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									Volume XIX, No. 3
                          Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter for Alumnae, Parents and Friends                             Fall 2008

Mount Assisi Academy                                                                  family-friendly activities and local flavors for
                                                                                      every taste – all in historic downtown Lemont.
 Mission Statement
                                                                                      The evening was seasonably warm with
Mount Assisi Academy is a Catholic,                                                   cooling breezes as the sounds of 50’s and
  college preparatory school for                                                      60’s rock and roll, along with the smells of
 young women sponsored by the                                                         barbequed burgers and hot dogs wafted
   School Sisters of St. Francis                                                      through the crowd. It was almost like being
  of Christ the King, carrying on                                                     back in a ‘Happy Days’ time warp, with
  the ideals of their Foundress,                                                      nearly a hundred cars parked in the streets,
    Mother Margareta Pucher.                                                          hoods opened to display immaculate engines
 Mount Assisi Academy educates
  young women, in a welcoming             MAA Cruises                                 in classic, mint condition automobiles!
                                                                                      Diane Bernacki Jalloway ’76, Elena Peters
   environment, to discover their
 God-given talents and to achieve
                                           at Lemont Legends                          ’08, and Mary O’Donnell Fedor ’82, along
                                                                                      with Bill and Kathy Clinton, parents of
   their fullest potential through     Mary Beth Norton Williams ’71, MAA             Jeanine ’04 and Renee ’08; Ken Musial, dad
      challenging academics,           principal Sister Mary Francis Werner, MAA      of Kristen ’98; and Pam and Matt Dallio,
     spiritual development and         Director of Development Donna Murphy-          parents of Dana ’87 all stopped by MAA’s
 supportive co-curricular activities   Buckley, and Karen Doyle, mother of Mary       display table in Lemont’s downtown area.
  for success in lifelong learning.    ’09, along with a host of MAA alums and
                                       alumnae parents reconnected Wednesday          MAA and the Alumnae Association looks
Mount Assisi Academy encourages                                                       forward to participating in the 2009 Lemont
  its students to be leaders who       July 23 at the Lemont Legends Cruise Night.
                                                                                      Legends Cruise Night series and invites
    build community based on           The summertime weekly event sponsored by       interested alumnae to join us! Watch for
   Gospel Values, in the spirit of     the Lemont Area Chamber of Commerce            further details in the Spring 2009 issue of
St. Francis, for the common good.      features classic cars, live entertainment,     Re-Echo.

                                                                                      To insure that our
                                          2009 MAA Alumnae
      INSIDE                             DIRECTORY
                                                                                      Alumnae Directory
                                                                                      is as up-to-date as
      This issue                                                                      possible, our publisher

L From the President’s Perspective
                                               In The Works!                          Harris Connect will
                                                                                      begin contacting alumnae
                                       Mount Assisi Alumnae are scattered across      in December 2008 to verify
L Notes from the Hill                  the United States, in Canada and overseas in   that the information printed is
L Not Quite Over The Hill              Europe. Wherever their lives have led them,    accurate and complete. Harris Connect has
L New Director of Recruitment          MAA Alumnae share a common bond –              more than 45 years experience researching
                                       a sisterhood in the spirit of St. Francis of   and publishing alumnae and membership
L Eagles on FOX                        Assisi.                                        directories, and produced MAA’s 1997 and
  Good Day Chicago                                                                    2002 Alumnae Directories.
                                       Fall 2008 marks the beginning of planning
L All-Alumnae Reunion                  and production of Mount Assisi Academy’s       Please help us make this publication
L 2009 Gala Dinner Dance &             new 2009 alumnae directory, in conjunction     representative of the Mount Assisi Academy
  Hall of Fame Awards                  with Harris Connect. This new publication      community of alumnae! If you have any
L MAA Alumnae Class Notes              will include comprehensive biographical        questions regarding the 2009 MAA
                                       listings with contact information, career      Alumnae Directory, please feel free to
L In Memoriam                          overviews, and family highlights for more      contact Donna Murphy-Buckley at
L 2007-2008 Mount Assisi Academy       than 4,300 MAA graduates. Plus, a special      630-257-7844 ext. 23.
  Honor Roll of Donors                 section will provide some great memories as
                                       you read about MAA’s past and learn about
L MAA Calendar                         what’s new ‘On the Hill.’
 2                                                Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                                       Re-Echo L Fall 2008

                           From mid-August to early September,            chapter meeting involved working
                           MAA president Sister M. Ann                    on the congregation’s constitutions.
                           Barbara Plavac, along with North
                           American Provincial Superior Sister            Sister Ann Barbara and Sister
                           Patricia Kolenda was in Rome, Italy            Patricia are scheduled to return
                           at the School Sisters of St. Francis of        stateside September 8, 2008.
                           Christ the King’s Generalate for a
                                                                          Sister Ann Barbara’s column,
                           general chapter meeting.
                                                                          “From the President’s Perspective,
                           The School Sisters of St. Francis of           will resume in the 2008-2009
                           Christ the King has communities                Winter issue of Re-Echo.
      Sister               established worldwide, including
Ann Barbara Plavac         those in Europe, South America and
                           Africa. The purpose of the general
                                                                                                        WE OU!
                                           MAA Class Agent Program
       Calling All Mount Assisi Academy Alumnae!
                         We need your help to keep this organization moving forward!
              MAA Alumnae are already serving as Class Agents for their respective graduating classes,
                          but there are many more classes without agents at this time.
       MAA Class Agents serve as representatives of their respective classes and provide a link between those
     class years and the Alumnae Association. Class Agents gather and disseminate MAA and class information
            and news – both electronically via email and through one-on-one contact with fellow alumnae.
                                  Currently, the following MAA alumnae are Class Agents:
                    Megan Stroh . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Class of 2006 . . . . . . . .
                    Frances Oprondek . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Class of 2000 . . . . . . . .
                    Beth Ames Bischof. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Class of 1997 . . . . . . . .
                    Gabrielle Shemett Montenegro . . . . . . Class of 1985 . . . . . . . .
                    Janet Sherman Carpenter . . . . . . . . . . Class of 1974 . . . . . . . .
                    Sue Barna Schultz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Class of 1973 . . . . . . . .
                    Patti Tolone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Class of 1967 . . . . . . . .
                    Vicki Lee Kucera . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Class of 1965 . . . . . . . .
                    K. Tina Velcich Donahue . . . . . . . . . . . Class of 1964 . . . . . . . .
                    Lila Canning Mancini . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Class of 1963 . . . . . . . .
     If you are interested in representing your class, please contact Mary Beth Norton Williams at;
                                      Gabrielle Shemett-Montenegro at

                   Re-Echo                                                      Sr. M. Ann Barbara Plavac, SSFCR / President
                                                                                 Sr. Mary Francis Werner, SSFCR / Principal
                                                                                    Donna Murphy-Buckley / Writer – Editor
          Published by Mount Assisi Academy
         13860 Main Street / Lemont, IL 60439                                 
                     630-257-7844                                                      Printed by Performance Graphics
   Re-Echo L Fall 2008                              Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                                                    3

                  NOTES                                                 In total, over $324,000 was donated to the 2007-2008 annual
                                                                        campaign, and this amount surpasses the FY08 fundraising goal of
              FROM THE HILL –                                           $275,000. The majority of funds donated were earmarked to
                                                                        support the start-up of our Endowment Fund, with additional funds
                              “Donors don’t give to                     designated to specific areas per the donor’s wishes. Included in the
                               institutions. They invest                overall total was an amazing gift of $125,000 to the Endowment
                               in ideas and people in                   Fund by an anonymous donor.
                               whom they believe.  ”
                                                                        Thank you so much for your generous support of Mount
                                 - G.T. Smith                           Assisi Academy.
                               Last year at this time, in this space,
                                                                        Thanks to your investment, the future at Mount Assisi
                               I appealed to the alumnae of
                                                                        Academy is very bright.
                               Mount Assisi Academy to make a
                               difference by financially supporting     The theme for the 2008-2009 school year at Mount Assisi Academy is:
                               Mount Assisi’s 2007-2008 Annual
                                                                                    Believe. Achieve. Succeed.
         Donna L.              Campaign. The Mount Assisi
    Murphy-Buckley             Academy Endowment Fund was in            With your continued support, the students of Mount Assisi
        Director of            the process of being established to      Academy will achieve their dreams and succeed beyond their
       Development             provide scholarship support for          wildest expectations!
                               needy students, and 1:1 Learning         MAA’s year-end direct mail appeal will be mailed in mid-
utilizing tablet laptop computers was making its debut on the Hill.     November, requesting your annual donation for the 2008-2009
One year later I am thrilled to report that Mount Assisi Academy        school year. Also, there is an envelope for your donation attached
alumnae answered the call – along with a host of benefactors from       inside this issue of Re-Echo.
all of the school’s constituency groups!                                Remember the difference you made last year…and the year before that.
Mount Assisi alumnae donated a record $38,676 to the 2007-2008          Your generous spirit is a blessing to the MAA Community
MAA Annual Campaign which consists of several components                – which holds you close to its heart and in its prayers.
including the year-end direct mail appeal, the 2008 Gala Dinner
Dance and Hall of Fame Awards, and Memorial and Honorarium              Thank you!
gifts. (The Annual Campaign operates within the parameters of
Mount Assisi’s fiscal year – July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2008.)       Donna Murphy-Buckley
   4                                                 Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                                Re-Echo L Fall 2008

                                                                                                       Beside the addition of our new
NOT QUITE “OVER THE HILL”                                                                              director of recruitment, the Hill was
                                                                                                       hoppin’ this summer! The General
Hi Everyone!                                                                                           Office had a complete facelift and
As hard as it is to believe, it’s fall again and everything up here                                    now is bright, airy and welcoming.
‘On the Hill’ is back in full swing. After a much-deserved summer                                      Sister Ann Barbara’s office was also
break for relaxation and rejuvenation, MAA’s Alumnae Association                                       remodeled – with a new ceiling and
reconvened with a meeting during the third week of August to catch                                     lighting installed along a fresh, new
up on everything that is new at Mount Assisi Academy, as well as                                       paint job. MAA’s ongoing Science
to plan for the Second Annual MAA All-Alumnae Open House,                                              Lab Renovation Project continued
scheduled for Sunday, September 28.                                                                    with lights in the Biology Room
                                                                                Mary Beth              lowered and a fresh coast of paint
As many of our Alumnae Moms know, recruitment in the                                                   applied. Two new wireless printers
Archdiocesan Catholic schools has evolved into quite a                     Norton-Williams ’71
                                                                                                       were installed, allowing both students
sophisticated and competitive science! There is a finite number of            President MAA
                                                                           Alumnae Association         and faculty to print from any
potential students for any given Catholic high school. Combine that                                    classroom in the school. Also, several
with the economic realities of our society today, and the number of                                    technology enhancements, including
both Catholic schools and desirable public schools within the             upgrading of the school’s computer servers, were completed.
Chicago metropolitan area, and you have some tough competition!
                                                                          We are expecting a break-out crowd at the Second Annual
Mount Assisi also competes with the ‘boy’ factor and the resurgence       All-Alumnae Open House on September 28th. You should have
of coed Catholic high schools. That still surprises me because            received a postcard inviting you to this event and we look forward
studies have proven over and over again that single sex schools are       to seeing you! We’ll have pictures of the Open House in the next
much more effective in educating our daughters than coed schools.         issue of Re-Echo.
It was true back in the 1970’s and still rings true today. Think of all
the very successful alumnae from Mount Assisi Academy! Without            We hope to start a networking page for MAA alumnae for making
a doubt, ‘all girls’ is the way to go!                                    business connections. If you are involved in any type of business or
                                                                          professional venture and would like to make your services available
Mount Assisi Academy has hired a new director of recruitment to           to our alumnae, drop me an email so I can contact you as we put this
better meet the challenge of more competitive recruiting within the       together. I‘d rather throw my business to an MAA alumna than
Archdiocese of Chicago. Camille Auskalnis comes to MAA with a             someone outside the ranks… another source of opportunity to
wealth of marketing and recruiting experience, and is a welcome           network!
addition to the MAA community. Please join me in welcoming her
to the Hill. You will have an opportunity to meet Camille at many of      MAA is working in conjunction with Harris Direct to produce a new
the upcoming MAA events.                                                  alumnae directory. In December 2008 you will be contacted by a
                                                                          representative of Harris Direct to update your information for
                                                                          inclusion in the new alumnae directory. Make sure you answer
                                                                          the phone or respond to the email to update your current
                                                                          contact information. And don’t forget to include a personal
                                                                          email address! Providing your updated information does not
                                                                          obligate you to purchase the directory, and will be helpful to MAA
                                                                          as they update the alumnae database.
                                                                          And finally, this year the Alumnae Association is selling both the
                                                                          Golden Opportunity and Entertainment books. 100% of the profits
                                                                          directly benefit MAA students by replenishing the MAA Alumnae
                                                                          Scholarship Fund which provides scholarships to needy students.
                                                                          If you normally purchase Entertainment or Golden Opportunity
                                                                          books, please, please buy them from MAA! You can contact MAA at
                                                                          630-257-7844 or go to for more
                                                                          information. We will have these books available for sale at all
                                                                          alumnae events.
                                                                          Please visit for information
                                                                          regarding all MAA Alumnae Events for 2008-2009, including the
                                                                          October 26 Memorial Mass, the November 19 Alumnae Association
                                                                          Meeting featuring the Pampered Chef for the Holidays Show, and
                                                                          the December 19 Christmas liturgy and Student Talent Show.
                                                                          God bless and have a great fall!!!
   Re-Echo L Fall 2008                                Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                                                    5

                       A Note from Camille Auskalnis
                                          MAA Director of Recruitment
Dear MAA Alumnae and Friends,                                                                    This feeling of home that we experienced is
                                                                                                 something I want to share with prospective
I sincerely hope that this greeting doesn’t                                                      students and their families. MAA is a place
sound presumptuous, but I already feel a                                                         where you are challenged to excel, nurtured
connection with the community of Mount                                                           and cared for. These are truly qualities of a
Assisi Academy.                                                                                  loving family.
My name is Camille Auskalnis, and as                                                             I look forward to meeting you at one of the
MAA’s Director of Recruitment, I am eager                                                        many upcoming MAA events including the
to share the good news of Mount Assisi                                                           Welcome Liturgy & Brunch, September 21
Academy with junior high school students                                                         and the All-Alumnae Open House,
and their families. I plan to fully utilize my                                                   September 28, 2008.
past teaching and recruiting experience to
highlight the wonderful things that are                                                          Sincerely,
happening at MAA.
What brought me to MAA? Probably some
                                                                                                 Camille Auskalnis
of the same reasons you came as a student
and what keeps you connected as alumna -
the Sisters, the faculty, the beautiful            The weekend before I officially started at
grounds, and the feeling of this place. Years      MAA, my husband and I with our two boys
ago, I recruited for another Catholic girl’s       came out to see ‘mommy’s’ new school.
high-school and would tell prospective             We walked the grounds, explored the
students to visit a potential school, get inside   different athletic fields, and visited the
and see how it feels. Well, MAA feels              Grotto. At some point lost in our thoughts,
welcoming – feels like home!                       we seemed to have forgotten that we were
                                                   very near a major metropolitan city.

                                             Mount Assisi Academy
          2008 OPEN HOUSE DATES
                                    SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 2008 and
                                     SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2008
                                                    2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    Are you the Mom of a seventh or eighth grade girl thinking about options for high school?
         The tradition of educating young women in the Franciscan tradition continues…
                  Along with curriculum and technology innovations that will prepare your
                                     daughter for college and life beyond.

        Call 630-257-7844 ext. 39 for more information.
   6                                           Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter     Re-Echo L Fall 2008

                                         MAA Eagles Debut on
               FOX’s Good Day Chicago!!!
Eagles were spotted on Michigan Avenue
the morning of Thursday August 21, 2008
as members of Mount Assisi Academy’s
varsity Volleyball team soared to the FOX
News Chicago studios to appear in the
morning Good Day Chicago high school
sports segment.
MAA senior student athletes Mary
Broadhurst, Jackie Dalcerro, Annie Szram;
juniors Becki Baran, Trisha Cahill, Kathryn
Landis, Lauren Pratl, Bridget Williams; and
sophomores Alex Lee and Emily Gunter
demonstrated their volleyball expertise via
an impromptu practice – both inside and
outside the Michigan Avenue FOX studios.
FOX’s Good Day Chicago host Mike Barz
interviewed MAA co-captains Mary
Broadhurst and Annie Szram and literally
got in the middle of the morning practice in
the studio.
Photos and videos of MAA’s visit to
Good Day Chicago can be viewed at

   Re-Echo L Fall 2008                               Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                                                          7

   MAA Second Annual All-Alumnae

        Sunday September 28, 2008 / 12:00 noon – 3:00 p.m.
 Honoring Class of 1958 – 50 years / Class of 1983 – 25 years

                                                                                                   Lemont Garden Club’s
                                                                                                   “Holiday Beginnings”
                                                                                                    at MAA October 19.
                                                                                                   Dr. Lila Canning Mancini, MAA Class of
The Mount Assisi Academy Alumnae                  “As you know, that time of year on the hill is   1963 and president of the Lemont Garden
Association will host its Second Annual           absolutely beautiful, with a virtual artist’s    Club, would like to invite all MAA alumnae
Alumnae Open House Sunday September 28,           palate of fall colors greeting you as you        to its 2008 “Holiday Beginnings,”
2008 from 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m., and all        approach MAA,” she continued. “We will           scheduled for Sunday October 19, 2008 at
MAA Alumnae and their families are invited        honor MAA Classes of 1958 and 1983, as           1:00 p.m. in the Mount Assisi Academy
to attend. Special recognition will be given to   well as recognize all graduating classes.        Gymnasium.
the Class of 1958 in honor of its 50-year         Come back to your alma mater – you will be
anniversary, as well as the Class of 1983 in      welcomed with Franciscan hospitality and         Mr. Keith Harbison, a noted floral designer,
honor of its 25-year anniversary.                 have the opportunity to re-connect with          will provide an afternoon program of
                                                  former classmates and their families,” Mary      creative floral design, demonstrating how to
A wonderful afternoon is planned including a      Beth continued.                                  make between five and 10 seasonal floral
light brunch, motor coach tour of the                                                              arrangements, including Thanksgiving and
grounds, and an opportunity to walk the halls     So call your MAA friends and teammates           Christmas themes. The arrangements will be
of MAA. In addition, any alumna who played        and bring the kids. The afternoon promises       raffled off at the end of the afternoon. Many
volleyball for MAA during her high school         to be one of welcome, warmth, and                holiday crafts and gifts will also be available.
career is invited to join the MAA                 re-connection.                                   Coffee and desserts will be served.
All-Alumnae Volleyball Dream Team for a
game at 1:30 p.m. in the school gym.                                                               The Lemont Garden Club maintains all of
                                                  For more information, please contact             Lemont’s public flowers and decorations
“I sincerely hope that all MAA alumnae,
especially members of the Classes of 1958                                                          throughout the village, and also awards two
                                                  Mary Beth Norton Williams                        $500 scholarships annually to Lemont
and 1983, make it back to The Hill for the        MAA Alumnae Association President
September 28 Open House,” urged MAA                                                                residents who demonstrate an interest in
Alumnae Association President Mary Beth           at 708-403-7040 or                               horticulture or gardening.
Norton Williams ’71. “Last year’s inaugural or
                                                                                                   For more information about the Lemont
Alumnae Open House was a huge success             Gabrielle Shemett-Montenegro                     Garden Club or the “ H o l i d a y
with over 70 MAA alums and members of                                                              B e g i n n i n g s ” event, please contact
their families in attendance. We look forward     MAA Alumnae Association Vice-President
                                                  at 708-687-8843 or                               Sheryl Hill, publicity director, at sherylhill
to welcoming even more MAA alumnae
                                                               or Sue at 630-257-6595.
this year.”
8                                                Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                            Re-Echo L Fall 2008

                          ALUMNAE AssociationHappenings!
                                        Alumnae Association 2008
      Scholarship Fund Fundraising Effort
    The MAA Alumnae Association is proud to announce that in an effort to raise funds to replenish the Alumnae
    Scholarship Fund, it will sell the 2009 Entertainment Book as well as the 2009 Golden Opportunities book
    which is one of the hottest new books to hit the area. Both of these books will be available for purchase
    from August thru December 2008.
    Giving consideration to today’s economy, both the Entertainment and Golden Opportunities books are
    almost a necessity - providing both buy one, get on free breakfasts, lunches and dinners at most of your
    favorite restaurants. And these books also include many other discounts for all types of services and
    businesses - and the best part is that they are all within your home area! The coupons are good from the
    time you purchase your book till November 1, 2009.

    If you are not familiar with the programs, here are a few highlights:

    Entertainment Book:                                         Golden Opportunities Book:
    $20.00/per copy – Chicagoland Edition                       $25.00/per copy
    I Ease of ordering books online                             I Now full sized
    I Editions are available for areas outside of the           I Visit some places once a month for a year
       Chicago area                                                on one coupon
    I Many places now offer Repeat Savings whereby              I This is THE most local coupon book available
       you can use the coupons more than one time                  for the South Chicagoland area
    I Printable coupons right off the Entertainment website     I Many of the most frequented restaurants in
    I Travel discounts
                                                                   South Chicagoland participate
                                                                I Fine dining, casual dining, dessert only, entertainment
    I National coupons as well as local businesses
                                                                   discounts, and national retailers all participate

    The 2009 Entertainment and Golden Opportunities books will be on display and available for
    sale at MAA’s All Alumnae Open House, Sunday September 28, 2008 and the Memorial Mass
    and Brunch, October 26, 2008.
    Check the MAA website for additional information regarding online purchases or to how to make arrangements
    to obtain your copies. There is no minimum or maximum number of books to purchase. Buy one! Buy 10!
    We can fill your order!
    These books make great gifts for anyone! And if you have people on your gift list who are hard to buy for
    because they have everything, make sure you pick up a copy for them! And don’t forget a copy for yourself!
    To inquire or purchase either of the books, please contact Gabrielle at 708-431-3411 or at
    This a win-win proposition for you and MAA! You benefit all year by saving money with the discounts, and the
    MAA Alumnae Association builds for its future!
      Save-The-Date                          7th      ANNUAL

         A N D H A L L O F FA M E A W A R D S
                  Saturday February 21, 2009
                                                     Palos Country Club
                                              13100 Southwest Highway
                                                  Orland Park, IL 60462

 Cocktails 6:30 p.m./ Dinner & Program 7:30 p.m.
           Come Join us for a delicious dinner, the Hall of Fame Awards,
                                and outstanding Silent & Live Auctions!

Dinner Dance tickets
are $100 per person
or $1,000 per table.

For more information,
to make an auction donation
or purchase tickets,
please contact
Donna Murphy-Buckley
at 630-257-7844 ext. 23
  10                                                Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                                 Re-Echo L Fall 2008

                                            ALUMNAE ClassNotes

1960’s                                                                  Cyndi Kaput Miller, 1976
                                                                        Cindy is the proud mom of two children, Becky and Nick – and is
Judith Pollick, 1962                                                    even more proud of her two grand daughters Christina and Katrina!
Judy writes that she currently serves as president of the Village of
Summit’s Park Commissioners, and has been a board member for
the past 21 years. She is also helping pull together her grammar        1980’s
school Class of 1958 reunion. Judy and MAA classmate Karen
                                                                        Mary Wilson Baumann, 1987
Rychlewski ’62 went on an Antarctic Excursion this past January
where they completed nine landings with the penguins. Among the         Mary is a busy working mom with two-year-old son Jack and two-
landings was a stop on Deception Island at Dorian Bay where some        month-old daughter Katherine. She, husband Matt and the kids
of the members of Judy’s tour group bravely went for a swim!            reside in Robins, Iowa; both work at the University of Northern Iowa.

Vickie Lee Kucera, 1965                                                 Joan Ippolito Bolero, 1988
Vickie resides in Surprise, Arizona with her spouse Robert. She is      Joan is also a working mom with three children – Drew-12, Justin-9
enjoying retirement – ‘no stress!’                                      and Jenna-5. She currently works at St. Andrew Elementary School
                                                                        in Romeoville with the preschool class. Joan notes that “it is a lot of
                                                                        fun and I get to be close to my children.” Outside of school, Joan and
1970’s                                                                  husband Bob keep busy with the children’s sports activities –
                                                                        baseball and basketball for the boys and cheerleading for her
Pamela Slepski Woltman, 1971                                            daughter. She actually started the competitive cheerleading program
“Greetings to all my classmates,” writes Pam. According to her, it      in Romeoville. Bob is the head coach for her son’s baseball team
has been awhile since she has communicated with her classmates          which competed in Cooperstown this past July, earning third place
and there have been a couple of changes over the past few years.        honors in the national tournament. In her spare time, Joan volunteers
Pam works as a senior research associate in the field of Child          at St. Andrew and has been the Athletic Director for the past six
Development. In other words, she has been a nanny for nearly
                                                                        years. According to Joan, “It has been a lot of fun, and I am blessed
30 years. She still finds time to garden, sew and read. Pam and her
                                                                        with beautiful family. I couldn’t ask for more.”
high school sweetheart Rich will celebrate their 35th wedding
anniversary September 15. Pam and Rich have managed to do some          Toni Tranchita, 1989
traveling through Europe and the United States, thanks to Rich’s job.
                                                                        Toni sends a big “Shout” out to all her classmates of 1989! She is a
Their oldest son Eric is a music teacher. Youngest son Matt is an
                                                                        single mom of an ‘awesome’ 12-year-old daughter, Taylor Marie,
electrician, married to Becky; they are proud parents of two-year old
                                                                        and has an ‘incredible’ job working for the Share Your Soles
Gabriella. ‘Ella’ is Grandma Pam’s and Grandpa Rich’s pride and
joy! Pam would love to re-connect with friends from the Class of        Foundation, which was founded by Mona Purdy in 1999. The
1971 and can be reached via email at                mission of the Foundation is simple: to provide gently worn/new
                                                                        shoes to those in greatest need all over the world. Toni states that
                                                                        “Everyday I am reminded of one of my favorite memories of Mount
                                                                        Assisi – being mentored by Sister Renee. In working for the Share
                                                                        Your Soles Foundation, I get to pass on the many lessons I learned
                                                                        from both Sister Renee and all my other teachers at MAA to the
                                                                        many volunteers who pass through our doors. In working with Mona
                                                                        to pull together shipments of shoes, such as the 19,048 pairs we sent
                                                                        to Honduras, I realize how one small act of kindness can change
                                                                        someone’s life – just like Sister Renee did for me,” Toni continued.
                                                                        “She actually allowed me to wear gym shoes in school, and I never
                                                                        received a demerit! As I look back on my years ‘On the Hill,’
                                                                        I finally appreciate the lessons taught to me, and everyone else as
                                                                        well. Thank you to all of my MAA teachers – especially Sister
                                                                        Renee, Sister Denise, Mrs. DuPont, Mrs. Goliak and Sister Mary
                                                                        Francis. Did you ever think that I would say that? Thank you for not
                                                                        giving up on me. And beware…my daughter Taylor is due to hit ‘the
                                                                        Hill’ in Fall 2011! Hope Mount Assisi is ready for her!”
Front Row (l-r) Pam, Becky and Gabriella Woltman.
Back Row (l –r) Eric, Rich and Matt Woltman.
   Re-Echo L Fall 2008                             Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                                                    11

                                           ALUMNAE ClassNotes

1990’s                                                                 2000’s
Lori Fanella Donnelly, 1990                                            Gina Wisinski, 2000
Lori reports that she is a stay-at-home mom to four children –         Gina is happy to announce that she is engaged to her long-time
Megan, Kevin, and Kristen–and is proud to announce the newest          boyfriend Joe Raymond, and is planning an August 1, 2009
addition to the family, Jaclyn Victoria born on St. Patrick’s Day,     wedding. Fellow MAA 2000 graduate and best friend Linda
March 17, 2008. Lori, husband Ed and family reside in Orland Park.     Witaszczyk will be her Maid of Honor. Gina currently works at
                                                                       Riverside Medical/Resolve Center and resides in Manteno, Illinois.
Colleen O’Malley Hofsteadter, 1992
Colleen and husband Joe are the proud parents of two-year-old Kyle     Kelley Pickett Bryson, 2001
and Gavin Thomas, born on December 31, 2007. They reside in            Kelley writes that she and husband Robert are the proud parents of
Midlothian.                                                            1-1/2 year-old daughter Scotlyn Rayn and four-month-old Rusty
                                                                       Owen. Kelley and family reside in Wagoner, Oklahoma where she
Sharon Meger Spencer, 1994                                             works for Wal-Mart in the Automotive Department.
For the past seven years, Sharon has worked for the University of
Chicago Hospitals in the Finance Department. She married husband       Erin Grady, 2001
Adam, a Chicago Police officer, in 2003 and welcomed son James         Erin reports that in addition to working at Foot and Ankle Associates
Norbert on March 20, 2008. Sharon sends a big “Hello” out to           of Oak Lawn since 2001, she recently adopted a furry Maltese
members of the Class of ’94!                                           son named Casey! Erin would love to hear from Class of
                                                                       2001 classmates and can be reached via email at
Lauren Jany Eident, 1995                                     
Lauren happily reports that she is a stay-at-home mom to sons
Bobby (11) and Danny Jr. (1). She, husband Dan and family reside       Bridget Duggan Cavato, 2001
in Oak Forest.                                                         Bridget happily writes that she married the love of her life, Michael
                                                                       Cavato, June 28, 2008 in a ceremony at St. Rita Chapel in Chicago.
Anne Burke Galvan, 1996                                                Mount Assisi Academy alumnae Meg Duggan, Julie Sears Goiki,
Anne writes that she married husband Joe in 2003 and gave birth to     Nicole Balducci and Erin Glynn Mandel were all part of the bridal
daughter Emma Fay in January 2006. She has been a stay-at-home         party. The honeymooners are living in Chicago.
mom up until recently when she accepted a position at the Disney
Store. Anne sends her best regards to all MAA faculty members and      Marissa Tybor, 2002
hopes the Class of 1996 is doing well!                                 Marissa recently completed an internship in Honolulu, Hawaii, and
                                                                       returns to Chicago to work on her second year of study towards her
D’Anna Brown Mullins, 1997                                             doctorate at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.
D’Anna writes that she graduated from the University of Toledo         Marissa is focusing her studies on autistic children.
College of Medicine in June 2008, earning both an M.D. and Ph.D.
in Biomedical Science. She and her husband Randy and daughter          Megan Stroh, 2006
Raegan are relocating to Columbus, Ohio where she will begin her       Megan recently earned All-Conference, First Team honors in
residence training in Internal Medicine at The Ohio State University   softball at Moraine Valley Community College.
Medical Center. D’Anna plans to pursue a fellowship in Oncology.
D’Anna and Randy also celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary
this past June, and daughter Raegan is now two years-old. D’Anna
would love to hear from classmates and fellow members of MAA’s
basketball team. Her email address is

Kristen Kring O’Brien, 1998
Kristen and her family recently moved back to the Chicago area
from Delaware and started a new job downtown at Polsinelli,
Shalton, Flanigan & Suelthaus. She and husband Kevin are proud
parents of Connor (5) and Keegan (10 months.) Kristen would love
to re-connect with her high school classmates and can be reached
via email at
12                                  Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter   Re-Echo L Fall 2008

MAA Memorial Mass and Brunch
             Sunday October 26, 2008
      The Community of Mount Assisi Academy invites all
MAA Alumnae to attend its annual Memorial Mass and Brunch
which is scheduled for Sunday October 26, 2008 at 10:30 a.m.
 This very special liturgy remembers individuals memorialized
 in the past year by families and friends, as well as deceased
           family members of the MAA Community.

      A complimentary continental breakfast buffet will
 immediately follow the Mass. We invite you and your families
   to join MAA faculty, staff and alumnae in remembering
         loved ones and friends at this annual event.

             If you plan to attend, please RSVP to
 Sister Ann Barbara Plavac, SSFCR at 630-257-7844, ext. 22
              no later than Monday October 20.

      We look forward to seeing you Sunday October 26!

     MAA Welcomes Students Back to School!
   Re-Echo L Fall 2007                              Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter             13

             MAA Alumna Lived to
            Make Other People Happy
By William Lee
For the women of Our Lady of the Ridge Parish’s quartet, the group was as much an
extended family as a singing group, with Jacalyn Marie Doligale playing the part of the big
While her voice was the strong, reliable anchor of the quartet that performed in dozens of
events, Jacalyn also was known for being a fun-loving party planner for friends, creating
imaginative themes.
Jacalyn Marie Doligale, a member of the Mount Assisi Academy Class of 1987, died in June
in hospice care at her Worth home after a brief bout with cancer. She was 39.
Jacalyn’s illness halted what members of the quartet hoped would be a possible professional
career. Since 1996, the women performed across the Chicago area at events as diverse as
the ordination of deacons at Holy Name Cathedral, as well as the opening act for country
singer Cal Starr. They also performed at Our Lady of the Ridge’s Thunder Road Coffee
House and at weddings, funerals and christenings.
In addition to Jacalyn, members of the quartet included Julie Biessers-Kane, music director
Cathy Sadowsky and Laura Seweryn. The group later changed their names to the Quarter
Notes to reflect a desire to branch out to performing at larger venues.
The group broke up in 2004 when two members left the Chicago area, though they
remained friends and would sometimes reunite to sing. Before Jacalyn, a medical staffing
coordinator, was diagnosed with cancer, the friends discussed pursuing a professional
“We talked about it saying ‘Can we make this into something professional?’And we thought
we could do it,” Laura Seweryn said. “We said we would, but with four women with four
busy schedules, we did a lot of talking but never got to it.”
The women balanced their family lives and choir responsibilities with their work with the
quartet. During their performances together, a strong friendship developed among them.
Like a favorite aunt, Jacalyn, who never married, became close with the children of her
singing mates, instantly recalling their birthdays.
“It was a lot of work, but it was also a lot of fun – and we were the best of friends so that
made it easier,” Seweryn stated. In 1998, Jacalyn and other members of the parish traveled
to Rome where they sang for Pope John Paul II.
When not singing, Jacalyn was known for her party planning.
“She loved to organize parties. If they had a big event and needed door prizes, she was the
person who put all of that together,” said her sister, Jennifer Skorzewski. Party planning
seemed natural to Jacalyn because she often was the life of the party, her friends and family
said. “When she laughed, she could get everyone going because she laughed like Betty
Ruble,” Seweryn said.
“She really wanted to make other people happy. That’s how she lived her life – to do things
for other people, to make someone else’s life easier and lessen someone else’s burden,
Skorzewski said.
Born December 7, 1968, Jacalyn was the youngest of five children. While still a child, her
family moved from Crestwood to Worth, where she lived most of her life. In addition to her
sister, Jacalyn is survived by her mother Rosemary and brothers Jeff and James.
Used with permission from the SouthtownStar.
 14                                         Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                          Re-Echo L Fall 2008

                                             Kathy Rezutko Brown ’64                     Albert J. Krasovec
                                                                                    father of Beverly Krasovec Ceko ’74
                                                Jacalyn Doligale ’87
                                                  Florence Grabner                         Joseph Noreiko
                                           mother of Denise Iffland - MAA faculty               Father of
                                                                                       Colette Noreiko Giznik ’66,
                                             Laura Fitzgibbons-Lukens                 Mary Noreiko Labuda ’78 and
                                              mother of Erica Fitzgibbons ’11          Cynthia Noreiko Kurow ’81

                                                   Dennis L. Jirout                        Genevieve Rafa
                                              father of Dawn Jirout Skraba ’84         mother of Maureen Rafa ’74
                                                and Linda Jirout Oberlin ’87
                                                                                           Cletus V. Simon
                                          Sister M. Raphael Kness, SSFCR                father of Nancy Tybor and
                                                   MAA Faculty member                grandfather of Marissa Tybor ’02
        IN MEMORIAM                                - 1950’s, 1960’s, 1990’s
                                                                                          Judy Stevens ’59
         May their souls and the souls           Christine Balcauski
          of all the faithful departed              Konecny ’73
         rest in the peace of the Lord.

  MAA Christmas Liturgy
  & Student Talent Show
        Friday December 19, 2008
       Although it seems like quite a ways off,
the blessed season of Christmas will be here before
  you know it! MAA Alumnae and their families are
   cordially invited to attend the annual Christmas
Liturgy, followed by the MAA Student Talent Show.
This special liturgy and talent show is scheduled for
  Friday December 19, 2008 with Mass beginning
      at 8:00 a.m., followed by the Talent Show.

      Come see some of Mount Assisi’s brightest
        (and bravest) students take the stage
            to entertain members of the
        Community of Mount Assisi Academy.
       For more information please call MAA at
Re-Echo L Fall 2008                   Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                                      15

                                Mount Assisi Academy
  2007-2008 Honor Roll of Donors
                 The following donors have made generous gifts to Mount Assisi Academy
                    throughout the 2007-2008 fiscal year (July 1, 2007 - June 30, 2008)
                        We sincerely appreciate your generosity and support.

La Verna                             Principal’s Circle                   Eagles Club
Fraternity                             $1,000.00 +                          $500.00 +
  $100,000.00 +                      Kathleen Adamec                      Bansley and Kiener, L.L.P.
Anonymous                            Margaret Barrett ’69                 Lynea Bengtsson
                                     Philip Bartnicki
                                                                          Robert Brown
                                     James Beecher
San Damiano                          Perry Buckley                        Patricia Clarke-Paetow ’78
Fraternity                           Estella Mazzula Cronk ’72            JoAnn Conover
  $25,000.00 +                       Cronk Family Foundation              K. Tina Velcich Donahue ’64
                                     Bruce DeMent                         Andrea Chand Downing ’89
Mount Assisi Students
                                     Catherine McKeever Denten
  Walk-A-Thon                           Foundation                        Karen Golz ’72
                                        Theresa Denten ’05 and            Joan O’Malley Gross
                                        Margaret Denten ’80
Society of                           Patricia M. Duff ’65
                                                                          Russell Guzior
St. Francis                          Patricia Donnelly Gregory ’82
                                                                          Linda Hanacek ’81
  $10,000.00 +                       Holy Family Villa                    Maria Mejicano Hoffman ’76
Franciscan Sisters of Chicago        Dr. James and                        Vincent Intrivici
                                        Mrs. Beverly Kapustiak
Richard Guzior                                                            Eileen Hall Kelly ’81
                                     Jay Michel
School Sisters of St. Francis                                             John Leonard
                                     Dominic Naso
   of Christ the King                                                     Roberta Magurany
                                     Noonan Elementary Academy
                                     Mary Cook Norton ’76                 Lila Canning Mancini ’63
President’s Society                  John O’Malley                        Mount Assisi Academy
  $5,000.00 +                        Denise Quinn Palisaitis ’73            Parents Association
                                     John Parise
Catholic Charities of the                                                 Mark Buckley and
                                     The William F. O’Connor Foundation     Donna Murphy-Buckley
  Archdiocese of Chicago
                                     Thomas Tolone
Gerald Dill                                                               Carmella Peters
                                     University of Connecticut
Margaret O’Ryan Lombardo ’65         Mary Anne Janowiak Zielinski ’70     Richards Building Supply
                                                                          Michael Sweeney
                                                                          Joseph Taylor
                                                                          Maureen Trotto
                                                                          Charlotte Grubisich Turturillo ’83
                                                                          Becky Digenan Ward ’91
                                                                          John and Pat Wasilewski
                                                                          William Wrigley Jr. Company
                                                                          Deborah Kelly Wlodarski ’79
16                                          Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                 Re-Echo L Fall 2008

                                     Mount Assisi Academy
     2007-2008 Honor Roll of Donors
                                           Henry Lenzen                       Janet Rauth Pelech ’74
Blue and White Club                        Nancy Chicvara Looney ’83          Edward Pratt
     $250.00 +
Ann Bell                                   Debbie A. Smith Maslowski ’72      Janice Prunsky ’71
Margaret Weston Berezewski ’65             Karen David McDonald ’66           Purchasing Solutions LLC
Congregation of the Resurrection           Kathy McNamara                     Rita Radtke
Michelle A. Uraski Culligan ’84            Wendy Finger Miller ’79            Jan Riemersma
Carol Cunningham ’75                       Mount Assisi Academy               Therese Rimkus
                                             Booster Club                     M. Noel Scholl
John DeMars
                                           Ronalie Murawski ’72               Jennifer Doligale Skorzewski ’85
Geri DiCola
                                           Susan Murphy                       Elizabeth and Rick Slad
Courtney Dillon ’02
                                           Gerald Napleton                    Charlene Conerton Smollen ’66
Mary Ann Draudt
                                           Nelnet Business Solutions, Inc.    St. Damian Church
Lena and Stan Dresler                        - FACTS
Theresa Hall Ferchau ’76                                                      St. Mary Nativity
                                           Mary Beth Norton-Williams ’71
Linda Lloyd Follenweider ’77                                                  Catherine Lucas Steel ’78
                                           Mary Lou Ryan Norwell
Justine Gasior ’81                                                            Janeen Sullivan ’77
                                           Jack Oprondek
Barbara Volheim Glenos ’63                                                    Gregory Vogler
                                           Karen Lloyd O’Shea ’75
Nancy Griffin Graben ’82                                                      Linda Ann Waner ’72
                                           Our Lady of The Angels
Daniel Heenan                                                                 Judy Wedryk
                                             House of Prayer
Cathyann Hoye                                                                 Kathleen Burdick Wittenberg ’66
                                           Konstantinos Pappas
Charles Hughes
Illinois Insurance
    & Financial Services Inc.
Kristen Johnson ’88
Eileen McQuaid Kositzky ’75
Colleen Kramer

 We have made every effort to insure the
 accuracy of our financial reporting and
 donor acknowledgements. We sincerely
  apologize if we inadvertently omitted
   any information. Please contact the
    MAA Office of Development with
            any corrections.
                 Thank you.
Re-Echo L Fall 2008                  Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                               17

                               Mount Assisi Academy
  2007-2008 Honor Roll of Donors
                                    Anna Gil                           Thomas J. Murphy
On The Hill Club                    Virginia Loew Gray ’70             Napleton Lincoln-Mercury Inc.
  $100.00 +
                                    Jeanne Perri Grimmer ’79           Janet L. York Narbutis ’86
AT&T Foundation
                                    Thomas Grubisich                   Donna M. Pula Nelligan ’90
Karen Stevens Adamczyk ’72
                                    Carla C. Guzior ’06                Dennis Noga
American Combustion Service, Inc.
                                    Sharon M. Gavril Heft ’73          Linda Duczman O’Connell ’69
Marybeth Klatt Antone ’79
                                    Patti Jo Pesek Hintz-Joswick ’59   Anne Marie O’Connor ’69
Beverly Bieniek Baldwin ’64
                                    Barbara Lorenzi Hirschfelter ’56   James Ogar
Anne Barger ’87
                                    Marlene Horan                      Pamela Ziemba O’Shea ’81
Nick Batistich
                                    Gloria Miller Hotovy ’64           Rosemarie Panico-Marino ’71
Cynthia Rudnicki Becker ’60
                                    Mary C. Dioguardi Howicz ’86       Barbara Pestel
Mary Alice Kelly Benoit ’81
                                    Susan Izquierdo                    Thomasine Peter
Rosemary Bova-Wood ’66
                                    Diane Daugirda Jakobs ’74          Donna Piccirillo
Mary Ellen Doyle Bowers ’73
                                    Harriet Jarosz ’61                 Michelle Pomierski
Margaret Banich Bruni ’65
                                    Catherine Reape Kearin ’68         Diane M. Kuca Poole ’64
Pierce and Shirley Buckley
                                    Bernard Kelly                      Linda J. Heelan Pote ’65
Anne Burchett
                                    Jeanette Daugirda Kirchner ’78     Joseph Pozzi
C.J. Erickson Plumbing Co.
                                    Andrea Kucharski                   Francis Pratt
Mary Cahill-McGovern
                                    Lisa Perkovich Kursell ’92         Mary Beth Pratt ’77
Linda Nash Callahan ’68
                                    Donna M. Lach ’65                  Joan T. Sweeney Prybys ’72
John Cardiff
                                    Paula Lawler                       Eileen Quirk Rowan ’76
Ernest Cherullo
                                    Bernadine Lelko ’64                Patricia Walsh Rapp ’83
Mary Beth Ciukaj ’78
                                    Dean Manasses                      Margaret Reker
Colley Elevator Company
                                    Anne Marneris ’70                  Donna Marie Ferraro Renick ’71
Deanna Sweder Collie ’85
                                    Penny Mateck ’84                   Eva Lis Ricci ’80
Kathleen Fitzgerald Conerty
                                    Heidi Mateja                       Charlene Kalousek Rodack ’82
Cotter Consulting Inc.
                                    Laura Mateja                       Barbara Fliszar Sanner ’83
Brenda Curlee ’58
                                    Bruce Mathias                      Carole Hurta Schneider ’63
Janine M. Daniel ’64
                                    Janet Smith McBride ’75            Nancy Reynolds Schneider ’57
Karen Schneider Dix ’66
                                    Joseph McCartin                    Regina McEldowney Schoeberl ’93
Mary Rekruciak Dombrowski ’75
                                    Brian McGuire                      Nancy Jones Serdar ’57
Mary M. Bembenek Duckworth ’85
                                    Janice M. Pula McMahon ’89         St. Alexander Save Program
Sharon Gregory Duncan ’76
                                    Kathleen Czapla McSweeney ’91      Douglas Stangeland
Laurence Dunford
                                    Meno Stone Company, Inc.           Charlotte Mischke Steinbach ’67
Adrienne Boyle Farrell ’74
                                    Kathleen Merrick-Shuler            Mary Jane Sumner
Robert Finley
                                    Mary Meyers                        Barbara Griffin Szram ’72
Teresa Meccia Fischer ’79
                                    Kathleen Janotta Miller ’77        Diane E. McNally Tews ’65
Laura Fitzgibbons
                                    Judith Mattas Mokelke ’68          Gina M. Lopez Threet ’84
GATX Corporation
                                    Catherine Shab Munoz ’80           Patricia Dybisz Tirio ’69
Gael Gensler
                                    Jacqueline Dwyer Murphy ’82        Patti Tolone ’67
John and Marie Giblin
                                    Robert and Jeanne Murphy           Therese Werr Trahey ’79
Veronica Tenteris Giblin ’94
18                                   Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                Re-Echo L Fall 2008

                                Mount Assisi Academy
     2007-2008 Honor Roll of Donors
Noreen Lonergan Tunney ’84                                             Margaret Bohan-Zaker ’78
Carolyn Rogo Versteeg ’63
                                    Assisian Associates                Patricia Boland
                                      $1.00 +
Dana Villani                                                           Marie L. Kuper Brady ’68
                                    Edward Abromaitis
Marcyann C. Bonkalski Vodziak ’66                                      Kathleen M. Richards Breier ’70
                                    Lenore Labno Adams ’58
Mary Vujic                                                             Elaine Burke
                                    Dolores Ambrosini Anderson ’60
Carol A. Haller Walker ’57                                             David Burns
                                    Denise Werges Anton ’69
Cynthia Curry Walsh ’86                                                Cheryl Dubin Campbell ’72
                                    Susan Felker Arvetis ’71
Laurine M. O’Mara Wassman ’75                                          Barbara Carberry
                                    Bernice Bacik
Marielena Popernik White ’85                                           Nancy Becker Carlson ’79
                                    Patricia M. Bakalik ’85
Lisa Stachura Wirth ’84                                                Ralph Caron
                                    Genevra Guzzi Barrett ’83
Patricia Murray Witkowski ’75                                          Samantha Carroll ’05
                                    Mary Margaret Beecher
Emily Kolar Zabrocki ’59                                               Susan Palusis Castro ’74
                                    Joann Yobe Bellie ’65
Germaine St. Germain Zola ’61                                          Chipains Finer Foods West Inc.
                                                                       Mary Jo Rafa Christensen ’73
                                                                       Tracey Lynn Sheehan Cicirale ’85
                                                                       Sr. Mary Benedict Cimperman, SSFCR
                                                                       Maureen Butler Clark ’61
                                                                       Kathleen Clinton
                                                                       Maryann Pawlikowski Cochrane ’59
                                                                       Kathleen Conroy
                                                                       Kathryn Frystak Crouch ’66
                                                                       Margaret Crowell
                                                                       Paula M. Neyers Daley ’69
                                                                       Barbara Dargis
                                                                       Karen Virva Defilippis ’74
                                                                       Alexandra Dellutri ’64
                                                                       Denise Smola Delong ’71
                                                                       Jennifer Rafa Doyle ’78
                                                                       Karen Doyle
                                                                       Kathy Nelson Durkin ’73
                                                                       Erin Gainer Dziekan ’94
                                                                       Barbara David Erlenborn ’60
                                                                       Marjorie A. Feria ’86
                                                                       Nicole Kulak Flood ’98
                                                                       Dr. Samuel Forzley
                                                                       Rev. Lawrence Frankovich, OFM
                                                                       Linda Frieh
                                                                       Patricia Dzialowy Gaber ’67
                                                                       Joanne Doran Gandolfi ’75
                                                                       Sr. Mary Terese Giblin SSFCR ’84
                                                                       Margaret Scichowski Gilly ’73
Re-Echo L Fall 2008                 Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                                19

                               Mount Assisi Academy
 2007-2008 Honor Roll of Donors
Joan Ralson Gizowski ’75           Barbara Henry                      Kevin Kirkland
Carol A. Gehrman Glowicki ’74      Shari Frystak Herrera ’92          Joan Ciukaj Knight ’79
Bonnie Goliak                      Daena L. Lask Hinkelman ’60        Joanne Kosek ’68
Theo Gorski                        Jacqueline Capocy Hojnacki ’62     Cynthia Kalousek Kristufek ’76
D.A. Goss                          Denise Iffland                     Margaret Connor Kroen ’61
Sandra Grannan                     Colleen M. Noonan Ivancic ’83      Lorraine Lacke Krzywosz ’76
Donna Brimingham Green ’87         Patricia Knitter Janik ’62         Helen M. Radosz Kulish ’65
Leeanne Rouse Grens ’72            Sandra Stanczyk Jasiak ’67         Kristen Lambert
Timothy Greve                      Mary Burns Jaster ’61              Ronald Lanie
Marianne Bilder Grisolano ’69      Frank Jerbich                      Kathleen Perini Laubhan ’65
David Gust                         Margaret Herbert Johnson ’58       John Lloyd
Eileen Plecki Hacker ’79           Mary Kalmanek                      Patricia Lloyd
Loretta M. Mavrinac Hagerman ’79   Kristy Kane                        Barbara Werges Logsdon ’75
Lauren Hames ’77                   Adrianne Kenny ’05                 Patricia Loose
Denise M. Pilewski Hansen ’86      Karen Kho-Stavitzke ’84            Dana Parry Ludwig ’97
Susan Lessner Hawes ’83            Maryann Tannura Kill ’74           Mary Lyons ’78
Erin Thomas Heitman ’01            Mary Jane Kirchner                 Barbara Rumsavich Maenner ’61
Carol Hennessy-Excel ’77           Kirkland & Ellis Foundation        Mary March
20                                     Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                            Re-Echo L Fall 2008

                                Mount Assisi Academy
     2007-2008 Honor Roll of Donors
Alan and Bobette May                  Joan Rogo ’60                                St. Ambrose Church
Elizabeth May ’84                     Maureen Rogus                                St. Anne Church
Doris Gregory McCarthy                Kathryn A. Rosenbaum ’06                     Margaret Steinbock-Sinclair
Kathleen Cronin McSwain ’76           Mark Ross                                    Kimberly A. Walter Stuhler ’80
Angela Menocci ’01                    Colleen Shanahan Ruane ’78                   Cheryl Szmuksta
Judith Mierzwa Michalek ’58           Elizabeth L. Greetis Russell ’68             Catherine Enright Tarkey ’80
Sue Smith Mierendorf ’73              Margaret Fundator Ruthenberg ’61             Betty Rompala Thill ’67
Jacquelin Mintal                      Barbara Lucheon Salbego ’59                  Mary Tribe
Louis Mirabelli                       Mary Ann Salek                               Debra Pilewski Triolo ’78
Candace Mitchell                      Joan L. Capocy Schlosser ’57                 Marissa Tybor ’02
Michelle Vonderheide Monticello ’89   Shelley Lapp Schmitt ’70                     Lisa Valkenburg
Cathy Morrin                          Marcia Jagodzinski Seiler ’59                Anita M. Brettner Veronese ’60
Mount Assisi Academy                  April Shaughnessy ’75                        June VerSchave
   Board of Directors                 Colleen Schaller Sheehan ’76                 Carmelita Glaser Wagner ’68
Judith Higgins Mroz ’60               Caroline Schranz Sicinski ’61                Claudette F. Walus Walschlager ’61
Freda Murphy                          Barbara Peterson Siepka ’75                  Susan Stortz Walsh ’76
Rose Naputano ’64                     Beverly Sigler                               Beth Zelazo Wasilowski ’72
Sister M. Paula Nasenbeny,            Kathleen Laurencell Silver ’85               Rosalie Wemple
   SSFCR ’57
                                      Barbara Simon                                Charlene Losey Winke ’66
Margaret Dust Nicorata ’78
                                      Denise L. Clark Smith ’65                    Janice Wojnrowski Wojak
Kathleen J. Kibler Oakes ’68
                                      Robert Smith                                 Carol Bivens Wondolowski ’57
John O’Brien
                                      Juanita M. Dabrowski Smolka ’64              Mary Ann Wood
Julia O’Kane
                                      Sheryl M. Major Soberano ’78                 Nancy Boge Wright ’77
Michael Oliver
                                      Patricia A. Aftanas Soukal ’63               Diane Wyzinski
Mary Cummings O’Meara ’78
                                      Susan Orseske Spanos ’74                     Joanne M. Zolecki ’59
Kathleen Orlando
                                      SS Cyril & Methodius Parish                  Kristina Zvinakis ’87
Elaine Sweeney Pagels ’75
Gary Pater
Peggy Patlan
Sharon Pucilowski Paveza ’65
Sister Renee Pfeiffer, SSFCR ’60
                                         MAA would like to express its sincere gratitude to the
Donata Piccirillo                        following foundations for their generous support.
Sr. M. Ann Barbara Plavac,
   SSFCR ’59                             AT&T Foundation
Sally Zolecki Poppish ’58                Catherine McKeever Denten Foundation
James Porzio                             Cronk Family Foundation
Audrey Pronobis ’71
                                         The William F. O’Connor Foundation
Maureen O’Shea Prunty ’73
Maureen Rafa ’74                         University of Connecticut
Judith A. Radzik Regep ’59               Kirkland & Ellis Foundation
Julie Dignan Richert ’77                 William Wrigley Jr. Company Foundation
Laura McNamara Ripoli
Re-Echo L Fall 2008                    Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                                   21

                               Mount Assisi Academy
  2007-2008 Honor Roll of Donors
                           ALUMNAE GIFTS BY CLASS YEAR
Class of 1956                         Caroline Schranz Sicinski          Class of 1965
Barbara Lorenzi Hirschfelter          Claudette F. Walus Walschlager     Joann Yobe Bellie
                                      Germaine St. Germain Zola          Margaret Weston Berezewski
Class of 1957
Sister M. Paula Nasenbeny, SSFCR      Class of 1962                      Margaret Banich Bruni
Joan L. Capocy Schlosser              Patricia Knitter Janik             Patricia M. Duff
Nancy Reynolds Schneider              Sandra Stanczyk Janik              Helen M. Radosz Kulish
Nancy Jones Serdar                    Jacqueline Capocy Hojnacki         Kathleen Perini Laubhan
Carol A. Haller Walker                Kathleen J. Kibler Oakes           Donna M. Lach
Carol Bivens Wondolowski              Class of 1963                      Margaret O’Ryan Lombardo
                                                                         Sharon Pucilowski Paveza
Class of 1958                         Barbara Volheim Glenos
                                      Lila Canning Mancini               Linda J. Heelan Pote
Lenore Labno Adams
                                      Carole Hurta Schneider             Denise L. Clark Smith
Brenda Curlee
                                      Carolyn Rogo Versteeg              Diane E. McNally Tews
Margaret Herbert Johnson
Judith Mierzwa Michalek               Class of 1964                      Class of 1966
Sally Zolecki Poppish                 Beverly Bieniek Baldwin            Kathryn Frystak Crouch
Class of 1959                         Janine M. Daniel                   Karen Schneider Dix
Maryann Pawlikowski Cochrane          Alexandra Dellutri                 Karen David McDonald
Patti Jo Pesek Hintz-Joswick          K. Tina Velcich Donahue            Charlene Conerton Smollen
Sister M. Ann Barbara Plavac, SSFCR   Gloria Miller Hotovy               Kathleen Burdick Wittenberg
Judith A. Radzil Regep                Bernadine Lelko                    Rosemary Bova Wood
Barbara Lucheon Salbego               Rose Naputano                      Marcyann C. Bonkalski Vodziak
Margaret Jagodzinski Seiler           Diane M. Kuca Poole                Charlene Losey Winke
Emily Kolar Zabrocki                  Juanita M. Dabrowski Smolka
Joanne M. Zolecki
Class of 1960
Dolores Ambrosini Anderson
Cynthia Rudnicki Becker
Barbara David Erlenborn
Daena L. Lask Hinkleman
Judith Higgins Mroz
Sister Renee Pfeiffer, SSFCR
Joan Rogo
Anita M. Brettner Veronese
Class of 1961
Maureen Butler Clark
Mary Burns Jaster
Harriet Jarosz
Margaret Connor Kroen
Barbara Rumsavich Maenner
Margaret Fundator Ruthenberg
22                                 Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                                2008
                                                                                   Re-Echo L Fall 2007

                               Mount Assisi Academy
     2007-2008 Honor Roll of Donors
                            ALUMNAE GIFTS BY CLASS YEAR
Class of 1967                     Class of 1971                      Joanne Doran Gandolfi
Patricia Dzialowy Gaber           Susan Felker Arvetis               Joan Ralson Gizowski
Charlotte Mischke Steinbach       Denise Smola Delong                Eileen McQuaid Kositzky
Betty Rompala Thill               Mary Beth Norton-Williams          Barbara Werges Logsdon
Patti Tolone                      Rosemarie Panico-Marino            Janet Smith McBride
                                  Audrey Pronobis                    Karen Lloyd O’Shea
Class of 1968                                                        Elaine Sweeney Pagels
                                  Janice Prunsky
Marie Kuper Brady                                                    April Shaughnessy
                                  Donna Marie Ferraro Renich
Linda Nash Callahan                                                  Barbara Peterson Siepka
Catherine Reape Kearin            Class of 1972                      Laurine M. O’Mara Wassman
Joanne Kosek                      Karen Stevens Adamczyk             Patricia Murray Witkowski
Judith Mattas Mokelke             Cheryl Dubin Campbell
Elizabeth L. Greetis Russell      Estella Mazzula Cronk              Class of 1976
Carmelita Glaser Wagner           Leeanne Rouse Grens                Sharon Gregory Duncan
                                  Debbie A Smith Maslowski           Theresa Hall Ferchau
Class of 1969                     Ronalie Murawski                   Maria Mejicano Hoffman
Denise Werges Anton               Joan T. Sweeney Prybys             Cynthia Kalousek Kristufek
Margaret Barrett                  Barbara Griffin Szram              Lorraine Lacke Krzywosz
Paula M. Nevers Daley             Linda Ann Waner                    Kathleen Cronin McSwain
Marianne Bilder Grisolano         Beth Zelazo Wasilowski             Mary Cook Norton
Linda Duczman O’Connell                                              Eileen Quirk Rowan
Anne Marie O’Connor               Class of 1973                      Colleen Schaller Sheehan
Patricia Dybisz Tirio             Mary Ellen Doyle Bowers            Susan Strotz Walsh
                                  Mary Jo Rafe Christensen
Class of 1970                     Kathy Nelson Durkin                Class of 1977
Kathleen M Richards Breier        Margaret Scichowski Gilly          Linda Lloyd Follenweider
Virginia Loew Gray                Sharon M. Gavril Heft              Lauren Hames
Anne Marneris                     Sue Smith Mierendorf               Carol Hennessy-Excel
Shelley Lapp Schmitt              Denise Quinn Palisaitis            Kathleen Janotta Miller
Mary Anne Janowiak Zielinski      Maureen O’Shea Prunty              Mary Beth Pratt
                                                                     Julie Dignan Richert
                                  Class of 1974                      Janeen Sullivan
                                  Susan Palusis Castro               Nancy Boge Wright
                                  Karen Virva Defilippis
                                  Adrienne Boyle Farrell
                                                                     Class of 1978
                                  Carol A. Gehrman Glowicki          Margaret Bohan-Zaker
                                  Diane Daugirda Jakobs              Cheryl Kalousek Broadhurst
                                  Maryann Tannura Kill               Mary Beth Ciukaj
                                  Janet Rauth Pelech                 Jennifer Rafa Doyle
                                                                     Jeannette Daugirda Kirchner
                                  Maureen Rafa
                                                                     Mary Lyons
                                  Susan Oreske Spanos
                                                                     Margaret Dust Nicorata
                                  Class of 1975                      Mary Cummings O’Meara
                                  Carol Cunningham                   Patricia Clarke Paetow
                                  Mary Rekruciak Dombrowski          Colleen Shanahan Ruane
Re-Echo L Fall 2008                  Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                                 23

                                  Mount Assisi Academy
  2007-2008 Honor Roll of Donors
                             ALUMNAE GIFTS BY CLASS YEAR
Sheryl M. Major Soberano            Class of 1984                      Class of 1988
Catherine Lucas Steele              Michelle A. Uraski Culligan        Kristen Johnson
Debra Pilewski Triolo               Sister Mary Terese Giblin, SSFCR   Class of 1989
Class of 1979                       Karen Kho-Stavitzke
                                                                       Andrea Chand Downing
Marybeth Klatt Antone               Penny Mateck
                                                                       Janice M. Pula McMahon
Nancy Becker Carlson                Elizabeth May
                                                                       Michelle Vonderheide Monticello
Teresa Meccia Fisher                Gina Lopez Threet
Jeanne Perri Grimmer                Noreen Lonergan Tunney             Class of 1990
Eileen Plecki Hacker                Lisa Stachura Wirth                Donna M. Pula Nelligan
Loretta M. Mavrinac Hagerman        Class of 1985                      Class of 1991
Joan Ciukaj Knight                  Patricia M. Bakalik                Kathleen Czapla McSweeney
Wendy Finger Miller                 Tracey Lynn Sheehan Cicirale       Becky Digenan Ward
Catherine Enright Tarkey            Deanna Sweder Collie               Class of 1992
Therese Werr Trahey                 Kathleen Laurencell Silver         Shari Frystak Herrara
Deborah Kelly Wlodarski             Jennifer Doligale Skorzewski       Lisa Perkovich Kursell
Class of 1980                       Marielena Popernik White
                                                                       Class of 1993
Catherine Shab Munoz                Class of 1986                      Regina McEldowney
Eva Lis Ricci                       Marjorie A. Feria
Kimberly A. Walter Stuhler          Denise M. Pilewski Hansen          Class of 1994
Class of 1981                       Mary C. Dioguardi Howicz           Erin Gainer Dziekan
                                    Janet L. York Narbutis             Veronica Tenteris Giblin
Mary Alice Kelly Benoit
Justine Gasior                      Cynthia Curry Walsh                Class of 1997
Linda Hanacek                       Class of 1987                      Dana Perry Ludwig
Eileen Hall Kelly                   Ann Barger                         Class of 1998
Pamela Ziemba O’Shea                Donna Birmingham Green             Nicole Kulak Flood
Class of 1982                       Kristina Zvinakis
                                                                       Class of 2001
Mary M. Bembenek Duckworth
                                                                       Erin Thomas Heitman
Nancy Griffin Graben
                                                                       Angela Menocci
Patricia Donnelly Gregory
Jacqueline Dwyer Murphy                                                Class of 2002
Charlene Kalousak Rodack                                               Courtney Dillion
                                                                       Marissa Tybor
Class of 1983
Genevra Guzzi Barrett                                                  Class of 2005
Susan Lessner Hawes                                                    Samantha Carroll
Colleen M. Noonan Ivancic                                              Adrianne Kenny
Nancy Chicvara Looney                                                  Class of 2006
Patricia Walsh Rapp
                                                                       Carla C. Guzior
Barbara Fliszar Sanner
Charlotte Grubisich Turturtillo
24                                     Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                 Re-Echo L Fall 2007

                                  Mount Assisi Academy
     Sixth Annual Gala Dinner Dance
                    A N D H A L L O F FA M E AWA R D S
                                S AT U R D AY M A R C H 1 , 2 0 0 8

                Mount Assisi Academy acknowledges the generous support of the
         Sixth Gala Dinner Dance and Hall of Fame Awards by the following benefactors:

Gala Underwriters                     Table Sponsorship                  Gala Dinner
Daniel Broadhurst                     Margaret Barrett ’69               Dance Support
Richard Guzior                        Daniel and Cheryl Kalousek
                                                                         Kathleen Adamec
                                         Broadhurst ’78
                                                                         Lenore Labno Adams ’58
                                      Michael and Estella
Platinum Sponsorship                     Mazzula Cronk ’72
                                                                         Dolores Ambrosini Anderson ’60
                                                                         Patricia Bakalik ’85
Rev. Michael M. Boland                Ed and Patricia
                                         Donnelly Gregory ’82            Margaret Barrett ’69
  - Catholic Charities of the                                            Philip Bartnicki
  Archdiocese of Chicago              Richard and Christine Guzior
                                      Dr. James and                      Ann Bell
                                         Mrs. Beverly Kapustiak          Margaret Bohan-Zaker ’78
Gold Sponsorship                      Mr. and Mrs. James O’Malley        Patricia Boland
                                      Roberta Magurany                   Rosemary Bova-Wood ’66
Anonynous                                                                Marie Kuper Brady ’68
                                         - Holy Family Villa
Richard and Christine Guzior                                             Daniel Broadhurst
                                      Roberta Noonan
Daniel and Cheryl Kalousek               - Noonan Elementary Academy     Robert Brown
   Broadhurst ‘78                     Mary Beth Pratt ’77                Margaret Banich Bruni ’65
                                                                         Pierce and Shirley Buckley
                                                                         Perry Buckley
                                                                         Anne Burchett
                                                                         Elaine Burke
                                                                         David Burns
                                                                         Mary Cahill-McGovern
                                                                         John Cardiff
                                                                         Ralph Caron
                                                                         Susan Palusis Castro ’74
                                                                         Tracey Lynn Sheehan Cicirale ’85
                                                                         Mary Beth Ciukaj ’78
                                                                         Patricia Clarke Paetow ’78
                                                                         Kathleen Clinton
                                                                         Maryann Pawlikowski
                                                                            Cochrane ’59
                                                                         Kathleen Fitzgerald Conerty
                                                                         JoAnn Conover
                                                                         Kathleen Conroy
                                                                         Michelle Uraski Culligan ’84
                                                                         Barbara Dargis
                                                                         John DeMars
Re-Echo L Fall 2007                Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                                    25

                                Mount Assisi Academy
   Sixth Annual Gala Dinner Dance
                  A N D H A L L O F FA M E AWA R D S
                           S AT U R D AY M A R C H 1 , 2 0 0 8

Bruce DeMent                      Sandra Grannan                     Cathyann Hoye
Geri DiCola                       Virginia Loew Gray ’70             Charles Hughes
Gerald Dill                       Patricia Donnelly Gregory ’82      Denise Iffland
Mary Rekruciak Dombrowski ’75     Timothy Greve                      Vincent Intrivici
K. Tina Velcich Donahue ’64       Marianne Bilder Grisolano ’69      Colleen Noonan Ivancic ’83
Mary Ann Draudt                   Joan O’Malley Gross                Susan Izquierdo
Mary Bembenek Duckworth ’82       Thomas Grubisich                   Mary Burns Jaster ’61
Sharon Gregory Duncan ’76         David Gust                         Frank Jerbich
Laurence Dunford                  Richard Guzior                     Mary Kalmanek
Barbara David Erlenborn ’60       Russell Guzior                     Kristy Kane
Theresa Hall Ferchau ’76          Loretta Mavrinac Hagerman ’79      James Kapustiak
Marjorie Feria ’86                Susan Lessner Hawes ’83            Eileen Hall Kelly ’81
Linda Lloyd Follenweider ’77      Daniel Heenan                      Karen Kho-Stavitzke ’84
Rev. Lawrence Frankovich, OFM     Sharon Gavril Heft ’73             Kevin Kirkland
Linda Frieh                       Carol Hennessy-Excel ’77           Joanne Kosek ’68
Gael Gensler                      Barbara Henry                      Eileen McQuaid Kositzky ’75
Veronica Tenteris Giblin ’94      Daena Lask Hinkelman ’60           Colleen Kramer
John and Marie Giblin             Maria Mejicano Hoffman ’76         Cynthia Kalousek Kristufek ’76
Carol Gehrman Glowicki ’74        Marlene Horan                      Lisa Perkovich Kursell ’92
D.A. Goss                         Mary Dioguardi Howicz ’86          Kristen Lambert
                                                                     Ronald Lanie
                                                                     Kathleen Perini Laubhan ’65
                                                                     Paula Lawler
                                                                     Bernadine Lelko ’64
                                                                     Henry Lenzen
                                                                     John Leonard
                                                                     Barbara Werges Logsdon ’75
                                                                     Margaret O’Ryan Lombardo ’65
                                                                     Nancy Chicvara Looney ’83
                                                                     Patricia Loose
                                                                     Mary Lyons ’78
                                                                     Roberta Magurany
                                                                     Dean Manasses
                                                                     Penny Mateck ’84
                                                                     Heidi Mateja
                                                                     Bruce Mathias
                                                                     Doris Gregory McCarthy
                                                                     Joseph McCartin
                                                                     Karen David McDonald ’66
                                                                     Brian McGuire
                                                                     Kathy McNamara
26                                         Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                 Re-Echo L Fall 2007

                                   Mount Assisi Academy
      Sixth Annual Gala Dinner Dance
                     A N D H A L L O F FA M E AWA R D S
                                S AT U R D AY M A R C H 1 , 2 0 0 8

Kathleen Cronin McSwain ’76               Thomas J. Murphy                   Gary Pater
Angela Menocci ’01                        Mary Cook Norton ’76               Peggy Patlan
Kathleen Merrick Shuler                   Mary Beth Norton-Williams ’71      Sharon Pucilowski Paveza ’65
Mary Meyers                               Mary Lou Ryan Norwell              Janet Rauth Pelech ’74
Judith Mierzwa Michalek ’58               John O’Brien                       Barbara Pestel
Jay Michel                                Anne Marie O’Connor                Thomasine Peter
Jacquelin Mintal                          Julia O’Kane                       Carmella Peters
Candace Mitchell                          John O’Malley                      Sister Renee Pfeiffer, SSFCR ’60
Michelle Vonderheide                      Karen Lloyd O’Shea ’75             Donna Piccirillo
  Monticello ’89                          Pamela Ziemba O’Shea ’81           Sr. M. Ann Barbara
Judith Higgins Mroz ’60                   Jack Oprondek                         Plavac, SSFCR ’59
Mark Buckley and                          Kathleen Orlando                   Michelle Pomierski
  Donna Murphy-Buckley                    Elaine Sweeney Pagels ’75          James Porzio
Robert and Jeanne Murphy                  Konstantinos Pappas                Joseph Pozzi
Susan Murphy                              John Parise                        Francis Pratt

      ABC Presents Comedy Night
                Saturday March 28, 2009
     The Athletic Booster Club (ABC) of Mount Assisi
     Academy will host its fourth annual Comedy Night
     Saturday March 28, 2009 at the school. Proceeds from
     this event directly benefit Mount Assisi’s Athletic and
     Physical Education Department.
     The evening will kick-off at 6:00 p.m. with cocktails
     followed by dinner at 7:30 p.m. and comedy show,
     featuring comedic talent from Senese’s Comedy Club,
     at 8:30 p.m.
     There will also be several great raffles lined up for
     guests during the festivities.
     For more information, please contact
     MAA Athletic Director June VerSchave
     at 630-257-7844, extension 33 or
     ABC President Pat Wasilewski
     at 708-923-0958.
Re-Echo L Fall 2007                Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                                        27

                                Mount Assisi Academy
   Sixth Annual Gala Dinner Dance
                  A N D H A L L O F FA M E AWA R D S
                            S AT U R D AY M A R C H 1 , 2 0 0 8

Edward Pratt                      Barbara Griffin Szram ’72
Mary Beth Pratt ’77               Joseph Taylor
                                                                       Gala Program
Rita Radtke                       Patricia Dybisz Tirio ’69            Advertisers
Judith Radzik Regep ’59           Patti Tolone ’67
                                                                       St. Mary Nativity
Margaret Reker                    Thomas Tolone
Julie Dignan Richert ’77          Mary Tribe                           Reverend John Doyle
Jan Riemersma                     Debra Pilewski Triolo ’78              St. Anne / St. Ambrose Churchs
Therese Rimkus                    Maureen Trotto
                                                                       Gary Pater
Charlene Kalousek Rodack ’82      Noreen Lonergan Tunney ’84
                                                                         Bansley & Kiener LLP
Maureen Rogus                     Charlotte Grubisich Turturillo ’83
Mark Ross                         Lisa Valkenburg                      Sr. Patricia Kolenda, SSFCR
Mary Ann Salek                    June VerSchave                          School Sisters of St. Francis
M. Noel Scholl                    Dana Villani
Colleen Schaller Sheehan ’76      Claudette Walus                      MAA League of Friars
Beverly Sigler                       Walschlager ’61                   Roberta Magurany
Barbara Simon                     John Wasilewski                        Holy Family Villa
Elizabeth Slad                    Judy Wedryk
Charlene Conerton Smollen ’66     Rosalie Wemple                       Pat Wasilewski
Patricia Aftanas Soukal ’63       Charlene Losey Winke ’66               MAA Booster Club
Susan Orseske Spanos ’74          Patricia Murray Witkowski ’75
                                                                       Chicago Gaelic Park
Douglas Stangeland                Mary Ann Wood
Catherine Lucas Steel ’78         Nancy Boge Wright ’77                Matthew Markiewicz
Margaret Steinbock-Sinclair       Diane Wyzinski                         Markiewicz Funeral Home
Mary Jane Sumner                  Emily Kolar Zabrocki ’59
                                                                       Phil Bartnicki
                                                                         Mount Assisi Parents Association

                                                                       Sr. Barbara Markovich
                                                                          Our Lady of Angels
                                                                          House of Prayer

                                                                       Gerald Napleton
                                                                         Napleton Lincoln-Mercury Inc.

                                                                       Dr. Edward Abromaitis, D.D.S.

                                                                       Fr. Lawrence Lisowski
                                                                          SS Cyril & Methodius

                                                                       Frank Lacny
                                                                          American Combustion
                                                                          Services, Inc.
28                                   Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                  Re-Echo L Fall 2007

                                  Mount Assisi Academy
     Sixth Annual Gala Dinner Dance
                     A N D H A L L O F FA M E AWA R D S
                             S AT U R D AY M A R C H 1 , 2 0 0 8

Dennis Noga
  Ez Duz It Products, Inc
                                    AUCTION DONORS                     Chicago Wolves

                                    Allegro Music & Dance Academy      CPX Sports
Franciscan Village                                                     Crackpots
                                    Alsip Nursery
Ray Zomchek                                                            Dan and Cheryl Broadhurst
                                    Annie’s, Ltd.
  Colley Elevator Company
                                    Arlington Park Racecourse          Debbie Kelly Wlodarski ’79
Chipains Finer Foods                                                   Duke’s Ace Hardware
                                    BJ McMahon’s
Richard Guzior                                                         Eli’s Cheesecake Company
                                    Barb and Alex Szram
   Richards Building Supply Co.
                                    Beverly Kapustiak                  Estella Mazzula Cronk ’72
Samuel Forzley, O.D.                                                   Fender and Donisch
  Forzley Eye Clinic                Bishop Lyne Residence
                                                                         Portrait Studio
                                    Bobbi Magurany
Gerald Dill                                                            Gabrielle Shemett Montenegro ’85
  Beechen & Dill Builders Inc.      Cardinal Francis George
                                                                       General Mills, Inc.
Richard Meade                       Carla Guzior
                                                                       Giordano’s Enterprises, Inc.
   Community Bank of Lemont         Carpet Interiors
                                                                       Hollywood Boulevard
John Alfirevich                     Catch 35
  Apple Chevrolet                                                      Hollywood Casino
                                    Cathyann Hoye
                                                                         – Epic Buffet
Phil Bartnicki                      Chicago Bulls
  Spitfire Volleyball Club                                             Hollywood Park
                                    Chicago Cubs
                                                                       Holy Family Villa
Beth Zelazo Wasilowski

Dean Pappas
  YOR Creative Design

Catholic Charities

John Norbut
  Purchasing Solutions

Bryan Freel
  Vine Properties

Frank Brotto
   All State Insurance
Re-Echo L Fall 2007                   Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                                  29

                                  Mount Assisi Academy
   Sixth Annual Gala Dinner Dance
                   A N D H A L L O F FA M E AWA R D S
                               S AT U R D AY M A R C H 1 , 2 0 0 8

Huron Consulting Group               Schoolbelles                        The Bennett-Curtis House
ICI Paints                           Shar Altenhoff                      The Dance Workshop
Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra      Shedd Aquarium                      The Essence Suites
Inn at Aberdeen, Ltd.                Showcase Window Fashions            The New Hancock Observatory
Jenny’s Steak House                  Sister Alexine Bredas, SSFCR        The Patio Restaurant
Judge Mathis Show                    Sister Helen Kovacic, SSFCR         Tony & Tina’s Wedding
Kane County Cougars                  Sister Mary Frances Werner, SSFCR   Turnabout Pizza
Lake Capital                         Smooth Skin & Nail Salon            Untouchable Tours
Lewis University                     Southwest Airlines                  Walt Disney World, Inc.
Lexie Szram ’02                      Sybaris Suites                      White Fence Farm
Madelyn Guzior                       Taj Mahal Restaurant, Inc.          Zano Salons, Inc.
Marie Dworsky
Mark Buckley and
  Donna Murphy-Buckley
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bell
Mrs. Bill Gordon
Mrs. Jack Holcomb
Mount Assisi Academy
Mount Assisi Booster Club
Naper Settlement
Noreen Heron & Associates
Oak Lawn Park District
115 Bourbon Street
Palos Sports
Patti Tolone
Peg O’Ryan Lombardo ’65
Perry and Lillian Buckley
Phil Bartnicki
Ravinia Festival
Richard and Christine Guzior
30                                       Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                                         2008
                                                                                                  Re-Echo L Fall 2007

                                Mount Assisi Academy
     Memorials & Honorariums 2007-2008
              The following individuals have made donations in remembrance of their
             deceased loved ones or in honor of special individuals during 2007-2008.
          They are remembered in the prayers of the Mount Assisi Academy Community,
      as well as at the MAA Memorial Mass, Sunday, October 26, 2008 at 10:30 a.m. at MAA.
      Mount Assisi Academy Memorial cards are available in the MAA Office of Advancement.

       In Honor Of                                                   Donor
       Sr. Thomasine Novakovich, SSFCR ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Barbara Volheim Glenos ’63
       The School Sisters of St. Francis of Christ the King~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Jeanette Daugirda Kirchner ’78

       In Memory Of                                                  Donor
       Sister Ann Bambick, SSFCR~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Sister M. Ann Barbara Plavac, SSFCR ’59
       Theresa Banich-Rhoads ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Margaret Banich Bruni ’65
       Leona Bembenek ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Mary Bembenek Duckworth ’82
       Joseph Birmingham ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Donna Birmingham Green ’87
       Linda Jones Blondis ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Nancy Jones Serdar ’57
       Michele Chicvara ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Nancy Chicvara Looney ’83
       Virginia Doran ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Joanne Doran Gandolfi ’75
       Robert & Mary Doyle ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Mary Ellen Doyle Bowers ’73
       Alex & Veronica Dzikas ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Aurelia Dzikas Bremer ’59
       Sister Edwardine Udovich, SSFCR ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Virginia Loew Gray ’70
       Ralph Ferraro ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Donna Ferraro Renick ’71
       Frank J. Geraghty ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Louis Mirabellie
       Charlotte Grubisich ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Charlotte Grubisich Turturtillo ’83
       John Grubisich
       Annamarie Guinta ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Donna Murphy-Buckley
       Lena Guinta
       Marie Guinta-Nowell
       Patricia & William D. Joyce ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Michael & Jeriann Sweeney
       Sister Mary Josephine Tominac, SSFCR ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Caroline Schranz Sicinski ’61
                                                                     Nancy Jones Serdar ’57
                                                                     Nancy Reynolds Schneider ’57
       Helen Bulow Juric ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Patricia Lloyd
       Clara Kashanitz ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Alan & Bobette May
Re-Echo L Fall 2008                       Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                                      31

                                 Mount Assisi Academy
 Memorials & Honorariums 2007-2008
        Judith Sudeikis Kelpsas ’64 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Alexandra Dellutri ’64
                                                                      Rose Naputano ’64
        Charlotte K. Lacke~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Lorraine Lack Krzywosz ’76
        Mary Ann Laurencell~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Kathleen Laurencell Silver ’85
        Gordon Laurencell
        Teresa Laurencell
        Dorothy Letvinchik~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Patricia Knitter Janik ’62
        Sister Louise Burich, SSFCR ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Carole Hurta Schneider ’63
        Edward Magurany ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Mount Assisi Academy Board of Directors
        John Major~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Sheryl Major Soberano ’78
        Felix Martellotta ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Janet York Narbutis ’86
        Doloris I. McNamara~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Laura Ripoli
        Slyvester Mirral ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Sister Mary Benedict Cimperman, SSFCR
        Lucille Morello ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Alan & Bobette May
        Florence Murphy~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Donna Murphy-Buckley
        James Robert Murphy~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Donna Murphy-Buckley
                                                                        Freda Murphy
        Peter Murphy ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Donna Murphy-Buckley
        Maureen Murphy ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Adrienne Boyle Farrell ’74
        Marienne Penzato ’61 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Barbara Rumsavich Maenner ’61
        Flo Pieniawski ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Bonnie Goliak
        Janet Plecki ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Eileen Plecki Hacker ’79
        Patricia Pratt~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Mary Beth Pratt ’77
        Eileen “Sophie” Rafa ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Jennifer Rafa Doyle ’78
                                                                        Mary Jo Rafa Christensen ’73
        Rosalind Reker ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Margaret Reker
        William Reker
        Rob Salbego~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Barbara Luchen Salbego ’59
        Theresa & Frank “Scully” Scalise ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Mary Vujic
        Sister Siena Trsenjak, SSFCR ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Lila Canning Mancini ’63
        Marnie Smith ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Denise Smith ’65
        Jeanette St. Germain ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Germaine St. Germain Zola ’61
        Anthony Turturtillo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Charlotte Grubisich Turturtillo ’83
        Joseph Turturtillo
        Alice Velcich ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ K. Tina Velcich Donahue ’64
        Lois Zelazo White ’78 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Beth Zelazo Wasilowski ’72
        Genevieve Wright ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Kathleen Laurencell Silver ’85
        Jean Zekich ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Mary Vujic
        Clara Zolecki~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Joanne Zolecki ’59
  12                                                   Mount Assisi Academy Newsletter                            Re-Echo L Fall 2008
                                                                                                        Re-Echo L Spring/Summer 2007

September 17 MAA Alumnae Association                                                   Mount Assisi Academy
             Meeting / 7 p.m.
September 19         MAA Walk-A-Thon / 10:30 a.m.                                         CALENDAR
September 21         Welcome Liturgy & Brunch / 10:00 a.m.
                                                                           November 2         MAA Open House / 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
September 24 2009 Gala and Hall of Fame Awards                             November 7         Free Day
             Planning Meeting / 7:00 p.m.
                                                                           November 16        MAA Open House / 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
September 28 All-Alumnae Open House / 12 - 3 p.m.                          November 19        MAA Alumnae Association Meeting –
                                                                           All are welcome!!! “Cooking for The Holidays” / 6:30 p.m.
October 3        St. Francis of Assisi Feast Day Liturgy / 8:00 a.m.       November 26-28 Thanksgiving Holiday
October 6        Holiday honoring the School Sisters of St. Francis        December 8              Immaculate Conception Liturgy / 8:00 a.m.
                 of Christ the King 100th Anniversary
                                                                           December 19             Christmas Liturgy / 8:00 a.m.
October 13       Columbus Day Holiday                                      December 19             MAA Student Talent Show / 10:00 a.m.
October 15       MAA Alumnae Association Meeting / 7 p.m.
October 19       Lemont Garden Club “Holiday Beginnings”                   December 19             Christmas Vacation
                 1:00 p.m. in MAA Gymnasium                                  to January 4

October 26       Memorial Mass & Brunch / 10:30 a.m.                       January 5               Welcome Back – Classes Resume

                     Alumnae…                                              News for Class Notes:

             Let Us Hear From You!
Each and every one of our graduates is an important part of Mount Assisi
Academy’s history. Please help by keeping us informed about your life
since graduation. Write to us about your family. career, travel, change
of address, etc. We will keep you updated on your classmates and friends
through the Alumnae Class Notes.



City State            Zip

Phone: (         )                      Year of Graduation:


Mail to: Development Office / Mount Assisi Academy
13860 Main Street / Lemont, IL 60439
or fax us at: 630-257-6362

Mount Assisi Academy                                                                                                        Non-Profit
13860 Main Street                                                                                                          Organization
Lemont, IL 60439                                                                                                          U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                         Rescigno’s Mailing

    If this is addressed to a daughter who
  no longer maintains a permanent address
         at your home, please notify us
      so that we can update our records.
                Thank you!

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