Wanda of the Golden Dawn

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					                              Wanda of the Golden Dawn

Whispered voices from our past

Whose ear shall hear their storied lives?

Whose tongue shall tell their tallest tales?

Whose hand preserves these passing times?

Beneath the gathered sands of time

Lay treasures dear and most revered

Who shall sweep away the dust?

Discovering all that we have lost?

We stand upon the shoulders

Of those who came before

Who walks along their footsteps?

Who travels paths of lore?

She wanders through our history

Through days oft overlooked and gone

She is our living memory

Our Wanda of the golden dawn

Copyright © 2011 by William R. Buckley.
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Copyright © 2011 by William R. Buckley.

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Description: To celebrate the 90th birthday of Wanda Potts, MPL Indiana Room Librarian Emeritus, Mooresville Public Library (Mooresville, Indiana) share this poem, written by William R. Buckley.