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									Toyota Family Literacy Program
Public Education Foundation- Clark County, Nevada
TFLP Statistics
Paul Culley Empowerment Elementary      Reynaldo Martinez Elementary             Tom Williams Elementary
• 63% Hispanic                          • 80% Hispanic                           • 92% Hispanic
• 41% English language learners         • 58% English language learners          • 72% English language learners
• 71% socioeconomically disadvantaged   • 100% socioeconomically disadvantaged   • 100% socioeconomically disadvantaged

Participating Schools                             Community Facts
                                                      • The total population of Clark County is 1,836,333.
  Paul Culley Empowerment Elementary
  1200 North Mallard Street
  Las Vegas, NV 89108                                 • 27.8% of Clark County is Hispanic.
  Principal: Lisa Primas                              • 23.1% of the
                                                        population is low
  Reynaldo Martinez Elementary                          income.
  350 East Judson Avenue
  North Las Vegas, NV 89030                           • 32.1% of the
  702.799.3800                                          population 16 and
  Principal: Felicia Kadlub                             older is not in the labor
  Tom Williams Elementary
  3000 East Tonopah Avenue
                                                      • 311,000 students are enrolled in the school system.
  North Las Vegas, NV 89030
  Principal: Kristiena Rodeles                        • Congresswoman Shelley Berkley (NV-1) represents
                                                        the Congressional District where the TFLP sites are

                                                      • Estimated rates of adults lacking basic prose literacy
                                                        skills in Clark County average 18 percent.

                                                            Community Partners
                                                              • Toyota Financial Services
                                                              • Greenspun Media Group
                                                              • KLVX Public Television
                                                              • MGM Mirage
                                                              • Clark County School District (CCSD)
                                                              • CCSD Adult English Language Acquisition
About the Toyota Family Literacy Program
About TFLP
The Toyota Family Literacy Program (TFLP) was
established in 2003 by the National Center for Family
Literacy (NCFL) with funding from Toyota to meet the
urgent educational needs of Hispanic and other immigrant

TFLP works to improve the language and literacy skills
of the family and to connect parents to their children’s
education and their children’s school. Since 2003, more
than 600 school districts have applied for the award.
Currently, 75 schools in 25 cities have implemented the

4 Component Model                                                   TFLP Statistics
 • Children’s Education: positively impacts student                  • Teachers’ rating of TFLP students’ reading
   achievement                                                         scores were significantly higher than the
                                                                       non-TFLP children’s ratings, indicating that
 • Adult Education/ESL: includes strategies for helping                TFLP has a large effect on the participating
   parents learn to speak, understand, read and write English          children’s reading levels. The TFLP children’s
   and to support their children’s education                           increases were almost twice that of their
 • Parent Time: parents discover their strengths as family           • TFLP parents showed statistically significant
   leaders and their children’s first teacher                          gains in their English language and literacy
                                                                       skills, improving by at least one ESL/literacy
 • Parent and Child Together (PACT) Time: parents                      level after one year of participation.
   are connected directly to their children’s classroom and          • TFLP families increased the frequency of
   teacher; teachers model learning strategies and techniques          community activities they participated in
                                                                       with their children.

2003 TFLP CiTiES                                                2007 TFLP CiTiES
Chicago Public Schools (Chicago, IL)                            Granite School District (Salt Lake City, UT)
District of Columbia Public Schools (Washington, DC)            Highline Public Schools (Burien/Seattle, WA)
Los Angeles Unified School District (Los Angeles, CA)           Mesa Public Schools (Mesa, AZ)
New York City Public Schools (New York, NY)                     Miami-Dade County Public Schools (Miami, FL)
Providence Public Schools (Providence, RI)                      Oakland Unified School District (Oakland, CA)

2005 TFLP CiTiES                                                2008 TFLP CiTiES
Chelsea Public Schools (Chelsea, MA)                            Clark County School District (Las Vegas, NV)
Denver Public Schools (Denver, CO)                              Las Cruces Public Schools (Las Cruces, NM)
Detroit Public Schools (Detroit, MI)                            Long Beach Unified School District (Long Beach, CA)
Santa Paula Elementary School District (Santa Paula, CA)        Memphis City Schools (Memphis, TN)
Shelby County Public Schools (Shelby County, AL)                Springdale Public Schools (Springdale, AR)

2006 TFLP CiTiES                                                For more information about the Toyota Family Literacy Program,
Chula Vista Elementary School District (Chula Vista, CA)        please contact:
Orange County Public Schools (Orlando, FL)                      National Center for Family Literacy
Southwest Independent School District (San Antonio, TX)         325 West Main Street, Suite 300
Wichita Public Schools (Wichita, KS)                            Louisville, KY 40202
Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools (Winston-Salem, NC)        502-584-1133 •

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