

 To acquire IDAS contact McTrans at

 For IDAS training contact NHI at

 FHWA continues funding maintenance, support and training of