HSP Eagerly Plagiarizes Shepard Fairey by xiuliliaofz


									haRvaRd satyRical PRess                                                                                issue 17 - sPRiNG 2009
HSP Eagerly Plagiarizes Shepard Fairey
Thanks to the nifty interweb site Obamicon.me, anyone can create their own iconic Shepard Fairey style Obama “Hope” poster
with snarky caption constraints that make Twitter look positively verbose. Ironically, Fairey, the man who critics claim re-invented
digital image plagiarism, now has a taste of his own topographic, four-color medicine, albeit from a somewhat flattering plethora
of online imitators. In case you were wondering, as a satirical student org, HSP is firmly protected under the “Fair Use” clause of
U.S. copyright law, freeing us to turn the modern tools of Google Image search, Photoshop, and web-based knock off software
into graphical jokes for your pleasure. Although best viewed online at harvardsp.com, where we can afford to display
in color, we nevertheless Hope you enjoy these examples, designed to test your pop cultural Nerd-cred. - The Editors

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