three easy techniques to Approaching a Woman

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					                            How to Survive Approaching a Woman

Meeting women is all about knowing what to do and what to expect from them. This guide will show
you how to survive approaching a woman and how to make it so she doesn't reject you.

Rejections from women are a common thing; a woman will reject you for many reasons.

But if you do the wrong things when approaching her, she will be merciless on you and will give you
some very bad moments to remember later.

This will be much more serious when approaching a woman whom you don't know, a woman that you
do not know how she would react to you or to your approaching her.

This is how to survive and even succeed at approaching stranger women in the street or any other

       The first step in approaching a woman is think of her and not you

By this, I mean that whenever you are trying to approach a woman, you have to think of all the joy you
would bring into her life.

A guy trying to approach a girl will only think of misfortunes and bloody intervention from her mentally
sick boyfriend...

This is not the best thing to do when approaching a woman.

Whenever you want to approach a stranger, you have to think of all the good things you will be bringing
into her life and the excitements she will experience with you.

This is the only way that will stop you from freaking out and stressing.

Otherwise, it will show on your face that you are not in a great mood and that you are doubtful of

       The second step in approaching a woman is show optimism

A lot of guys, as said before, are approaching women and thinking only of big troubles to come and huge

Trust me, women are experts at reading your body language, they will know immediately when they see
you that you mean boredom and troubles to them, just by the looks on your face.

You have to show her that you are fun and that she will enjoy herself when with you.

The best thing to do is to shine a little confident smile and to have an open confident body posture.
Trust me, this is the best thing you will do to demonstrate optimism to a girl.

Not a huge one, just a little smile will tell her immediately that you are fun to be around.

Women will know this sign when they see it in you.

       The third step in approaching a woman is to not put too much attention on her decisions

A lot of guys are thinking so ill of themselves when a woman says no to them.

If you do this, you will only make yourself suffer and lose energy over things you can't control.

Women will say no for a lot of reasons and most of them aren't related to you, you have to understand
this issue and never identify yourself with any failure, instead, you have to master approaching women
by reading this article: approaching women easily, it will show you in details what you should do and
how to do it to have the best experiences with women.

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Description: Do you worry about approaching women you don’t know? This guidebook will demonstrate to you not only how to hide this dreadful feeling, but eliminate it as well in only three easy to follow techniques.