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Waitrose: A Lifestyle Recipe for Loyalty


Waitrose has reacted to the economic turmoil in the UK with a two-pronged strategy: launching
a value range of staple groceries, while protecting its premium proposition by responding to the
changing lifestyles of its core customers with a number of initiatives. This case study examines
Waitroses lifestyle alignment strategy and explains how it has successfully maintained high
customer loyalty.

Features and benefits

* Assess if Waitrose’s customers share any characteristics with your own and uncover some
initiatives to bond with them based on their values.
* Glean ideas for corporate social responsibility promotions by gaining insight into how
Waitrose has developed its ethical and green credentials.
* Display your companys food knowledge and expertise by seeing how Waitrose promotes a
shared love of food and cooking with its customers.
* If partnering with Waitrose, inform your business pitches and enhance your relationship by
understanding more about its strategy.


Waitroses maintanance of it premium price positioning involves a strong focus on quality and
freshness, and the promotion of the traceability of its products and its green and ethical
It has focused on bonding with its customers through a consistent digital media strategy, local
charitable initiatives, and the communication of a shared love of cooking.
This success of this strategy of wider involvement with customers and alignment with their
values was reflected in the results of How Britain Shops 2011 survey where Waitrose outscored
the big four UK grocery retailers in terms of customer loyalty.

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