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									                               Beaver County Curriculum Council Meeting
                                             April 16, 2009

Update from the Bureau of Teaching and Learning, Ed Vollbrecht and Michelle Sellitto Bortner, PDE
    Federal Stimulus Package/PA PACT Application
          o New allocation as of 3/31/09 are posted on the PDE/Stimulus website with final numbers
          o Egrant application will be available April 15 – this date continues to change (fluctuate) because
                  May apply using PDE allocation but General Assembly may change the funding
                  Any monies in the grant application beyond the Basic Education Subsidy – is federal
                     stimulus monies
                  The egrant application will mimic pieces of the Getting Results document. If you have
                     done a school/district improvement plan, you’ll have that information
                  Plan will be due on June 1st – if actually posted on April 15th.
          o FAQs are available on the PDE/Stimulus website:
          o Title I monies, IDEA monies are not in this application, but will be released on a similar timeline
                  IDEA guidelines are available
                  Title I monies are to be spent the same way as in the past – equitable participation, etc…
                     will be the same, just based on increased monies
          o Title IID monies are not being released now, on a different timeline
    Status of Gifted Efforts
          o Information about joining the National Association for Gifted Children is included in your
          o Gifted monitoring visits to districts have been scheduled. They will begin the week of April 20
             and run through the beginning of June. The table below indicates the districts to be monitored:
                  See the handout for dates of the gifted – the districts affected are:
                          Monaca SD
                          Northgate SD
                          Octorara ASD
                          Wilson SD
                          Panther Valley SD
                          State College Area SD
                          Wattsburg SD
                          Whitehall – Coplay SD
                          Littlestown ASD
                          Jenkintown SD
          o New forms reviewed by PDE Legal and are awaiting feedback from stakeholder group. Final
             approval expected in early April
                  Those forms have been provided in hard copy and posted on the WIKI
                  Note these are in draft form – have not been approved and are subject to change
                  You might want to use them to start conversation/pre-plan in your district
          o New BEC was written to clarify the functions of the GIEP and GMET teams
                  The GMET determines the eligibility
                  The GIEP determines the program
                  Still awaiting approval – not published
     Standards Aligned System - SAS
         o Development of the tech/architecture for all tested and non-tested content area will be complete
             in April
         o Math and Science are in pretty good shape
         o Social studies and LA are being reworked.
         o Projected completion of Phase I – EdPortal expected in October 2009
                  ePortfolios for parents/students
                  Teacher website builder
                  Curriculum matrix
                  Assessment builder
                  Content Publishing tool
    2009-2010 Governor’s Institute Status: Utilizing SAS to Maximize Academic, Social and
      Emotional Learning
         o At this point, planning 5 days over the course of the year – day I being virtual
                  Day 1 – SAS overview
                  Day 2 – Curriculum Frameworks
                  Day 3 – School Improvement
                  Day 4 – School Improvement
                  Day 5 – School Improvement
    Improving Academic Success through Positive School Culture – July 26-31st. (see handout)
    Governor’s schools
         o 15 Regional Summer schools of Excellence grants were awarded this week
                  Only Lehigh, Drexel and Lincoln Park are offering alternate schools in place of
                     Governor’s Schools of Excellence
         o Pitt/UPMC is also offering an alternative to the governor’s school for health care
    NetTrekker DI
         o NetTrekker is unlikely to be renewed by PDE – NetTrekker is asking for 1 million to renew
         o Currently at an impasse with NetTrekker
         o The current date for the ending of NetTrekker is June 30th.
                  Portfolios that are on NetTrekker – will be transferred to SAS
         o If you are interested – enclosed is a costing out for consortium purchase of NetTrekker
    Coaching endorsement/IU role and certification issues (discussion) John Nau
      and Sheri Rowe
         o PA Coaching Endorsement
                  Training to be through higher ed – or through IU’s who partner with higher ed
                  Requirements in Chapter 49 revision are precluding IU’s from participating in the
                     training for endorsement purposes
                          These same changes in Chapter 49 are forcing ESL program specialist to be under
         o Endorsement is an attempt to fulfill the mission of the CCB as defined by Jerry Zahorchak
         o Many coaches have gone through PDE sponsored training programs and more coaches may be
             needed in the future when these programs are no longer funded
Assessment Validity Study, Rich Maraschiello, PDE
    A Power Point Presentation of the study has been included for your review.
    Each district that requests one, will receive feedback
         o Over 300 districts have requested feedback – the feedback is taking about 20 minutes per school
             – so this will take time
         o – if a district wants feedback – they are to send request to this email

     The Research team has received requests from parents, media, and other states for information on the
      results. They are only giving information to Superintendents
Updates on State Wide Assessments
      o DRC – awarded the contract
      o E-metric will manage the scores in an online, district accessible system.
      o Development of 10 Exams
                English composition
                Literature
                Biology
                Chemistry
                US history
                World history
                Civics
                Government
                Algebra II
                Geometry
      o Assessments built as modules
                Teachers will be asked to identify the most pertinent information they teach in a two hour
                       Want the tests to be instructionally sensitive
                       This is a sampling of what is taught – groups of teachers will determine what that
                          content is
                Multiple versions of the assessments
                Take tests when students are ready for the tests
                35% open ended, 65% multiple choice
                Except writing – will be about 85% writing
                Students can take the modules they are ready for – if you fail a module – you only have to
                  retake that portion of the assessment
                Tests developed in two steps
                       Math exams first
                              o Field tests first – spring 2010
                              o Operational 2010-2011 school year
                                       1st time given – Standard setting in the summer
                                       You’ll get % scores right away – but actual report will come later in
                                          the summer
                              o Teachers will be used
                                       to develop Test Blue Prints
                                       to verify bias and/or sensitivity tests
                       All other tests
                              o Field test – spring 2011
                              o Operational – 2011-2012
      o Development of Voluntary Model Curriculum
                Math first – this fall
                PDE is posting a curriculum Framework for all content areas including:
                       K-12 Units and Lesson Plans – aligned to standards
                       Each unit will contain 3 or 4 Model Lesson plans
                       Hoping to model learning progression in this system
                       Includes some assessments

                            o Unit will depict what should be in a good year of instruction – but not the only
                            o Will not be all the lesson plans – just samples
                            o Not a planning and scheduling timeline
                     Will be developed using UBD – Understanding by Design
                     First time released – will be water marked – DRAFT for peer reviewed
                     Math to be released Sept 09
      o Development of a Diagnostic Tool
             Math first – field test next spring
             Available grades 6-12 (covers content in grades 6-12) – all delivered online – therefore, all
                multiple choice
                     A set of constructed response items will be available for download if the district is
                        interested – teachers will have a rubric
                     Students can take 2 to 3 times
                            o Feedback is immediate
                            o Report is given to teacher, including the identification of aligned resource
                     All alignment will be in SAS
      o Policy – has not been established
             These are just proposals – no authority, no teeth
             Rich’s thinking
                     There will be choices – menu of choices for graduation
                            o Keystone
                            o PSSA
                            o Valid local assessments
                            o Alternate paths?
                            o AP Exams – get a 3, trump the Keystone
                     One proposed policy asks the state to replace the 11th grade PSSA with two of the
PSSA New Report Training and PAAYP Website Update
         o See handout for information on training taking place this April
         o Training will include information on the new reports/when they will be available and what they
            will look like – most will only be available online, now. – Very interactive, easily read.
         o Student reports will be sent out in August (all one company)

      PaAYP site down as of March 31st
          o Since the website was removed before the new test results are out, PDE has worked to get the
            new site up as quickly as possible and will contain current data
          o interactive features
                  Including – all the features from old website, plus
                  Interactive maps on a county level
                         Map identifies all schools at each level of school improvement with color coded
                            push pins that are interactive
                  Interactive maps on an IU Level
                         Map identifies all districts with color coded push pins that are interactive
                  The maps can be imbedded into your own websites – when they are updated, so would
                    your website be updated.
                  Two years of data at once
                             Can look at safe harbor targets as well as future targets

AP Report, Ellen Tatalias, College Board
    We received a packet of information detailing a the AP report to the Nation as well as the 5 year AP
      Pennsylvania Report to the Nation
                   Cassandra Allen, 610-227-2546 is our regional contact
    Your contact person is willing to present to individual schools or to the entire group, if you’d like to hear
      from them. There is not cost for this presentation
    The PA report details the participation in and scores on the AP exam by ethnic groups
    The District Integrative Report is a report of trend data over 5 years for each district is available, this
      report is not public and only available to the district itself
    The reports included are available on the website: – AP Report to the Nation
    The same reporting is available on the PSAT and SAT
    There is also a report on Dual Enrollment
    Each district who participates in AP, has access to this data and there is data that is password protected

    New BEC released
    See enclosed copy for your review.
PVAAS Update, Kristen Lewald and Jim Bohan, IU #13
           The BVIU will be hosting PVAAS training sessions this fall – districts are encouraged to bring a
           These will be team consultations – 90 minute private sessions
           Training will include review of your data as well as training on new reports for AYP purposes
           Registration will be handled this summer – please mark your calendars for one of two dates:
                o September 18, 2009
                o October 8, 2009
           Anyone attending, should have basic PVAAS training
                o Training is available at the following link:
                o Information is also posted on our WIKI
Reading Apprenticeship
    As a reminder, the BVIU is hosting Reading Apprenticeship Training on June 16, 17, 23 and 24, 2009.
    A flyer has been included for registration purposes
Modified PSSA
    New Brighton, Aliquippa and PA Cyber have been invited to participate in the math field test
    Some changes in the general roll out
          o Must have something operational by 09-10 school year
                 Will not field test all items this year
          o The federal regs say
                 Can not eliminate eligible content
                 Can have less difficult items
                 Must mirror PSSA blueprint
                 Must be on grade level
                 Student must have an IEP
                 Can’t qualify for PASA
                 Must have standards based IEP
                         Decision of the IEP team annually

                              o Take the PSSA with accommodations
                              o Take the PSSA without accommodations
                              o Take modified PSSA – in one subject, regular in another
                              o Take the PASA
          o There will be no modified PSSA for 3rd grade
                4-8 and 11
                Science – only 8 and 11
                Only working on math for the 09-10 school year
                Science and Reading will be in 10-11 school year
                        How do you modify an 11th grade reading assessment
                              o Do you give a 5th grade text - ask 11th grade questions or do you give 11th
                                 grade content text – modified in vocabulary… debate continues

County Wide In-Service – DRAFT
    Enclosed is a DRAFT document, superintendents will review for approval tomorrow
    October 12th
    Please review the DRAFT, let me know if you have questions/need assistance.


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