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					                                                                We are pleased to announce the endorsement of FTPS’ Electronic Funds
                                                                Transfer (EFT) services as a WIB-endorsed “Value & Income Program”
                                                                (VIP), including: ATM and debit card processing, terminal driving, net-
                                                                work gateway transaction processing and card production.
                                                                See page 4.

TheVIP Product Edge                    Endorsed Products & Services to Enhance Your Bank’s Competitive Edge | First Quarter 2010

VIP Tidbits                                      Get Deposits, 100% Liquidity & Expanded
In 2004, one-third of consumers
preferred to deal with their bank
                                                 FDIC Insurance with IntraSweep’s Demand
remotely; as of year-end 2009,
two-thirds do.                                   Deposit Marketplace
                                                 Intrasweep’s DDM is a virtual marketplace of participating banks that enables
In 2009, SecureWorks blocked an
average 39,821 attacks per bank client           them to acquire balance sheet deposits, send deposits off their balance sheet, and
per month, for an average annual total           exchange deposits with other banks, all with daily liquidity. Banks can acquire
of 477,854 attacks per bank!
                                                 additional deposits to increase loanable funds, send out excess deposits to generate
Debit card transactions are now more             income, and exchange deposits to maximize their customers’ FDIC insurance
than 50% of all noncash transactions.
                                                 coverage without decreasing their deposit base.
In 2009, small business credit cards
                                                 DDM can help your bank:
accounted for 11% of all Visa and
MasterCard charges, about four times                 • Expand FDIC protection and 100% liquidity to: municipals,
the penetration in 1999. ICBA Bankcard                 corporate/commercial, non-profits and high net-worth customers
offers two business credit card
programs: Direct Issuing (your bank                  • Pay interest on excess business checking balances through a fully compliant sweep
maintains its own credit card portfolio)             • Reduce administrative burdens through automatic transfers
and Total Card Management®(your bank
maintains the benefits of a credit card              • Improve liquidity by receiving additional deposits from other banks
portfolio and limits its risk and market             • Earn fee income and improve profitability by sending excess deposits to other banks
cost exposures).
                                                     • Reduce your bank’s exposure to deposit insurance premiums
In the 2009 ICBA survey, 88% of
                                                     • Improve return on capital
community banks suffered a financial
loss due to fraud from a customer’s                  • Diversify income sources
credit or debit card; 91% reissued a debit
card as a result of fraud. Independent
                                                     • Reduce or eliminate the entire repo process and collateralization
Bankers Insurance Services’ (IBIS) ATM/              • Expand existing customers’ relationships by consolidating their multiple banking
debit card fraud insurance can protect                 relationships into single accounts with your bank
your bank from losses from fraudulent
credit and debit card transactions               For more information, please contact Peter Grabell at (760) 230-1387 or
– including fraudulent merchant activity.
Board Portal ROI. Beyond tangible
improvements in productivity and
visibility, banks of all sizes which have        Special Offer – Sign Up Today!
implemented an online board portal               Be one of the first 100 banks to join DDM and receive the following additional benefits
have realized significant hard dollar
savings from reduced printing costs and          beyond those offered to WIB Members!
increased headcount efficiency. Diligent              • Preferred pricing (in addition to the WIB Members’ Only pricing)
Boardbooks offers WIB members a 20%
pricing discount – more than enough to                • Priority implementation
pay your bank’s annual dues.                          • On-site bank personnel training
                                                      • Complimentary marketing material
                                                      • Complimentary local advertisement and public relations
                      continued on page 2
                                                      • Eligibility for an all-inclusive trip to NYC for roundtable peer discussions
The VIP Product Edge | First Quarter 2010                                                                                                         Page 2

         CASE STUDY:

         Exchange Bank Saves Time & Money
         and Increases Efficiences with                                                                 (VIP Tidbits continued from front page)
                                                                                                        Internet Bill Pay Up, When Economy Is Down:
         SecureWorks’ Log Monitoring Services                                                           The tough economy is leading more people
                                                                                                        to pay bills at the last minute, resulting in
                                                                                                        a boost for Internet payment. Consumer
         Data logs stem from every system on a bank’s network and details all of the                    online bill payment penetration jumped
         network’s activity. This makes logs a vital source of information for security,                from 42% in 2008 to 50% in 2009. Two out of
         regulatory compliance and IT troubleshooting. The devices in a typical IT                      three consumers use their online statments
         environment produce millions of logsevery single day. Making sense of this large               from their bank and credit card company as
                                                                                                        a budgeting tool. One of the factors during
         volume of log data is no simple task and it requires having the right technology,
                                                                                                        this growth is a trend toward paying bills
         people and processes in place for effective management.                                        closer to the due date, a function of the
                                                                                                        economic downturn. (Western Union’s Money
         Founded in 1890, Exchange
                                                                                                        Mindset Index)
         Bank is the oldest and largest
         community bank in Sonoma                                                                       Do You PFM? Online, personal financial
         County, California. For Peter                                                                  management (PFM) tools grew exponentially
                                                                                                        in 2009, triggered by demographic trends,
         Tomaszewski, the bank’s information security officer, the log monitoring process
                                                                                                        technology capabilities and uncertainty in
         was a tedious, manual process that did not yield good results. Exchange Bank                   the banking competitive arena. uMonitor’s
         sought out WIB-endorsed SecureWorks tp help them tackle the issue. SecureWorks                 PFM – uView – provides an ideal way for
         is a leading global provider of IT security services protecting 2,700 clients                  banks to help their retail and business
         worldwide, including more than 1,600 financial institutions.                                   customers take more control over their
                                                                                                        finances as well as leverage their online
         In 2008 Exchange Bank contracted with SecureWorks to automate its log                          banking platforms.
         management process. The results were excellent. “SecureWorks reviewed our                      Opportunity Knocks in Leasing. In a recent
         network infrastructure and helped us to implement a log management solution to                 SBA survey, over 80% of small businesses
         aggregate, analyze and retain logs from our servers and routers. SecureWorks also              not only believe that leasing is a good
         developed several custom reports for us based upon the recommendations of the                  business strategy but they also lease their
         SANS Institute, and these reports are generated and emailed to me daily for easy               business equipment. Their top 3 reasons:
                                                                                                        (1) Increased cash flow (50%); (2) no down
         review,” said Tomaszewski.
                                                                                                        payment (39%); (3) maintenance options
         “SecureWorks has given us greater visibility into our network operations, and we               (39%). Seventy-eight percent indicated
                                                                                                        their top choice for equipment financing
         have been so happy with the work that SecureWorks has done for us that we are
                                                                                                        was through banks. BancLeasing can help
         transitioning our IDS/IPS and Firewall monitoring and management to them.                      your bank tap into a very profitable market
                                                                                                        segment by assisting your best business
                                                                                                        customers with equipment lease financing in
                                                                                                        the $25,000 - $10,000,000 range.
         What has Your VIP Done for You?                                                                Microsoft Survey Says…Millenials’ Top 3
                                                        the access they need to their money             Features For Choosing a Bank. The 18-32
         Independent Bankers Insurance Services                                                         year-old/ 80 million population group want:
         “Pat Corey has provided Mission National       without having to pay a fee.” – Liz Hamilton,
         Bank with excellent service over the last 10   VP/Controller, Kirkwood Bank of Nevada          • Competitive rates and fees (53%)
         years. He has been instrumental in ensuring    Diligent Boardbooks                             • Online service capabilities (37%)
         the bank has the appropriate amount            “As the administrator for the Diligent Board
         of insurance protection.” – Dave Joves,                                                        • Access to ATMs (35%)
                                                        Books I have found this to be absolutely a
         President/CEO, Mission National Bank (CA)      dream come true. The board training was         uMonitor’s online account opening/ funding,
         MoneyPass                                      individual and very complete. We went           funds transfer, switch kit and PFM portal
         “MoneyPass is an excellent solution for        from using paper copies to Diligent. It’s       give your bank a robust and flexible suite of
         small community banks who don’t have           like comparing cave drawings to going to        online services to meet the millenials’ needs.
         multiple ATMs for customer convenience.        computers over night. It’s great!” – Kelly      WIB-endorsed MoneyPass can give your
         There are ATMs on the MoneyPass network        Watson, Executive Assistant/AVP, Banner Bank    Millenials access to a nationwide network of
         throughout our city that give our customers    (WA)                                            16,000+ surcharge free ATMs.
The VIP Product Edge | First Quarter 2010                                                                            Page 3

VIP Roster
    ATM/Debit Card Processing, Terminal Driving & Card Production                                            FTPS
    Todd Cline | (312) 704-6903 |

    Bank Operations Profitability Consulting                                         Pinnacle Financial Strategies
    Joseph Gillen | (713) 341-0033 |

    Board Assessment Survey                                                     Brintech Management Consulting
    Richard Caldwell | (626) 281-6450 |

    Board Evaluations, Corporate Culture and 360 Reviews                              Cass Bettinger & Associates
    Cass Bettinger | (239) 596-2890 |

    Board Governance Assessments                                                           Amalfi Consulting, LLC
    Gayle Appelbaum | (952) 893-6795 |

    Board Portal for Community Banks                                                         Diligent Boardbooks
    Marc Daniels | (212) 741-8181 x 306 |

    Check Overdraft Privilege                                                        Pinnacle Financial Strategies
    Cindy Miller | (303) 245-9900 |

    Check Printing, Growth & Security Products                                               Deluxe Corporation
    Dave Lowman | (800) 332-4234 x159219 |

    Commercial Equipment Leasing Program                                                        BancLeasing, Inc.
    Mark Buchanan | (877) 274-5327 |

    CRA Credit Program                                                Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation
    Peter Gwaltney | (877) 232-0859 |

    Credit Card Issuing Program                                                                     ICBA Bancard
    Marlene Wagner | (800) 242-4770 |

    Deposit Funding for Community Banks                                                           Intrasweep LLC
    Peter Grabell | (760) 230-1387 |

    eMarketing Solutions for Community Banks                                                            FIRST ROI
    Jonathan Goody | (510) 323-6160 |

    Insurance for Community Banks                                         Independent Bankers Insurance Services
    Patrick Corey | (480) 663-3778 |

    Insured Deposit Network – Demand Deposit Marketplace                                          Intrasweep LLC
    Peter Grabell | (760) 230-1387 |

    Internet & Network Security Services                                                        SecureWorks, Inc.
    Don Sumner | (404) 486-4444 |

    Loan Portfolio Tracking/Insurance For Lenders & Customers                                   Kesler Associates
    Kurt Kesler | (707) 253-2080 |

    New Account Screening – Deluxe Detect                                                    Deluxe Corporation
    Dave Lowman | (800) 332-4234 x 159219 |

    On-Balance-Sheet Sweep Accounts (FDIC Insured)                                                Intrasweep LLC
    Peter Grabell | (760) 230-1387 |

    Online Account Opening/Funding, Funds Transfer and Finance Manager Portal                           uMonitor
    Chris Beedles | (901) 757-1212 x7129 |

    Reward Checking Program                                                                              BancVue
    Greg Lander | (602) 684-5399 |

    Surcharge-free ATM Network                                                                       MoneyPass®
    Carol Self | (800) 343-7064 |

  Visit or contact Anne Scully at 415-352-2323 or for more information.
 The VIP Product Edge | First Quarter 2010                                                                                                Page 4

Fifth Third Processing Solutions’ EFT Services
Endorsed by WIB & WIB Service Corporation
We are pleased to announce the endorsement of FTPS’ Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) services as a WIB-
endorsed “Value & Income Program” (VIP), including: ATM and debit card processing, terminal driving, network
gateway transaction processing and card production.

One of the nation’s oldest and largest EFT processing providers, FTPS       and increasing
drives more than 11,000 ATMs throughout the United States and               revenue.
in 11 countries and provides best-in-class processing to over 3,000
financial institutions, supporting over 50 million debit cards and          FTPS has a solid
processing more than 28 billion transactions each year                      understanding
                                                                            of what it takes                                                       to
FTPS’s commitment to continual system enhancements and                      help community
early technology adoption can help your bank boost its ongoing              banks stay competitive and operate efficiently. We are excited to
efficiency and help contain operating costs. Its philosophy to              partner with such a well-respected transaction processor!
support all its products and services in-house accelerates product
development cycles and the delivery of superior tools to better serve       For more information about FTPS’ products and services, please
your customers. They are committed to assisting WIB banks in                contact Todd Cline (312-704-6903; or Ed
enhancing operational efficiencies, reducing non-interest expenses          Barthelme (602-795-1866;

                          Western Independent Bankers Service Corporation
                          601 Montgomery Street
                          Suite 1200
                          San Francisco, CA 94111

                          Return Service Requested

    • Get Deposits, 100% Liquidity &
      Expanded FDIC Insurance with
      IntraSweep’s Demand Deposit
    • Case Study: Exchange Bank
      Saves Time & Money and In-
      creases Efficiences with Secure-
      Works’ Log
      Monitoring Service.
    • Learn about the benefits of using
      WIB-endorsed VIP vendors.
    • And more!