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					      Buyer Profile for ______________

             Name of Business: Pan Asian Bistro Bar and Lounge

Pro Biz Consulting utilizes this form to qualify prospective buyers on behalf of our Client Company(s). In addition, this form
will provide information for the purpose of identifying and presenting businesses for sale that may match your criteria.
Please be advised that this form must be accompanied by a signed Pro Biz Consulting Confidentiality Agreement before any
confidential business information will be released. This form must be filled out completely and returned via fax to
(919) 863-4151*. Incomplete information will slow down or restrict the information we can share with you.
Providing this information to Pro Biz Consulting in no way obligates you to enter in to an agreement to purchase a business.
Pro Biz Consulting, Inc, (Pro Biz Appraisals, Pro Biz Merger & Acquisitions). employees, subsidiaries, agents and/or
affiliate brokers are not responsible for verifying the accuracy of information provided to either party and that each
party shall independently complete a thorough due diligence prior to entering into any agreement.
PLEASE READ THE “GUIDE TO BUYING A BUSINESS” on Page 8. It will walk you through the process!
* Or scan and email

Pro Biz Consulting, Inc.
2501 Blue Ridge Road
Suite 150
Raleigh, NC 27607
(919) 863-4160

Email as attachment to:                             TEN (10) Pages including this cover sheet
Buyer Information Questionnaire
Contact & Background Information

                                            Buyer Profile


 City, State, Zip:
 Home phone:                 Work phone:                    Mobile phone:

 Home email:                 Work email:

                             Preferred Method of Communication

       Home phone               Work phone                    Mobile phone

       Home e-mail              Work e-mail                   Other:

                                   Background Information

 Please list previous business ownership:
 1                                                                                           .
 2                                                                                           .

 3                                                                                           .
 Please list opportunities you have considered recently:
 4                                                                                           ..
 2                                                                                           .
 5                                                                                           .
 the                                                                         Buyer Profile
                                                                                   Page 2
     What are your business objectives?

     Are you currently employed?      If so provide brief description below:

     Geographic Preferences:
     1                                                                                             .
     2                                                                                             .

Acquisition Targets
Please provide more information about the types of businesses you prefer and any specific search
         criteria {Please be as specific as possible}.
           Top five acquisition targets by industry



Financial Information

                                               Financial Profile

      Personal liquid capital available to invest: $
      (Must have $150,000 liquid in cash)

      Other personal or “near” liquid capital available: $
      (Must have other liquidity if above is used to purchase this business)

                                                                                   Buyer Profile
                                                                                         Page 3
 Monthly Income                             Do you have the ability to      How long have you been searching
 Requirements:                              act quickly?                    for a business?
 How many

                                            PLEASE READ THE “GUIDE TO
                                            BUYING A BUSINESS” on Page 8

                                                                                      Additional Funding Sources

 Please list additional funding sources below:

Personal Financial Statement                                General Only - do not specify Acct numbers or location

 Assets                                                                      Amount in Dollars
 Cash - checking accounts                                                    $
 Cash - savings accounts                                                     $
 Certificates of deposit                                                     $
 Securities - stocks / bonds / mutual funds                                  $
 Notes & contracts receivable                                                $
 Life insurance (cash surrender value, NOT face Amount)                      $
 Personal property (autos, jewelry, etc.)                                    $
 Retirement Funds ( IRAs, 401k)                                              $
 Real estate (market value)                                                  $
 Other assets (specify)                                                      $
 Other assets (specify)                                                      $
 Total Assets                                                                $

 Liabilities                                                                 Amount in Dollars
 Current Debt (Credit cards, Accounts)                                       $
 Notes payable (describe below)                                              $
 Taxes payable                                                               $
 Real estate mortgages (describe)                                            $
 Other liabilities (specify)                                                 $
 Other liabilities (specify)                                                 $

 Total Liabilities                                                           $
 Net Worth                                                 Amount Needed to Qualify for Business Listed? $______________
 Lenders do require a detailed Financial Statement.

                                                                                                     Buyer Profile
                                                                                                           Page 4
Buyer’s Disclosure Statement

This series of questions and answers is to inform the seller about potential buyers of the business. This information is
supplied to the seller to determine a buyer’s qualifications to buy and operate the business, but does not take the place of
the seller’s investigation of the buyer. Pro Biz Consulting, Inc., its employees, subsidiaries, agents and/or affiliate brokers
are not responsible for verifying the accuracy of information provided below.

     1.   Have you been the subject of any bankruptcy filing, assignment for benefit of             Yes               No
          creditors or insolvency proceedings of any kind during the last five years, or
          consulted with an attorney or advisor regarding such proceedings?

     2.   Have you been late or defaulted on a business premise or equipment lease?                 Yes               No

     3.   Is there anything about your personal or business operating or credit history             Yes               No
          that might adversely affect the Seller’s decision to sell the business to you?

     4.   Are there any representations you have made to the Seller in this document                Yes               No
          regarding your financial statement or experience that are not true?

     5.   Is there any reason why you might be denied any licenses or permits required              Yes               No
          to operate a business?
     6.   Have you ever been convicted of any felony?
                                                                                                    Yes               No
     7. Have you ever had an SBA guaranteed loan?
                                                                                                    Yes               No

If you have answered YES to any question above, please provide an explanation below
referenced by the question number:

Question #

Question #

Note: A “Yes” to any of the above 7 Questions will NOT prejudice us against you.                          Signatures Next Page

                                                                                                          Buyer Profile
                                                                                                                Page 5
By signing below, I acknowledge that the information provided to Pro Biz Consulting,
Inc. on this form is true and correct. In addition, I understand that Pro Biz
Consulting, Inc. has an Exclusive Representation Agreement with the Seller or their
Authorized Agent. The Seller pays the commissions. I agree that should I buy, lease
or come into possession through a partnership or other means of any business or
entity introduced by Pro Biz Consulting, Inc. for the period of 2 years from the date
below, that I will protect Pro Biz Consulting, Inc. rights to a full commission.
Based on the aforementioned information, I understand that should I interfere in
any way with Pro Biz Consulting, Inc. right to a commission, that I may be
personally liable for the payment of that commission.

Receiving Party
If this party is a partnership, corporation or any other entity, the person(s) signing
on behalf of the Party represent(s) and warrant(s) that they have the authority to
enter into this Agreement on behalf of the Client.




                         CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT
As a Prospective Purchaser(s), I (we) understand that certain business sensitive and confidential
information, both written and verbal, may be provided to or be made known to the undersigned
by Pro Biz Consulting and/or its Clients. Such disclosure may encompass anything from merely
the name of a listed business to highly detailed operational data. For record purposes, the
Company name and date of initial disclosure shall be recorded below. In consideration for having
been provided any such information, it is agreed:

    1. Not to divulge such information to others, except to secure their advice and counsel.
        Buyer agrees not to use information gained to open or start a similar or competing
    2. To conduct all further inquiry into the disclosed business opportunity exclusively through
        the offices of Pro Biz Consulting which company is acknowledged to be the agency first
        providing such information to the undersigned and
    3. To certify that the purpose of my inquiry into all confidential information is for legitimate
        purposes and with no intention of harm to either the Seller or Pro Biz.


All information and materials provided by Pro Biz Consulting to prospective purchasers have been
provided in good faith by our client, the Seller; however accuracy is not guaranteed and all
information should not be considered complete. While statements may be presented concerning a
matter of opinion, whether or not so identified they are only statements of opinion and should not
WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. All information provided is for confidential use
and is to be used solely for the purpose of evaluating the company as a potential purchaser. Pro
Biz represents the Seller and the Seller pays the fee to Pro Biz, not the Buyer.

Receiving Party
If this party is a partnership, corporation or any other entity, the person(s) signing on behalf of the
Party represent(s) and warrant(s) that they have the authority to enter into this Agreement on
behalf of the Client.

By:_____________________________                    By: ______________________________

Print Name:______________________                   Print Name: _______________________

(No need to fax back these three informational pages that follow)

                Guide to Purchasing a Business
                       Louis R. Sauer, Business Consultant/Intermediary
           Certified M&E Appraiser, Certified Business Valuation, Master M&A Advisor

SECURITY: A big advantage in buying an existing business is that you have as the new
Owner an immediate CASH FLOW and an ESTABLISHED CUSTOMER BASE. You don't
have to build a business; you simply take over an existing successful business with the present
owner's assistance. You are not buying a job, but you do get the Owner’s Income now!

ARE YOU SERIOUS? It is vitally important that you show the Owner how serious you are as
early as possible in the process. Most Buyers handle this incorrectly. They attempt to dig for
information and “pre-qualify” a business offering from the comfort of their home or office using
the computer. The idea is that they don’t want to waste their time. What they fail to realize is that
they are often viewed as wasting the Broker’s or the Seller’s time. When you as a Buyer take this
position, you are sending the wrong message. The Seller and the Broker say “He hasn’t even seen
the business yet, or met the Owner, but he thinks he can judge it. Next!” What you have to
understand is that all businesses have warts. Whatever you are sent, such as P&L’s or spreadsheets
need to be explained and put in proper context. But most importantly, you want the Broker and
the Seller to take you seriously. Armchair Buyers always find something wrong and want more
and more information, but rarely actually close on a deal. Brokers and Sellers therefore tend to
give the most attention to Buyer’s who show up in person and who “work the deal”. Successful
Buyers stay in daily touch with the Broker, they don’t wait to be called, they keep moving

FINANCING: We assist you in obtaining financing. Banks are reluctant to finance business
purchases for several reasons. Most small businesses attempt to minimize profits shown on
financial statements in order to reduce tax liability. Most small business lack sufficient hard
assets that can be used for collateral and most first time Buyers usually do not have proven
business track records. Over ninety percent of business purchases are financed by the Seller, and
in doing so, demonstrates the Seller's confidence in the business and in you.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Unlike the sale of real estate or franchises, the sale of an ongoing
business is very confidential for both the seller and the prospective buyer. All inquiries are held
in strict confidence. Meetings are confidential, and we are available after hours and on weekends.

THINGS A BUYER SHOULD KNOW: We at Pro Biz are advocates of finding a business that
you like and feel comfortable managing, and you, like every other buyer, have a vision of being
your own boss and making your own decisions. An old saying in the real estate industry is. .."The
three most important things a buyer should look for are location, location and location." While
location is important to a business buyer, be aware that track record and management are the
other two essential components of a successful business. Not all businesses, however, are so well
balanced. You may find one that you like has a good location, but because of poor management,
does not show a very good track record. Purchased for the right price and terms and with proper
management, this business could become highly successful. Also note that it is the market, not
necessarily the circumstances of the sale that determines the price. Even though some business
may sell for considerably less than their listed prices, good businesses demand and get good
prices, so expect to pay for value received. Remember, buying most often is a negotiation, so do
not be afraid to make what you may consider to be a fair offer even if it may seem low.


Contact the Broker, complete the NDA and Profile.

Meet with the broker if at all possible. Sell yourself to him. Let him see how you handle yourself
so he knows he can trust you to present yourself well to his Client, the Seller.

Evaluate the basic information of alternative businesses that appear interesting to you.

Visit the business, if publicly accessible, without announcing yourself as a buyer to get a
"Feel" for the business.

Request your Consultant to arrange a meeting with the Seller. This is your opportunity to become
acquainted with the business through questions and discussions; however, neither the price nor
price negotiations are to be addressed here. You want to determine if you would feel comfortable
in this business.

Conduct your preliminary evaluation based on the information provided by the Seller to Pro Biz
and you. Do not fall into the “Paralysis of Analysis” – save some work for due diligence!
The Seller is not going to go through due diligence with anyone who has not made an
offer. You have to work with what you have and hope that due diligence verifies your best
and most hopeful preliminary opinion.
If you feel that to the extent you understand the business and its finances that you would like to
own it, make an offer contingent on confirmation of financial and business records, as well as
other issues you deem important. Pro Biz will show you how to write an offer to protect you as
the buyer.

It is important that the Buyer and the Seller each ensure that the resulting buy/sell contract is
personally satisfactory both legally and financially. When an agreeable price has been reached,
documents will be prepared for the closing. Generally, Buyer and Seller will each be represented
by an attorney of their own choosing and at their own expense. Or you may agree with the Seller
to share the cost of a closing attorney. The Closing Attorney can be instructed to draft a neutral
set of legal documents to comply with the sales agreement, (but he can't represent both parties).
THEN... Close the purchase and begin your first day as the OWNER OF YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

Also see:

(No need to fax back these three informational pages)
Associations & Affiliations
IBBA The International Business Brokers Association is a professional society of business
brokers providing education, conferences, professional designations, and networking
opportunities. Founded in 1983, the IBBA is the largest association specifically formed to meet
the needs of people and firms engaged in various aspects of business brokerage, and mergers and

ABBA The American Business Brokers Association, like the IBBA is a professional trade group for
business brokers and intermediaries. Membership co notates a high degree of professional commitment
and accountability. The BBA has a very strong Code of Ethics which members must ascribe to.

APMAA The Association of Merger & Acquisition Advisors is a world-wide association of the top
tier of M&A advisors. Louis Sauer is one of only a handful of advisors who have qualified for the
MM&AA (Master of Merger & Acquisition Advisor)

CVBBA Pro Biz belongs to and is a Charter or founding member of the CVBBA, the Carolinas Virginia
Business Brokers Association. This is another source of credibility, accountability and
professionalism that should be of importance to anyone seeking the services of a business broker to sell a
business and help find a business for sale. At the bi-annual meetings the CVBBA sponsors IBBA
educational classes and Louis R. Sauer is enrolled and working toward his CBI (Certified Business
Intermediary) designation.

NEBB Institute Louis R. Sauer is a certified Business Equipment and Machinery appraiser. (Not Real
Estate Appraisals*). NEBB Institute provides USPAP compliant certified machinery and equipment
appraisals to business owners, bankers, CPA’s, attorneys, lenders, appraisers and others.
Based on comprehensive and intensive study of valuing machinery and equipment, business
professionals, including Lou Sauer must pass an extensive examination and earn the professional
designation of Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser (CMEA).

Society of Business Analysts The SBA was established over 30 years ago for the purpose of
educating and testing individuals engaged in the valuation of small, medium and large businesses. The SBA certified Louis Sauer as Senior Business Analyst
in May 2006, recertified in 2008 with the designation CSBA. (Certified Senior Business Analyst.)

Pro Biz Merger & Acquisition is a lower middle market mergers & acquisitions and high end
business brokerage division of pro Biz Consulting. We aggressively represent businesses with
annual revenues of $1 million to $30 million in a controlled and highly confidential
environment. Pro Biz M&A is led by a team of successful business owners that have developed
market driven methodologies that produce proven results.

Pro Biz Appraisals Business valuations and certified appraisals are in such demand, Pro Biz
offers these for its clients and for referrals of other business brokers. These are fee based and are
accepted by banks, insurance companies, buyers and the court systems.

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