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									                                       Job Description

Job title:                  Deputy Head (Curriculum)

Responsible to:             The Headmistress

Objectives of the post:
     contribute to strategic planning
     support the Headmistress and Deputy Head in the management of the school
     oversee the academic and curricular life of the school
     assist in the formulation of policies and procedures for the school
     work with the SMT to initiate and manage change
     deputise for the Headmistress and Deputy Headmistress when necessary.

Key management responsibilities:

Strategic development
     work with the Headmistress in setting school targets
     be a member of the senior management team and to contribute towards the formulation
       of school policies and development
     accept corporate responsibility for decisions made and to ensure, with the Headmistress
       and Deputy Head, that decisions are implemented
     assist the Headmistress in reviewing annually the school’s development plan
     assist the Headmistress in evaluating the success of the school’s development plan
     attend governors’ sub-committee meetings where appropriate
     undertake any other duties and responsibilities which the Headmistress may reasonably

Academic leadership and curriculum planning
     keep abreast of best practice in curriculum development and teaching methods and make
      recommendations to the SMT in response to these
     be responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the school’s teaching and
      learning policy
     ensure the effective delivery of the school curriculum
     be responsible for producing the senior school timetable
     administer the system of option choices and to oversee the production of appropriate
      documentation for pupils and parents
     assist in determining the staffing requirements necessary to deliver the timetable
     work with heads of department on staff timetable allocations
       oversee the production of departmental budgets
       organise academic assessments (reports, MidYIS, ALIS)
       analyse and interpret examination and assessment results
       produce appropriate recommendations for the Headmistress
       liaise with the examination officers on the running of the external and internal
       coordinate arrangements for the processing of public examination results in August and to
        be available on results days
       record all internal and external examination results
       produce the annual GCSE and A level statistics
       deal with all post-results enquiries
       be responsible for the administration of the senior school entrance examination
       prepare all statistical returns for the DfE and ISC
       be responsible, with the Headmistress and Deputy Head, for preparing the school for

       attend all SMT, Heads of Department and staff meetings
       set the agenda for and chair Heads of Department meetings
       act as a mentor and to take part in the professional review programme as a mentee
       liaise with the Director of Staff Development on INSET requirements and formulate the
        professional review programme
       be responsible for the procedure in the recruitment of staff
       assist in the appointment of staff
       oversee the procedure for the production of schemes of work and monitoring the standard
        of working of the heads of department
       line manage a number of heads of department

Management of the day-to-day organisation of the school
     coordinate the development of the CMIS database
     liaise with the Bursar over the availability and maintenance of school accommodation

     teach an agreed number of periods a week
     attend a regular briefing meeting with the Headmistress
     take assembly on a regular basis
     support and attend concerts, plays, matches and social events involving pupils
The responsibilities of the Deputy Head (Curriculum) are wide-ranging. This job description may be
subject to review from time to time and amended, after discussion, to reflect changing

Applicable contract terms and duties
This job description is to be carried out in accordance with The Queen’s School contract of
employment within the range of duties set out in that document so far as is relevant to the
postholder’s title and salary grade.

April 2011

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