The Perils and Privileges of the Last Days

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VOL. XVI                              BALBOA, CANAL ZONE, JANUARY 1,                                       No. 1

     The Perils and Privileges of the Last Days
                                             By MRS E. G. WHITE
   The days in which we live are eventful and full        glory is to redound to man; all human help and glory
of peril. The signs of the coming of the end are          lie in the dust; for the truth as it is in Jesus is the
thickening around us, and events are to come to pass      only available agent by which man may be saved.
that will be of a more terrible character than any the    Man is privileged to connect with Christ, and then
world has yet witnessed ...                               the divine and the human combine; and in this union
   Let every one who claims to believe that the Lord      the hope of man must rest alone; for it is as the
is soon coming, search the Scriptures as never be-        Spirit of God touches the soul that the powers of the
fore; for Satan is determined to try every device         soul are quickened, and man becomes a new creature
possible to keep souls in darkness, and blind the         in Christ Jesus . . .
mind to the perils of the times in which we are living.      The theme that attracts the heart of the sinner
Let every believer take up his Bible with earnest         is Christ and Him crucified. On the cross of Calvary,
prayer, that he may be enlightened by the Holy            Jesus stands revealed to the world in unparalleled
Spirit as to what is truth, that he may know more of      love. Present Him thus to the hungering multitudes,
God and of Jesus Christ whom He has sent. Search          and the light of His love will win men from darkness
for the truth as for hidden treasures, and disappoint     to light, from transgression to obedience and true
the enemy.                                                holiness. ....
   The time of test is just upon us, for the loud cry        The truth is efficient, and through obedience its
of the third angel has already begun in the revelation    power changes the mind into the image of Jesus. It
of the righteousness of Christ, the sin-pardoning Re-     is the truth as it is in Jesus that quickens the con-
deemer. This is the beginning of the light of the an-     science and transforms the mind; for it is accom-
gel whose glory shall fill the whole earth,               panied to the heart by the Holy Spirit. There are
 i It is the work of every one to whom the message        many who, lacking spiritual discernment, take the
of warning has come, to lift up Jesus, to present Him     bare letter of the word, and find that unaccompanied
to the world as revealed in types, as shadowed in         by the Spirit of God, it quickens not the soul, it sanc-
symbols, as manifested in the revelations of the pro-     tifies not the heart. One may be able to quote from
phets, as unveiled in the lessons given to His dis-       the Old and New Testament, may be familiar with
ciples and in the wonderful miracles wrought for the      the commands and promises of the word of God; but
sons of men. Search the Scriptures; for they are they     unless the Holy Spirit sends the truth home to the
that testify of Him.                                      heart, enlightening the mind with divine light, no
   If you would stand through the time of trouble,        soul falls upon the Rock and is broken; for it is the
you must know Christ, and appropriate the gift of         divine agency that connects the soul with God. With-
His righteousness, which He imputes to the repen-         out the enlightenment of the Spirit of God, we shall
tant sinner. Human wisdom will not avail to devise        not be able to discern truth from error, and shall
a plan of salvation. Human philosophy is vain, the        fall under the masterful temptations and deceptions
fruits of the loftiest powers of man are worthless,       that Satan will bring upon the world.—"Review and
aside from the great plan of the divine Teacher. No       Herald," Nov. 22 and 29, 1892.
                                 INTER-AMERICAN DIVISION MESSENGER

                                                                                                   HAVE YOU FULFILLED YOUR
        REPENTANCE AND FORGIVENESS                                                                        PROMISE?
                                                                                                      "Better is the end of a thing than the
                                   By G. A. ROBERTS                                              beginning thereof." Eccl. 7:8.
                                                                                                     As this year, 1938, rapidly comes to
     Will confession alone secure God's           God. This applies to that of which we          its end, it is well for us to meditate a
 forgiveness for the sins of Sabbath-break-       have robbed God in the past, as well as        little on this text and see if we have
 ing and for robbing God? Will the blood          any future delinquencies that Satan by         finished what we began the first of the
 of Jesus Christ cover each upon con-             his temptations may cause. To illustrate:      year. The year will end whether or not
 fession alone, or is more required on the        If one has recognized the principle of         we have finished the work God gave us
 part of the sinner, with respect to one          tithing; that the tithe is as sacred as the    to do during these 365 days.
 of these sins more than the other, that          Sabbath; that it is as obligatory upon              Many promised, in commencing the-
 he may stand clear in the sight of God?          man; and that it brings blessings un-          year, that they would read the Bible
 Are there conditions to be met on the            equaled, according to the promises of          through. But how many have kept this
 part of the sinner with respect to one           God, by any other one Christian privi-         resolution? Are you one who fell out by
  of these sins that cannot be met with           lege and responsibility, and that if one       the way, or are you one who has diligen-
  respect to the other? Let us see.               is tempted and robs God of a dollar, or        tly held on until you have finished your
     Learning the claims of the fourth com-       five or ten dollars of tithe from his cur-      task and'have kept your word? As I
  mandment with their spiritual applica-          rent income; before his repentance would        look at the Bible Year charts, when
  tion and obligation, and thus that he has        be accepted as genuine in the sight of         travelling here and there, I find that
  been a Sabbath-breaker all his life, the         Heaven or even of man, it would surely         many start, but few finish. One year,
  sinner by confession and forsaking alone,        be necessary for him to restore that           a long time ago, because of my neglect,
  of that sin of Sabbath-breaking, can be          tithe. The same repentance, confession,        I came to the last day of the year with
 cleared of all past guilt through the blood       forsaking of sin, and forgiveness there-        120 chapters to read if I would keep my
  of Jesus Christ. Beginning from tha,t            of that is required for Sabbath-breaking       resolution. I read those 120 chapters
  hour to remember the Sabbath day to              is required for robbing God; but in ad-        that day in order to make good my prom-
  keep it holy, confessing from time to            dition, it is required of a man that if        ise to God, and to educate myself to
  time delinquencies in Sabbath-breaking           possible to do so he restore that which        keep my vows. "If a man vow a vow
   as they occur and are realized, and striv-      he has consumed, or held back from the          unto the Lord, or swear an oath to bind
   ing with the help of God to overcome,           treasury of God. In this respect, repen-       his soul with a bond; he shall not break
  will surely constitute one as a Sabbath-         tance for robbing God in the tithe re-          his word, he shall do according to all
   keeper in the sight of heaven and free          quires more on the part of the sinner           that proceedeth out of his mouth."
   him from the guilt of Sabbath-breaking.         than repentance for Sabbath-breaking.           Numbers 30:2.
      With the tithe there are surely other            This same principle applies with re-            Before we commence the new year
   requirements. God's forgiveness covers           ference to robbing our fellow men. No          and make new vows and resolutions,
   Sabbath-breaking when recognized and            man would be accepted by any true               shall we not do our best to finish well
   repented of, and upon this ground alone         church as-a member of the church family         that which we began months ago? Have
  because there is no way for man to make          who is known to have robbed or to be            we started a branch Sabbath School,
   restitution for the Sabbaths he has              robbing his fellow men unless, to the ex-      and let it die? Have we started some
   broken in the past before he learned the         tent of his ability, he should restore         cottage meetings and stayed by until
   truth. God's forgiveness covers Sabbath-         what he has taken. Let us remember,            the work was finished and souls won to
   breaking as it may occur from time to            however, that the restoration of the           the truth? Have we started distributing
   time after he has learned the truth, if          tithe alone will not clear the sinner. Re-     tracts systematically, and have we kept
   it is sincerely repented of, and on the          pentance as deep and earnest as is re-         the work going until the series of tracts
   ground of repentance alone, because             quired for Sabbath-breaking or any other        were finished? Have we sought out tjj
   there is no possible way for man to make         sin is required for robbing God; but           interested ones, given them Bible red
, restitution, of . the Sabbaths he has             before God's forgiveness can be claimed,       ings, and led them step by step into the
   broken.                                          restoration, or a through determination        truth? Or have we started a number of
      The Spirit of Prophecy tells us that          to restore as soon as possible, must take      things with much enthusiasm and have
   God calls Sabbath-breaking taking a few          place.                                         neglected to bring any of them to a suc-
    moments of the Sabbath from the edges              May God help each one of us to study,        cessful termination.
    or any other part of the day, robbing           earnestly study, and prayerfully seek              If we have any unfinished duties or
    Him, in the very same way that He               our heavenly Father's face, searching           tasks, any unfulfilled resolutions or
    speaks of robbing Him in tithe.                 for wisdom, and pleading for under-            vows, shall we not pick up the broken
       But with robbing God in tithe, God           standing of this matter of stewardship          threads and finish the work faithfully, so
    surely has other requirements of the sin-       which has been committed to us by an            that when the year closes, the Lord will
    ner than sorrow of heart, confession,           all-wise Father who loves us too much           say, "Well done." R. R. BREITIGASC
    and forsaking of the sin. If it is at all       to accept as perfect service anything
    possible for one to restore that which          which is in the slightest degree less than
    he-has taken, it is a necessary part of         our ability to learn and do, for "We            If we would have God to hear what
    his repentance to do so, and without this       shall individually be held responsible for    we say to him by prayer, we must be
    restitution to the extent of one's ability,     doing one jot less than we have ability       ready to hear what he saith to us by his
    repentance will not be acceptable with          to do," says the Spirit of Prophecy.          word.—Matthew Henry.
                                 INTER-AMERICAN DIVISION MESSENGER

  All this year have we not been seeing                    A GOOD SCHOOL INDUSTRY
the landmarks passing swiftly, showing
that the staunch old Gospel ship is truly
homeward bound?                                 Many times our young people ask                   scholarships during the vacation. The
  Is it really true? Everything in earth     how they can get to school when they                 records of other schools show that a
and sea and sky, in the world and in the     have no money with which to pay ex-                  large percent of them will be successful
work of God, seems to cry it with a new      penses. Many seem to have this as an                 in securing full scholarships. These young
voice, as we have long sung in the old       excuse for not going to school. But some-            people are ambitious and energetic, and
hymn,                                        times it is a real inquiry, and I wish to            let us give them every encouragement.
   "I asked again: earth, sea, and sun       offer at least one good suggestion.                    Thus far we have considered the finan-
     Seemed with our voice to make reply:
   'Times wasting sands are nearly run,         We all recognize the fact that every              cial side only, but there is another. The
     Eternity is nigh.' "                    person is not a salesman. On the other               good that may be accomplished is stated
     We do not say it because we are Ad-     hand, far more of our young people can               many times in the articles written for
 ventists. We are Adventists because         be successful in the sale of our literature          our papers. This is excellent missionary
 everything in the word of God and in        than has been supposed by many. Some                 work, and is a phase of the work to be
 the world says that eternity is nigh.       will be more successful than others, but             emphasized. But I am thinking of it in
     A new conviction of the nearness of     we have all seen young people whose                  terms of industry for the school. As
 the eternal world has come upon be-         talent in this line was questioned, and              such, I think it is one of the best, both
 lievers this year, it seems to me. I have   who have taken this means of earn-                   from the standpoint of the earning ca-
 just come in from a summer in North-        ing their way through school, and have               pacity of the student, and from the good
 ern Europe. In every country the breth-     been highly successful.                              that will be accomplished by him.
 ren and sisters came out to the confer-        I doubt seriously if a more sure plan               Then aside from all of this, the student
 ences with a deeper Advent note in their    could be found by which a young man                  that actually gets his scholarship will
 hearts than I ever remember heretofore;     or young woman may earn the money                    also get an educational benefit that will
 and everywhere the meetings were the        for expenses in our schools than this                be even greater than the money earned.
 largest remembered. We hear of the          one of selling our books and mag-                    The confidence in himself and his ability
 same spirit of the Advent hope in the       azines. Our school in Costa Rica has                 to meet people will prove assets which
 old North American base, and over           demonstrated for several years that our              one does not get in the classroom or
 other lands and seas. Is it not of God,     young people can go through school in                from textbooks. Build up the best in-
 brethren, of His gracious purpose to        this way more easily than by any other               dustry that our schools can have—the
 move forward the world-wide body of         manner. Others of our schools are hav-               colporteur work. Think of its triple
 believers to give the last witness and be   ing the same experience.                             value: first, to the public spiritually;
 ready to stand before the Son of man?          At the school in Colombia, some 27                second, to the student in experience;
     As Adam and Eve looked back upon        students from a total of 35 have sig-                and third, to the school financially. Is
 their dear lost home, seen through the      nified that they are going to sell our               there anything to equal it?
 angel-guarded gate, it must be that only    literature as soon as the school year                                          W. L. ADAMS
 one thing kept their hearts from break-     closes. This seems to me an excellent
 ing—the promise of the Redeemer who         beginning for this new school.
would one day lead them home again.             Very likely some will question whether               God speaks by the silence of the sun-
 That promise has sustained the children     or not all of these students will gain                beam as truly as by the thunderclap.
 of God through the ages. But when the
time of the prophecy came and this            Students of the Colombia-Venezuela Training School, at Medellin, Colombia, who attended a recent
                                              colporteur institute held there. Three of the local field secretaries appear in the picture with these
remnant church keeping the command-                young people. They are all in the field now, engaged in the book and magazine work.
   .ents of God and the faith of Jesus ap-
    ;ared, it was seen so surely that the
glad time was no longer afar off, but
very near, when Jesus would come to
lead His children home. That surety has
become more sure, and sweeter and
dearer, as the days have gone by. This
year's events have, it seems to me, spoken
more decisively than those of any past
year, that we are nearing home. A few
years ago the Spirit of prophecy moved
Sister White to describe just such things
as we have been witnessing, and the ser-
vant of the Lord cried out: "I feel as
if I must cry aloud, 'Homeward bound!' "
Let us cry it out, from land to land,
in half a million voices, the world
around, "Homeward bound! Home-
ward bound!"              W. A. SPICER
                               INTER-AMERICAN DIVISION MESSENGER

 "ADVENTISTS ARE 10,000 YEARS                                                                           THE GIFT OF LIFE
           AHEAD"                                                                                  The gift of eternal life is a mutual
                                                      COUNTING THE COST
     We have received some very inter-       Desirest thou that home above
                                                                                                gift on the part of the eternal Father
 esting experiences from various fields        And yearn for it while here below?               and His only-begotten Son. The idea
 throughout the division of late. They in-   Then go about and tell the love                    that Christ lived and suffered and died
                                               Of Him who dost that gift bestow.
 dicate how much our books are really                                                          to appease the wrath of an offended God,
 appreciated by those of the world. Bro-     Wouldst pass thou through those gates of pearl     is not in harmony with gospel truth.
 ther F. W. Steeves, field missionary          And tread those shining streets of gold?         It is true that Jesus Christ freely "gave
                                             Then enter now earth's maddening whirl
 secretary of the Central American Union,      And seek the lost for heaven's fold.             Himself for our sins, that He might
 while passing through Balboa, told us                                                          deliver us from this present evil world,"
 the following experience:                   If thou wouldst lead men to His grace,             but it was "according to the will of God
                                               Cause them to choose that better part,
     "While traveling in the interests of    Persuading them to seek His face,                  and our Father." Gal. 1:4. "God so
 the colporteur work in Nicaragua, I met       Then give thyself and all thou art.              loved the world, that He gave His only-
 the civil engineer of a prominent rail-     That heavenly home so fair and bright
                                                                                               begotten Son, that whosoever believeth
 way firm. As I began to show him              Is beckoning with gates ajar,                   in Him should not perish, but have ever-
 the book 'Dawn of a New Day,' he            And seems to urge with growing light               lasting life." John 3:16. "The gift of
                                               To speed the cause to lands afar.
 asked me if it was Adventist literature.                                                       God is eternal life through Jesus Christ
 He said, 'I like the Adventist books very   Reckoning, wouldst thou count the cost,            our Lord." Rom. 6:23.
 much, because they are more or less ac-       Withhold thy hand or hesitate?                      God the Father, "who is rich in mercy,
                                             Now is the time to save the lost.
 cording to my way of thinking. I know         Give of thy best ere it's too late.             for His great love wherewith He loved
 your people very well and especially am                         —George Clarence Hoskin       us, even when we were dead in sins,
 I acquainted with those on the east                                                           hath quickened us together with Christ,
 coast of Nicaragua and on Corn Island.                                                         (by grace are ye saved;) and hath raised
They are the most reliable and honorable      sy" is the best book ever published, and         us up together, and made us sit together
people in that part.'                         as you know, the Bible is the Book of            in heavenly places in Christ Jesus."
    "In our conversation I learned that      books. Many years ago, in an old drawer              The gospel plan is one with the Father
he had served as a general in the World      in my father's home I found this copy,            and the Son, and is designed to make us
War and had gone through a good many         old and forgotten so long, that when I            one with the members of the heavenly
hard experiences. He continued:              took it out the leaves all began to fall          family. "I in them, and Thou in Me,
    " 'I was down and out a few years        off. I was attracted by the name "Great           that they may be made perfect in one;
ago and was almost at death's door.          Controversy between Christ and Satan,"            and that the world may know that
These experiences have led me to know        and began reading a few pages. Soon              Thou hast sent Me, and hast loved them,
my God. When you make a light in the         after that I had the whole book rebound,         as thou hast loved Me." John 17:23.
daytime it is scarcely visible, but even     and since then have read it through               God wants made known to the world,
a very small light is a guide in the dark-   many times.'                                     through His followers, that He loves the
ness of night. That has been my ex-             "While working with Brother Mat-              sinner just as much as He loves His
perience. The Lord had to take me            thew, we canvassed a business man. He            own Son. Proof of this lies in the fact
through some dark experiences to let         did not respond with an order, but said:         that He "so loved the world, that He
me see the light.                            'I have many of your books: "Bible               gave His only-begotten Son," to die in
    " 'When I was very sick one of your      Readings," "Home Physician" and a few            man's stead, and with Him also freely
men visited me and loaned me some            others, all in the best binding. They are        gives us all things.
of your books, for I was unable to buy       all good books. I enjoy studying them.'              "Behold, what manner of love the
them. I have always appreciated your            "When asked about which binding he            Father hath bestowed upon us, that
books and they have brought inspira-         would prefer the book we were introduc-          we should be called the sons of God."
tion to my soul. According to my way         ing, he said, 'I have all the others in the       1 John 3:1. "Herein is love, not that wa
of thinking, you Adventists are about        best binding.'                                   loved God, but that He loved us, an*
ten thousand years ahead of other mis-          " 'Sure,' I said; 'in getting a work like     sent His Son to be the propitiation for
sionary organizations.'                      this the best binding is always a wise           our sins." 1 John 4:10.              :
    "Of .course this man was very willing    choice.'                                             "Who shall separate us from the Ipve
to give his order for the book 'Dawn of         "He then said: 'Oh, Hove these books,         of Christ? shall tribulation or distress,
a New Day.' We trust it will kindle a        for they have been of great help to me.          or persecution, or famine, or nakedness,
still brighter light in his Christian ex-    I hope to enjoy the one you are selling          or peril, or sword?" "Nay, in all thepe
perience, until the way of life is plain     now as well as I enjoyed these.'                 things we are more than conquerors
indeed."                                        "The book was delivered a few days            through Him that loved us." Rom. 8:3S,
  , Brother F. A. Sebra, field missionary    afterwards.                                      37. "For I am persuaded, that neither
secretary of the Leeward Islands Con-           "Some time ago Brother Mitchell,              death, nor life, nor angels, nor principal-
ference contributes as follows:              while working on the island of Dom-              ities, nor powers, nor things present, nor
    "While working with Brother Smith,       inica, met an ex-schoolmaster at his             things to corae, 2or height, nor depth,
we met a shop keeper and presented the       home, where he had thirty-four of our            nor any other creature, shall be able to
book 'Dawn of a New Day.' Soon we            books. He was not satisfied, but had             separate us from the love of God, which
were interrupted. 'Wait,' he said, 'I have   heard of the book 'Desire of Ages' and           is in Christ Jesus our Lord." Rom. 8;
two books "Great Controversy" and the        was determined to get that also."                38. 39.—A. T. Robinson, in "Review
Bible, and I want no more. "Controver-                             W. A. BERGHERM             and Herald," March 31, 1938.
                              INTER-AMERICAN DIVISION MESSENGER

                                                                                                capabilities to be developed even in this
              I WILL NEVER LEAVE THEE                                                           life, and the final translation into the
                                                                                                kingdom of glory. By His Spirit He
   What greater assurance of God's              But mothers may forget; God will not            follows the individual through all the
faithfulness to His people can be found      forget. He did not forget the doomed               experiences of life, and if he is yielded
than in this promise, "I will never leave    pair in Eden. He surrendered the Son               fully to Him, the Master Worker will
thee, nor forsake thee"? Heb. 13:5.          of His bosom to redeem them and their              bring to perfection the work of grace in
    There will never be a time when God      posterity from eternal death. Our Lord,            his life. So, with the apostle, we may
will forsake those who put their trust       the gift of God's love, descended from             confidently say: "I know whom I have
in Him. There is no situation, however       heaven to this sin-cursed earth; He con-           believed, and am persuaded that He is
discouraging, in which He will forsake       descended to live and labor among the              able to keep that which I have com-
the distressed. There are no depths to       vile, the publicans and harlots, the loath-        mitted unto Him against that day."
which a soul can fall but that the divine    some lepers, and the dying, that He                "Being confident of this very thing, that
hand will reach down to grasp the arm        might rescue these victims from sin and            He which hath begun a good work in
of the penitent. There is no sorrow too      its penalty. Yea, He went even lower;              you will perform it until the day of
great for Him to soothe; no remorse          He descended into the gates of death,              Jesus Christ." 2 Tim. 1:12; Phil. 1:6.
from which He will hide His face; no         and opened the prison house from which,                Israel of old was likened to a vine-
sin, however grievous, but that He           otherwise, none would ever have re-                yard. The Lord declared that He planted
stands ready to forgive; no apostasy,        turned.                                            Israel in a fruitful hill, and did all that
however gross, from which He will not           And this redeeming love is not mere-             could be done for her fruitfulness. It
receive the repentant heart.                 ly manifested toward the multitudes;               is under this figure that the prophet
    The fact is that God does not forsake    it reaches out to the individual. The               penned one of the most beautiful pic-
us. We may forsake him, but He re-           Saviour said that even "the very hairs              tures of divine care. "In that day sing
mains the same. And when the exile           of your head are all numbered." And                ye unto her, A vineyard of red wine. I
from the Father's house comes to him-        the psalmist declared that "the Lord               the Lord do keep it; I will water it every
self, sees his need, and sets his face to-   shall count, when He writeth up the                 moment: lest any hurt it, I will keep
ward home, as did the prodigal, he will      people, that this man was born there."              it night and day." Isa. 27:2, 3.
find the Father meeting him with open        "I will make mention of Rahab and                      Assuredly, with these expressive figures
arms. The Redeemer of Israel will for-       Babylon to them that know Me: behold                of God's love and care, we can say:
give unto seventy times seven. If sin-       Philistia, and Tyre, with Ethiopia; this           "God is our refuge and strength,
ners could only comprehend this re-          man was born there. And of Zion it                 A very present help in trouble.
                                                                                                Therefore will not we fear, though the earth
deeming love, if the straying who have       shall be said, This and that man was                     be removed,
wandered from God could understand           born in her." Ps. 87:6, 4, 5.                      And though the mountains be carried into the
                                                                                                      midst of the sea;
 the Father's faithfulness, there must be       God knows just where the individual             Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled,
many who would say, "I will arise and        was born, of the lowly birth, the poor,            Though the mountains shake with the swelling
                                             unenlightened parentage, the unfavor-                    thereof,"
go to my Father."
    Inspiration has chosen the tenderest     able environment of childhood; He
                                             understands the struggles and disap-                  And of the church we may know that
 ties of earth to picture divine love and
faithfulness, and yet how feebly do these    pointments of life; but He also sees his           "God is in midst of her; she will not be moved:
                                                                                                God shall help her, and that right early."
 representatives do justice to that divine   possibilities of service in His cause, the
 love that yielded the only-begotten Son                                                           The world has entered upon troublous
 to suffer and die for a perishing race.                                                        times, when men's hearts are failing
 Said the psalmist, "Like as a father                    WEARING HOME                           them for fear. An anxious atmosphere
 pitieth his children, so the Lord pitieth   We are nearing home, and my heart is glad;         pervades the great courts of the earth.
                                             With a hope so sweet, can I e'er be sad?
ihem that fear Him. For He knoweth           We are Bearing home, where my Saviour waits
                                                                                                It is not known what a day will bring
Bur frame; He remembereth that we are        To welcome me in through the pearly gates.         forth. War clouds hang heavily over the
 dust."                                      We are nearing home! 0 the thought is sweet;
                                                                                                inhabitants of earth, with seemingly no
    But more expressive yet is Isaiah's      We shall cast our crowns at the Saviour's feet.    light breaking through. We know that
 picture of mother love. "Can a woman        We are nearing home, yet there's work to do,       a time of trouble such as never was since
                                             So haste we must till the task is through.
 forget her sucking child, that she should                                                      there was a nation is soon to burst upon
 not have compassion on the son of her       We are nearing home! 0 assuage thy fears;          the world. And there will come to the
                                             Christ will welcome us, He will dry our tears.     church of God the severest trials and per-
 womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I      We are nearing home, nevermore to weep,
 not forget thee." Isa. 49:15. How faith-    For the blind shall see and the lame shall leap.   secution. Already hardships have over-
 ful a mother is to even a wayward           We are nearing home, for the Saviour said
                                                                                                taken our people in several countries.
 child! When brothers and sisters feel       That familiar landmarks would loom ahead.          This is but a foretaste of what all will
 disgraced and shun a sinful brother or      We are nearing home, and we see each sign          sooner or later pass through. But in the
                                             With a joy serene and a hope divine.
 sister; when the father feels that a son                                                       hour of crisis there comes the Redeem-
has compromised his good name, and           We are nearing home, with the long road past,      er's assurance, "I will never leave thee,
                                             Where we'll find sweet peace and shall rest at
 disowns him. the mother remains true.             last.
                                                                                                nor forsake thee. So that we may boldly
 She. has been known to follow her son       We are nearing home where rewards are giv'n,       say, The Lord is my helper, and I will
                                             We shall shout for joy in our home in heav'n!      not fear what man shall do unto me."—
 to prison and to the gallows, and there                              —Adlai Albert Estsb
 show her undying love for even a                                                               T. M. French, in "Review and Herald,"
 criminal.                                                                                      Dec. 2, 1937.
                                   INTER-AMERICAN DIVISION MESSENGER

                                                      "I am sorry that I strayed away, but          had been well divided and every student
                                                   I have learned a lesson by it. I find my-        knew his place of work. It was interest-
        Box 221, Port-of-Spam, Trinidad
 A. R. OGDEN     ....                 President    self no better off in the world. Rather          ing to see nearly SO willing workers start
 H. E. BEDDOE    ....                Sec.-Treas.   I am the loser. So by God's help, I pro-         their efforts. In most of the homes and
                                                   mise you and my Saviour to be again              business offices they were well received.
                                                   called a child of God. Your kind letter             The students were sent out by twos,
  OUR "WANDERERS WELCOME"                          has won a soul."                                 and it was an interesting sight to see
         ENDEAVOR                                     The above quotations give evidence            them bring in the funds they had gath-
       Like every other plan, in order for it      that this call is touching and reaching          ered during the day. There was a hearty
  to succeed it must be worked. No plan,           hearts of many to whom the appeal is             applause when each group reported.
  however good, will work itself. We are           being sent. We should not slacken our            When the amounts were totaled, it was
  glad to report that our "wanderers wel-          efforts in this endeavor. As far as pos-         found that they had gathered 133.80
  come" endeavor has been working in the           sible We should gather the names of our          pesos, during the day, besides the pro-
 winning back of a goodly number of pre-           wandering members, and not one should            mise of more to be collected later.
  cious souls to the fold. While it is taking      be left unapproached by correspondence              Who can tell the results of such a
  some time to get this endeavor through           or personal contact. We are anticipating         day's effort? The contacts made with
  out the fields of the Caribbean Union, it        that when this endeavor is thoroughly            the people, the distribution of the papers
  is very evident that God is setting His          organized throughout the entire Carib-           telling what Seventh-day Adventists are
  seal of approval upon the efforts already        bean Union, we will see many scores, if          doing in the world, and the many peo-
  being made.                                      not hundreds, who will respond to the            ple interested, will be known only in eter-
       Elder Gordon Oss, president of the          appeal sent forth to the "wanderers"             nity. We are thankful to God for such
  South Caribbean Conference, has been             and "backslidden members."                       a willing band of workers and for the
  especially active in his efforts along this         I have just been re-reading the chap-         success given them. L. V. FINSTER
  line. He now has a correspondence list           ter, "The Measure of Forgiveness," in
  of many persons to whom he is writ-              "Christ's Object Lessons." As all through           "God is able to fulfil His promises.
  ing letters from the conference of-              the writings of the Spirit of prophecy,          His resources are infinite, and He em-
  fice, and sending literature appealing to        and especially in "Christ's Object Les-          ploys them all in accomplishing His
  them and their need of Christ as a per-          sons," mighty appeals are made to us             will. And when He sees a faithful per-
  sonal Saviour. Elder Oss has just handed         to do all possible to save the erring.           formance of duty in the payment of the
  me extracts from a few letters of many           While we are not at all satisfied with           tithe, He often, in His wise .providence,
  that are being received in acknowledg-           the results thus far seen, yet there has         opens ways whereby it shall increase.
  ment of his personal interest in their sal-      been enough definite fruitage already to         He who follows God's arrangement in
  vation.                                          give us encouragement and inspiration            the little that has been given him, will re-
       One individual has written: "It was a       to carry on this good work for the res-          ceive the same returns as he who bestows
  pleasure to me when I received your let-         cuing and winning back to the fold               of his abundance."— "Gospel Work-
  ter. In reading the contents therein, I          every "lost sheep" and "prodigal."               ers," pp. 222, 223.
  found out that thou art a shepherd in-                                     A. R. OGDEN
  deed that is seeking for the lost sheep.
  Your letter has moved me to a spiritual            COLOMBIA-VENEZUELA UNION MISSION
                                                                                                      "And in a large degree through our
  standing for which I am thankful to you.                Apartado 39, Medellin, Colombia           publishing houses is to be accomplished
  Sir, I cannot give any reason why I am           L. V. FINSTES -      -     -    Superintendent   the work of that other angel who comes
                                                   F. W. COLE     -    ...           Secy.-Treas.   down from heaven with great power,
  out of this truth. I grew up in the truth;
  it is the only one that I know. My whole                                                          and who lightens the earth with his
                                                   HARVEST INGATHERING RALLY                        glory."—"Testimonies," Vol. 7, p. 140.
  heart is for the truth. With the help of
  God, I will take my stand again; I beg           DAY AT THE COLOMBO-VENEZUE-
    indly to remember me in your prayers."           LAN ACADEMY, MEDELLIN,                                      DIVISION DIRECTORY

     • The following is a portion of another                COLOMBIA                                G. A. ROBERTS                      President and
                                                                                                                            Ministerial Assn. Sec'y
    litter: "I received your letter quite safe        It was at the close of one of the most        W.   C.    RALEY             Secretary-Treasurer
   and was more than glad to hear from             busy days of the year that the students          E.   R.   SANDERS      Assistant Sec'y-Treasurer
                                                                                                    W.   A.   BEEGHEEM             Field Miss. Sec'y
 /you, and to know that you still remem-           and faculty gathered in their chapel to          W.   L.   ADAMS                 Educational and
/ ber me. I am glad that you have written          recount their experiences and bring in                                  Home Commission Sec'y
                                                                                                    R. R. BREITIGAM           Missionary Volunteer,
  me, and I can assure you that I ap-              the money they had gathered during the                          Home Missionary and 5. S. Sec'y
  preciate your kindness very much. Well,          day. Talking of enthuasiasm, you should            INTER-AMERICAN DIVISION MESSENCER
  your letter has caused me to have a              have heard the recital of the experiences                      W. C. Raley, Editor
  desire to return to the fold. I am in            during the day to fully appreciate such                 G. A. Roberts, Associate Editor
  a difficult position at present, as things       a meeting.                                       Published semi-monthly as the Official Organ
                                                      October 4 had been set aside by the           of the Inter-American Division Conference of
  are not the best with me. I am rather                                                             Seventh-day Adventists, Box 2006, Balboa, C. Z.
  bare for garments, shoes, etc., but I            school as Harvest Ingathering day. The                       Price 50 cents a year.
  do intend to return to the church ser-           whole student body, with their teachers,         Entered at Cristobal, Canal Zone as second-class
                                                   left early for their field of labor. I be-       matter under the Act of Congress of March
  vices. As soon as possible I will try to                                                                               3, 1879.
   turn out. I am determined by God's              lieve Medellin had never before been so          Printed at Cristobal, C. Z., Isthmus of Panama.
  help to be rebaptized and serve the Lord         bombarded by as many earnest Chris-
  to the end.                                      tian workers as on that day. The city            VOL. XVI JANUARY 1, 1939                 No. 1
                                      INTER-AMERICAN DIVISION MESSENGER

      TEN-MINUTE MISSIONARY                                         December 24, 1938                           year with the fullest consecration to Christ and
                                                                                                                to His service. Commence every day with God.
             SERVICES                                                    Love Gives                             Work every day for God, and end every day with
                                                           TEXT: "For God so loved the world, that He           God.
           December 17, 1938                            gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever be-             If we have neglected any work for God that
                                                        lieveth in Him should not perish, but have ever-        we can do before the record of this year closes,
          Missionary Experiences                        lasting life." John 3:16.                               let us do it now, and then let us do each day's
                                                           At Christmas time the spirit of giving is in         work as it comes, filling it with loyal service
    Once, while walking with a friend, the ques-        the air. There is joy in giving; there is a bless-      for God and our fellowmen. We surrender the
tion was asked as to what would be his greatest         ing in giving. There is a reward in giving. "And        old to God; we consecrate the new to Him.
joy in heaven. Without hesitation, the reply was:       whosoever shall give to drink .... a cup of                                         R. R. BEEITIGAM
 "My greatest joy, it seems to me, will be re-          of cold water only in the name of a disciple,
 counting the steps whereby the light of truth          verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose
 came to me, its acceptance, and to see the souls       his reward." Matt. 10:42.                                          January 7, 1939
 saved in the Kingdom through my instrumen-                 What can I give today? A tract, a Morning                 Another Year of Opportunity
 tality." And this is indeed true. By the pen of        Watch Calendar, a pamphlet, a book, a Bible, or
 inspiration, we are told that "the themes of re-       a Testament—the bread of life, the water of                 "Who knoweth whether thou art come to the
 demption will employ the hearts and minds and          life.                                                   kingdom for such a time as this?" Esther 4:14.
 tongues of the redeemed through the everlasting            "Silver and gold have I none; but such as I            "For such a time as this." The Lord has called
 ages."—"Christ's Ob/ect Lessons," ft. 134.             have give I thee." Acts 3:6 We can give a kind          as to His work for "just such a time as this. The
    Today it is our privilege to have a foretaste of    word, a treatment, a visit to the sick,—give our-       Lord raised up the Seventh-day Adventist Church
 Heaven's joy, through personal effort in winning        selves in loving service. Love gives—gives love.       for just such a time as this. To us God has com-
 souls. And it is now our privilege to bear tes-                                                                mitted the task of finishing this work in this
 timony as to how God is using us from day to                                                                   generation. We are to give the last gospel mes-
.day for the redemption of lost mankind. In the                   December 31, 1938                             sage to a dying world. Time is short and what
Pbrief moments allotted to this missionary service                                                              we do, we must do quickly.
 there is opportunity for a number of missionary             "I Have Finished The Work."                           A.s we commence this new year, it should be
  experiences to be related. It will be the means of       TEXT: John 17:4. "I have glorified Thee on the       with a solemn realization of the times in which
 kindling the enthusiasm of others and stimulating      earth: I have finished the work which Thou gavest       we live. What this year will bring forth we do
  their zeal to work for the Lord in His vineyard.      Me to do."                                              not know. But we do know that the gates of
  Make the stories short and pointed, so that more         As we look back over this year, can we say:          mercy are still open, that we should with con-
  persons can. have part in the service.                 "I have finished the work which Thou gavest me         secrated enthusiasm invite sinners to enter and
     (NOTE: Perhaps the misionary leader can cite       to do"? We are in the last day of the last week         be saved while yet probation lingers. We should
  an encouraging experience which has come within       of the last month of the year. Have we done             organize our churches to do a greater and more
  his own observation, or the experience of some        well the task given us of God?                          extensive work. Shall not every member of the
  other member of the church can be called for.            The past is past. Tomorrow, 1939, commences.         church,—everyone who loves Jesus—on this first
  While the time is short, yet an encouraging ex-       We should not mourn over neglects of the past,          Sabbath of the year, consecrate heart, mind, and
  perience, briefly told, will be the means of help-    but do our best today. Finish the work of today         body—every energy of the being—to the work
  ing many.)                                             as we should, and let us enter upon the new            of witnessing for Jesus?

                           "EL CENTINELA Y HERALDO DE LA SALUD" GOAL CHART — NOVEMBER, 1938
                   No. of Magazines                       Standing of Fields as Compared with Goals.
                       Monthly Goal
  * Cuba                        5,217                                                                                                 5,686

    Santo Domingo               2,133                                                   1,396                         |

    Puerto Rico                 2,670                                           1,487                                 |

      Antillian Union         10,020                                                               8,570              |

  * Costa Rica                    525
                                                                                                              1,037       |
    Guatemala                   1,143
                                                  12                                                                      1
   Br. Honduras                   165
                                                                                                                      1                                            1,874
 * Sp. Honduras                   840
                                                   40                                                                 1
   Nicaragua                      300
                                                                                  508                                     |
   Panama                         921
                                                                                                                      1                              1.279
 ^ Salvador                       888
  * Cent. America               4,782
  * Atlantic Colombia           1,978
  * Pacific Colombia              612
                                                                                                                              1                              261
  * Curacao                       180
                                                                                                                                  1            882
  * Upper Mag.                     738
                                                                                                                              1                                    2,771
  * Venezuela                   1,359
                                                                                                                              1                       6.721
  * Col.- Venezuela            4,867
                                                                                                  8,574                       |
    Mexican Union             11,016
                                                                                                             29,186               |
     THE DIVISION             30,000
     Fields   that have reached     or                                                                                                  Goal Line
               passed goals
                                       INTER-AMERICAN DIVISION MESSENGER

              January 14, 1939
    " Win Another"—Our Shibboleth                                         AFTER FORTY-SIX YEARS
                     in 1939
       "The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life;      On Sabbath, Sept. 2, 1938, I had one           the seed i|>wn 46 years ago and saw
  and he that winneth souls is wise." Prov. 11:30.       of the greatest joys of my life when I           to it that it should not be destroyed nor
      As a result of the "Win One" effort in 1938,
  many lives have been changed and hundreds of           met Wilfred Palmer, son of Henry Pal-            returned unto Him void. Notice that
  souls are now rejoicing in the message of sal-         mer, of Beterverwagting, British Guiana.         these papers which were appointed to
  vation. Has the "Win. One" effort been worth           Perhaps you wonder why this meeting              bring the truth to Brother Palmer, were
  while? The answer . springs forth from loyal
  Christian workers everywhere—Yes, a thousand           brought so much joy. Here is the story.          placed in his home seven years before
  times yes!                                               It was in 1892, 46 years ago, that             he was born. Truly God works in a mys-
      As we enter upon another year of continuing
  the personal contact in soul-winning, we are           William Henry Palmer received, at                terious way His wonders to perform.
  sending forth the call—"Win Another." Each             various times, copies of Present Truth,          One of the Signs which I saw in its
  morning let our prayer be; "Lord, make me a            published in London by the Pacific Press         original wrapper, bore the postmark
  blessing to some one today; lead me by thy Holy
  Spirit and teach me what to say, and when to           branch; also copies of Youth's Instruc-          "Beterverwagting, British Guiana, Dec.
  say it, in order that I may 'win another* and                                                           26, 1892." It was a copy of the issue of
  still another soul to love Thee and know Thee,
  and to prepare for Thy coming." It may be that         SPECIAL DAYS FOR DECEMBER
                                                                                                          that magazine for Nov. 21, 1892.
  the "Win Another" plan will encircle a member                                                                                    E. S. GREAVES
  of the home, or a neighbor, or a fellow worker         December 17, Home Missionary Day
  in office, in the shop or in the field.
      One sister, who was imbued with the "Win                                                                          WELCOME
  One" idea, saw a mission field in the daily callers      tor, and Good Health, (edited by J. H.            In this issue of the MESSENGER we
  at her home to sell their various products. So
  she placed a card by the front door, which read,         Kellogg), both from Battle Creek, Mich.;       welcome Brother Oscar Tandy and wife
  ."Agents Welcome Here." What a surprise to the           and some monthly copies of Signs of            who have recently come to the division
  weary, oft-rebuffed agents, and with what curiosity
 .and-gladness they rang the door bell! Each re-           The Times, from the Pacific Press, in          office. Brother Tandy joins the Inter-
   ceived a friendly greeting, and an invitation to        California. These papers were laid aside       American Division force as a worker in
   come in, krespective of whether or not the ar-          at the time in their individual wrappers,
   ticle he presented was of interest. Each was                                                           the Secretarial and Treasury Depart-
   allowed to tell his story, and then was asked to        seemingly to be forgotten and destroyed.       ments, where he occupies a place recently
  listen to the message of salvation which she had         But God, however, had a task for them          made vacant through a transfer.
  been commissioned to deliver. Then this sister
   gave to her callers a book, a magazine, or a tract,     to accomplish in the years to come.               Recently Brother Stanley Folkenberg
   and then sent them on their way with the as-               Seven years after the arrival of the        and wife has taken up work in the An-
   surance of prayers for their soul's salvation.,
  offering also her help in Bible study. Many op-
                                                           papers, in 1899, a son was born to Hen-        tillian Union Mission, in Havana, Cuba.
   portunities for Bible studies led this sister and     • ry Palmer. He grew to manhood, mar-               We are glad to welcome these young
   her husband into a larger field of personal ser-        ried, and in time became the father of
   vice, and more than one soul was won to Christ.                                                        people into the force of workers in the
      Remember the promise, "To every one who              four children. About four months ago,          Inter-American Division.
   offers himself to the Lord for service, withhold-       this son, Wilfred, discovered a few of                                  W. C. RALEY
   ing nothing, is given power for the attainment          these papers still in their original wrap-
_ of measureless results."—"Testimonies," Vol.
    VII, p. 30. Possibly some may not be able to           pers. Curiosity led him to open and read
   point to even one soul won as a trophy for              them. He became so interested that he
  Christ; others may see one or more brought                                                                     MEDITATION CORNER
   within the fold; but to all who are faithful in         asked his mother if there were any more
   every way, there will be results—measure-               like them about the house. She said                      Personal Questions
   Jess results, which may never be known this side
   the great beyond. Pray, work, trust, believe, and       there were. They searched and found               Will My Righteousness Remain
   you will rejoice in being the instrument to "Win        various other numbers. These were eager-                    Forever?
   One," and to "Win Another," and many, many              ly read also, and he became convinced
   more, to shine as stars in your crown.
                                                           of the truth. Today he is a member of                "In every church there should
                                                           the baptismal class, awaiting baptism.            be established a treasury for the
   KEEP YOUR SMILE ALWAYS WITH YOU!                           Think of it, how God watched over              poor. Then let each member pre-
                                                                                                             sent a thank-offering to God once
                                                                                                             a week or once a month, as is
                                                                                                             most convenient. This offering
                                                                                                             will express our gratitute for the
                                                                                                             gifts of health, of food, and of
                                                                                The copy of the Signs
                                                                                                             comfortable clothing. And ac-
                                                                                of the Times referred        cording as God has blessed us with
                                                                                to in the accompanying       these comforts will we lay by for
                                                                                article. The wrapper
                                                                                shown bears the date         the poor, the suffering, and the
                                                                                of November 21, 1892,        distressed. I would call the aten-
                                                                                and was sent out
                                                                                from the United States       tion of our brethren specially to
                                                                                46 years ago to a Mr.        this point."—"Testimonies," Vol.
                                                                                Henry Palmer, of Bri-
                                                                                tish Guiana. Not un-         5, p. 150.
                                                                                til a. few months ago           "As it is written, He hath dis-
                                                                                vas it opened and read.
                                                                                                             persed abroad; He hath given to
                                                                                                             the poor: His righteousness re-
                                                                                                             maineth forever."— 2 Cor. 9:9.

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