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					                             This brings me back to an earlier time when
I was in school working towards my chiropractic degree. Our school had
two parts for human anatomy (lecture and a human dissection lab where we
were to learn the bones, muscles, nerves and arteries of the body. I knew
that the knowledge that I would learn would be extremely valuable in real
life while taking care of patients, however, I was not really very
excited about the fact that I had to cut into a corpse to learn these
things. The first cut was the one of the hardest things that I ever had
to do. It was, however, the start of an interesting journey on my way to
becoming much more knowledgeable about the human body and how it works.I
learned many things including that the skin is actually an organ and the
largest organ we have. It protects us and helps us to expel toxins as
well. Some other things that I learned was that the skull was made up of
29 different bones and a majority of these bones form the cranial vault
which houses and protects the brain (the supercomputer that processes a
vast amount of data every second and basically runs our body).The
textbooks that I used during my educational experience were Netters Atlas
of Human Anatomy and Shearers Manual of Human Dissection. After I became
more comfortable with this class, these textbooks became invaluable but
learning the things like the origin (or start of) and insertion (or
ending of) a muscle, the nerve and blood supply, along with where this
muscle is located in the body in comparison with other structures was
still very difficult.Sure, you do learn some helpful sayings and
mnemonics to help you remember some of the information. One example is
the phrase major over minor when it comes to identifying certain muscles.
The pectoralis major muscle lies on top of the pectoralis minor
muscle.Another example of a helpful mnemonic is when it comes to the
wrist bones (also known as the carpal bones). The wrist is made up of 8
different bones. These carpal bones have very funny sounding names and
your professors want you to name them out in the correct order so that
you know precisely where each one islocated. We will get to the actual
names of them in just a bit but the easy way to remember the correct
order and location of each is by a mnemonic that is widely passed around
in schools by the students. The saying is Some Lovers Try Positions That
They Can't Handle. Now that makes it a little easier to remember because
a phrase like that is not too easy to forget. The names of the wrist
bones in order then is: Scaphoid, Lunate, Triquetrum, Pisiform,
Trapezium, Trapezoid, Capitate and Hamate.The best thing to do is study
hard. Yes, I know, that is actually easier said than done. I found that
repetition also aided me in remember things more easily. Finally, another
technique that I used to do to help me recall these things was to take my
Shearers Manual of human dissection and read through the descriptions of
the different areas. With the description given, I would then take a
piece of paper and draw out what was illustrated by the words of the
text. This was one of the most important things that helped me to easily
recall what was required to know for the upcoming examination. I would
even take it so far to re-draw all of my little illustrations of these
areas several times prior to the test which helped to drive all of my
creativity and facts about the human anatomy into my brain so that I
could recall more easily what I needed to know.Now, looking back on how
everything, how I studied back then with what I had and what is available
online today for studying human anatomy there is only one thing that I
would have changed. I would have gone online, if it were available when I
was going to school and I would have purchased a copy of the Human
Anatomy Course from Dr. Ross.With his course, it makes learning Human
Anatomy and Physiology. He backs his product with a guarantee that you
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little while ago, was only sold to medical professionals. Now it can be
purchased by anyone: students, lawyers, doctors, nurses, medics or anyone
else who is interested in learning human anatomy and physiology. It walks
you step-by-step through the coursework and no prior medical training is
required.Had this been available when I was going to school this is the
one tool that I would have dropped everything for. You can acquire
several years of human anatomy and physiology training in only days. It
would have made my life easier and saved me tons of time learning all of
the difficult to remember muscles, their origin and insertion, action,
nerve supply and blood supply.This is the only thing that I would have
wished to have had so I'm pointing it out to you so that your learning
can take place easier, faster and will be much more enjoyable. Just take
a few minutes to check it out. If you cannot see how beneficial this is
for learning a very difficult subject, you cannot say I did not try to
point it out to you.CLICK HERE to learn Human Anatomy & Physiology much
easier than ever before!I wish you the best in life, health, love and

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