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					Storage Contract

1. Names. _______________________, Customer, and _________________________, Storer, agree to the following storage arrangements. 2. Property Being Stored. Storer agrees to store the following property for Customer: _____________________________________________ (the Property). 3. Storage Period. The storage will begin on _______________________ and continue until ___________________, unless Customer takes back the Property before then. 4. Storage Fees. Customer has paid Storer $___________, which covers all storage fees through the storage period set out in paragraph 3. 5. Additional Fees. If Customer does not take back the Property by the end of the stated storage period, Storer will continue to store the Property until Customer does take back the property or Storer terminates the contract, whichever occurs first. The fee for storage beyond the stated storage period will be $_____ per [choose one: month/day/week] to be paid in advance by Customer. 6. Refunds. The unused portion of storage fees paid by Customer is not refundable, unless Storer terminates the storage contract. 7. End of Storage. Following the end of the stated storage period, Storer may end this storage contract by sending written notice to Customer at least ____ days in advance of the date Storer wishes the contract to terminate. If Customer does not pay any unpaid balance of storage fees and take back the Property by the termination date specified in the notice, the Property will be treated as abandoned. Storer will sell the Property in a commercially reasonable manner and apply the proceeds to the costs of sale and any unpaid storage fees. Storer will mail the balance of the proceeds to Customer. 8. Storage Location. Storer will store the property at ______________________________________________. [Optional clause:]

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[ ] 9. Value of Property. Customer and Storer agree that the replacement value of the Property is $____________. [End optional clause] 10. Condition of Property. The parties agree that the Property is in good condition except for the following: _______________________________________________. 11. Reasonable Care. Storer will use reasonable care to protect the Property. Customer will bear the expense of any damage to or loss of the Property not caused by Storer's actions or negligence. 12. Other Terms and Conditions. __________________________________. 13. Entire Agreement. This is the entire agreement between the parties. It replaces and supersedes any and all oral agreements between the parties, as well as any prior writings. 14. Successors and Assignees. This agreement binds and benefits the heirs, successors, and assignees of the parties. 15. Notices. All notices must be in writing. A notice may be delivered to a party at the address that follows a party's signature or to a new address that a party designates in writing. A notice may be delivered: (1) in person (2) by certified mail, or (3) by overnight courier. 16. Governing Law. This agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of _________________. 17. Counterparts. This agreement may be signed by the parties in different counterparts and the signature pages combined will create a document binding on all parties. 18. Modification. This agreement may be modified only by a written agreement signed by all the parties. 19. Waiver. If one party waives any term or provision of this agreement at any time, that waiver will only be effective for the specific instance and specific purpose for which the

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waiver was given. If either party fails to exercise or delays exercising any of its rights or remedies under this agreement, that party retains the right to enforce that term or provision at a later time. 20. Severability. If any court determines that any provision of this agreement is invalid or unenforceable, any invalidity or unenforceability will affect only that provision and will not make any other provision of this agreement invalid or unenforceable and shall be modified, amended, or limited only to the extent necessary to render it valid and enforceable.

STORER Name of Business: ______________ a ____________________________

By: __________________________ Dated: ______________________ Printed Name: __________________ Title: _________________________ Address: ______________________ ______________________

CUSTOMER Name of Business: ______________ a ____________________________

By: __________________________ Dated: ______________________
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Printed Name: _________________ Title: _________________________ Address: ______________________ ______________________

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