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By: bittercaffeine

Narration to SCENE 1.

                       How is it possible to fall in love with someone

                                       who never sees?

                                       who never feels?

                                 And who never does believe...


SCENE 1a. School. Under the tree. 3:45 P.M.

        It was a nice Tuesday afternoon. The cold wind breezes softly which leaves a

little chill on the skin and a shudder in the body. Few peoples were chattering and a few

were studying. Some were laughing and seemly enjoying the day except for one person

namely Kim Yoo Ri who was already starting to hate the day because...

        Yoo Ri: Yah! Lee. Jae. Won! (shouting as she tried to grab the notes on Jae Won's


        *feeling piss already.

        Jae Won: (smiling while raising Yoo Ri's notes up high)
       Lee Jae Won was Kim Yoo Ri's best friend since they were kids but the first one

seems to found joy and excitement every time he'll cause something to annoy and piss

Yoo Ri..

       Yoo Ri hated Jae Won a lot every time the second would start teasing her. When

it comes to studying, Yoo Ri doesn't want anyone distracting her and when she means

anyone, it does include her best friend- Lee Jae Won.

       Yoo Ri: (giving Jae Won a death stare) I said for the umpteenth time, give me

back my lectures! Now! (arms crossed together)

       Jae Won: (acting as if thinking whether to give back the notes or not) Yah! Yoo

Ri-ah, why do you have to study so hard?

       *wanted to start a nice conversation but would just end up on...

       Yoo Ri: (brows drew together as if it was the stupidiest question she had ever

heard) Why do you have to take pictures so bad?

       *...end up on Yoo Ri countering every question that Jae Won would ask.

       Jae Won: (sigh then rolled his eyes) Nah! Don't answer a question with a

question! Why do you always have to do that? (groans softly)

       Yoo Ri: Why do you always have to ask? (countering Jae Won's act- again, but

this time with a grin)

       Jae Won: (hiss) Aish! What a pain! (he muttered as he handed back the notes on

Yoo Ri)

       Yoo Ri: Stop bugging me Jae and do your business now! Photography Club

might in need of you. Go on now Mr. Duck Butt (shook head then hiss).

       Jae Won: (pouted then stood up) Arrasseo! I'm going. Will I wait for you later?

And please stop giving me names such as duck butt! Why don't you try calling me Mr.

Prince or Mr. Knight, much more suitable on my looks?
       Yoo Ri: (laughs out loud) Do whatever that pleases you duck butt (wave hands

without looking at Jae Won).

       *if only Jae knows how hard it was to pretend..

       Jae Won: Yah! Isn't it proper not to look at someone when you say bye?

       Yoo Ri: See you later Jae (still looking on her notes, pretends to be reading it).

       Jae Won: (hiss then walks away without looking back)

       Yoo Ri: (slowly looks on Jae's direction, sighs while staring at Jae Won's back

who's already ten persons away from her)

       Unaware of Yoo Ri's brief gladness of having fun of that short moment,

unnoticed that time have passed. Sudden emptiness struck while Jae Won leaves the

scene, the place had filled with silence to her ears.

       As tears fell on her cheeks, Yoo Ri mutter the last words Jae Won might hear...

       Yoo Ri: Duck butt (as she wipe the tears with her palm, she masked the

emptiness with a smile).

       *played an instrumental sound...

SCENE 1b. School. Under the tree. 5:00 P.M.

       Yoo Ri was still sitting under the tree when Han Soo Yan approaches her.

       Soo Yan: Kim. Yoo. Ri. (emphasizing each words)

       *feeling happy that he saw his Kim Yoo Ri.
       Han Soo Yan was one of the few men who are really popular on their school just

like Lee Jae Won. A lot of girls adore him.

       Yoo Ri: (look up to see the man) Oh, (smile) Soo Yan! What are you doing here?

Don't you have tuition today?

       Soo Yan: My tutor is not good as you. (sat besides Yoo Ri then sigh) Would you

be my tutor again? (giving Yoo Ri his most cutesy smile and a cute puppy-eyes-look)

       Yoo Ri: (laughs) Woh?

       Soo Yan: Nah! This isn't funny! My mathematics still sucks! (pouted)

       Han Soo Yan was Lee Jae Won's classmate and a close friend. He became Yoo

Ri's friend when Yoo Ri had to tutor him way back..

       Yoo Ri: Okay! I'll help you in that subject but you have to ask Jae Won's

permission first.

       Soo Yan: (look confused) Why?

       Yoo Ri: (smiles cheerfully) Because he's my best friend and I promise him that he

must approve first before I got to my decission.

       Soo Yan: (thinks then nodded with hesitations)

       Yoo Ri: Good. (fixes her things then stood up) I should go now Soo Yan, Jae Won

might be waiting for me. (Make a smile before walking away)

       Soo Yan was left thinking..

       Thinking if he would have a chance.

Narration to SCENE 2.
                              Why does my heart hold on to you

                            At every moment, in everything I do...

                            Why do I have to see your face all day

                         And if you knew, what would you say?

SCENE 2a. Jae Won's Room.

       It's a cold evening, but Jae Won's room was filled with warm things and stuffs

that made him a cheerful and a blissful guy.

       Then added Soo Yan's presence, it's more of a fun or maybe the other way


       Soo Yan: I like Yoo.

       Jae Won suddenly stops on reading a magazine then stares at Soo Yan for a

moment, unaware that he's mouth was actually opened at that very moment. If only

there's a camera to capture this scene, it would literally be a total hit but for sure girls

would just found it cute.

       Jae Won: Say it again? (does not know how to react on the situation)

       Soo Yan: (sighs) I like Kim Yoo Ri! Darn it Jae! (taps his head with frustrations)

Not you!

       Jae Won: (sigh- sign of relief while touching his chest exaggeratedly) At the

moment I thought you're confessing your love for me. I know that you're a gay but

don't you think its not fair for me to be your subject? (grinning naughtily)
         Soo Yan: Take me seriously Jae (throws pillow on Jae Won's face). I like her since

the day I met her. Would it be okay to you if I courted her?

         Jae Won: (blink continously in disbelief as he holds the pillow that Soo Yan

threw on him) You aren't kidding me?

         Soo Yan: I told you I'm dead serious here (serious face).

         Jae Won: Why do you have to ask me about that? (looks on the magazine he was

reading earlier)

         Soo Yan: I asked her yesterday if it's okay if she'll be my tutor again but she said

I should ask permission on you first.

         Jae Won: Oh, she said that?

         Soo Yan: (nodded) I'm also confused why I should ask your permission about a


         Jae Won: (feels something in his heart but never sure what it is but it pains him


         Soo Yan: Yah Jae! I'm waiting. (waves his hand on Jae Won's face)

         Jae Won: S-sure, sure. (gulp) You two were my best buds so I can't find a reason

not to let you court her and the tutor thing- well, I'm okay with it.

         Soo Yan: (punch his arms up high) I knew it! (embraces Jae Won)

Kamsahamnida Jae-ah! You're really a good friend and a real hyung.

         Jae Won: Aish! It's nothing (looks happy but inside it's bothering him).

         Soo Yan: Are you sure it would be okay with you? I mean-

         Jae Won: Yah! If you're thinking what I'm thinking then you're wrong. Yoo Ri is

just a friend, a childhood friend and a best friend (throws the pillow back on Soo Yan).

         Soo Yan: Then in that case I don't need to worry anything at all.

         Jae Won: (nodded then smiles faintly)

         *why does it have to be hard this way if it can be easy in fact in some ways..
       As Soo Yan gone home, everything seems to be normal on what they are but

some things were stolen on that room, not a word can use to describe it. The delights

were spoiled and the emptiness was born.

SCENE 2b. Yoo Ri's Room. 10:00 P.M.

       Books, soft toys, tea cups, pink linen-clothes and a princess-like bed on the

center. A very typical set-up on every girl’s room- added with pink floral wallpaper

with a little shade of mint green which shows how fond of flowers the owner is. Filled

with laughters and fantasies. But only one is dear for the girl.. Only one...

       Yoo Ri had been staring at it for almost half an hour but never seems to get tired

on tracing each lines, memorizing each curve and admiring the person on the photo she

was holding at...

       Yoo Ri: (sigh) Yah! Lee Jae Won! You're really a dumb headed duck butt! (she

pouted as her finger keeps on docking Jae Won's photo) When will you see me? Huh?

(frown then drops her body on the bed) It's already 10:00 but you're still not yet calling,

(talking to the photo) I wonder wh-

       *phone rings.

       Yoo Ri: (form a smile on her face, answer the phone immediately without

looking at the screen) Yah! I thought you wouldn't call! You scare me to death, are you

mad that I called you duck butt earlier?

       Soo Yan: Hey! Yoo it’s me.

       Yoo Ri: (wrinkled her forehead then checks the screen and suddenly felt

disappointed) Oh! (sat up from bed) Yeoboseyo Soo Yan-ah, I thought-
       Soo Yan: Are you waiting for someone's call? (cutting Yoo Ri)

       Yoo Ri: A-aniyo. (she mumbled as she stares at the photo she was still holding)

       Soo Yan: Are you sure? (seems not convince at all)

       Yoo Ri: Yeah, anyway its late at night, why a call?

       Soo Yan: (worried) Oops! Did I disturb you? Are you sleeping already?

       Yoo Ri: Well, since you disturb me already then might say what you need? (tried

to make her voice cheerful)

       Soo Yan: I had already ask Jae Won's permission- (pause)

       Yoo Ri: And?

       Soo Yan: And he did say yes.

       Yoo Ri: He did? (sounds disappointed)

       Soo Yan: (confused) Must he not? Or is there any another person that I actually

need to talk to, to get their permission, maybe I should also ask your Dad, Mom,

Uncles, let's say your sidekicks or maybe your dog, or even your stalkers (did all the

talking)... Hey are you still there?

       Yoo Ri: (bit her lower lip) I don't have a dog.

       Soo Yan: Oh, I thought so. (sounds a little disappointed) I just thought that I-

       Yoo Ri: No- uhmm- I know Jae Won will say yes. (interrupts Soo Yan) Anyway

Soo Yan, it's already late and I'm kinda tired already, is it okay if we'll just continue our

conversation tomorrow?

       Soo Yan: So sorry, my bad. Well I'm just too excited to crack the news that I had

almost forgotten the time.

       Yoo Ri: No worries Soo Yan, its okay. (acting a fake yawn)

       Soo Yan: O-okay, I guess you're really sleepy now, sweetdreams Yoo Ri.

       Yoo Ri: Same here. (click end button then look at Jae's photo again) I really hate

you numb duck butt!!
         The rain suddenly pours giving way on Yoo Ri's mourn. Rain drops that

beautifully flicker on the night's light post but not the tears that flicker on Yoo Ri's dull


         The walls of the room slowly drenched with doubts and tears...

Narration to SCENE 3.

              The rain was swept and the sun was set. Another day to spend,

           another lie to create, as light lit's the darkness to another time- another

                               pretension must be laid in time...

          Strangers and fellows gathered in a chilling breeze of the morning bliss.

 Stolen pieces have given chances to be found but surprises and doubts are ready to be


SCENE 3a. Jae Won's Residence. Garden. Morning.

         The sun had just risen a moment ago. Jae Won's trimming the grass in their

garden when his phone rings.

         Jae Won: Yeoboseyo, Jae Won speaking.

         Yoo Ri: Yah rascal!

         Jae Won: (looks at the screen then suddenly an unmistakable smile form on his

lips) Morning Princess.

         Yoo Ri: (hearing that simple word from Jae Won makes all her worries away)

Who do you call Princess? (pretends to be angry)
          Jae Won: (laughs) Who else? Of course Kim Yoo Ri-

          Yoo Ri: (smiles widely)

          Jae Won: Kim Yoo Ri is the only person I used to call princess because she's my

baby sister.

          Yoo Ri: (the smile that had form has suddenly vanished through thin air) Baby

sister? (muttered silently enough for Jae Won to hear)

          Jae Won: Why? You're always been my baby sister since we were kids that's why

the two of us became best friends, right? (look worried, leaves the grass that he was

trimming and stood up). Is there something wrong?

          Yoo Ri: (tries to calm her emotions and pretended to be cheerful) Right! I'm Lee

Jae Won's baby sister (pain). I'm duck butt's baby sister and that makes me a duck butt

princess and I dont like it! (yelling just to hide the true feelings)

          Jae Won: Aiyaahh! That's not what I meant with that and Yoo Ri, please stop

calling me like that again! You call me names that aren't really nice at all.

          Yoo Ri: I hate you (hiss).

          Jae Won: Yah Yoo Ri! That's not fair, it was actually supposed to be a

compliment. Oh come on (pleading).

          Yoo Ri: Whatever! Anyway why haven't you call last night? (changes her tone

from being sarcastic to being mad)

          Jae Won: I called around 10:00 but your phone's busy (walks inside the house).

          Yoo Ri: (sighs) Soo Yan called last night.

          Jae Won: (frown for a moment) Oh he did. Did he already told-

          Yoo Ri: I thought you don't want me teaching some guys out there (sounds


          Jae Won: Yah! Soo Yan isn't some guys out there! He's our friend, a very good

       Yoo Ri: He is your good friend! (she countered hissing) Anyway it's already

settle. You should come here at the house later! (demanding)

       Jae Won: But Soo Yan's-

       Yoo Ri: No buts Jae! You always visit me every weekend! Don't tell me you

won't visit me today just because I'm having tuition with Soo Yan.

       Jae Won: (sighs as he shook his head) Fine! I'll be there after lunch, happy?

       Yoo Ri: Very much please (somehow the thought of seeing her love one make

her smile sweetly). I'll be expecting you then.

       Jae Won: Okay, see you later my dear Yoo Ri (smiles innocently as he walks

upstairs towards his room).

       *end line.

SCENE 3b. Yoo Ri's Residence. Afternoon. 3:20 P.M.

       Soo Yan's been holding the mathematics book for almost fifteen minutes and still

not been able to answer a simple problem which irritates Yoo Ri a little not because he

can't answer the problem but because Jae Won's still not arriving.

       Soo Yan arrives with a long stemmed red rose twenty minutes ago. The rose

seems to bother Yoo Ri..

       ..seems to bother her a lot.

       Yoo Ri: Yah Soo Yan! When are you planning to solve that equation? (that was

serious but she spill it playfully)

       Soo Yan: (groan then taps his head with a pen) I'm hopeless.

       Yoo Ri: (laughs gently) Yah! You aren't, you just have to focus.

       Soo Yan: (stares at a Yoo Ri's face intimately)
        Yoo Ri: (blushes) I mean on the lesson not on my face (pointing on the book).

        Soo Yan: Yoo Ri, I like you.

        Yoo Ri: (left brow rose) Woh?

        Soo Yan: If I ask you to be my girl, would you agree to it?

        Yoo Ri: (mouth suddenly opens but no voice was coming out of it)

        Soo Yan: (suddenly looks behind Yoo Ri then smile) Yah Jae Won! Have you just

arrive? Help me convince Yoo Ri, can you?

        Yoo Ri: (looks shock then turned around to meet Jae Won's eyes)

        Jae Won: (wave his hands) Hi! I guess I'm interrupting a private conversation in


        Soo Yan: No, not really. (looks back on Yoo Ri) So? Jae approves on it already.

        Yoo Ri: Then you should ask Jae instead of me (sarcastic tone).

        Jae Won: (swallowed hard) Yoo Ri.

        Yoo Ri: (stares at Jae then give him a death stare)

        Soo Yan: Miande, I'm really sorry. I tho-

        Yoo Ri: (bit her lower lip then turns to look back at Soo Yan again) No, I'm sorry.

(cutting Soo Yan abruptly) I should have not said that, that supposed to be a joke. Well,

got surprised by your confession. (stood up) Excuse me Soo Yan, can we just continue

your tuition, uhmm, tomorrow?

        Soo Yan: But Yoo Ri, I-

        Yoo Ri: (smiles) Don't worry I'm not mad (run towards her room).

        *why do I have to feel pain and longing? I hate you Lee Jae Won!

        Soo Yan: (meet Jae Won's gaze then sigh) I guess that's a no (looks sad).

        Jae Won: (took a seat) She's just shock. Who wouldn't be? You spill it out just like


        *I know it isn't good to feel happy learning that Yoo Ri doesn't like Soo Yan but

its a relief on my part.
        Soo Yan: Jae, if she likes me even if I tell her directly what I feels, she wouldn't

react like that. Yes, she'll be surprised but afterwards she'll laugh and blush and smile

sincerely and mostly she wouldn't walk away, that is- if she likes me (closes his

mathematics book).

        Jae Won: (pick-up the long stemmed rose that was silently lying on the table)

From You?

        Soo Yan: (nodded)

        Jae Won: She doesn't like red; she loves white (put back the rose on the table). So

what are you planning now?

        Soo Yan: Nothing.

        Jae Won: (brows drew together) Nothing?

        Soo Yan: Seriously Jae, can't you feel that Yoo Ri seems to like someone else?

        Jae Won: (confused) She does? I don't think so. If it is, I'm pretty sure she'll

definitely said it to me.

        Soo Yan: (smirk)

        *fool, just right under your nose but you pretended not to see it.

        Jae Won: What's with that?

        Soo Yan: (shook his head) I should apologize to Yoo Ri for my behavior. I should

have been careful on chosing my words.

        Jae Won: Yah! Don't change the topic. As you were saying she likes someone


        Soo Yan: Can't you see it nor even feel it? (eyes widening)

        Jae Won: The what?

        Soo Yan: Nothing.

        Jae Won: (groans) Soo Yan!

        Soo Yan: I'm not saying anything (stood up). You're hopeless (laughs). You

should follow Yoo Ri and talk to her and please send my apologies to her.
      Jae Won: (stood up then shook his head) Okay.

      Soo Yan left and Jae Won was left alone thinking and doubting his feelings at the

same time.

      The hardest thing about this is that you have to do what is right even if it means

breaking someone's heart, including your own.

      Jae Won headed on Yoo Ri's room.

      Jae Won: (knocks) Yah Yoo Ri! Soo Yan left already.

      *no answer.

      Jae Won: I'm going inside already (opens the door gently, found no Yoo Ri at

all). Where could she be?

      *the bed wasn't touch at all.

      Jae Won: (walks towars Yoo Ri's study table and saw a familiar photo) She's still

keeping this? (smile as he picks up the photo of their childhood- playing mud)

      *rain suddenly pours again.

      Jae Won: Now what! Raining again, wonder where Yoo Ri is (rushes outside).

      Wishing that they could go back to where they are before when they're at age of

four and six- innocent and completely happy.

Narration to SCENE 4.

                                      What barrier is this

                                      that they can ease?
                                   Heart that breaks apart,

                                   Tears that cause the pain,

                                     Is this called insane?

SCENE 4a. Park. Swing. 4:30 P.M.

       A misty air that surrounds the trees and streets. A pouring rain ends and left a

muddy pool near where people walks before the park. The echoes of giggling cheers of

the crowd and the yelling of the children that were excitedly running through the

swings make no sense at all.

       Yoo Ri was sitting on one of the swings, all out wet due to the heavy rain awhile


       Yoo Ri: (wipes the tears away) Yah! Mr. Rain, thanks for a little comfort out there

(sighs), I feel much better now.

       Jae Won: (running towards her) I knew you'd be here (panting). Yah Yoo Ri-ah!

Why did you do that? (hands on his knees, head bow as he catches for his breath)

       Yoo Ri: (no answer, just looks at Jae Won)

       Jae Won: Yah Yoo- (looks at Yoo Ri then left brow rose) What the heck! Why are

you wet? Aish! (will take off his jacket and wrap on Yoo Ri's body) Do you want to get

sick or you just don't know the difference of rain and on taking a bath on the house?

       Yoo Ri: (tears would suddenly fall)

       Jae Won: (shock) Hey! Why are you crying?

       Yoo Ri: (cry out loud that a lot of people would start looking at them)

       Jae Won: (worried) Yah! Yoo Ri-ah, are you hurt? Stop crying now, people are

looking at us (kneels in front of Yoo Ri).
       Yoo Ri: (cry louder)

       Jae Won: (looks at the people that's staring at them) Aniyo! I didn't bully her, I

did not do anything (bowing his head). She failed on one of her exams that's why

(smiling faintly). Yah Yoo Ri, stop crying (whisper) I look like a bad guy here.

       Yoo Ri: (calms herself) I hate you! How could you do that to me? (shouting)

       Jae Won: (confused) Did what?

       Yoo Ri: I did everything for you and what did I get? (acting to cry again)

       Person1: Poor girl.

       Person2: Her boyfriend seems to not care for her at all.

       Jae Won: (blush then grabbed Yoo Ri's hand and pulled her away to that place)

       They ended on the bridge near the park.

       Jae Won: What was that?

       Yoo Ri: (keeps on laughing)

       Jae Won: (hiss) Yah! That was embarassing! You make fun of me out there.

Aigoo!! You're a stress Yoo Ri!

       Yoo Ri: (poke her tongue out then pinches Jae Won's nose) That's because you let

Soo Yan court me.

       Jae Won: (will ruffle Yoo Ri's hair) That's because I thought you like him.

       Yoo Ri: Yah! You were the one who told me that I can't have a boyfriend unless

I'm already 18 years of age.

       Jae Won: (smiles) And that's a month away from now.

       Yoo Ri: Do you want me to have a boyfriend already?

       Jae Won: (meet Yoo Ri's eyes) As long as you will be happy to whoever the guy


       Yoo Ri: (shifted her eyes to somewhere else)
       *it's only you I want to be with and it's only you who could make me happy.

SCENE 4b. Bridge. 7:00 P.M.

       Cold wind's starting to mingle on the dark night while two souls seems to feel

the emptiness that's eating them silently...

       Jae Won: (coughs)

       Yoo Ri: (will be alarm and look on Jae Won) Yah duck butt! Are you okay?

       Jae Won: (smiles faintly) Yeah.

       Yoo Ri: Lately, as I observed you always seems to look like- sick. Are you sure

you aren't hiding anything from me? (worried)

       Jae Won: (sigh then pushes Yoo Ri's temple gently) Yah! Don't you know that I'm

strong as a bull?

       Yoo Ri: (pout) Whatever.

       Jae Won: (laughs softly) Do you remember the old days?

       Yoo Ri: Which one?

       Jae Won: When you were a cry baby?

       Yoo Ri: I'm not a cry baby!

       Jae Won: Yes you are, I need to dance like Donald duck just to make you laugh.

       Yoo Ri: (will lean her head on Jae Won's shoulder) And that's how I call you

duck butt but Donald is way better than you.

       Jae Won: (will nod)

       *a few seconds of deafening silence.
       Jae Won: Yoo Ri...

       Yoo Ri: Hmmm?

       Jae Won: Will you be sad if I'll be gone one day?

       Yoo Ri: (would immediately look at Jae Won) Woh? Why? Will you be leaving


       Jae Won: (will mask a fake smile) Of course not (pinch Yoo Ri's nose softly). How

could I leave my Princess if until now she's still a cry baby?

       Yoo Ri: (ignore what Jae Won said, instead make a serious face) Yah Jae! You

should promise me you won't leave me.

       Jae Won: Nah! Are you asking a favor or you're demanding me? (teasing Yoo Ri)

       Yoo Ri: (frown then hold Jae Won's hand) Promise me, I'm serious here Jae.

       Jae Won: (startled, will shove his hand away from Yoo Ri's hold) N-no way!

(clears throat) Like what I've said I won't go anywhere, my princess.

       Yoo Ri: (rolled eyes) You're hiding something. I just know it.

       Jae Won: Aish, stop being nosey. And by any chance, don't you feel cold? I guess

we shall set home now.

       Yoo Ri: (sigh- sign of surrendering) I'll let you pass this time duck butt.

       Jae Won: (smiles widely) Ah-huh as expected. Let's go, I'll walk you home.

       It was just a conversation yet indeed it melt both hearts and open a new wound

to worry about..

       It was only doubt and turned down trust as in the beggining of a moment. But

suspicion began to surface leaving turned pages more distant. The answers were


Narration to SCENE 5.
                  Telling the truth is not the same with telling the lies..

                                    Both will give aches,

                                      each for its sake..

                         The truth will pass through the open sea,

                         while lies will strangle to make you see..

                                    ..see clearly how lies

                            can kill the truth in just one sight..

SCENE 5a. Coffee Shop. 10 :00 A.M.

       One cup of warm gossip can give someone a nice day. But one teaspoon of

confession can lift a soul to its eternity. Words can be brewed. But real feelings can do


       Soo Yan took another sip on his coffee as he patiently waits for Yoo Ri to speak.

       Yoo Ri: About yesterday, I'm really sorry for how I reacted (toying the stirrer on

her coffee).

       Soo Yan: Oh come on, that's my bad I'm the one who should be apologizing and

not you (it was thoughtfully deliver).

       Yoo Ri: I know its kinda unethical to act like that yesterday (sigh). I should've

not walked-out.

       Soo Yan: (laughs)

       Yoo Ri: What's funny?

       Soo Yan: You.

       Yoo Ri: (tilt her head a little) Me?
        *does he mean something by that?

        Soo Yan: (nodded) Ne. You. Jae must be stupid not to noticed that (sips on his

coffee again).

        *you should tell me now who you likes or else I might run you away along with


        Yoo Ri: (bit her lower lip as she rolled her hands onto tight fist)

        Soo Yan: (coughs 2x) Do you want to share something Yoo? I might help.

        Yoo Ri: (look at Soo Yan's eyes, weighing if it's right to confess her real feelings)

        Soo Yan: (looks at Yoo Ri's coffee) Aren't you going to drink that?

        Yoo Ri: I don't want a coffee that's so hot, just have to wait to make it a little


        Soo Yan: Just like waiting for Jae.

        Yoo Ri: (stunned) W-woh?

        Soo Yan: Coffee, you'll wait for a few minutes to make it warm so that you could

drink it, how about Jae? How long have you had to wait before you could have him?

        *come on Yoo Ri, you're suppose to tell me what you feel before my feelings for

you eat me up.

        Yoo Ri: How do you know about that? (confused)

        Soo Yan: (sigh) Finally, you admit it.

        Yoo Ri: (bows her head) I'm asking you Soo Yan.

        Soo Yan: Let's just say I'm not as stupid and numb as Jae Won. So when do you

start liking him?

        Yoo Ri: I don't know (said honestly).

        *I honestly don't know when it's just that I know I like him and the feelings grew

bigger and bigger each day.

        Soo Yan: Then tell him that you like him.

        Yoo Ri: (biting her lower lip to refrain from crying) I already did that.
       Soo Yan: (almost choke) Y-you did?

       Yoo Ri: (nodded)

       Soo Yan: And what happened?

       Flash Back.

       A sixteen year old confession.

       It was pitch-black, the moon was set and the stars were glowing, shining upon the two

persons that was sitting under the tree silently..

       Yoo Ri: Jae Won-ah, I don't like you receiving letters to any girl out there.

       Jae Won: (laughs) What's that onto you?

       Yoo Ri: (hiss)

       Jae Won: Yah! Its not a big deal. Its not that you're jealous, right? It's impossible for

you to get-

       Yoo Ri: I'm jealous! I'm jealous every time girls snickered like hyenas around you!

(screamed her lungs out)

       Jae Won: (startled) Yah! You're not serious, aren't you?

       Yoo Ri: I'm dead serious Jae Won! I think I like you (blush).

       Jae Won: Yah Yoo Ri-ah! Its not right for a sixteen year old to talk about like-like

(almost panicking but still manages to be in command).

       Yoo Ri: (stood up) I hate you (then runs away).

       Jae Won: Yah Yoo Ri! Come back! (tried to reach Yoo Ri but choses not to)

       End of Flash Back.

       Soo Yan ordered another piece of cake as he converse his self on the confession

that Yoo Ri's been telling him.
       Soo Yan: Then what happened afterwards?

       Yoo Ri: (drops her chin on her hand) We haven't talk for a week.

       Soo Yan: And then?

       Yoo Ri: One morning, he came to our house then pretends as if nothing happens.

       Soo Yan: And then?

       Yoo Ri: Then I go with the flow.

       Soo Yan: (drops his jaw) Stupid.

       Yoo Ri: I know and now I felt like, it seems that he's keeping something from me.

       Soo Yan: Like what? (confused)

       Yoo Ri: I don't know but I just know he's keeping something from me. (reaches

Soo Yan's hand) Now that you know that I like Jae Won, would it be okay if I ask help

from you?

       Soo Yan: (gulp) What help?

       Yoo Ri: Would you help me know what's Jae Won's been keeping on me?

       Soo Yan: Do you think he's liking someone?

       Yoo Ri: (no answer just deep sigh)

       In every crowd, every actions are observed. Small movements counts when

words are inversed. Insecurity arrives.

SCENE 5b. Yoo Ri's room. 8:00 P.M.

       A day has almost come to an end in a room of distressed young girl. Telephone

abruptly rings to bring tidings, exposed secret is the goods. Secrets are ment to be kept.

It only should be told with ears that deft. But fortune seems to smile its way.
        *phone rings.

        Yoo Ri: Yeoboseyo!

        Jae Won: Hey princess!

        Yoo Ri: Duck butt?

        Jae Won: (groans) Stop calling me that! Anyway, are you waiting for another


        Yoo Ri: No, not at all (lying, the truth she was waiting for Soo Yan's call).

        Jae Won: I heard you went out with Soo Yan?

        Yoo Ri: Do I need to report it on you?

        Jae Won: (hiss) Aish! I'm just asking! Anyway I'm just checking out on you, sleep

early. You have an early class tomorrow.

        Yoo Ri: (opens her drawer and picks up Jae Won's photo) I know.

        Jae Won: Just reminding you princess.

        Yoo Ri: (smiles at the person she was staring at) Jae, will you ever get tired on

checking me every night?

        Jae Won: (no answer)

        Yoo Ri: Yah? Are you still there?

        Jae Won: Yoo Ri-ah, mom's calling me. See you tomorrow, bye. Yah sleep early


        *end line.

        Yoo Ri: Pfft! Mom's calling me? Duh? (groans) Who does he kidding? He's just

trying to escape on the conversation.

        *phone rings again.

        Yoo Ri: Now what?

        Soo Yan: Hey Yoo! It's me, Soo Yan.
       Yoo Ri: (taps her head with his hand) Hi Soo Yan!

       Soo Yan: Have you had a fight with someone? (laughs a little)

       Yoo Ri: That's nothing, anyway have you asked Jae already?

       Soo Yan: Yes and I swear you're going to jump for joy.

       Yoo Ri: (drops her body to her bed) What was that?

       Soo Yan: He was just trying to surprise you.

       Yoo Ri: With what?

       Soo Yan: An amusement park treat.

       Yoo Ri: (smiles widely) Jinja?!

       Soo Yan: Ne! So need not to worry at all (keeps his voice cheerful though its

almost cracking at all).

       Yoo Ri: Gomao Soo Yan-ah!

       Soo Yan: It's nothing, knowing you're happy makes me happy too.

       Yoo Ri: (felt guilt that cause her to bit her lower lip) Miande.

       Soo Yan: Yah! You don't have to say sorry. Anyhow, I need to say bye-bye now!

Need to fix some things.

       Yoo Ri: 'kay! Thanks again.

       *end line.

       Yoo Ri: (stares at the photo she was holding then whisper) Duck butt.

       Worries that was felt seems to fade somehow by its aid.

Narration to SCENE 6.

                                     A new day starts,

                                 and a new hope is given
                                          as they say.

             Is it much better in the second time around or another chance to fail?

 Though how much worse it can get, a simple smile and laughters can make that failed

                                       chance to forget.

SCENE 6a. Amusement Park. After class.

          Two can play a game to their heart extents, hope will arrise but never to expect..

          Yoo Ri was running, heading to were Jae Won was, she was late because she still

have to give some assignment to Soo Yan.

          Yoo Ri: (panting) I'm sorry I'm late Jae Won.

          Jae Won: (looks at his watch then hiss) You're exactly fifteen minutes late.

          Yoo Ri: (pouted) I told you I'm soooorrryyy!!!

          Jae Won: (pushes Yoo Ri's head gently)

          Yoo Ri: (pouted)

          Jae Won: (linked his arms on Yoo Ri's shoulder) Arraseo! Let's just enjoy the rest

of the day and I mean enjoy not to argue.

          Yoo Ri: (shove Jae Won's arms on her shoulder and then hold its hand) Much


          Jae Won: (laughs as he holds Yoo Ri's hand tighter) Much, much better.

          The two walks hand-in-hand inside the amusement park.

          They intend to be happy and to hopefully forget the worries that keeps on

haunting them and keeps on shattering little trust on their hearts and yes definitely,

somehow they succeeded.
       *they rode every rides that can make their heart stop for a moment and just feel

the air that touches their skin.

SCENE 6b. Amusement Park. After rides.

       Jae Won: (handed a soda to Yoo Ri) Enjoy the rides?

       Yoo Ri: (two thumbs up) Absolutely!

       Jae Won: (sat opposite to her) Its been a long time since we last ride a roller

coster. It just turned my stomach upside down.

       Yoo Ri: (laughs) Yah! Are you sick?

       Jae Won: (confused) Weh?

       Yoo Ri: You look like one, you're getting paler every day.

       Jae Won: (hiss) You're ruining the day, you know that?

       Yoo Ri: (pouted) Fine, I'm just gonna zip my mouth shut.

       Some secrets are ready to be unleashed in just a matter of time and no matter

how hard you keep it, surely it'll explode in time.

       They played a game and make it same- after they rode the rides, the rides of fate.

       Sitting on a bench with fun and laughters, two souls starts the game.

       Jae Won: Yah! Let's play.

       Yoo Ri: (smiles naughtily) Okay but I'll be the one to choose the game?

       Jae Won: (hiss) That's not fair!

       Yoo Ri: Yah, that is! You called me your baby sister but just in a simple game you

can't forgive me?
        Jae Won: (pouts then will blow some strands of his hair that was covering his

eyes) Fine!

        Yoo Ri: (smiles) Same as before, we'll play as a mascot and the one who got the

biggest vote after an hour will win.

        Jae Won: (hiss) That's unfair! You're good at this game because kids love you.

        Yoo Ri: The one who has the biggest vote can make a wish, just as before.

        Jae Won: And as expected you'll win.

        Yoo Ri: (shrugged then starts the game by calling some kids' attention)

        They started to act as a mascot making the kids laugh to their heart extent. Such

innocent, lovely kids.

        At the end of the day...

        Jae Won: (sat on the grass and lean his back on the tree) As expected.

        Yoo Ri: I won! (poke her tongue out)

        Jae Won: Now make a wish princess.

        Yoo Ri: Anything?

        Jae Won: (nodded)

        Yoo Ri: (linked her pinky finger with Jae Won) That's a seal.

        Jae Won: (laughs) Go on! Spill it out.

        Yoo Ri: I want us to be us even just for a day.

        Jae Won: (eyes widened) Woh?

        Yoo Ri: You said anything.

        Jae Won: (ruffled her hair) Arraseo, then tomorrow I'll be yours and you'll be

      The game that makes the heart expect but never will be to tie its knot.

Narration to SCENE 7.

    Like a commited crime sure to omit. Running away is the shortest way to quit.

                                   Never to escape,

                                 that's what they say.

              Nervous, unrelaxed, ignorant, and selfish added with guilt,

                                  that ones what felt.

                        To savor the moment and later to regret.

SCENE 7a. A day together.

      Just the two of them in the world they created. Both played their parts, on the

stage they play. With a time limit of a special romance; Both have concured, both wore


      ..both were happy but never contented.

      8:00 in the morning.

      Jae Won: Morning Princess (handed the long-stemmed white rose to Yoo Ri)

      Yoo Ri: (yawns then smile) Morning rascal! (will smell the rose)

      Jae Won: (frown) Yah! I thought we're supposed to play our parts here!

      Yoo Ri: (gave him a slight nod then kiss his cheeks which made her blush in

pink) Morning Jae!

      Jae Won: (smile) That's better.
       Yoo Ri: Shall we start our date now?

       Jae Won: (will reach for Yoo Ri's hand) Your hand's fitted with mine perfectly

(intertwined his fingers to Yoo Ri's)

       Yoo Ri: (will look at their hands and smile)

       Jae Won: Let's head at your favorite coffee shop first to have some breakfast,

how's that sound?

       Yoo Ri: (thumbs -up) Sounds really good!

       The day started to form a sweetest remembrance from a love that will once lost.

       They went to every place that somehow has significance to them and ended the

night on the place where Yoo Ri had confessed her feelings for Jae Won.

       8:30 P.M.

       Yoo Ri: Jae..

       Jae Won: Hmmm?

       Yoo Ri: (will drop her head on Jae Won's shoulder) Kamsahamnida. Thank you

very much for this day. I enjoy it a lot.

       Jae Won: Well, being your boyfriend isn't that bad after all (laughs).

       Yoo Ri: (hiss) Yah! I'm all out serious here. (sigh) And there you are teasing me.

       Jae Won: (will hug Yoo Ri)

       Yoo Ri: Jae?

       Jae Won: (hug tight) Just let me hug you until its time to say bye.

       Yoo Ri: (confuse but hugs back)

       Innocence has been taken for the moment.

       Warm embrace has given a turn to be spent. Each second is an hour or gold. but

for the lovers, its priceless even if it went out, old. Though we must say goodbye.
SCENE 7b. Park. Two days after the date. 10:00 P.M.

       As expected, the moment to halt the orchestra will arrive. The conductor have to

end the the the etude to rest. Swinging notes will soon rise to the thin air. The final

wave of sound is next to the line.

       Soo Yan: What's the commotion all about? (he joke the moment he arrived)

       Jae Won: Soo Yan, remember my confession four days ago?

       Soo Yan: (the smile will fade) Ne.

       Jae Won: Promise me, you'll take care of her when I'm gone.

       Soo Yan: Jae, you don't need to go.

       Jae Won: (sigh) I need to.

       Soo Yan: Aren't you going to see her for the very last time?

       Jae Won: (smile) I will, I have been meaning to give something to her.

       Soo Yan: Will you let her know that you're leaving?

       Jae Won: She didn't need to know. She'll be here in a few minutes. Please

pretend to know nothing at all. I don't want her to worry.

       Soo Yan: (hesitated but still nodded)

       After a few minutes...

       Yoo Ri: Oh! Soo Yan! You're also here. What's this all about? (looked at Jae Won)

       Jae Won: (smiles) Why? Don't you want to see Mr. Duck butt?

       Yoo Ri: (pouted then punch Jae Won's arm) It's just I'm not used when you're

like this. Its as if something bad's going to happen.
        Soo Yan: (shifted his gaze, pretend not to hear a thing)

        Jae Won: (mask the pain with a smile) You're thinking too much Yoo Ri. In two

weeks time, you'll be having your birthday.

        Yoo Ri: I thought you had forgotten about it.

        Jae Won: Of course not and because you're very dear to me. I'll hand you my gift

in advance (hand a box to Yoo Ri).

        Yoo Ri: (surprised) Yah! Its not your going to die or leave me, right?

        Jae Won: Of course I won't do that. I'll always watch you no matter what.

        Soo Yan: Aish! Don't you guys see that I'm here? (giving some light jokes at the


        Jae Won: (laughs) Right! We almost forgot that Mr. Busted is here.

        Yoo Ri: (laughs)

        ...and the night was filled with laughter in disguise and a pain that can't easily be


Narration to SCENE 8.

                      Someone will always say goodbye to the other.

                           Or else the other will never learn to leave.

   "We will meet again", that is the fair, for the saddened heart caused by emotional


                               The heart that once pretend, now

                                 gives way to show its intent.
SCENE 8a. Mourn in the morning bliss.

        Yoo Ri was awakened by the loud wail she had just hear which cause her to

rushed downstairs.

        Yoo Ri: (shock) Ahjumma?

        Mrs. Lee: Yoo Ri-sshi, my son (holds Yoo Ri's hand)

        Mrs. Kim: Jae Won left.

        Yoo Ri: (looked at her mother) Umma? (confused but her heart's been racing so


        Mrs. Kim: I better leave the two of you firts, I'll just make some tea (turned her

back after kissing Yoo Ri's temple).

        Yoo Ri: (wipes Mrs. Lee's tears) Ahjumma? What does my mom means with Jae

Won left?

        Mrs. Kim: Yoo Ri, haven't my son told you that he's dying?

        Yoo Ri: (laughs) Yah ahjumma! That wasn't a good joke!

        Mrs. Kim: (remains silent)

        Yoo Ri: (run towards her room immediately)

        *I knew something was bound to happen.

        Yoo Ri hold on to the box that Jae Won handed to her last night and open it


        Yoo Ri: (stared at the black note book) This is Jae Won's diary (whispers to

       Yoo Ri opened it and turned on the first page.

       Jae Won: Writing again, I don't remember when was the last time I wrote on a diary

again. Well I decided to write again for I don't know who to share my thoughts to.

       Diary, Yoo Ri confesses her feelings to me earlier (draws heart shape) and I'm really

happy to know that she felt the same way for me (^_^) . I also got jealous every time there are

boys that would ask her to date them (mad smiley) that's why I always told Yoo Ri not to have a

boyfriend unless she reaches eighteen.

       I promise to myself that when she turns eighteen I will ask her out and win her as my

girl, so diary will you keep that as a secret between the two of us?

       (^_^) Until next time diary.

       Yoo Ri: (tears were starting to fall as she turned the sheet on the next page)

       Jae Won: Diary, its been three days since Yoo Ri confessed and three days that I haven't

seen her, it seems three years for me, how I miss her a lot.

       I wish I could stare at her innocent face again. Her simple smile makes my heart melt

with happiness.

       I miss my princess a lot.

       Yoo Ri: (tears were already drowning her eyes, blurring her sight as she turned

the sheet on its last page, she can't wait no more to know why Jae Won left)

       Jae Won: Yoo Ri, when this reaches you, I might already on the other side of the road.

       You once told me that our life is like a roller coaster ride and that your ride is with me..

But I guess mine wasn't with you..

       I'm sorry that I need to go, that I need to leave you, if you only know how hard this was

for me but remember my promise? I will always watch you no matter what. I haven't told you

how I love you so much.
        Since the day that we met, it was when you're four and I'm six, I told to myself that I had

already saw my princess in you and that I know I will love you till my last breath and I intend to

do that until I die.

        Yoo Ri, I'm dying, remember when I was ten? You ask me why I'm always at the

hospital? They are treating me because I have leukemia Yoo Ri, I never told you that because I'm

scared that you might worry of me. I'm scared that your beautiful eyes would shed a tear just

because of me.

        Hush now, please wipe those tears you shed for me, I didn't mean for you to cry because

of this confession I had made.

        The doctors said that I'm already healed but just a month ago I felt something that really

pains me a lot that's why I got to call my doctor again and had to some check-ups and well, as

expected- bad news. You know what that means, I don't want to explain further on it- it would

just pain you more and I can't bear to cause a lot of it to you.

        I'm really happy to meet you and at least I could tell to myself that somehow I felt to have

a one nice love story.

        You and I, almost a love story...

        I love you Yoo Ri with all my heart..

        Yoo Ri: (cries harder as she hug the diary tighter on her chest, dropping her body

onto the floor, feeling empty as she whispers) Almost a love story, duck butt...

        Diary of someone's life, on the hands of a person that deserve what is left. Time

stops on every pages, it won't fade. Collection of memories were written and placed.

The only true words of a person cannot tell the real fate. It blames the fate for the last

page he has. But it is certain that everlasting emotions have reached its true love.
SCENE 8b. The Gift.

       The rain started to pour giving sad musical notes, reminiscing the way that was

before and ended on a tear once more.

       The student raises her hand as Yoo Ri turns around to wipe the tear.

       Student 1: Miss?

       Yoo Ri: (face her students) Yes?

       Student: So what happened to Mr. Duck butt and the princess?

       Yoo Ri: (smiles) They never met again.

       Student 2: But why? Does Mr. Duck butt died?

       Yoo Ri: That the princess doesn't know but the princess is sure wherever Mr.

Duck butt is, she's definitely sure that he'll watch her no matter what.

       Studens: (groans, the other pouted and the other sob)

       Student 3: I hate the ending, it was sad for the both of them Miss Kim.

       Yoo Ri: But at least they know that they felt the same way for each other and

that's never to be regret.

       Student 1: I promise that if I will let my love one knows that I love her before its

too late, I don't want to have a love story that should be a love story but didn't seems to

be a love story.

       Yoo Ri: (laughs) Now that's confusing.

       *bell ringsss!!!!!

       Students: (groans with disappointment).

       Yoo Ri: (claps her hand) Okay now! Kids its time to go home!

       Students: Good bye Miss Kim!

       Yoo Ri: Study your lessons okay!
       Yoo Ri will fall into deep thinking, unaware that someone's been staring...

       Suprises once will call, tears that shed, will be a tear of joy..

       Soo Yan: I guess I should come by another time.

       Yoo Ri: (startled then meet the guy) Soo Yan?

       Soo Yan: (smiles widely) Care for a coffee?

       Coffee shop.

       Soo Yan: It’s been eight years since we last saw each other. So you became a

teacher, huh? Anyway how's everything going on?

       Yoo Ri: (sips on her coffee) Good.

       Soo Yan: (surprised)

       Yoo Ri: Why?

       Soo Yan: (smile) Eight years ago, I met a girl who doesn't want to drink hot

coffee, instead she'll wait for it to get warm before she'll touch it.

       Yoo Ri: (sigh) That girl was gone, gone with the person she waited all her life.

       Soo Yan: (slid his hands on his pocket to get a small box and put on the table

slowly pushing it towards Yoo Ri)

       Yoo Ri: (eyes widened) What's that?

       Soo Yan: (sigh) Open it.

       Yoo Ri: (opened the box- saw the ring and got confused) Yah! Soo Yan, don't tell

me you still like me, huh!

       Soo Yan: Eight years ago, a guy naming Lee Jae Won handed that to me.

       Flash back
       After talking to Yoo Ri at the coffee shop, Soo Yan decided to meet Jae Won, unaware that

he'll learn the thing he must not know but still Jae confesses it..

       Soo Yan: You're too young to die.

       Jae Won: (laughs) Dying isn't connected to what your age is.

       Soo Yan: Does Yoo Ri knows?

       Jae Won: (shook head) she need not to know. I don't want he to see me dying either so

before she knows it I'm gone.

       Soo Yan: What do you mean gone? (confused)

       Jae Won: (handed a box to Soo Yan and a small card) Give that to her when she turns

twenty-six, will you? She wanted to get married at twenty-six, I wanted to be that man but I

guess that won't happen anymore (tears were falling) but still I wanted her to have that ring

when she turns twenty-six, please?

       Soo Yan: (hug his friend and will whisper) I will, I promise.

       End of Flash back.

       Tears of yesterday are drowning Yoo Ri's eyes..

       Soo Yan: Happy twenty-sixth birthday Yoo Ri (then handed the card to Yoo Ri).

       Yoo Ri: (will open the card)

       Yoo Ri,

       When I met you I fell in love over my ears..

       I love you,

       Lee Jae Won

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