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   How to Get the Most
   Out of Your Barbecue
   Let Your Tastebuds
   Walk the Plank
   Broil King® and Sterling®
   Gas Barbecues for 2010
   Cooking with gas vs. charcoal
   Unique Barbecue Accessories
   Mouth-Watering Recipes
   and so much more!

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   How to get the most out of your Gas Barbecue
   Broil King® and Sterling® Gas Barbecues are made for grilling,    For almost all foods you grill through the direct method you
   but are you aware there is more to barbecuing than just           can break the cooking time down into ¼ increments.
   throwing a burger or sausage onto the grill and letting           The table below shows you some of the most popular cuts of
   it cook? To truly harness the power of your barbecue you          meat to cook via the direct method and how long each cut
   should try cooking with the methods we’ll be outlining in         gets grilled for. Each side of meat gets cooked twice (A, C
   this feature. From direct to indirect to rotisserie cooking, if   and B, D) for the allotted time. How to cook the Perfect
   you unleash the power and versatility of your Broil King or       Steak is detailed on page 3.
   Sterling you won’t be disappointed.

   Direct Method
   The direct grilling method involves cooking the food on the
   grids directly over the lit burners. Our barbecues have the
   ability to heat up to a searing 600˚F in a matter of minutes,
   making them the perfect barbecue for the direct method.

   Most barbecuers associate this method with cooking beef
   burgers, sausages and steaks. However, if you are only
   cooking those items you’re not getting the most out of
   your barbecue.

   While beef burgers, sausages and steaks certainly are best
   grilled through the direct method you can also be using this
   method for most quick-cooking foods such as fish, kebabs
   and vegetables as well as breads, fruit and desserts.

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   Let your taste buds walk the plank
   Another unique and delicious way to grill food directly is by
   using a wooden plank. Cooking meat or seafood on a
                                                                         Soy Maple Salmon
   wooden plank, known as “planking,” is sure to get great
   results and wow your dinner guests. The smoke created from
   the plank sitting directly above the lit elements infuses the
   meat with that delicious true barbecue flavour. To use a
   plank, soak it in water, juice, beer or wine for at least an hour
   and pat it dry. Pre-heat the grill on HIGH for 10mins then
   place the seasoned meat on the plank, then on the barbecue
   directly above the lit elements and reduce the heat to
   medium-low. Cook it to its desired doneness and serve.
   It’s that simple. Cedar planks are ideal for salmon but don’t       This classic planking recipe contrasts the sweetness of
   be afraid to try other meats. Pork goes great on a maple            maple syrup with the Asian flavours of ginger & soy sauce.
   plank and lamb is ideal for alder. For a more detailed recipe
   check out the side bar.
                                                                       1 cedar, (apple or maple) plank soaked
                                                                       overnight or at least 1 hour
                                                                       1 cup / 250ml pure maple syrup
                                                                       2 tbsp / 25ml grated fresh ginger
                                                                       ¼ cup / 50ml fresh lemon juice
                                                                       3 tbsp / 45ml soy sauce
                                                                       2 cloves garlic, finely minced
                                                                       Salt & freshly ground pepper
                                                                       2½ -1lb salmon fillet, skin on
                                                                       Spring onions (sliced lengthways -
                                                                       red onions are also fine)

                                                                       Combine the maple syrup, ginger, all but 1 tbsp / 15ml of
                                                                       the lemon juice, soy sauce, garlic, salt & pepper in a small
                                                                       pot. Cook at a simmer until reduced to 1 cup /250ml –
                                                                       approx 30 minutes.

                                                                       Let cool. Season the salmon with salt & pepper & coat it
                                                                       with about half the sauce.

                                                                       Preheat the Barbie on medium-high for 5-10 mins or until
                                                                       oven is above 500°F / 260°c. Remove the plank from the
                                                                       water & pat dry with kitchen paper. Smear olive oil on
                                                                       both sides of the plank & place plank on the grids.

                                                                       After a few minutes, layer the plank with the onions &
                                                                       put the salmon fillet(s) on top.

                                                                       During cooking watch for flare-ups – depending on the
                                                                       thickness of the salmon, normally takes around 20 – 30
                                                                       minutes to cook.

                                                                       Sometimes the plank can catch fire towards the end so
                                                                       have some spray water handy just in case.

                                                                                                                    Item #50280

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   The Perfect Steak
   You didn’t think we would forget to discuss steak did you?                     on the market. Meat from the rib section is tender and fattier
   Creating the perfect steak is what Broil King and Sterling                     than other cuts of beef. This extra fat makes rib eye steaks
   barbecues are built to do. There is no way we could talk                       and roasts especially tender and flavourful.
   about direct grilling without mentioning the most popular
                                                                                  • Sirloin: The sirloin is near the rump. Sirloin steaks are
   meat to grill. Below we have information to help you choose
                                                                                  tougher than cuts from the loin or the rib. There are several
   the perfect cut of beef, advice on using marinades as well as
                                                                                  different sirloin steak cuts.
   a guide to help you grill the perfect steak, every time.
                                                                                  • Flank: Flank steak is a beef steak cut from the belly muscles
   Make No Mis(Steak)                                                             of the cow. The flank steak is much tougher than the loin
   If you’ve been in the supermarket or butchers you’ve                           and rib steaks. Many recipes for flank steak use marinades
   probably seen or heard some or all of these terms before,                      or braising.
   but you might not know exactly what they mean. Well, now
   you will. We’re here to help you differentiate the T-Bone from                 Now that you can appreciate some of the different cuts of
   the Sirloin.                                                                   beef it’s time to move on to another delicious aspect of
                                                                                  steak…marinades! Marinades are simply liquids that infuse
   • Tenderloin: The tenderloin is a cut of meat that is
                                                                                  the meat with flavour. Most marinades include an acidic
   exceptionally tender. On a cow the tenderloin is found in the
                                                                                  component, such as lemon juice, wine or vinegar in addition
   middle of the back between the sirloin and the rib.
                                                                                  to herbs, condiments, oils and spices. The acid tenderizes the
   The tenderloin is extremely tender because the muscles that
                                                                                  meat while balancing out sweet or spicy flavours in the
   make up the tenderloin are rarely used. When the tenderloin
                                                                                  marinade. Marinades are best suited for tougher cuts of
   is cut into pieces, it is called fillet mignon steaks.
                                                                                  meat but are certainly not limited to just those. In addition
   • T-Bone: The T-bone is a bone-in steak from the short loin.                   to being delicious, studies show that marinades greatly
   This cut has a T-shaped bone that separates the tenderloin                     reduce the carcinogens produced when barbecuing.
   section from the larger portion of the top loin. These steaks
   are not as tender as the porterhouse steak.

   • Porterhouse: The Porterhouse is a large steak from the thick
   end of the short loin containing a T-shaped bone and large
   piece of tenderloin. Porterhouse steak is one of the most
   popular types of steaks.

   • Rib-Eye: The rib eye is from the beef rib. When cut into
   steaks, the rib eye is one of the most popular and juicy steaks

                                     A                                     B                              C                                   D

      Brush grids with vegetable or              Turn the steak over, grilling   Turn the steak over and grill    Finally turn the steak over and
      olive oil and set to high. Once            on the same 45º angle for       on the opposite 45º angle for    grill on the same 45º angle for
      high heat has been reached                 2 minutes.                      2 minutes.                       a final 2 minutes. The result
      reduce to medium and place                                                                                  should be a perfect diamond
      steak on the barbecue at a 45º                                                                              pattern and medium rare steak.
      angle and cook for 2 minutes if
      using a 1” thick steak.

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   How to get the most out of your Gas Barbecue
   Indirect Method                                                  and voila! The juices and drippings will fall and mix with the
   Many people think that a barbecue is just for searing and        contents of the drip pan and as that mixture heats up it will
   high-heat grilling, however, that’s not the case with a          automatically baste the food.
   Broil King or Sterling.

   With their amazing heat retaining abilities, each one of our
   barbecues can be used as a convection oven, allowing you to
   cook food indirectly. As the term implies, indirect cooking is
   a way to cook food without grilling it directly over the heat.
   Instead, the food is cooked by hot air circulating around the
   oven. The indirect method is a slower cooking technique for
   larger cuts of meat such as roasts or poultry. There are two
   main methods of indirect cooking, the drip pan method and
   the unlit burner method.

                                                                    The one-burner method is another great way to cook a meal
   Both methods rely on lower heat settings with the lid closed.
                                                                    indirectly. Start the same way you would using the drip pan
   There is no need to turn or baste the poultry or roast
                                                                    method, by removing the cooking grids. Place a drip pan on
   meaning you can sit back and relax while you have a worry
                                                                    the side of the barbecue where the meat will be cooked and
   free barbecuing experience with little chance of flare-ups.
                                                                    fill it with water or other cooking liquid. Return the grids to
                                                                    the barbecue and preheat the barbecue on MEDIUM for
   The Drip Pan and One Burner Methods
                                                                    10mins. If your model has a large dual main burner, turn one
   The drip pan method is an ideal way to obtain that moist
                                                                    side of the burner off (or if your model has three or more
   and succulent chicken, joint of pork or leg of lamb.
   Simply remove the grids from the barbecue and place the          main burners, turn the middle one(s) off) and spray or brush
   drip pan beneath the centre of the meat to be barbecued.         the grids with cooking oil. Sear the meat on all sides using
   Then, pour water or other cooking liquid (fruit juices or wine   the lit side of the barbecue. Transfer the meat over
   add delicious flavours) into the drip pan. Replace the cooking   to the unlit section, centering it over the drip pan.
   grids, preheat the barbecue on medium for 10mins then            Close the lid and regulate the heat setting to maintain the
   adjust the heat to MEDIUM/LOW.                                   desired temperature.

                                                                    Using these indirect methods for cooking large roasts or
   Spray or brush the grids with cooking oil, then place the        poultry will ensure you get moist, succulent, flavourful results
   meat directly on the grids above the drip pan, close the lid     every time you cook with your Broil King or Sterling.

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   How to get the most out of your Gas Barbecue
   Rotisserie Method                                                  tied in tightly to avoid burning. Secondly, make sure you
   The last barbecue cooking method we’re going to discuss is         place a drip pan under the meat, fill it half way with water
   rotisserie cooking. Think back to that first time you bit into a   (or juice or wine) and make sure to never let it run dry.
   spit roasted piece of chicken, turkey or any other roast.
   Wouldn’t it be great to be able to achieve those same great
   tastes in your own back garden? Well now you can.
   Unlike many other barbecue companies, OMC has
   incorporated a unique rear rotisserie burner on many of the
   Broil King and Sterling models.

   The rear burner together with the heavy-duty rotisserie kit is
   ideal for roasting turkey, chicken or other fowl as well as
   large cuts of meat. The best types of meat to rotisserie cook
   are ideally round cuts, the more delicate the flesh, the better.

   You may be wondering how rotisserie cooking is different
   than the direct or indirect method. And the answer is simple.
   The constant turning of the meat while rotisserie cooking
   allows it to self-baste in its natural juices, resulting in
   exceptionally moist and tender roasts.

   An added benefit of the rear rotisserie burner is that you will    Side Burner Method
   avoid any flare-ups which are commonly caused by fat
                                                                      Another feature that makes Broil King and Sterling barbecues
   drippings falling from your food onto the flames. With a rear
                                                                      industry leaders in versatility and performance is the addition
   rotisserie the heat comes from the rear of the barbecue and
                                                                      of a high-powered side burner (available on most models).
   continuously cooks every inch of your poultry or roast
                                                                      This feature allows you to do more while you cook.
   as it turns.
                                                                      Create mouth-watering side dishes like soups or stews or use
                                                                      it to create delicious gravy for your meal. With the addition
   Two of the most important things to remember when
                                                                      of a rear rotisserie and side burner, the possibilities of the
   cooking with a rotisserie are to fix the meat securely in the
                                                                      meals you can create are endless.
   middle of the spit. With poultry, the wings and legs must be

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     The     Heart of the Barbecue Always Makes the Difference
    Our superior Dual-Tube™ burner technology improves                      Two Unbeatable Burner Systems
    cooking performance with the addition of a small diameter               That Include a Full 5 Year Warranty
    tube inside a larger diameter tube. This innovative design              Cooks will appreciate the result of using these high-quality
    evenly distributes heat and promotes uniform gas pressure               stainless steel burner systems for their durability and precise
    and flame height.                                                       temperature control.

    The Super 8™ Infinity burner system and our Dual-H™ shaped              Every quality component that goes into a Broil King and Sterling
    burner are engineered for quick even heat. With up to 360               barbecue is engineered for continuous performance and
    ports, these quality burners can heat the barbecue to a searing         reliability assuring you peace on mind.
    600°F in minutes.

                          Cast iron cooking grids retain the most                                Our large cabinets are fully enclosed for
                          heat which is perfect for searing meats.                               strength and protection from the elements
                          Broil King’s cast iron grids are reversible for                        and have ample room to store a 13 kg
                          cooking flexibility. One side has grooved                              propane tank, barbecue cover and
                          channels to capture juices for self-basting,                           other essentials.
                          the other is pointed for steakhouse style
                          sear marks.

                          The design of our Flav-R-Wave™ cooking                                 Plenty of storage space means nothing will
                          system does not allow the juices from your                             ever be out of reach. Our larger models
                          food to pool which reduces flare ups and                               have full extension storage drawers
                          protects the burner. When these juices                                 perfect for storing tongs, brushes and
                          come in contact with the stainless steel                               other grilling accessories.
                          Flav-R-Wave™ they are instantly vapourized
                          creating that signature barbecue aroma
                          and taste.

                          Our high powered stainless steel side-                                 Large side shelves provide valuable work
                          burners allow you to do more.                                          space at the grill side. Deep condiments
                          Create mouth watering side dishes, soups                               bins and integrated tool hooks are a great
                          and sauces while you barbecue.                                         place for your favourite marinades and
                                                                                                 barbecue utensils.

                          The direct flame stainless steel rear burner                           Every metal component on a Broil King and
                          gives you the ability to create restaurant-                            Sterling is zinc coated and finished with
                          style rotisserie meals. The deluxe rotisserie                          an epoxy based powder-coat paint to
                          kit includes a heavy duty battery motor,                               provide years of rust-free service.
                          heavy duty spit and spit forks plus a
                          counter balance making it easier to cook
                          large cuts of meat, even a turkey.

                          You can move your barbecue quietly and                                 The Sure-Lite™ ignition system offers you
                          with ease with our top quality, crack-proof                            peace of mind knowing that your barbecue
                          wheels. Our larger models are also fitted                              will start no matter what the weather
                          with locking castors to ensure your                                    conditions are.
                          barbecue will stay put once you’ve
                          manoeuvred it where you want it.

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   We are craftsmanship and style
   The 2010 Barbecue Line-up
   Broil King and Sterling Gas Barbecues are known
   throughout the world for their superior quality,
   technology and dependability. They offer you peace of
   mind by combining the latest in barbecue technology with the
   best in cooking convenience and craftsmanship. And the 2010
   line-up is no different. OMC continues its long tradition by
   offering a barbecue for every kind of requirement. If you’re in
   the market for a new barbecue look no further than a
   Broil King or Sterling. They have something to fit every budget.
   From the Imperial series to the Porta-Chef - the bodies may
   look different but the heart of all our barbecues remains the
   same. Every Broil King and Sterling feature the renowned
   Flav-R-Wave™ cooking system as well as either the
   unsurpassed performance of Dual-Tube™ burners, Infinity
   Super 8™ burners or H Shape burners.

   Here’s a brief guide to the 2010 Broil King and
   Sterling line-up. For more information on any of the barbecues
   featured here, talk to your authorized Broil King or Sterling                                                        IMPERIAL XL
   Barbecue Stockist.
                                                                      Imperial XL
   The Imperial XL is Quality,                                        • 17.5 kW stainless steel Dual-Tube™ burner system
   Craftsmanship and Style                                            • 2.7 kW side burner
   Outdoor Cooking has never looked better. However, the              • 4.4 kW stainless steel rear rotisserie burner
   Imperial XL isn’t just about looks. The flagship of the            • Premium rotisserie kit included
   Broil King line-up is for the barbecue enthusiast who              • 3,225 sq. cm. primary cooking surface - Left
   demands the best in both looks and performance.                    • 1,250 sq. cm. primary cooking surface - Right
   Broil King’s quality and craftsmanship are evident everywhere      • 1,393 sq. cm. porcelain coated warming rack - Left
   in this barbecue. From its massive cooking surface which           • 516 sq. cm. porcelain coated warming rack - Right
   gives you the flexibility of precise heat control, to its two
                                                                      • Heavy duty cast iron cooking grids
   separate cooking ovens allowing you to cook at different
   temperatures at the same time, the Imperial XL is a barbecue
   that has it all. So whether you are cooking for two or twenty-
   two, the Imperial series is the ultimate barbecue for your
   quality lifestyle.

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   We are craftsmanship and style
                              A Perfect Blend of                     Inspired by professional cooking appliances and designed for
                                                                     the true outdoor grilling enthusiast, the all new Broil King
                              Technology and
                                                                     Imperial enables you to truly enjoy the simpler moments with
                                                                     friends. All Broil King and Sterling gas barbecues come with a
                               Open the Broil King Imperial gas      factory-fitted propane clip-on regulator and ‘Grillers’
                               barbecue to behold its real beauty.   Handbook’. Relax and savour the best Broil King has to offer.
   What you see is a grill with more interior options, giving you
   the freedom to prepare meals precisely the way you like it.

   Broil King Dual-Tube™ burner technology is the latest
   advancement in gas barbecue burner systems. We have vastly
   improved cooking performance compared to other tube
   burners by adding a smaller diameter inner tube inside a wider
   thicker gauge outer tube.

   This combination creates turbulence inside the burner and
   promotes even gas pressure and flame height for superior
   heat distribution.

   Experienced chefs will tell you nothing performs better than
   cast iron cooking grids for their ability to retain heat longer
   and provide superior searing power. Broil King cast iron grids
   are designed to be reversible, one side is pointed to give you
   those perfect grill marks for a professional steakhouse result,
   while the other side has grooves to capture juices for
   continuous basting while cooking.
   With just a little care and seasoning
   with       cooking   oil,    they    will
   last a lifetime.

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   We are casual outdoor living
   The Regal is Contemporary
   The all-new Regal series from Broil King has a stylish,
   contemporary design while still giving you the legendary
   cooking results you’ve come to expect from a Broil King.
   All the features that have made Broil King an industry leader
   are underneath the sleek and modern hood. For the outdoor
   chef who wants the best in both looks and function, at an
   exceptional value, look no further than the Regal.

                                                                                                                         REGAL 490

                                                                       Regal 490
                                                                       • 13.2 kW stainless steel Dual-Tube™ burner system
                                                                       • 2.7 kW cast brass side burner
                                                                       • 4.4 kW stainless steel rear rotisserie burner
                                                                       • Premium rotisserie kit included
                                                                       • 3,150 sq. cm. primary cooking surface
                                                                       • 1,250 sq. cm. porcelain coated warming rack
                                                           REGAL 590
                                                                       • Heavy duty cast iron cooking grids

      Regal 590
      • 15.5 kW stainless steel Dual-Tube™ burner system
      • 2.7 kW cast brass side burner
      • 4.4 kW stainless steel rear burner
      • Premium rotisserie kit included
      • 5,525 sq. cm. primary cooking surface
      • 1,600 sq. cm. porcelain coated warming rack
      • Heavy duty cast iron cooking grids

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   We are casual outdoor living
   The Sovereign is Craftsmanship
   The Sovereign Series will help make your barbecues
   legendary. It is ideal for the adventurous griller who wants
   supreme functionality from their barbecue. This classically
   styled grill is big and powerful and loaded with features
   including a full rotisserie system, side burner and
   the revolutionary Dual-Tube™ stainless steel burners.
   The professional-grade cast iron cooking grids perform by
   retaining heat for perfect sear marks while the spacious and
   durable storage cabinet with extra-large fold down shelves
   provides ample room for all your utensils and condiments.
   If you’re in the market for a barbecue that offers exceptional
   results, style and convenience look no further than the
   Sovereign series.

                                                                                                                 SOVEREIGN 90

                                                                    Sovereign 90
                                                                    • 13.2 kW stainless steel Dual-Tube™ burner system
                                                                    • 2.7 kW stainless steel side burner
                                                                    • 5.25 kW stainless steel rear rotisserie burner
                                                                    • Premium rotisserie kit included
                                                                    • 3,000 sq. cm. primary cooking surface
                                                                    • 1,800 sq. cm. porcelain coated warming rack
                                                                    • Heavy duty cast iron cooking grids

                                                 SOVEREIGN XL 90
      Sovereign XL 90
      • 14.4 kW stainless steel Dual-Tube™ burner system
      • 2.7 kW stainless steel side burner
      • 5.25 kW stainless steel rear rotisserie burner
      • Premium rotisserie kit included
      • 3,800 sq. cm. primary cooking surface
      • 2,400 sq. cm. porcelain coated warming rack
      • Heavy duty cast iron cooking grids

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   We are everyday
   The Signet is Quality                                              The Monarch is Everyday
   The Signet Series has plenty of cooking space and is one of        OMC has barbecues for every budget yet the exceptional
   the most popular barbecues on the market. With its                 quality always remains the same, which is what sets the
   three stainless steel Dual-Tube™ main burners, you can cook        Monarch Series apart from its rivals. It features a rust proof
   and heat a variety of foods at the same time. The large deep       cast aluminium oven, the unbeatable Super 8™ Infinity burner
                                                                      and durable stainless steel components, making this a
   oven is perfect for convection cooking large roasts and turkeys.
                                                                      dependable barbecue with great value for all to enjoy.
   Always dependable, the Signet is trusted by barbecue
   enthusiasts around the world and will ensure you always get
   that perfectly grilled salmon, mouth watering corn on the cob
   or garlic bread, and best of all, everything will cook evenly.

                                                                         MONARCH 40

                                                                      Monarch Series
                                                                      • 11.4 kW stainless steel Super 8™ Infinity
                                                                        burner system
                                                                      • 2,200 sq. cm. primary cooking surface
                                                                                                                                MONARCH 20
                                                                      • 1,100 sq. cm. porcelain coated warming rack
                                                                      MONARCH 40
                                                                      Is equipped with all the standard features plus a 2.7 kW side burner.

                                                                      The Gem is Great Value
                                                                      Less space shouldn’t mean reduced performance, which is
                                                        SIGNET 90     why the Gem and Gem Super are built to the same rigorous
     Signet Series                                                    standards all Broil King and Sterling barbecues are.
                                                                      They’re loaded with quality features not normally found with
     • 12 kW stainless steel Dual-Tube™
                                                                      other entry-level models. The Gem’s are perfect for
       burner system
                                                                      smaller families and tight spaces, without sacrificing
     • 2,600 sq. cm. primary cooking surface
                                                                      cooking efficiency.
     • 1,500 sq. cm. porcelain coated
       warming rack
     • Heavy duty cast iron cooking grids                                                                                     GEM SUPER
                                                        SIGNET 40
     • Stainless steel Flav-R-Wave™
       cooking system

     SIGNET 90
     Is equipped with all the standard features
     plus a powerful 2.7 kW side burner, 4.4 kW
     BTU rear rotisserie burner, premium
     rotisserie kit.
                                                        SIGNET 20
     SIGNET 40
     Is equipped with all the standard features                       Gem Series
     plus a powerful 2.7 kW side burner.
                                                                      • 8.8 kW stainless steel burner system
                                                                      • 1,600 sq. cm. primary cooking surface
                                                                      • 1,200 sq. cm. chrome coated warming rack
                                                                      GEM SUPER
                                                                      Is equipped with all the standard features plus a 2.7 kW trivet side burner.
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   We are everyday
   The Porta-Chef is Outdoors                                            Beer Can Chicken
   Cooking on the go has never been more convenient than
   with the Porta-Chef series. The Porta-Chef is one of the most
   powerful portable barbecues available. The sturdy legs
   quickly snap into place providing a stable stand-alone
   barbecue. Each of these portable models offers enough
   cooking surface to barbecue for the whole family.

                                                                         SERVES 6 – PREPARATION TIME 10 MINUTES

                                                                         Juicy, healthy, flavourful and easy! The fat drips away and continuously
                                                                         bastes the bird as the chicken is roasting. To make things even easier, try
                                                                         using a Chicken Roaster.

                                                                         One Large whole chicken (4-5 ilbs)
                                                                         One 355 ml can of beer
                                                                         Three Cloves garlic, cut into thin slivers
                                                          PORTA-CHEF S   One Lemon, thinly sliced
                                                                         One Sprig fresh rosemary
                                                                         One Sprig fresh thyme
                                                                         Salt and pepper to taste

                                                                         PREPARE THE CHICKEN - Remove and discard the fat and giblets just
                                                                         inside the body cavities of the chicken. Rinse and dry the chicken.
                                                                         Season the outside of the bird with freshly ground pepper.
                                                                         PREPARE YOUR BARBECUE - Remove the grids and place a drip pan in
                                                                         the centre of the Flav-R-Wave of the barbecue. Replace the grids and
     AS SEMBLES IN MINUTES                                               brush with oil. Begin with liquid, beer or water in the drip pan.
                                                                         Beer will drip out of the can during cooking but be sure not to let the
                                                                         drip pan become dry.
    Porta-Chef Series                              PORTA-CHEF   PRO
                                                                         Preheat on HIGH then lower the temperature to MEDIUM.
    • Stainless steel Flav-R-Wave™                                       Pop the tab on the beer can and make several more large holes in the top
      cooking system                                                     of the can. Pour out the top inch of beer then place garlic and herbs into
                                                                         the beer can. As an alternative to beer, you can substitute 4-6 ounces of
    • Linear Flow™ valve
                                                                         white wine in a clean soup or lemonade (Coke, Sprite etc.) can.
    • Sure-Lite™ ignition system                                         Next, holding the chicken upright with the opening of the body cavity
    • Accu-Temp™ thermometer                                             down, insert the beer can into the cavity. Stand the chicken up in the
                                                                         centre of the barbecue, over the drip pan. Spread out the legs to form
                                                                         a tripod to support the chicken. The chicken is now positioned with the
    PORTA-CHEF S                                                         wings at the top and the legs at the bottom, near the grids.
    Is equipped with all the standard features     PORTA-CHEF
                                                                         If using one of the ‘Barbecue Genius’ Chicken Roasters (#50332 or
    plus a 3.5 kW stainless steel tubular burner                         #50442), no drip pan is required.
    system, 2 year warranty, and a porcelain
                                                                                             Close the lid of the barbecue and cook the chicken
    coated cooking grid.
                                                                                                     for approx 1½ hours (18 minutes per lb) or
    PORTA-CHEF PRO                                                                                    until the internal temperature of the breast
    Is equipped with all the standard features                                                        meat has reached 170ºF or 77 ºC.
    plus a 4.7 kW stainless steel tubular burner                                                    When the chicken is cooked, remove the
    system, 3 year warranty and a porcelain                                                        Chicken Roaster and chicken from the barbecue
    coated cast iron cooking grid.                                                                   and place on the side shelf. Let stand for 5
                                                                                                       minutes and carefully remove the chicken
                                                                                                       from the Chicken Roaster.
                                                    FOLDS DOWN QUICKLY
                                                                                                        Caution: be very careful not to spill hot
                                                                                                                   beer when carving.

                                                                                                                             Item #50332
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   We are quality and affordability
   Manufactured to the exacting standards of our Broil King
   barbecues, the Sterling range comes packed with quality
   features at very affordable prices. Here is a sample of some of
   the quality built gas barbecues we will be unveiling in 2010.

   Sterling Evolution
   The Evolution Series from Sterling proves just how far
   barbecues have evolved. With their massive cooking surface,
   Flav-R-Wave™ cooking system and porcelain coated cast iron
   cooking grids you’ll be able to grill up a delicious meal for the
   whole neighbourhood. Combine that with the countless other
   unique and revolutionary features found on the Evolution and
   you’ll be enjoying this quality built barbecue for years to come.

                                                                                                                            EVOLUTION 490

                                                                          Evolution 490
                                                                          • 12 kW stainless steel tube burner system
                                                                          • 2.7 kW stainless steel side burner
                                                                          • 4.4 kW stainless steel rear rotisserie burner
                                                                          • Premium rotisserie kit included
                                                                          • 2850 sq. cm. primary cooking surface
                                                                          • 1300 sq. cm. porcelain coated warming rack
                                                                          • Porcelain coated cast iron cooking grids
                                                                          • Stainless steel Flav-R-Wave™ cooking system

                                                          EVOLUTION 590

       Evolution 590
       • 14.5 kW stainless steel tube burner system
       • 2.7 kW stainless steel side burner
       • 4.4. kW stainless steel rear rotisserie burner
       • Premium rotisserie kit included
       • 3500 sq. cm. primary cooking surface
       • 1500 sq. cm. porcelain coated warming rack
       • Porcelain coated cast iron cooking grids
       • Stainless steel Flav-R-Wave™ cooking system

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   We are quality and affordability
   The 2800 Series                                                           The 44000 Series
   Everything is set for a delicious outdoor barbecue;                       With dependable performance, quality construction and great
   the 2800 Series will make sure of it. The cabinet design on the           features, this series is favoured among budget conscious
   series offers plenty of room for the propane tank, grill cover            consumers. These models are the perfect choice for smaller
   and other tools. The huge Therma-Cast™ aluminum oven has                  families and tight spaces – they give the convenience of
   the ability to cook large meals and the stylish stainless steel           compact sizing and lower pricing. However, with the powerful
   wrap is insulated from direct heat which protects against                 Dual-H burner™ and stainless steel Flav-R-Wave™ cooking
   discolouration. With its large cooking surface and deep oven,             system, you aren’t sacrificing great Sterling performance
   the 2800 Series can handle any job.                                       and features.


    The 2800 Series
    • 12.0 kW stainless steel Dual-H™
      burner system                                                           The 44000 Series
    • 2500 sq. cm. primary cooking area                                       • 11.4 kW stainless steel Dual-H™
                                                                                burner system
    • 1500 sq. cm. porcelain coated
      warming rack                                                    2868    • 2200 sq. cm. primary cooking area

    • Porcelain coated cast iron cooking grids                                • 1650 sq. cm. chrome coated
                                                                                warming rack                                                    44461
    • Stainless steel Flav-R-Wave™
      cooking system                                                          • Porcelain coated wire cooking grids
                                                                              • Stainless steel Flav-R-Wave™ cooking system
    Is equipped with all the standard features plus a                         44462
    powerful 2.7 kW side burner, 4.4 kW rear                                  Is equipped with all the standard features plus a
    rotisserie burner and a premium rotisserie kit.                           powerful 2.7 kW side burner.

    Is equipped with all the standard features plus a
    powerful 2.7 kW side burner.

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   We are unique and exciting barbecue accessories
   “Fuel” for Thought...                                               Taste
                                                                       Again, purists would argue that the smoky flavour a charcoal
   Cooking with Gas vs. Charcoal                                       barbecue imparts is the best. However, if you own a gas
                                                                       barbecue you can still get those authentic flavours with the help
                                                                       of a smoker box and some wood chips. It’s a matter of choice
                                                                       as to which flavour you like more.

                                                                       Another way to help decide what barbecue is right for you is to
                                                                       consider where the barbecue is going to be sited. A small
                                                                       charcoal barbecue could fit on most patios and balconies.
                                                                       However there are more and more gas barbecues being made
                                                                       that can fit in smaller spaces.
   If you’re thinking of getting a new barbecue you’ve probably
   asked around for advice from friends and colleagues, you’ve         Grilling
   done some research and now you are undoubtedly torn                 Something else to consider is how you plan to barbecue.
   between gas powered barbecues and charcoal barbecues.               Slow and steady or hot and fast. If the latter is what you are
   More often than not, people who use one kind will say that it       thinking then a gas barbecue is your best bet.
   is hands-down the better of the two. However, if you really
   want to know which one is best it all boils down to what you
                                                                       Finally there is the cost. Gas barbecues are generally more
   are expecting to get out of your barbecue. Do you want
                                                                       expensive than charcoal. So if you don't want to spend a lot of
   something that is quick and easy to use? Go with gas. Do you
                                                                       money then charcoal might be the answer. However, keep in
   want to slow cook your food and infuse it with smoky flavour?
                                                                       mind that charcoal is the more expensive fuel. You can easily
   Charcoal is the way to go. The Pros and Cons of each are broken
                                                                       spend £4.00 a cookout on charcoal, while gas might cost
   down below.
                                                                       around £1.00 per cookout. So while it might be cheaper
   Convenience                                                         up-front, charcoal won’t save you money in the long run.
   Gas barbecues get the nod in this department. Let’s face it; with
                                                                       So there you have it. As you can see there is no right or wrong
   our British weather some mornings you wake up to stormy
                                                                       when it comes to selecting a barbecue. It’s a matter of taste,
   clouds, rain etc. – the last thing on your mind is having a
                                                                       time and cost. No matter what selection you make you’ll be
   barbecue. Come the late afternoon the sun’s shining &
                                                                       sure to enjoy your barbecue for years to come!
   suddenly a barbecue seems like a good idea. Providing you’re
   OK for gas and have some food, with the turn of a knob and
   the push of a button you can be up and cooking in minutes.
   With charcoal you’ll possibly find that you need to clear the
   ashes from your last barbecue or that you’ve run low or run out
   of charcoal. However, even if you have everything you need,
   once lit, be prepared to wait around 40 minutes before you’re
   able to cook over charcoal.

   The authentic smoky taste that charcoal provides is something
   that purists say must be present if you want to consider yourself
   a true barbecuer. There is something special about creating and
   keeping a fire going on your charcoal grill. However who says
   you have to do what the purists say? A gas powered barbecue
   is just as authentic to anyone who uses it.

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   We are unique and exciting barbecue accessories
   A Guide to Barbecue Necessities                                     ‘Barbecue Genius’ Necessities
                                                                       Everyone that owns a barbecue should have a good quality
   and Accessories
                                                                       grid brush made with either brass or stainless steel bristles.
                                                                       A sturdy grill brush is worth its weight in gold because
                                                                       cleaning the grids after every use helps prolong
                                                                       the barbecue’s life span. Second on the
                                                                       list of necessities is a good
                                                                       pair of stainless steel
                                                                       long handled locking
                                                                       tongs, this will make placing
                                                                       and flipping your food on the
                                                                       grids much easier without
                                                                       singeing off your knuckle hair.
                                                                       Since some barbecue foods are
                                                                       too big for a pair of tongs a
                                                                       good quality turner or flipper is a
                                                                       great investment. You don’t need a turner with lots of gadgets
                                                                       built in, just one that will be able to slide under your food and
                                                                                                  flip it over. Lastly, as a necessity, a
                                                                                                       durable, quality barbecue cover is
                                                                                                        something that every owner
                                                                                                        should possess. The cover will
                                                                                                         protect your barbecue from the
                                                                                                         elements helping it to last for
                                                                                                      years and years. Once you have
                                                                       these four basic items you can upgrade to the accessories.

                                                                       ‘Barbecue Genius’ Accessories
                                                                       Whether you feel like having a stir fry, bacon and eggs, or a
                                                                       Panini sandwich, you can do it all on your barbecue with the
                                                                       right tools. For stir fry, you’ll need a stainless steel barbecue
                                                                       wok topper (# 19501) and for bacon and eggs and Panini’s
                                                                       you’ll need a griddle and we have numerous griddles to exact
                                                                       fit your model.
   At OMC, we are always looking for new and exciting meal
                                                                       “These items turn your barbecue into a
   ideas to throw on the barbecue. We know the right
   accessories can turn your barbecue into the perfect
                                                                       multi-purpose cooking machine.”
   entertaining appliance. This is why we don’t want you to use        Oiling and seasoning your cooking grids is also a great way to
                                                                       enhance your barbecue’s lifespan so an investment in an oil
   your barbecue simply for beef burgers and sausages.
                                                                       mister (# 19940) goes a long way. Finally, for the adventurous
   Unleash the full power of your barbecue by cooking crispy and
                                                                       barbecuer looking to add some extra flavour to their meals,
   delicious pizza, moist and succulent chicken, fish or even
                                                                       smoking or planking is a great way to impress your guests.
   bacon and eggs! We’re here to offer you a guide to the latest
                                                                       A cast iron smoker box (# 50700) is a simple accessory you fill
   accessories to turn your barbecue into the ultimate cooking
                                                                       with wood chips. You place it on your heating element
   machine. From the necessities like tongs, turners and brushes
                                                                       (Flav-R-Wave) and let the smoke infuse your meat. Planking is
   to the accessories like rib racks, cast iron griddles and chicken
                                                                       equally simple, just soak the wood plank (# 50280 Cedar,
   roasters, a barbecuer’s toolbox is never full and our ‘Barbecue
                                                                       # 50290 Maple) in water for a minimum of 1 hour. Put your
   Genius’ range of Tools and Accessories has exactly the right
                                                                       seasoned meat or fish on the plank and place it on the
   items for your needs.                                               barbecue grids. (See page 2 for a delicious recipe).

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   We are unique and exciting barbecue accessories
   Below is a small selection of the items in the                   Stainless Steel Square Wok Topper #19401
   Barbecue Genius range of tools and accessories.
                                                                    Get the most out of your barbecue by
   Naturally we have all the usual items that you
                                                                    transforming it into a wok!
   would expect to find such as tool sets, tongs and
                                                                    This stainless steel wok
   skewers but below are some of the more unusual
                                                                    topper is perfect for cooking
   (but extremely useful) items that you may not
                                                                    smaller items that might
   expect to see.
                                                                    fall through the grids.
                                                                    Convenient serving handles
   Steamer Brush # 15675                                            make it easy for carrying to and
   Harness the power of steam to remove                             from the barbecue.
   the most baked on grime from your
   grids. Simply add water.
   Features stainless steel bristles                                                        Cast Iron Smoker Box # 50700
   and comes with an extra head.
                                                                                                Fill this smoker box with the
                                                                                                    wood chips of your choice,
                                                                                                  place it under the grids of your
                          Non-Stick Rib Rack and Porcelain                                       barbecue and sit back as it
                            coated Roasting Pan # 50415                                          infuses your food with true
                                  4 Sections for ribs, and pan to                            smoky barbecue flavour. It’s simple,
                                   catch the drippings. Use the                          easy and gives you delicious results.
                                 pan separately for roasting
                           potatoes and other vegetables in the
                    oven or on the barbecue.                        QuickMist™ Oil Sprayer # 19940
                                                                    The QuickMist™ oil sprayer is a multi-
                                                                    functional, non-aerosol, environmentally friendly
   Bristle Head Brush # 15640                                       mist sprayer. You can use it to baste food or to
   This large headed bristle brush cleans deep into the             coat your cooking grids before and after
   corners of your grids and is one                                 each use. It’s best to use with olive or
   of many different grid                                           cooking oil. It’s one of the best ways
   cleaning brushes available in                                    to protect your grids from rust and
   the ‘Barbecue Genius’ range.                                     prevent food from sticking.

                             Universal LED Q-Lite™ # 50936                                   Cedar Grilling Planks #50280

   Don’t let the dark nights deter you from using your barbecue.                                    Impress your dinner
           The Q-Lite™ shines a light on your food and is made                                         guests (and yourself) by
                  of heat resistant glass filled nylon. With its                                         cooking your next
                    swivel head, you can light up the darkest                                              meal on a cedar
                           corners        of     your   barbecue.                                    plank. Planking infuses
                                   The universal adaptor means it                         your meal with a delicious smoky
                                   will fit all OMC Barbecues and               flavour and adds a true barbecue taste.
                                 other brands.                      Cedar planks are great for salmon and Maple planks
                                                                    (# 50290) are a great compliment to just about any meat,
                                                                    especially pork.

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   We are great pairing ideas
    Pairing Barbecue With Beer
                                                                      ONION BHAJIS
   Sure, a barbecue’s success is heavily
   measured by the taste of the food.
   But what many people don’t realize is
   that the beer you pair with the meal can
   play just as big a role as the meal itself.
   The beer can over power the food, be a
   non-factor or compliment what you are
   serving to perfection. It’s well known that
   beer and barbecue go hand in hand, but
   there are certain types of beer you can be
   serving with your meals that might make                            Serves 6 – Ideal as a snack, starter or side dish. Serve with Raita
   them even more enjoyable. We’ve compiled a                         (Yoghurt Mint Sauce), Mango Chutney and a Green Salad.

   brief guide to help you figure out what types of beer to pair
                                                                      ½ lb gram flour (chick pea flour)
   with what you’re cooking on the barbecue. Cheers!
                                                                      1 oz aniseed (optional)
   If you’re going to be cooking lighter fare on the barbecue         1 teaspoon salt
   like vegetarian, fish, or chicken dishes, the ideal beer to pair   Medium curry or chilli powder – depending on your
   it with would be a light Pilsner. This style won’t over power      taste 1- 2 teaspoons
   lighter tasting dishes but will provide a nice supporting taste    4 ozs chopped green chilli
   to the meal. For pizza, sandwiches and hearty soups                3 roughly chopped onions (not too finely chopped!)
   (yes, you can cook all of these on the barbecue) an                1 large potato & 1 chopped carrot peeled & chopped
   Amber Ale is a wonderful beer pairing and a great thirst           into approx ½ inch cubes
   quencher. Many people like to spice up their meals when            1 beaten egg
   they cook on the barbecue, if you fall into this category you      Cooking oil (vegetable or sunflower)
   can try pairing your food with beers that are lightly hopped
                                                                      Mix the gram flour and chopped onions, chilli, potatoes
   such as a Golden, Blonde or American Wheat Ale.                    and carrots. Add the beaten egg.
   For heavier entrées such as steak, ribs, pork tenderloin or
                                                                      Gradually add about a cup of cold water. Beat as you
   even lamb you’ll want something that can stand up to the
                                                                      would for pancakes or fish batter. It must not be too thin
   food but not be too filling. You’re best bet is to go with a       as it will need to stick to the onions so be careful with
   Vienna/Oktoberfest style lager, since they are not as heavy        the water as you may not need a whole cup.
                                                                      If your mixture is too thin, add a little more flour.
   as ales. Finally, what would a barbecue be without beef
   burgers and sausages? The best beer to pair with the               Into the mixture sprinkle the salt, curry powder (and
   typical barbecue fare is traditional English or American           aniseed if using) and mix well.
   Brown Ale, the hops in both are able to cut through the
                                                                      Leave to stand for around 20 minutes.
   grease and provide a refreshing taste.
                                                                      Heat enough oil to half cover the bhajis when frying in
   Barbecued food and beer go wonderfully together, but what          a wok or large frying pan. Once the oil is hot, take a
   really makes a barbecue special is enjoying quality time with      desert spoon of the mixture and carefully place in the
   friends and family and testing out new flavours. There is no       hot oil. Do not attempt to cook the bhajis all at once –
                                                                      normally around 5-6 at a time is ideal. Once brown turn
   hard and fast rule when it comes to pairing beer and food so       them over in the oil and continue frying until golden
   try different combinations to find out what you like the best.     brown all over.
   Please enjoy responsibly.
                                                                      A good idea is to have your main burner(s) on low &
                                                                      place an oven-proof dish, lined with kitchen towel paper,
                                                                      on the warming rack. Once cooked, place the bhajis in
                                                                      the dish to keep warm whilst you finish frying the next

                                                                      By cooking these on your side burner, all those
                                                                      cooking smells that linger for ages in the kitchen are
                                                                      kept outside!

                                                                      Once cooked, these are best served straight away.
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   We are your barbecue experts
                                                                 We’ve done all the research for you by offering a great
    Onward has been manufacturing Barbecues in Canada for
                                                                 selection of Broil King and Sterling Barbecues to suit your
    over two decades.
                                                                 budget plus a comprehensive selection of ‘Barbecue Genius’
    Broil King and Sterling simply mean quality.                 Tools and Accessories.
    Broil King and Sterling Barbecues are manufactured to ISO
                                                                 PROFESSIONAL ADVICE
    registered standards.
                                                                 We have taken the time and effort to learn every aspect of
    Our warranties cover everything from the oven right down     the products we sell. From cooking tips to care and
    to the wheels.                                               maintenance, we can offer the best advice on all your
                                                                 outdoor cooking questions.
    Our Barbecues are brand leaders in Canada and available in
    over 30 countries.
                                                                 RELIABLE SERVICE
    We have a Barbecue for every need and budget.                We are there when you need us. Barbecues are not just a
                                                                 seasonal product to us. If you need replacement parts for
    When you buy a Broil King or Sterling Barbecue you’ll own
                                                                 your Broil King or Sterling Barbecue, our U.K. Head Office
    an outdoor cooking system built with quality and care that
    you can rely on for years of perfect performance.            is committed to ensuring the availability of genuine parts
                                                                 for many years to come.

       We are

                                                                                        U.K. HEAD OFFICE
                                                                                        OMC Barbecues Ltd
                                                                                        Westwood Court,
                                                                                        Clayhill Industrial Park,
                                                                                        Neston, Cheshire, CH64 3UJ
                                                                                        Tel: 0151 336 6464
                                                                                        Fax: 0151 336 6565
                                                                                        Email: omc.barbecues@virgin.net
                                                                                        Website: omcbbq.com

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