Fantastic Antique _ Collectible Doll Auction by xiuliliaofz


									                                                                                                                                      October 24, 2008 — Antiques and The Arts Weekly — 113

                                                                     Meissner’s Auction
        Fantastic Antique & Collectible Doll Auction
                                                   Saturday, October 25th
                                                     Route 20 & 22 New Lebanon, New York
                                                               Preview: 9 am                                  Start: 11am

 1840’s Paper Mache Doll           1840’s Wax Doll                  1890’s German Bisque               19” Simon & Halbig                Lg. Character Baby                Heubach Kopplesdorf

 27” Bisque marked GB              25” K*R Simon Halbig             25” Kestner                        Mori Mora Bros Baby               Bye Lo Dream Baby                 Lg. Character Doll

 Ideal Compo Deanna                -K*R Simon Halbig                -Handwerk Doll                     French Fashion Doll               1 of Several Shirley Temples      Simon Halbig Mechanical
 Durbin/ Judy Garland

  Bubble Cut Barbie Doll            Jumeau                           French Fashion Doll               AM Googly Eye                      Several Compo Patsy Annes

Antique: 12” F G 4 Depose Bisque w/Blue Fixed Eyes; 19” Jumeau Mold E9J hi Depose w/Orig               Girl; 12” Unmarked Compo Girl and Much, Much More!!
Marked Body, Blue Fixed Eyes & Pierced Ears; French Closed Mo Jumeau w/Blue Fixed Eyes &               Hard Plastic: 14” H.P. Ideal Toni; 14” H.P. Ideal Toni Walker; 18” Mdme Alex H.P. in Orig Blue Satin
Pierced Ears & Kid Body; 12” Jumeau Body w/Mark; 13” Bebe Jumeau Body w/Orig Label; 17” Tete           Gown; (3) 13 ½” Mdme Alex Ballerina; 13” Arranbee H.P. Doll; 22” Ideal “Nancy Lee” H.P. Walker
Jumeau Bte SGDG Mold z w/Brn Fixed Eyes & Pierced Ears; 17” H. Handwerk Signed Body; Simon             w/Flirty Eye; Ideal 101/2” Vinyl Fashion Dolls; 15” Ideal Vinyl Shirley Temple; 1961 Ideal Thumbeli-
& Halbig Mold 1300 3 ½ Wind Up Musical Automaton; 355 Dep 10 ½” Brn Sleep Eyes/Op Mo                   na; (3) Vintage Barbies; Mary Had a Little Lamb Topsy Turvy; Jane West w/Accessories; 8” Mary
w/Teeth & Pierced Ears; Pr of 9” A.M. Boy & Girl w/Googly Eyes 325 A 6/0M; 7” Bisque Mold 217-         Hartline Plastic in Orig Outfit; 18” Ideal 1968 Crissy Grow Hair; 18” 1973 Ideal Tiffany Taylor; 1965
18 w/Side Glancing Eyes; (2) 8” Bisque & Wire Court Jesters; 3pc French ½ Doll Lamp Set; 13”           Chatty Baby; (2) 1960 Chatty Cathy; 1972 Crissy Baby; 1965 Mdme Alex Littlest Kitten; 2 Soft Skin
Snood China Head w/Porc Hands & Feet; Sev Heads to Inc: A.B.G. Shoulder Head w/Solid Dome              Campbell’s Kids; Plates Moulds Inc “Bam-Bam”; 18” Uneeda Little Miss Sunbeam; 34 ½” Ideal Vinyl
Mold 636 6, SUH 1139-5, 1936 Campbell 208, Dream Babies, China Heads, Etc; 28” Blonde Wax              & Blown Plastic Doll; Sev 34” Plastic Dolls; French Clay Dolls; Geisha and Much, Much More!!
Shoulder Head w/Blue Fixed Eyes & Leather Hands; Grace Putnam Bye Lo 1928 Baby; 15” K*R                Modern: (13) Annette Himdstedt Dolls to Inc: Faces of Friendship Neblina; Summer Dreams Enzo,
Simon Halbig Mold 122-36 Bisque; A.M. Dream Baby; Early Wax Sitting Spanish Figure; Wonderful          Sanga, & Pemba; Reflection of Youth Janka & Ayoka; Barefoot Babies Taki; 10th Anniversary Mad-
Wax Bust of 40’s Woman w/Rooted Hair; 9” Bisque German Soldier; 22” Bisque Baby Mold B/000             ina & Minou; Images of Childhood Lona & Kima; Children Together Pancho & Tara; 34” Gail J Schu-
w/BJB; Bye Lo Baby Mold 341/2; 15” Mori Mora Bros Bisque Mold 22 5; Porc Half Doll Pin Cushion         maker “Muffet” Artist Doll; Bruno Sacchi Italian Artist Doll; Dynasty’s Krystal & Alexis; Set of (12)
Sewing Kit & Other Half Dolls; 23” ABG Bisque Mold 1362; E. Heubach 18” Bisque w/Cloth Body;           MIB American Women of Arts & Letters; Trolls; Dolls by Susan Wakeem, Pauline, Gotz, Berjusa,
24 ½” Bisque Mold G B w/BJB; 19” AM 370; 20” Bent Limb Mori Mora Baby Mold 22; 24 ½” German            Cabbage Patch, Seymour Mann, Our Gang, Pamela Phillips, Mdme Alex, Cottage Collectibles;
Bisque Mold B 5 w/BJB; 15” Bisque Socket Head w/Pierced Ears & Kid Body; (2) 14” Blonde China          Show Stoppers; Kingstate; Victoria Collectibles; Hildegard Gunzel; Virginia Turner; Pamela Erff and
Heads; 25” K*R Simon Halbig Mold 126 62 Baby; 25” J.D.K. Mold 18 Toddler w/Molded Hair; 18”            Others; Sunshine Family; Kelly Rubert Mother Theresa; Raggedy Annes & Andys’; Lois Moore
Mori Mora Bros Baby Mold 22-11; Heubach Koppelsdorf Mold 251 5/0g; 1860’s 12” Blonde Wax               Baby; 22” Rene McKinney K*R Simon Halbig; (3) Franklin Heirloom “History of Costume in Paris”
Doll w/Brn Fixed eyes; 16” AM 370 w/Kid Body; 25” German Queen Louise Mold 297 ½; 20” Bisque           and Much, Much More!!
Baby Mold 151 11 2/Molded Hair; Diorama of Bisque Child Holding Baby Knocking on Door in               Accessory Items: 9” W/up Straw Stuffed Giraffe; Early 11” Straw Stuffed Horse w/Glass Eyes; 10”
Ogee Frame; Diorama of French Compo & Cloth Man & Woman in Ornately Detailed Costumes,                 Black Straw Stuffed Ram, (2) Vintage Sheep; 1950’s Lassie; 11” Celluloid W/up Drummer; 5” Schu-
Lg. Amt of Jtd All Bisque to Inc: 4 ½” Jtd All Bisque w/Blue Sleep Eyes; 6 ½” Jtd All Bisque w/Blue    co W/Up Boy w/Pewter Mug; Selection of Byron Doll Patterns; Schoenhut Piano; Adirondack Bent
Fixed Eyes Mold 208 7; 5” Jtd All Bisque w/Blue Fixed Eyes; Bisque Kewpie Bride & Groom w/Orig         Willow Settee; Lg. Selection of Doll Furniture (Many in Orig Boxes); Selection of Marx Plastic Doll
Kewpie Label; Sev Black Jtd All Bisque 2” to 6”; Selection of 2” Jtd All Bisques; 4 ½” Blonde Parian   Furniture; Selection of Doll Wigs; Sev. Vic Doll Purses, Corsets, Gloves, Shoes & Socks; (2) Early
& Cloth Doll and Much, Much More!!                                                                     Doll Trunks (One Dome Top & One Flat Top); Lg. Selection of Early, Vintage, & Modern Doll Clothes;
Composition: 13” Compo Shirley Temple (Marked Head & Back) w/Trunk & Extra Clothes; 15 ½”              Child’s Brass & Iron Doll Bed; Hummel Pocketbook; Steiff Circus Bear in Box, Steiff Teddy Rose; 8
Compo Shirley Temple in Orig Outfit; 9” Compo & Cloth Mdme Hendron in Orig Tagged Outfit; Sev          Rm Doll House Display Case; Glass Doll Domes and Much, Much More!!
Compo Boudoir Dolls w/Arms As Is; 21” Ideal Doll Compo Deanna Durbin; 11” Compo & Wood                            500 LOTS**REFRESH. As is where is w/no returns
Japanese Dolls in Ornate Costumes; 12” Skookum; (2) 19” Compo Effanbee Patsy-Ann; 14” Compo                     CASH**CHECK**MC/VISA**12% BP—2% disc for CA/CK
Arranbee Ice Skater; 13 ½” German Hiker in Orig Outfit; 16” Compo w/Molded Hair Boy; Nancy Ann                      518-766-5002***
Story Book Dolls; Selection of Compo Doll House Dolls; 13” Effanbee Patsy; 20” Arranbee Compo

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