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									                                                                                     Brian Ray James
                                                                       1220 Gaylord Street #305 • Denver, Colorado 80206
                                                                         720-480-8792 •

               Master of Urban & Regional Planning
               Concentration in Land Use & Environmental Planning
               University of Colorado Denver; completion anticipated no later than Fall 2010
               Master of Applied Science in Environmental Policy & Management
               Concentration in Environmental Policy
               University of Denver, March 2008; GPA: 3.64
               Capstone Project/Master’s Thesis – Assessing the Urban Environment: The Role of Geographic
               Information Systems as a Policy Making Tool for Urban Sustainability.
               Certificate of Advanced Study in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
               University of Denver, March 2007; GPA: 4.00
               Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture
               Minor in Anthropology/Geography
               California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, June 1993

Research Interests
               Sustainable development with a focus on urban sustainability, urban sustainability
               assessment, and the use of geographic information systems (GIS) as a policy and planning
               tool; multi-jurisdictional environmental and sustainability policy and planning; role of faith
               communities in pursuing sustainability; and climate change as it relates to the above areas.

               James, B.R. 2008. Assessing the Urban Environment: The Role of Geographic Information Systems
               as a Policy Making Tool for Urban Sustainability. Capstone Project, Environmental Policy &
               Management Program, University of Denver.
               James, B.R. 2008. The Need for GIS in Urban Sustainability. V1 Magazine.

Professional Experience
               Graduate Research Assistant
               Department of Planning & Design, College of Architecture & Planning
               University of Colorado Denver; January 2009 – Present
                     ‣   Researching information for a briefing paper on the magnitudes of urban change
                         related to sustainable infrastructure.
               Temporary Aide / Research Assistant
               Department of Planning & Design, College of Architecture & Planning
               University of Colorado Denver; August 2008 – January 2009

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   ‣   Developed an annotated bibliography on sustainable land use planning, urban
       sustainability assessment, and use of GIS in those areas for URP 6686, Sustainable
       Land Use Planning.
   ‣   Conducted a literature review on the NEPA public commenting process for the
       Bureau of Land Management’s Western Oregon Plan Revisions (WOPR).
   ‣   Researched and documented similarities and differences in public commenting
       processes of the US Bureau of Land Management and the US Forest Service
   ‣   Researched and wrote a literature review related to public attitudes toward public
       lands management, how those attitudes form, and related issues for an article being
       written by a senior researcher.
   ‣   Developed a bibliography of texts on the topic of urban sustainability and ordered
       desk copies of selected texts for review for DSPL 7686, Theories of Planning, Public
       Intervention, and Implementation, in conjunction with Dr. Brian Muller.
Outreach Coordinator
Eco-Justice Ministries, Denver, Colorado; May 2008 – Present
   ‣   Part-time position to establish and develop relationships between an ecumenical
       Christian non-profit and Christian and Unitarian churches along the Colorado
       Front Range.
   ‣   Update the organization’s database via an online portal.
   ‣   Assisted in developing and facilitating workshops entitled Greening Your Church:
       Getting Started and Going Deeper, and The Role of Education in Greening Your Church.
   ‣   Arranged for churches to host workshops free of charge and coordinated access
       and set-up for the workshops.
Environmental & Historic Review Research Assistant
Office of Economic Development, Division of Housing and Neighborhood Development
City & County of Denver; January 2007 – December 2007
 Environmental and Historic Review
   ‣   Conducted NEPA review research in subjects such as historic preservation, land
       use, environmental factors, and transportation for a variety of residential,
       commercial, and industrial projects.
   ‣   The above reviews were conducted within the context of the U.S. Department of
       Housing & Urban Development (HUD) NEPA regulations (24 CFR Part 58) for
       utilization of HUD funds for affordable housing, small business start up and
       expansion, and neighborhood revitalization projects.
   ‣   Reviews written include various types of Categorical Exclusions, Exemptions, and
 GIS and Cartography
   ‣   Collaborated with the Colorado State Historic Preservation Office to procure
       updated data layers for the City and County of Denver’s GIS. Much of the data
       was provided as ASCII text, requiring clean up and geocoding so the data could be
       saved as a shapefile and included in the city’s ArcSDE database.
   ‣   Designed four (4) maps which were displayed as part of the City & County of
       Denver’s GIS Week display in the atrium of the Wellington Webb Municipal
       Building in conjunction with GIS Day 2007.

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                   ‣   Reviewed information from an internal, web-based GIS system to facilitate
                       research for NEPA reviews.
                   ‣   Georeferenced historic aerial photographs utilizing the georeferencing tools in
                   ‣   Served as a liaison with the City & County of Denver’s DenverGIS to clarify the
                       symbology of national historic and local landmark data layers on the city’s internal
                       web-based GIS so overlaps could be more easily distinguished.
                   ‣   Observed meetings of the City & County of Denver’s GIS Steering Committee,
                       which facilitates communication between various city departments on shared
                       concerns and achievements related to all of the city’s geospatial activities.

Additional Experience and Skills
               FedEx Kinko’s/Kinko’s Copy & Print Centers • San Luis Obispo, California; Loveland,
               Golden, & Denver, Colorado; October 1993 – November 2001 & December 2002 –
               September 2006
               Liturgical Publications, Inc. • Denver, Colorado; November 2001 – November 2002
                 Technology Specialist
                   ‣   Provided in-house technical support in a fast-paced production and customer
                       service environment.
                   ‣   Consulted regularly with internal help desk and other technical contacts to
                       troubleshoot hardware and software issues.
                   ‣   Audited technical aspects of center operations to insure compliance with company
                       policies and procedures.
                 Desktop Publishing and Document Production
                   ‣   Created a variety of documents ranging including business cards, brochures,
                       newsletters, and church bulletins in fast-paced, production oriented environments.
                   ‣   Managed documents for output on a variety of digital printers and analog copiers
                       with a high degree of efficiency and a low level of waste.
                   ‣   Evaluated problem files submitted for output while consulting with customers and
                       production operators on possible solutions.
                   ‣   Facilitated or co-facilitated a variety technology and customer service classes.
                   ‣   Received very positive comments from my fellow trainers on my ability to quickly
                       become comfortable with new material and with presenting it to students.
                   ‣   Effectively performed live training classes for church bulletin editors with a wide
                       range of computer knowledge and experience. Provided technical phone support
                       for the same.
                   ‣   Teaching Assistant in a college environment for a course entitled Introduction to
                       Computers for Planning & Design.
                 Project Coordination and People Management
                   ‣   Supervised teams of 3 to 6 people in a fast-paced production environment.
                   ‣   Developed new team members in the areas of production, technology and
                       customer service.

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                   ‣   Managed production systems using both computer and paper-based job tracking
                       systems for efficient use of time, staff and materials to insure high customer service

Conference and Training Attendance
               University of Denver Provost’s Conference, Creating a Sustainable University: Strategies for
               Change – Denver, Colorado, January 2008
               ESRI User’s Conference – San Diego, California, June 2007
               U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Environmental Review Training –
               Denver, Colorado, May 2007
               Colorado Preservation, Inc.’s Saving Places Conference – Denver, Colorado, February 2007

Computer Experience
               ArcGIS Desktop
       Adobe InDesign
            Microsoft Word
       Microsoft Outlook
               Adobe PageMaker
           Microsoft Publisher
  Mac OS X
            Adobe Acrobat
             Microsoft PowerPoint
 Windows XP
               Google Maps API
      Adobe Photoshop
           Microsoft Excel
               Virtual Earth API
    Adobe Illustrator
         Microsoft Access

Professional Associations
               Student Member, American Planning Association
               GIS Colorado
               Society for Conservation GIS

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