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                            WHAT DO I SAY ??

When people ask “what do you do for a living”?

I teach people how to drink their way to health and wealth! Want to hear more?

I represent a company called Monavie, have you heard of it?

I am a distributor for a delicious health beverage called Monavie. Have you had your
free sample yet?

It depends on what time of day! What I do between 8 and 5 pays the bills and what I do
after 5:00 is creating my wealth & security. Which one do you want to hear about?

This is where you add your story. Example: “You wouldn’t believe how I got started!
My friend called me and or my friend came over my house with this bottle, of what I
thought was wine, and asked me to taste it!

How long do I talk?

This is very important! We want to create interest. So we talk a little about Monavie
(casual conversation) but make it stimulating depending on how the conversation started
(use Canadian couple at KOA). THEN STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. Start talking about
them and their family or pets etc. People that are interested will usually ask another
question about Monavie. You want to qualify them to see if they were listening to be
polite or if you, in fact, created enough curiosity for them to ask more. If they ask more,
answer their questions or give them information, perhaps a sample.
If after listening to them for a while, you can pick up on something they say, come back
with a benefit that Monavie can provide. Sometimes people don’t pick up on things right
away, it may take a couple of comebacks.
If after a second try and nothing, then listen some more and see what happens.

When people ask “What is Monavie”?

It’s a patented blend of 19 fruits (superfoods) with the acai berry as the main ingredient.
You’ve heard of the acai berry, right?

It’s a functional whole fruit blend scientifically formulated to improve your health. And
we all want to improve our health, don’t you agree?
It’s a delicious 19 fruit, functional beverage. It’s a convenient, all natural, safe and cost
effective way to provide your body the daily essential nutrients it needs to promote and
sustain good heatlh. Who wouldn’t want that, right?

Monavie is 18 fruits plus the acai berry from Brazil. 4 ounces a day is equal to 14
servings of fruits and vegetables, giving the body 100% of what it needs. People drinking
Monavie are experiencing increased energy, joint and muscle pain goes away and better
sleep habits. Do you eat 14 servings of fruit and vegetables a day?

It’s the healthiest, most antioxidant rich fruit blend in the world. Do you want to look
younger, feel better and live longer?

It’s a scientifically proven health beverage that is changing peoples’ lives. Are you open
to trying it?

What is a functional beverage?

A functional beverage is a healthy whole food blend that actually does something
beneficial to the body, unlike soda and coffee. Do you drink soda or coffee?

How do I contact someone?

Hi Jill, it’s Chris. What are you doing tonight besides watching TV? Nothing, great!
I’m coming over.

Hi Sue, it’s Carole. You know how we always talk about getting healthier and back in
shape, well I’ve got to show you something. I’ll be right over.

Hi Donna, it’s Chris. Have you heard of Monavie? No, great! It’s important we get
together on Tuesday or Thursday, what day is better for you?

Hi Chris, it’s Carole. We talked the other day about making more money. Well, I found a
great way to do it and look younger and feel better in the process! What time today can
we get together?

Cold contact?

Just start a conversation about them and what they do for a living or make a comment on
their clothes. Hopefully, when you compliment them on their nice shirt, they will look at
your branded shirt and ask “What’s Monavie”?

Cold contacts could be looking at a magazine and saying “my friend told me there was
an article in this magazine about the acai berry and antiaging”? Wait for a response.
They may ask, what is an acai berry? That’s when you talk about Monavie.
**** In reality, you can say everything right and if they are not looking to improve their
life, they’re not getting in. Also, you can say everything wrong, and if they are looking,
they’ll ask more questions and get in!
Take the pressure off yourself and just talk to people every day!!!


Network Marketing! I don’t want to do network marketing.

Why not! If it’s good enough for Warren Buffett (one of the richest men in the world)
then it’s good enough for me. Just like Warren Buffett…I did my research and here’s
what I found. Network marketing is a successful and absolutely legal form of distribution
called direct selling. We eliminate the middleman, thus eliminating the middleman fees
such as storage, waste, utilities etc. Direct selling is quickly becoming the largest
industry in the world producing millionaires! It’s not that old pyramid stuff our parents
or grandparents heard of.

If you are self employed or working for someone, you are involved in network marketing.
Today it is referred to as referral marketing or networking. There are many businesses
that rely on this to promote their companies. BNI, a national referral group, is one of the
largest. Business people get together, explain their product, do presentations on their
product and grow their businesses this way. That is what we do!

Is it a pyramid?

Most people don’t know what a pyramid is. The Webster version is: to speculate (as on
a security or commodity exchange) by using paper profits as margin for additional
transactions. Ex: Mr. Madoff just got arrested!

Monavie is not a pyramid. A pyramid would be a company charging a substantial
amount for sponsorship with no product being sold. That is why we are called direct
selling because product is being sold.

Cost! Is the price really too much?
If you were to purchase 11 to 13 servings of fruit per day (common fruit) it would cost
between $20-$22 and you would have to cut it up every day and eat it. That excludes the

Your average cost per day (4 ounces) based on a case per month is $4.85 per day. You
can get your cost down to $2.65 per day by placing a 12 case order.

 It really depends on you and your priorities. I see people every day lining up at
McDonald’s and Starbuck’s and spending more, much more than $4.85 for items that go
into your stomach with absolutely no health benefit whatsoever!

The cost for your lifestyle will be your health. You will either pay a little now for your
health and have the wonderful convenience of pouring your nutrition into a glass twice a
day or you will pay later by eating foods and drinking stuff that has no nutritional value
at all. Poor health later is extremely costly and, in some cases, irreversible! Disease is

Although Monavie cannot treat, mitigate or cure any disease, studies prove that by
ingesting this powerful juice, it is absorbed quickly and digest easily and can improve
your health dramatically.

                     BULLETTED POINTS

In this economy, more and more people are looking for opportunities to supplement or
replace their current income. They will, undoubtedly, hear about well-known financial
advisors such as Warren Buffet, David Bach, Paul Zane Pilzer and Robert Kiyosaki
strongly encouraging people to research home based, direct selling industries. What do
these millionaire entrepreneurs agree on? The home based, direct selling industry has
favorably matured and no where in today’s marketplace is the risk/return scenario for six
figure incomes coupled with significant tax benefits more available. Combine this with
the increased growth of the wellness industry, especially the functional beverage
category, and Monavie is a win-win!

Here are just a few points of knowledge you can discuss:

      TSG – Is one of the most successful capital investment banking firms in the world.
       The catalyst for several global ventures including Vitamin Water, which it
       recently sold to Coca-Cola Co. for $4.1 billion. TSG saw the growth and future
       potential in the functional health beverage market and concluded Monavie’s
       premier product and corporate structure to be in a dominant position. TSG’s
       initial offer to Monavie was $250 million for 20% of the company plus two seats
       on the Board of Directors. Monavie and TSG settled on in 2008 11% and one
       seat for $125 million. This gives Monavie the competitive advantage with plans
    to grow throughout Europe and other countries. Currently Monavie operates in
    the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, France, Morocco,
    Israel and Brazil.

    Monavie gives back to the people of Brazil by saving the rainforest, creating jobs
    and building Village Monavie, a resource of learning and training for men,
    women and children. Monavie is taking parents and children off the streets and
    giving them the education needed to provide a safe and healthy environment for
    their families.

   Billion In Sales – Monavie just became the first company in history to take a
    single product and $1 billion in sales in its first three years. By comparison, it
    took Microsoft seven years to accomplish this level of success! Their goal is 20
    billion in the next 5 years.

   Patent – The acai berry used in the Monavie blend is a patented flash freeze dried
    process. This method of processing preserves the highest level of antioxidants.
    Other products do not process the acai berry this way and have a lesser quality of
    acai and antioxidant value.

   Science – The AIBMR, American Institute for Biosocial Medical Research was
    recently recognized by the Journal for Agriculture Food Chemistry for its study
    on Monavie and its positive affects on the human body and was awarded
    “international paper of the year”.

   The acai has been called ”Nature’s perfect food” by the US Health Institute and
    Dr. Nicholas Perricone listed it as the #1 superfood in the world, as written in his
    book “The Perricone Promise”.

   An independent laboratory study done at the University of Florida Medical
    School showed Acai to destroy up to 86% of leukemia cells in lab.

   Debt Free – Monavie is debt free. In fact, part of the TSG investment was used to
    acquire its processing and bottling plants. This provides the company control of
    the entire production process.

   Acai Raw Material Supply- The acai berry grows wild in the Amazonian Rain
    Forest of Brazil. An acre of land can grow up to 7,000 acai palm trees, each
    producing over 100 pounds of berries per year. The palms reach a maturity level
    necessary to produce its fruit within three years and may be harvested twice a
GAME TIME: Find the answers hidden in the video!

1.   Before Monavie, how long did scientists research the acai berry?

2.   How tall is an acai tree?

3.   Monavie is a _______________ ________________ not an extract.

4.   Before acai, what was the strongest free radical superoxide in the world?

5.   Can you name some of the vegetable components found in the acai berry?

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