The Nesco Coffee Roaster and Coffee Beans

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        Nesco® makes two coffee making products. One is the Professional
Coffee Bean Roaster and the other is there new Coffee Bean Burr Grinder.
Both are great additions for any coffee maker or espresso machine.
However, this article will only cover the coffee bean roaster.
One of the advantages of the Nesco professional coffee bean roaster is
you can roast the beans of your choice. Once you get use to using this
roaster you will enjoy roasting your coffee beans. You will find that the
aroma of fresh roasted coffee beans is very enticing with each roast of
beans. You will begin to find and learn about different green coffee
beans that are available for you to roast and different places where you
can get your green coffee beans. It's easy to perfectly roast beans in
as little as 20 minutes for light roast. It takes from 23 to 26 minutes
for medium roast and 27 to 30 minutes for dark roast with the Nesco
coffee roaster. Remember to let the roaster cool after roasting.
The Nesco roaster holds up to a third of a pound of raw green coffee
beans. This is enough for 36 cups of coffee. So think about how many cups
you will be using because coffee beans reach their peak flavor a few
hours to a day after roasting. During this time, allow them to rest
before putting them into an air tight container; one that keeps out
sunlight and air. Sunlight and air cause the beans to deteriorate faster.
Do not fill the container clear full as gases may still escape from the
beans creating the need for more room in your container. Be sure to keep
beans in a dry place as well. You can freeze beans in an emergency if you
roasted too many beans for up to a week.
Ground coffee beans will lose their fresh and flavor rapidly. After one
week, the taste is lost, and in two weeks, the aroma is completely gone.
Therefore, it is best to grind coffee just before you are going to use
it. Fresh un-ground coffee beans should be allowed to ‘rest' for a few
hours before grinding. This can be done by placing the coffee beans in
the grinder and let them site a while before you are ready to grind them.
This roaster comes with many warning and caution signs, which are common
sense statements. However, be sure read every one of them. One of these
common sense statements is to wash and thoroughly dry your roaster cover,
chaff cup and roasting chamber before you use it the first time. Also, do
not put the roaster base in water. Another thing to remember when using
the Nesco coffee roaster is that the chaff cup must be inserted in the
glass cylinder of the roasting changer before the front seal screen is
installed. While using the coffee roaster all metal surfaces become
extremely hot and should not be touched during or even after the roasting
cycle. Wait until the roaster and the coffee beans are cool before
attempting to empty your roaster. Â
After extended use, you can use an oven cleaner to remove heavy build up
of coffee oil residue from the screen that may accumulate after several
months of steady use. Remember to keep your coffee roaster clean and
sanitary. The most important thing is to follow all the instructions in
your Nesco Coffee Roaster Pro manual and read it before the first few
times you use it. If you have a problem there are two pages of trouble-
shooting help. Â         <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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