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The Key to
Surviving and Thriving in a
Polluted World

        Steven N. Green, DDS
Fortune Teller
A strict elimination diet is the most
powerful tool in medicine that can be
applied to almost any medical

Kirk Hamilton, PA-C
Clinical Pearls News
The Stomach
Tylenol ®

            In 1967, my pharmacology
            professor told us that “acetaminophen
            was too harmful to the liver & kidney
            to ever be put on the market.”
Cysteine, onion, garlic,
vegetable bouquet with
       Chicken Soup
tubers & greens, peppers
black & red.
Indole–3–carbinol (I-3-C)
 Proliferative estrogens implicated in head & neck
  cancers, breast, prostate, uterine, colon & cervical
 Hydroxylation pathway largely determines
  proliferative factor.
 I-3-C promotes benign pathway, as does flax,
  kudzu & soy isoflavones.
 For cysts or lumps or breasts large with little
  firmness. Binds similarly, but more benignly &
  effectively than tamoxifen.
Iodine test
 Thyroid drives detoxification (digestion in
 Infection, excessive mucus or dominance of
  proliferative estrogens linked with iodine
 Estrogen dominace diminishes thyroid
 Paint on skin silver dollar size tincture
  iodine. Best to have a smudge remaining
  24hrs later. If disappears sooner than that,
  take pills or apply iodine until stain partly
  remains 24hrs.
  Modulators of
i Methylation
  Folic acid ( 5-formyl-
e tetrahydrofolate), folates
     Methylcobalamin, B12
v    Pyridoxine, B 6, ( P-5-P,
l    SAMe (a-adenosyl-
Sunlight - the ultimate detoxifier?
Russian experiments - animals exposed to correct doses
of sunlight could clear wide range of toxins faster than
animals reared without sun.

Toxins studied: quartz and coal dusts, toxic minerals
such as lead, cadmium and mercury, liver poisons
(carbon tetrachloride) & pesticide neurotoxins.

Sunlight speeded up clearance of body toxins to from
double to as much as twenty times.

Best effect was obtained when sunlight exposure had
started some time before toxin exposure.
Ascorbate Flush
Buffered ascorbate one teaspoonful (4gms)
dissolved in 2 - 4 oz water or juice.
Try one teaspoonful every 15 minutes or if
you are quite ill, two teaspoonfuls every 15
Press on to enema-like evacuation of liquid.
Do not stop at loose stool.

PERQUE Buffered C Powder
Friendly commensal bacteria
 Bacteria normally reside in intestines.
 Produce peptides to stimulate immunity &
 reduce inflammation, keeping our ‘guard up.’
 Antibiotics or aggressive cleanses destroy
 both beneficial and disease-causing bacteria,
 temporarily stopping production of these
 immune-modulating peptides.
 Tummy too clean is extra susceptible to food
 borne infections as Salmonella & E. coli.
     Dossey, L, In Praise of Pollution,
 Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine,
 Vol. 5, No. 3, May 1999.
Galt 1
Galt 2
Galt 3
Galt 4
Galt 5
1. Arnica homeopathic for injury.
2. Vitamin C, 1000mg sustained release, twice.
3. Pancreatic and plant enzymes, large frequent
doses, best on empty stomach.
4. Colostrum extracts in small, frequent doses.
5. Placenta freeze-dried is richest natural source of
anabolic and repair hormones.
6. Melatonin 1.8mg timed release at bedtime.
7. Avoid high glycemic foods, especially late.
8. Soaked seeds (quality protein) early & greens.
9. Plentiful water, avoid distilled. Plump cells.
EXCELLENCE    Russel Jaffe, PhD.
 Melatonin (N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine) is
  superior & ubiquitously-acting free radical
  scavenger & antioxidant.
 1) Melatonin directly detoxifies a variety of
  oxygen & nitrogen-based ROS & non-radicals.
 2) Metabolites that are formed when melatonin
  scavenges radicals are radical scavengers (thus,
  this antioxidant cascade greatly increases efficacy
  of melatonin as scavenger).
 3) Melatonin stimulates a number of antioxidative
  enzymes including SOD, glutathione peroxidase &
  catalase which rid the cell of toxic agents.
EXCELLENCE    Russel Jaffe, PhD.
 4) Melatonin inhibits pro oxidative enzyme NOS.
 5) Melatonin stimulates production of another
  important intracellular antioxidant, glutathione.
 6) Increases efficiency of mitochondrial electron
  transport, likely reducing free radical generation.
 7) Stimulates ATP product which enhances the
  ability of cells to repair free radical damage.
 8) Readily absorbed via any route enters all cells
  and subcellular organelles
 9) No known pro oxidative activity unlike some
  other classical antioxidants & now known to be
  available in edible foods (tart cherries).
Mercury & other toxins can hurt you
on the way in or on the way out!
 Experience rashes, fatigue, lethargy, nausea,
  irritability, anger or mood swings?
 Vit C, NAC, lipoic acid & greens chelate toxins.
 During detoxification of heavy metals & other
  pollutants, one may experience pain as
  pollutants are stirred up & moved about & out!
 Keep exits open: water & fiber & cod liver oil.
 Chlorella & other greens, Vitamin C, NAC &
  lipoic acid are powerful heavy metal movers,
  best to begin regime gradually over first few
  days & build dosage. Keep up multiminerals!
 Salt base: 2/3 cup sea salt, 1/3 cup
  Epson salt & 3 heaping tablespoons
  baking soda – or just 2 cups Epson salt.
 Sodium bicarb absorbs toxins, so you
  do not reabsorb. Helps balance pH.
 Add only 5-15 drops of essential oils,
  (20 drops in larger tubs) - one drop of
  essential oil has 40 thousand million
  million million molecules.
Baths promote sweating &
help cleanse.
 Best way to really sweat is to run bath
  water as hot as you can stand it.
  Running bath while sitting in tub allows
  better tolerance of hotter bath water.
 Carefully get out, wrap yourself quickly
  in flannel sheet & then warm blanket.
  Lie down & remain still. Sleep.
 Enormous sweating typically promoted.
 Wash off in shower after wrap, to limit
  reabsorption of toxins. Drink water.
 Broken many fevers > bath / salt base,
  5 drops bay laurel +7 drops lavender.
Live a long life
Polymeal includes wine, fish, dark chocolate, fruits,
vegetables, garlic & almonds.
All best consumed daily, except fish (limited due to
mercury to 2-4 X / week).
Drinking 150ml of wine daily reduces heart & artery
disease 32%. Eating fish 4X / week cuts risk 14%.
100gms dark chocolate daily day lowers blood
pressure (systolic 5 & diastolic 2), risk down 20%.
400gms fruits & vegetables does same job of
reducing blood pressure as dark chocolate, & both
garlic & almonds lower cholesterol.
Purslane (portulacca) rich in EFAs & is green.