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         A car accident can be minor or it can be serious. There may
or may not be injuries and sometimes the person at fault doesn't even
have insurance. A car accident is a complicated process and knowing
what to do isn't always that easy to figure out. Sometimes a car
accident lawyer is necessary but knowing when to contact one can be
The first question to ask when determining if a car accident lawyer is
needed is, "have any injuries been sustained?"Â An injury may require a
lawyer because the insurance company should cover the cost of any
hospitalizations and they also may have to pay for additional
compensation. A car accident lawyer will find out how much is owed and
sue accordingly.Â
 It's important if another person was involved to find out who was at
fault. Should any injuries be sustained that person and their insurance
company owes the injured party. The at fault driver will owe
compensation based on injuries and the damage to the vehicle and any
public property that may have been damaged. A car accident lawyer will
figure out what exactly they can sue for. If the other driver was not
at fault, a car accident lawyer is still very necessary as they can
protect the person who is liable from being taken advantage of.Â
 If a minor car accident has just taken place and there are no injuries,
a car accident lawyer may still be needed. Especially if one party does
not have insurance. The lack of insurance on the part of the liable
person means they will have to pay out of pocket. Liable means at fault
or responsible. If the other driver does not have insurance and they're
not at fault, in order to receive compensation for their damages they're
going to need to fight in court. It's unknown if a court would ever
side with an uninsured driver but having a car accident lawyer is going
to be beneficial when trying.
 Car accident lawyer's are important because they provide a necessary
service. A car accident can be a scary thing. The scariest thing
about car accidents is they can take lives. In the event that someone
were to die in a car accident, it's important that the family provide
that person with a car accident lawyer posthumously. Posthumously means
after death and yes a person can still be represented even if they're not
with us. Any funds won in a lawsuit would be distributed amongst
eligible family members. Although this would not comfort those closest
to the bereaved it will provide security for those left behind.Â
 A difficult scenario for families struggling with loss is that the
bereaved may have been at fault. This is yet another case where a
lawyer is needed. A grieving family will want the lawyer to deal with
the two insurance companies and handle finding a fair expense. They
will also need a lawyer to be one hundred percent that what is said of
the bereaved is true and fair. A lawyer in this scenario is going to
take the pressure off of a struggling family, freeing them up to focus on
what is important.
 There are yet a few more cases where a car accident lawyer is
absolutely necessary. Sometimes an accident happens and only one car is
involved. For example, the roads are icy and a car goes off the road
landing into a stop sign. Now this may seem like an open and shut case,
if the driver was lucky enough to have full insurance. What of a driver
who only carries the state minimum on his car. At that point a question
begins to arise. Was this accident the fault of the driver or someone
 A lawyer may look at it another way. How long had the roads been
icy? Was it possible the town should have salted the roads in order to
avoid this driver's accident? And what of the stop sign? Is it
possible the very placement of the stop sign could have caused this
accident? It's important to look at an accident from every single angle
and a lawyer will handle this. They will examine the accident and find
the best possible way to represent their client.Â
 Having a car accident lawyer for even a minor fender bender can benefit
a person in the situation. It's important to consider the accident, the
people involved and the extent of the injuries and damages. After an
assessment has been done do seek council even if it's just to ask some
questions. Asking questions of a lawyer is normally inexpensive and
they'll be able to provide you advice on the best possible course of
action. Based on this information and any learned during a
consultation, a decision can be made on whether a car accident lawyer is
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