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The YTB National Convention Has LANDED!
 Recap, Blockbusters, and Photo Album
Congratulations New Coach's Corner Members!
CEO Scott Tomer in Irvine, CA Tomorrow!
 Scott in Dallas Sept. 13
Red Carpet Day Dates Announced
CLIA Applications End August 29, 2007
Congratulations to These YTB Leaders!
New YCRTA Call!
Upcoming 2007 CRTA Events
Inspirational Insight

                         YTB is "Cleared for Takeoff"
                          2007 National Convention,
                         A Look "Behind the Scenes"
              What happens when 10,800 RTAs, Reps, friends and guests converge on the
              America's Center in St. Louis for YTB's National Convention? You have an event to
That's what happened last week. It was all there, from a magnificent set and stage
design, to a teeming crowd of enthusiastic YTB fans. When the YTB Directors lined
up across the stage in the first general session, it was a glorious sight to behold,
seeing them standing shoulder to shoulder in their captain's hats and shirts. 135
Directors, partners and spouses placed almost 300 uniformed leaders across the
210 ft. wide stage.

Six general sessions, a pep rally, the Directors Meeting and Dinner, and YTB
University's 132 classes were planned and executed by a super team of dedicated
professionals. YTB's staff of 255 plus outside professionals worked hard to engineer
and deliver this memorable event.

The first impression, and perhaps the boldest, was the stage set: A giant aircraft,
YTB Flight 817, commanded center stage. With a wingspan of 190 ft. and engines
roaring, the aircraft soared above a fabulous stage, consisting of a Carnival cruise
ship, YTB hotel and golf course. This whole creation was the genius of YTB's
Special Projects Manager Frank Brummett and the Beryl Martin company. Frank
and his talented team conceived, designed and developed the theme (on a napkin
at last year's convention), constructed, delivered (in 24 tractor trailer rigs), and
installed the huge stage set for the convention, along with the registration areas and
baggage claim. Many thanks go to Frank and his team for the months of hard work
and a stage set for the record books.
We must also give a special acknowledgment to YTB's brilliant Audio Visual
Department, under the supervision of Director of AV Technology Allen Keilman.
Allen and his technical team designed, developed, and directed the audio and visual
effects for the production. YTB just acquired the latest hi-definition A/V technology,
which you enjoyed on some thirty monitors placed throughout the grand meeting
areas, and we are editing miles of footage for a DVD recapping the event. Great
work, Allen and YTB's AV Team of professionals!

You saw a couple hundred red-vested "YTB Team" members running around all
over the place from Tuesday through Sunday. Those were our fine YTB home office
staff members, setting up and serving you at the registration areas, YTB University,
in the YTB Store, and back stage and on-stage as the YTB Awards Team. Long,
hard hours, aching backs, and some sore feet, but I'll bet you saw some helpful,
friendly, and smiling faces eager to assist. (You'll get the same hospitality at Red
Carpet Days from these fantastic people.) And they were having as much fun as you
at the convention. We do so love and appreciate our great home office team.

The event was planned and managed by our "NatCon Planning Team," of Sandy,
Frank, Allen, Eric, Amy, Butch, Darlene, Ember, Amanda, Eric, Duane, Tim, Josh,
Aaron, Julie, Gwen, and of course, Coach, Scott, and Kim. Thanks to all of you for
one year of planning and project management.

And thank YOU for coming! We do it all for you, our valued Reps and RTAs. Thank
you for supporting this event, catching the YTB vision, and working to make YTB the
number one travel company in the world!

Next year? You just wait! Planning is well underway for the event of the decade: the
YTB 2008 National Convention. We are expecting some 30,000 enthusiastic YTBers
at the Edward Jones Dome stadium at the America's Center (home of the St. Louis
Rams) for next year's extravaganza. There'll be plenty of reserved seating for all in
the stadium, and more YTBU sessions held in larger classrooms with ticketed
admission. We will see you there!

Andy Cauthen
President & CEO

                                PHOTO ALBUM!
       (Click the large photo to advance the photos or click any thumbnail)


          Congratulations New Members!
You too can be a member of Coach's Corner and be mentored by a millionaire. When
you achieve 30 RTAs in your PowerTeam, you will receive a Coach's Corner pin, and
welcome DVD and letter. Coach's monthly conference calls to members will inspire,
                motivate, and help you grow your YTB businesses.
       Jack & Betty Adkins          Valerie Thompson & John Gay
     Ruthie & Alex Berkshire              Bob & Dawn Landry
    Jeanette & Steve Bishop                  Willliam Lawton
          Karen Bomm                       Ruth & Floyd Lewis
     Kevin & Danielle Brown            Ernestine & Sherri Lockett
        Richard Callaway                 Patrick & Lois London
Ramon Rivera & Cecilia Bardales          Bob & Kristen Marcus
         Remi Chagnon                      Henrine McCullum
    Kimberly & Paul Charter          Kenneth & Brenda McDonald
           Alfredo Cruz           Andrea Bengimina & Mike Robertson
      Rick & Debbie Davis             Robert & Constance Milan
   Luz Paez & Dennis Cooper          Algernon & Cosongie Moore
    Tony & Evelyn DiMaggio              Karen & Howard Moore
    Peter & Virginia Elsbergs                 Daniel Pendley
       Maria Elena Enage                      Arnold Powell
         Corina Estigoy                 Curtis & Lorraine Powell
      Marilyn & Calvin Fitch           Denise & Charles Reinert
      Linda & Cleve Folger                     Tina Robbins
         Wayne Furbert                     Maricela Rodriguez
   George & Claudette Galvin            Lisa & Moose Rosenfeld
          Sarah Glitzer                     Marilyn Sorensen
         Michael Hanna                        Jack Stagman
           Harry Harth                        Sharon Stays
Albert & Stephanie Haynesworth          Karen & James Stiggers
        Mark Henderson                         AiChen Teo
   Francisco & Inken Herretes             Eileen & Jeff Thomas
   Cynthia & Randolph Hines                   George Tidwell
      Renee & Stan Holden              Rowena & Jim Torgerson
     Judy & Tommy Hudson                     Dr. Linda White
         David Imonitie                      Sandy Williams
 Dreamers Beach International                Dorothy Williams
           Tom Jacobs                           Yuly Ybarra
            Hua Jianq


                  Saturday, August 25, 2007
                      9:00 am - 2:30 pm
        17900 JAMBOREE BLVD.
            IRVINE, CA 92614
        Hotel phone 949-975-1234

     Thursday, September 13, 2007
               7:30 pm
      2645 LBJ FREEWAY, DALLAS, TX 75234
                 Hotel phone 972-243-3363
      Reps/RTA room charge: $10.00, Guests are FREE
       Hosted by YTB Directors Dave and Marlis Funk


Red Carpet Day Schedule Announced:

                          September 11, 18, 25
                          October 9, 16, 23, 30
                            November 13, 27
                             December 11

          Red Carpet Day is
     "On the Road" at Funshine
    Saturday, October 6 -- 7:00 pm
All RTAs/Reps and Guests Welcome!

                           FUNSHINE EAST --
                             FLORIDA '07
                          YTB Travel Network
                          Travel Trade Show

                             Join Us For
                          Red Carpet Day:
                         Saturday, October 6
           Funshine East -- Florida '07
  Friday and Saturday, October 5-6, Orlando, FL
      Golf Tournament Thursday, October 4
              Click for information

           The cutoff date for CLIA applications is
           Wednesday, August 29, 2007. Applications
           received after August 29 will be returned to
           the RTA (you would then apply for the 2008
           CLIA card). Watch the BizReport for all CLIA
           information and the date the 2008 application
           will be available.

                              CONGRATULATIONS TO THESE YTB LEADERS!

                         $1,000 Leadership
                         Bonus Recipients
                         August 8 - 14, 2007

                     How Do I Qualify for the $1,000 Leadership Bonus?
Once you qualify to start your PowerTeam, you have unlimited time to earn your $1,000 Leadership Bonuses.
 The first is earned when the total active On-Line Travel Agencies sold by your PowerTeam reaches 6 or more at the
end of any weekly pay cycle (12 Midnight Thursday Eastern Time Zone). LeaderShip Bonuses will be paid WEEKLY on
Friday of the following week for any Pay Cycle where the Active PowerTeam Enrolled RTA total reaches 6, 12, 18, 24 or
30. We hope to see YOUR name on the LeaderShip Bonus list very soon!

     Vernie & Richard Abasial                   Terry & Pamela Graham                     Leon Muhammad
         Susan & Mike Abell                           Tessie Graham                       Nakia Muhammad
  Winifred Lewis & Roger Abinader                     Michael Griffin                    Judy & Matt Mulcan
            Laurie Adams                          Ricky & Mary Grosch                     Aurora Mulchand
              Ana Alaez                                 Lisa Gufford                  LaDonna & Marcus Murray
            Jim Arapkiles                        Julie & David Gunas Jr.              Peggy Golden & Len Myers
    Roland & Michelle Athouris                     Mike & Kate Hagen                     Jon & Shelly Myers
             Linda Avery                            Lurline & Roy Hall                    Tom & Bev Nance
            Jose D. Avila                         Dre'Sah Hamid-Ellis                       Adam Nelson
    Sylvester & Lakeisha Bailey                   Stan & Evelyn Hanks                  Darrell & Carletta Nelson
     Bruce & Carmolita Bailey                    John & Theresa Hanna                        Gloria Nuval
          Cheryle Baptiste                      Norman & Chris Hargrove                   Chuka Nwagbara
          Amanda Barrera                               Josh Harman                       David & Sherri Ogg
         Shon & Lisa Bates                             Paul Harmon                             Yul Oneal
           Richard Beasey                               Harry Harth                     Bobby & Nancy ONeil
             Ken Bialecki                       Deborah & Eugene Hash                       Manuel Ortuno
     Porter & Donna Bingham                        Tom & Kim Helmke                         Wallace Otsuji
      Jeanette & Steve Bishop                         Alex Henry Jr.                       Robert Pack Jr.
         Kip & Kerri Bishop                          Sabina Hercules                         Nick Pagano
            Lavonda Bolin                      Francisco & Inken Herretes                      Liang Pan
            Karen Bomm                       Ray Higdon               Mel & Bona Parayno
          Donald Bradley                       Linda Hill                 Athena Payne
            Dave Brandt             Timothy & Lashunder Hobbs      Kim & Jacque Pedersen
       Stan B. Bravy M.D. &               Tamorah Hoffman                Wesley Pelfrey
          Natalie A. Bravy                  Renee Holden                Al & Diana Peltier
    Debbie Broadneaux-Jean              Chris & Lee Holloway              Manuel Perez
      Kevin& Danielle Brown            Cheryl & Mike Holmes          Connie & Morris Perry
     Dr. Keith & Karen Brown           Ron & Cynthia Howard              Kimberly Perry
          Dave Buchanan                    Fortune Hunters                 Sharon Petty
          Samuel Buckins                    David Imonitie                 Monica Petty
      John & Coy Buckland                  Juan M Jacinto            Rita & Joe Lee Phillips
         Blanca Buonomo                    Thelma Jackson                   Raye Pond
            Dalton Burke                 Calvin Jackson Jr .         Jane & Joseph Powell
           Beverly Butera                    Tom Jacobs                   Medesia Pratt
    Ed & Constance Calucag                  Marilen Jaime                   John Price
            Troy Cambre                     Phil Jakobson             Global Net Pros LLC
         Elsa Camposano                       Tim Jeffris                 Edward Pryor
  Mitchell & Consuelo Canciller               Hua Jiang                    Willie Purcell
             Cedric Carr                  Carmen Johnson                 Erna Rappaport
            Punk Carter                    Bonnie Johnson                Michael Reams
      Marilou & Mike Castelli             Michael A. Jones            Alfredo Richards Jr
Celia Stanisavich & Celyne Burlas           Phyllis Jones                Kellie Ridgeway
           Remi Chagnon                       Ben Kane                Philip & Roma Riley
  Lashonda & Timothy Chaney               Donald S Karvelis       Lenore & Darrell Robertson
          Kimberly Charter                   Sam Kassis                  Robin Robinson
        Hazen Christensen                   Ramona Kelly              Maricela Rodriguez
         Carles Cleveland                    Terry Kemp                  Ana Rodriguez
     Cindy & Dean Coffin Sr.                Winsome Kerr                 Tammy Rogers
           Nereida Colon                Joe & Nicole Kessler       Lisa & Moose Rosenfeld
        Alex Reese Council                 Valentina Khan                    Jim Rowe
         Ron & Becky Cox                     Njeri Kihohia                   Chris Roy
          Christopher Cox                     Derek King                    Joe Saxby
            Jason Cross                 James & Judy Knapp                 Julie Schildt
            Alfredo Cruz                     Kevin Knight                   Trudy Scott
         Inocencio Cruz III                Stephanie Knox                  Joey Scotton
           Travis Cundiff                   Angela Krikac            Lovell & M-Jai Scotton
        Sabrina Dagostino                 Marsanne Kunzer          Valerie & Charles Sharpe
           Rebecca Dalo                    Loranzo Ladson           Bill & Jeanie Sharpless
           Shavett Daniel                  Reva Lammers                   Samuel Sims
         Robert De Castro                     Mark Land         Bramdeo & Hannahmatie Singh
 Amy Saylor & Dennis Degnan              Bob & Dawn Landry                  Reg Sloan
            Luis del Pilar             Derrick & Roslyn Lewis             Shirley Small
            Tiffany Diaz              Sharon & Reginald Lewis            Catherine Smith
           John Dickson                   Kenneth Lewis Sr.                Karen Smith
     Tony & Evelyn DiMaggio                Roberto Linares                 Steve Snook
         Sandy Dimayuga                      Cecille Lirio                  Henry Solly
            Tim Dominey                    Elizabeth Littles              Ruby J. Spain
     Chris & Hollie Donelson                 Chunyan Liu           James & Deborah Taylor
            Ava Dorman              Jenny Campbell & Mary Liu            Denson Taylor
         Jennifer Edwards                 Ernestine Lockett            Gem Travel Team
            Cynthia Ellis                 Stephanie Logan        Elijah & Shawntrice Thomas
     Peter & Virginia Elsbergs              Ken MacRae               Bill & Gayle Thurston
   Greenville Enterprises LLC               Arthur Madric                Gabriela Tigges
        Niki & Jimmy Ezzell                Simeon Marcial                   Bo Tomlyn
           Donna Fareed                Bob & Kristen Marcus                Max's Travel
      Chuck & Angela Fazio                   Clay Mason                     Troy Trout
  Susana & Emilio Fernandez             Noah & Linda Matos            Tammara Twamley
          Elizabeth Fildes             Steve & Amy McClung        Preston & Tiffany Twyman
            John Finney                  Kenneth McDonald               Juan Valenzuela
          Melanie Fischer           Geriann & Stacey McIntosh            Nick Verrengia
         Marilyn Fitch Inc.             Kimberly McLaughlin        Art & Patricia Vincent Sr.
     Kevin Fitzgerald                   John McLelland                    Natalie Ward
Ron & Monica Fleischman                  Phyllis McNeal              Claude & Lynda Ward
     Brenda Florence                 John & Diane McNeal                 Dee Ann Ware
       Steve Foster                    Kirk & Lisa Menne                    Bo Webb
    Heather & Bill Fox              Sherri & Ron Mercurio           Garland & Marsha Webb
 Johnny & Nina Frambo                      Juan Mesa                    David Weisman
   Rex & Ashley Frazer                 Nataya Williams &                 Joanne White
     Roderick Frazier                  Dedrick Middleton             Julie & Dwight Wiggs
     Joseph Fregeau                Lashanda Millner-Murphy              Jason Williams
 Mitch & Tammy Freilich                Armando Mirador                  Nichole Williams
      Vicki Friedman                    Kristen Mischel                 Sandy Williams
      Wayne Furbert                     Freddie Mitchell                 Sandi Williams
     Reginald Gallon                    Maria Modesto               Kenny & Paula Williams
George & Claudette Galvin                 Diana Mollon                    Lissa Wilson
      Dalene Gates                      Lynnette Moore             Ron Waldo & Thea Wilson
    Deborah Gershon                       Jean Morris                     Troy Wright
Mark & Cheryl Ann Gibbons                  Neil Morris              Patrice Wright-Douglas
       Sarah Glitzer                      Portia Morris                  Allison Young
       Luis Gomez                   David & Diane Morrow           Wilhelm & Wendy Young
Diana & Richard Gonzalez                  Jason Moss                 Jim & Valerie Zaferis
  Pete & Sandy Gowran              Silke Mueller Degenhardt

                                   NEW YCRTA CALL!

                 NEW TRAINING CALLS!
              YCRTA and YTB KINDERGARTEN

            Join Level 5 Director Peter "PJ" Jensen (w/ special guests) as he
               introduces the newest, hottest most important call for your
                      YTB Business! The YCRTA Conference Call!

              Every Thursday at 1:00 pm eastern, 12 noon central
                          641-594-7505 pin 601340#
                   Begins Thursday, September 6
               This call is designed to motivate you, your team and new YTB prospects to attend a CRTA
            Event this weekend near you! Go this weekend and realize the revenue potential you have with
             your YTB Business! Find out how to maximize your earning potential by learning from the top
            directors in YTB! Grow your YTB business by inviting new prospects to the CRTA event free of
              charge! Get there this weekend! The CRTA event will change your YTB business overnight!

                           YTB KINDERGARTEN
                               New business building conference call.
                      Level 3 Director Andrew Lakey's YTB Kindergarten Class!

                   Every Wednesday at 8:00 pm eastern, 7:00 pm central
                               641-594-7505 pin 601340#
                  Level 3 Director and 2007 National Convention MVP Andrew Lakey offers a six-week
            conference call series for ALL RTAs. Andrew Lakey's "YTB Kindergarten Class" 20-minute calls
             will give your business a boost like you won't believe! He shared some of this material to rave
              reviews at his SRO class at YTBU last week. YTB Kindergarten benefits new and seasoned
            RTAs. School is starting all over the country; start the six-week Kindergarten series and end up
                                                       a YTB MBA!

                                        UPCOMING 2007 CRTA EVENTS

  Become a Certified RTA at the location
 nearest you! Take your YTB businesses
  to the next level as you learn from the
     best in your business - The YTB

                                CRTA SCHEDULE
YTB Directors will be planning and conducting CRTA trainings - these field leaders will share the knowledge and
 experience they have gained on their way to outstanding YTB success. Remember what Coach says: "To be a
success, find a successful person and follow their plan!" If you haven't taken an RTA Certification course, plan t
                           do so soon! The education and motivation are priceless!

          Click each event for more details. Your instructors (YTB Directors) are listed for each event.

                       Sign up from your Back Office and you're on your way!

 IMPORTANT NOTE: RTAs and guests may audit RTA Certifications at no charge. RTAs may pay the course fee a
                           a later date if they desire the Certification credit.

Saturday                                                                                         Austin, TX
                                                                                             Dave and Marlis Fun
August 25                                                                                       Dean Johnson

Saturday                                                                                         Auburn, AL
                                                                                                 Tim Dominey
August 25                                                                                        Terry Graham

                                                                                               Milwaukee, WI
 Sunday                                                                                          Bill Hoffmann
August 26                                                                                        Antjuan Jack
                                                                                                  Ted Harris
                Conway, SC
 Saturday         Joe Reid
September      Diane Chapman
    8        James "Bonecrusher

 Saturday      Ft. Worth, TX
September   James and Marcia Prew
    8        Dave and Mickey Raw

 Saturday      St. Thomas, VI
                 Lurline Hall
                 Keith Moore
    8           Lucretia Daniel

               Savannah, GA
 Saturday        Tim Dominey
September     Horace and Barbara
    8         Braveboy-Locklear
               Benny Hampton
 Saturday   Oklahoma City, O
            Dave and Marlis Fun
               Dean Johnson
    8        Charles Nicholson

                Seattle, WA
 Saturday       Andrew Lakey
September       Bobby O'Neill
    8               K. Ross
                Julia Johnston

 Saturday      Orlando, FL
              Bill and Irma Frye
              Antonio Martinez
    8          Samuel Gomez

 Sunday       South Bend, IN
September      Denson Taylor
    9          Steve Sturgeon

 Monday         Toledo, OH
September       Bill Hoffmann
    10      Bobb and Karin Schm
  Friday            FL
September    Gary and Diane Adam
    14           Kevin Adams
                 Janie Francis

 Saturday       Norfolk, VA
                 Steve Branch
                  T.V. Wilson
    15          Benny Hampton

                 Dania, FL
               Roland & Michelle
 Saturday            Athouris
             Gary & Rolanda Whit
             Francenia Thompson
    15          Graham Harris
              Phillip & Roma Riley
              David & Sherri Ogg

 Saturday      Clarksville, IN
September       Denson Taylor
    15          Steve Sturgeon

 Saturday    Los Angeles, CA
               Arlyne Thompson
                Jenny Campbell
    15              Mary Liu
            Safety Harbor, FL
 Sunday        Kevin Giguere
September       Bass Grant
    16        Mark Consigny
             Steve Wojchowski

 Saturday   Palm Springs, CA
               Tim Dominey
               Terry Graham
    22         Glenn Green

 Saturday    San Diego, CA
             Arlyne Thompson
              Jenny Campbell
    22            Mary Liu

             Greenbelt, MD
 Saturday   Ron and Phyllis Bush
September     Loranzo Ladson
    22          Anne Jones
                James Eley
                Honolulu, HI
 Saturday     Jacques and Lynetta
            Frank and Tessa Graha
    22           Larease Rivers
                 Melissa Boston

               Charlotte, NC
 Saturday    Dave and Marlis Fun
September     Ron and Judy Head
    22          Dean Johnson
               Diane Chapman

 Saturday       Atlanta, GA
                Floyd Williams
                Donald Bradley
    22          Lucretia Daniel

 Saturday       Denver, CO
             Kent & Kim McLaughl
                  Jess Medina
    22            Alan Horton
 Saturday        Pittsburgh
                  TV Wilson
                 Steve Branch
    22            Ann Jones

 Sunday          Dallas, TX
September   James and Marcia Prew
    23       Dave and Mickey Raw

 Sunday         Newark, NJ
September         Joe Reid
    23          DeVone White

 Saturday    Olive Branch, MS
September      Arlyne Thompson
    29          Juliet St. John
                                                                              Richmond, VA
 Saturday                                                                       Steve Branch
September                                                                        T.V. Wilson
    29                                                                        Jeanie Sharpless
                                                                               Benny Hampton

                                                                             Burlingame, CA
 Sunday                                                                       Arlyne Thompson
September                                                                      Jenny Campbell
    30                                                                             Mary Liu
                                                                                Angelo Mueller

            Check the Company Events page in your Back Office for the complete list!
                                                   INSPIRATIONAL INSIGHT

                 Flying is more than a sport and more than a job; flying is pure
                            passion and desire, which fill a lifetime.

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