Short-Term International Joint Education Program for Environment

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					Short-Term International Joint Education Program
            for Environment and Energy
                   Admission in 2009

         Implemented for JENESYS Program

 Application Information for JASSO Scholarship

  Global Joint Education Center for Science and Technology

         Graduate School of Science and Technology

                    Kumamoto University

          2-39-1 Kurokami, Kumamoto 860-8555, Japan
                  Phone: +81-96-342-3020, -3016
                   Fax: +81-96-342-3020, -3010
1. Program Outline
   This program is set up as a short-term program specialized in the fields of environment and energy
in the existing program, International Joint Education Program for Science and Technology (IJEP),
at the Graduate School of Science and Technology (GSST), Kumamoto University to provide
English-based education in coursework and research projects to both international and Japanese
postgraduate students. Each international student accepted in this program will be under guidance of
an academic supervisor in the field of his/her interests and conduct a joint research project with
Japanese students in the lab. The course schedule is shown below.

             End of
            One Year
            Course A                                                                                   Spring

                                                                      One Year

                            B                                             +
                                                                     8 Subjects
                          2010. 3                                       Joint
                           End of                                    Research             B
                       Fall Semester                                   Project           Fall
                         Course B                                         +            Semester
                                                                     Field Trip         Course
                                       C                            Presentation
                                                                                      4 Subjects
                                     2009. 12
                                                                                         Joint              C
                                 End of Internship                                    Research         Internship
                                    Course C                                            Project           Joint
                                                                                           +            Research
                                                                                      Field Trip         Project
                                                                                           +                +
                                                                                         Final            Final
                                                                                     Presentation     Presentation
                                                     Staff of GSST Student                Teaching Staff
              Start of Fall Semester                     Affair’s Office
                                                                +                  Five Professors from GSST
                       2009. 7                       Staff of GSST Project                       +
                                                         Support Office              Five Adjunct Professors
              Selection of Students                             +                              from
                                                         Staff of GJEC                Overseas Universities
                    2009. 4                                     +                           Industries
                                                     International Student                       &
            Announcement of Courses                           Office               Other Universities in Japan

               A: One Year Course, October 2009 – September 2010 (12 months)
               B: Fall Semester Course, October 2009 – March 2010 (6 months)
               C: Internship Course, October 2009 – December 2009 (3 months)
2. Scholarship
 (1) Monthly stipend: ¥130,000 per month (up to 12 months)
 (2) Relocation allowance: ¥260,000 (upon arrival only)
   The scholarship will be awarded to 11 qualified applicants after screening at GSST.

3. Application Deadline and Submission of Documents
   Applicants should submit the following items by email to the International Division of Global
Joint Education Center (GJEC), Graduate School of Science and Technology by July 6, 2009.
  Successful applicants will be asked to mail the original documents to GSST.

4. Required Documents
 (1) Application Form for Short-Term International Joint Education Program for Environment and
     Energy (Form 1). Please fill out the Form using computer.
 (2) A letter of recommendation from a professor or a research supervisor who can evaluate the
     applicant’s ability in study and research.
 (3) A letter of recommendation from a head of the faculty or graduate school, or someone at a
     higher position of the university.
 (4) Official transcripts in English of academic records for undergraduate and postgraduate studies,
     including information such as GPA and ranking.
 (5) A certificate of enrollment at the present university.
 (6) An official score of Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), Test of English for
     International Communications (TOEIC), or International English Language Testing System
     (IELTS). Desirable scores are greater than 530 (TOEFL), 700 (TOEIC), and 6.0 (IELTS).

5. Qualifications and Conditions for Applicants
  (1) Applicants should be Vietnamese or Indonesian postgraduate students in their native countries.
  (2) Applicant’s home university should have a student-exchange agreement with Kumamoto
      University. However, we will be able to select a few postgraduate students from universities
      without student-exchange agreements, in which case their tuitions will be covered by JASSO.
 (3) Applicants should have an excellent academic record at their home university and are of good
 (4) Applicants should have a clear purpose and plan for studying at GSST, especially in the field of
      environment and energy.
 (5) Applicants should return to their home university to continue their studies or receive their
      degree after finishing their studies at GSST.
 (6) Applicants should be able to obtain a study visa (resident status) without fail.
 (7) Applicants did not receive any scholarship from the Japanese government.
 (8) Applicants should not be receiving scholarship more than 130,000 yen per month from all other
     scholarship sources while studying at GSST.
6. Notification of Results
   Kumamoto University will notify applicants of results around mid July, 2009.

7. Scholarship Period
   Be advised that after an applicant has been accepted, the period of scholarship cannot be changed.

8. Payment of scholarships
   The scholarship money will be deposited at a bank account at the designated bank (Higo Bank).

9. Retraction of Scholarships
   If a scholarship recipient demonstrates poor school performance, has extreme misbehavior, does
something else that is deemed by JASSO to be unbecoming of a scholarship recipient, or admits to
having lied on his/her application, there is a chance that his/her scholarship will be revoked. In this
case, JASSO will demand repayment from the student of all of the scholarship money and relocation
allowance paid to the student. In addition, for the following academic year and thereafter, JASSO
might withhold the granting of scholarships to the student’s home university and also possibly
reduce the number of (or altogether eliminating) scholarships given to the host university where the
student had been attending.

10. Study Report
  Before the student finishes his/her scholarship period, s/he must submit a “Study Report” and a
copy of his/her academic transcript (or an evaluation by his/her research supervisor can be accepted.)
before s/he completes his/her studies in Japan.

Application materials and questions should be sent by email to the following address:
       Division of International Joint Education
       Global Joint Education Center for Science and Technology
       Graduate School of Science and Technology
       Kumamoto University
       2-39-1 Kurokami, Kumamoto 860-8555, Japan
       Phone/ Fax: +81-96-3020