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					The Beginning

Fairey designed his first Andre stickers in 1989 while he was a student at the Rhode Island School of Design. The
stickers sported the wrestler's face and the motto "Andre The Giant Has A Posse." Fairey plastered Providence
with them. While skaters, punks, and taggers were gleeful, local cops and conservatives were definitely not.
Fairey made thousands more of the stickers and sent them to friends across the country, who posted them
everywhere. Suddenly Andre the Giant's posse was larger than Fairey had ever anticipated.

The Giant Evolves

The campaign evolved yet again when Fairey borrowed the red aesthetic of communist propaganda, simplifying
The Giant's face into a stencil of bold black lines on white paper, then blowing it up to billboard-poster size above
the single word OBEY. Now, an anti-authority demigod cum Kabuki huckster, Andre crowds in alongside Coca
Cola and McDonalds, a humorously iconic reminder that Big Brother is being watched.

Fairey has always been willing to serve jail time to get his posters up. His street creed, and the sheer size of his
stencil-wielding, sticker-placing, poster-bombing auxiliary crew, has earned him an integrity rivaled by few in any
artistic sphere. He has been shown legally in major galleries, and illegally on flat blank surfaces, across the world.