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					                                            APPENDIX F

                                         CAREGIVER TIPS

 Take a time out (read, movies, dinner with a friend)
 Journaling
 Meditate
 Guided imagery
 Engage in activities that are uplifting

Take Care of Your Body
 Exercise (walking, running, yoga, stretching)
 Eat healthy
 Get plenty of rest
 Maintain medical check-ups

Seek Emotional Support
 Talk with a friend, spiritual leader, or professional
 Support groups

Ask For Help!!!!!!
 Make a list of needs to help care for your loved one
         o Meals
         o Transportation
         o Visiting with loved one
         o Household chores
 Identify and ask people that can help (friends, family, neighbors, religious community)
         o Utilize others’ strengths and skills
         o Rotate help to prevent burnout
 Create a calendar to organize helpers and appointments
 Prioritize tasks and create a to-do list
 Focus on accomplishing one task a day

                                                          BE FLEXIBLE
                                       BE KIND AND PATIENT WITH YOURSELF

                                        REMEMBER TO LAUGH!!!!!!
                                         Caregiver Support

American Brain Tumor Association                    National Brain Tumor Society                       
800-886-2282                                        800-934-2873

Association of Cancer Online Resources              National Family Caregivers Association                  
Family Caregiver Alliance                                   Family Care America

Net of Care                                         Spouses of Brain Tumor Patients                         

Meditation Oasis                                    Well Spouse Association                   
Caring Bridge                                The Brain Trust
Care Pages                                          617-623-0066
                                                    Faith in Action
Lotsa Helping Hands                       

                              Professional & Volunteer Caregivers/
                           Respite Care/Adult Day Care/Assisted Living

National Association for Home Care and Hospice      Faith in Action                              

Visiting Nurse Associations of America              Easter Seals                              

National Private Duty Association                   National Adult Day Services Association               

National Respite Locator                            Assisted Living Federation of America                    

                                                    Consumer Consortium on Assisted Living

                                    Local Cancer Support Centers

The Gathering Place                                 Stewart’s Caring Place                   
216-595-9546                                        330-836-1772